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how to arrange a bond

The application process is quick and simple.

The Court of Protection will send you a DBS Surety Bond form to you when notifying you of approval to act as a Deputy. If you need another form it can be downloaded here, or please telephone us on 01202 449690

• Fully complete the form and send it to us with your cheque in the pre-paid envelope, which will be included in the paperwork – alternative payment methods are available if required.

• On receipt, we credit check Deputies (excluding professional Deputies who have pre-agreed facilities with us). The results of these checks may be shared with the Court of Protection if there are any adverse findings. If any of these are of a serious nature the Court may review your appointment as a Deputy.

• Provided there are no issues raised we then counter-sign the Surety Bond form on behalf of the insurers and send you a letter and certificate confirming it is now in force.

• We immediately notify the Court of Protection on your behalf that the bond is in force, and they finalise the order appointing the Deputy.

We have strived to make this as simple as possible and expect to complete this in most cases within 24 hours of receiving your application and payment. As this may be a new process for you please ring us at anytime if you need any support or guidance.

On larger bonds over £750,000 may be a request for an additional document to be completed. However we will advise you of this.

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