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City, State [Zip] For: Real-Man: Name, Secured Party County of CountyName ) ) State ) Asseveration ) united States of America ) Real-Man: Name Only in capacity as beneficiary to the Original Jurisdiction NOTICE OF SURETY ACT AND BOND Re: UCC Contract Trust Account number SS#NoDashes KNOW ALL MEN, BY THESE PRESENTS; I, Real-Man: Name, Principal, Titled Sovereign, neutral, surety, guarantor, a free man/woman upon the free soil of the State state that I am not a corporation, am a living being, of legal age, competent to testify, have personal first-hand knowledge of the truths and facts stated herein as being true, correct, complete, certain, and not misleading. I, Real-Man: Name, of my own free will and accord, in the presence of Almighty God, in capacity as beneficiary to the Original Jurisdiction, in good conscience, do willingly undertake to act as surety, to pledge and provide private bond, in the amount of twenty-one Dollars in Silver coinage, minted by the American Treasury (at the legal and lawful 24 to 1 ratio prescribed by law) united States of America, Lawful coin dollars of the united States of America, personally held in my ownership and possession. This undertaking is in accordance with Article VII in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States. This bond is to the credit of the private party listed hereon, Real-Man: Name capacity as beneficiary to the Original Jurisdiction, by her appellation, as full faith and credit guarantee to any Lawful Bill in Redemption, duly presented under Seal in Lawful specie money of the account of the united States of America, Original Jurisdiction, to wit, pursuant and in parity to the cost – expense ratio of senate bill 4 (verify your state's senate bill -delete this info) on file with this State. The Bill of Redemption is a tender as set off for any alleged contract, agreement, consent, assent purportedly held, as an obligation of duty against Real-Man: Name so as to cause an imputed disability, or presumption against the capacity, Rights and powers of Real-Man: Name. The specific intent of the bond, under seal, is to establish, by My witness, the good credit and Lawful money specie of Real-Man: Name. I, Real-Man: Name, do make this surety, pledge, bond, under My seal, as full faith and credit guarantee, to any Lawful Bill, duly presented, to Me under Seal, under penalties of perjury, in Lawful money of account of the united States of America, in the matter of correct public judicial/corporate actions in the forum of Original Rules, Original Jurisdiction, for the benefit and credit of the peculiar private party listed above and their heirs and assigns. The intent of the bond, under Seal, is to establish, by My witness, the good credit, in the sum certain amount of at least twenty-one dollars in silver coinage, which carries no debt obligation worldwide, minted by the American Treasury, united States of America, Lawful specie dollars of the united States of America, available to bond the actions of the private party listed above, and further, in reservation of Rights under common law and customs of the united States of America, Original Jurisdiction, Original Rules, has, before this assembly of Men, a bond in tender of twenty-one Dollars Silver, Coinage Act of A.D. 1792, Bond of Identity and Character as proof positive, competent evidence, Real-Man: Name cannot be bankrupt, the causa debendi, not cessio bonorum, or a forma pauperis, dolus trust STRAWMANNAMEЉ. The life of this bond covers five (5) years from the date entered below unless the claimant enters a true bill of particulars and all related causes of action and advice of counsel (who claimant works for?) and information with testamentary documentation under the penalties of perjury per Title 26 USC 6065 into evidence in the case of the peculiar private party listed above, in which case the life of the bond will be extended for a period of two (2) years after such documentation is presented under the penalties of perjury per Title 26 USC 6065 in the case of the peculiar party listed above, whereby, by the signature Jurat and Seal of Real-Man: Name, in capacity as beneficiary of the Original Jurisdiction, surety, guarantor. Herein confirms, attests, and affirms this bond. All assumptions and presumptions have to be proven in writing, signed and sealed before three witnesses as a valid response, if any. Upon failure of response required under the three (3) day grace period under Truth in Lending, Regulation Z, to respond and rebut, point for point, this Notice of Surety Act and Bond, from receipt, UCC Section 1-204, unless a request for an extension of time is presented in writing, claimant is hereby collaterally estopped from any further adversarial actions against the peculiar private party listed above, and for good cause not limited to the laws of collateral estoppel, coercion, fraud and want of subject matter