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GENERAL FORM No. 58 A Revised March 24 REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES APPLICATION FOR BOND OF ACCOUNTABLE OFFICIALS AND EMPLOYEES OF THE I. Hence the recommendation of the undersigned as expressed in his 1st Indorsement contained on General Form 57-A to which this Form General 58-A is Attached. Head of Office or Agency Date. of. hereby apply for bond as a. in the service of Bondable Position. at. Name of Office Bureau or Government-Owned or controlled corporations Province of. APPLICANTS TO HOLD...
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Welcome to prism technologies I am venket this is part 58 of video series in this session we'll discuss about the techniques to send data from one web form to another before continuing with the session I strongly recommend to watch parts 55 56 and 57 of this video series in fact this is a very common interview question as well there are several techniques that are available in to move data from one waveform to another we can make use of cross page postback which we discussed about in part 55 and part 56 we can also use context or handler object we will talk about that in this video session and we also can use query strings cookies session state and application state which will be discussed in the subsequent video sessions now in general the members of one webform are unavailable from a subsequently displayed waveform however when we navigate between waveforms using the server door transfer or server dot execute method then data can be retrieved from the previous waveform using a context or handler object let's look at an example let's flip to visual studio I have an web application here with two web forms on web form one I have two text box controls where the user can enter their name and email and once they click this button go to web form two we want to navigate the user to web form two and we want to move the user from web form one to wave form two using server door transfer technique so server door transfer web form to dot aspx now once the user lands on web form two we want to retrieve the values that he has entered in these text boxes on webform 1 and display them in the label controls on web form 2 and to do that we are going to use the context dot handler object so context dot and law and if you look at the handler property here it's going to return an eye HTTP handler and you know obviously the page class if you look at the page class 4 right-click on that and when I say go to definition the page class implements I HTTP handler so here since the return type of handler is I HTTP handler you know whatever it is going to return that can be typecast to be of type page so I'm going to typecast that to be of type page and then I'm going to use a variable called last page of type page okay now all we have to do is we can make use of the find control method so this context dot handler when we come from webform one to webform to the context dot handler is going to give us a reference to webform 1 so this last page will now be pointing to webform one and on webform one we know we have two controls with IDs txt name and txt email so all we have to do right now is use define the control method to find a textbox with ID txt name in to which the user has entered their name and then if you look at this fine control it returns a control back but we know that it's a textbox so I'm going to typecast that to be of type text box and then retrieve the text property which is going to return the value that the user has entered and then...