jurisdiction, the peculiar private party listed above demands that the cause(s) be vacated, dismissed and the accounts be immediately discharged with prejudice. A lack of response or rebuttal under the penalties of perjury means claimant assents to this Notice of Surety Act and Bond and that a fault exists, UCC Section 1-201(16), creating fraud through material misrepresentation that vitiates all forms, contracts, testimony, agreements, etc. express or implied, from the beginning, UCC Section 1-103, of which claimant may rely on, and there is no longer permission by consent or assent for any demand of payment being ordered or levied against the peculiar private party listed above, and the peculiar private party listed above further demands that the record be expunged and the records and facts of the above attached captioned matter(s) be turned over to the Office of Homeland Security and any other interested federal agency for their investigation of violations of federal law and any interlocking agencies, et al. Failure to comply pursuant to the Truth in Lending Act will negate all remedies for claimant. Any Third Party compelled to serve will make claimant liable for civil and criminal prosecution in accordance with the Erie and Clearfield Doctrines. NOTICE TO THE PRINCIPALS IS NOTICE TO THE AGENTS NOTICE TO THE AGENTS IS NOTICE TO THE PRINCIPALS Teste Meipso Done this the ___________ day of the _____________ month, anno Domino, in the year of our Lord, Two Thousand Ten. DELETE THIS SECTION BEFORE PRINTING. INSTRUCTIONS: Place a 3 cent stamp just above the signature line and sign your Real-Man: Name in Blue Ink across it with the first name to the left of the stamp, the middle name written across the stamp, and the last name written on the right side of the stamp. X__________________________________, Secured Party Real-Man: Name, only in capacity as beneficiary of the Original Jurisdiction ALL RIGHTS RESERVED WITHOUT PREJUDICE, UCC 1-308 County of CountyName ) ) ss: State ) Real-Man: Name, known by Me or made known for Me by proper identification and duly sworn, Certified, Verified, and Exemplified, pursuant to applicable state statutes this________ day of the _________________ month, in the year of our Lord, Two Thousand Ten. Autograph: ____________________________, Notary My Commission Expires:_____________(Seal) _____________________________________________________________________ PUBLIC NOTICE AND SURETY BOND Page  PAGE 3 of  NUMPAGES \*Arabic 3 cc: Secretary of the Treasury, Secretary of the Mint, United States Mint Office of Public Affairs, 801 9th Street NW, Washington, DC 20220-0001 USPO Mail Tracking # ??????????? 259@QW: E O X ] b o  ‘   н ћ ! - S a Ѓ Ќ Ч Ь Д Т cdrИХЦљЋЙ()ЃБИЦTnЫоп"?Mfsy‡ŽœžЃљюуюуиюЫуюљюљюљРљМюМљМюМюМюМюМюМДюМюљуМюМюЌМюМюМЅМ М МюМЅМЅМЅМЅ hZ%>* hZ%6]hZ%B*phџhZ%B*phhZ%hZ%5CJ\aJhZ%5>*B*\phџhZ%5B*\phhZ%5B*\phџhZ%5B*\phџ hZ%5\?@‘: ; R X o u  ‘   н ћ - . Џ А #$ГД‚Й§§§§§§§ї§§§ђђђђђэшшшшшшшшшш$a$$a$$a$„а`„аЎ%љ&§§ЃЊЖЙ>LW!Й!)";"<"h#Ÿ#­#ю#$ $*$4$B$G$O$P$^$@%R%Ў%&&#&$&%&&&+&,&?&@&A&B&й&щ&ѕ&њ&ќёъќёќъќъќпќёќъќъёъёъќёќъќгХЛХЌХžХЛХЌХгŽ{ќ%hZ%5B*CJOJQJ\aJphџhZ%B*CJOJQJaJphџhZ%0JCJOJQJaJhqAа0JCJaJmHnHuhZ%0JCJaJjhZ%0JCJUaJhZ%CJOJQJaJhZ%5B*\phџ hZ%5\hZ%5B*\phџhZ%*ЙКQRV!W!ˆ!Й!К!Ш!Щ!;"<"h#i#œ#ь#э#ю#$ $7$B$N$O$R%S%ƒ%„%њњњњњѕѕѕњњњњњњњњњњѕѕѓњњњњњњњ$a$$a$„%Ў%є%C&д&ѕ&і&ї&ј&љ&њ&њѕѕѕѕѓѓѓѓњ$a$$a$ $1hАа/ Ар=!А "А # $S %АА œp@ёџp Normal$a$1$*$7$5$3$A$/B*OJQJCJmH sH KHPJ^JaJ_HџtHџDA@ђџЁD Default Paragraph FontVi@ѓџГV  Table Normal :V і4ж4ж laі (k@єџС(No List JўOђџёJ Absatz-StandardschriftartPўOђџP WW-Absatz-StandardschriftartDA@ђџD Default Paragraph Font.)@!. Page NumberNўOBN Heading Є№Єx$OJQJCJPJ^JaJ6B@B6 Body Text ЄЄx(/@AR( List^JH"@bH Caption ЄxЄx $CJ6^JaJ].ўOr. Index $^J6 @‚6 Footer ЦH$ $6@’6 Header Цzє& $њ4џџџџ@‘:;RXou‘ нћ-.ЏА#$Г Д  ‚ ЙКQRVWˆЙКШЩ;<hiœьэю 7BNORSƒ„ЎєCдѕіїјћ\>0\>0€\>0€\>0€\>0€\>0€\>0€\>0€\>0€\>0€\>0€\>0€\>0€\>0€\>0€\>0€\>0€\>0€\>0€\>0€\>0€\>0€˜0€€x€˜0€€x˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€0˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€˜@0€€\~0—\~0—\~0—4'’HHJMЃњ&Й„%њ&љ&nuw}‘“M!џ€џ€­Ў&+Bћ­Ў&+Bћ­Ў&+BћЎјћхZ%qAаџ@€„[жњP@џџUnknownџџџџџџџџџџџџGя:рAxР џTimes New Roman5€Symbol3& џ:рCxР џArialO& џ€k9ПLucida Sans Unicode5& џ:с[`Р)џTahoma"ˆ ХhйЈтйЈтn@ƒ5n@5! 4ŸŸ3ƒ  0џџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџqAаџџc/o NotaryName, NotaryAngelaAngelaўџр…ŸђљOhЋ‘+'Гй0x˜ИФдр№   ( 4 @ LX`hpфc/o NotaryName, Notary/o AngelaangeNormalaAngelaa2geMicrosoft Word 10.0@Œ†G@@ŽшВЪ@ŽшВЪn@ўџеЭеœ.“—+,љЎ0 hp|„Œ” œЄЌД М пфo5Ÿт c/o NotaryName, Notary Title ўџџџ !"#$ўџџџ&'()*+,ўџџџ./01234ўџџџ§џџџ7ўџџџўџџџўџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџRoot Entryџџџџџџџџ РF`ю_ŠшВЪ9€1TableџџџџџџџџWordDocumentџџџџџџџџ&4SummaryInformation(џџџџ%DocumentSummaryInformation8џџџџџџџџџџџџ-CompObjџџџџџџџџџџџџjџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџўџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџџўџ џџџџ РFMicrosoft Word Document MSWordDocWord.Document.8є9Вq