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Surety Bonds

Most commonly known to the construction industry, Surety Bonds are tools that guarantee the obligations of individuals or corporations to another party. Simply stated, a surety bond is a guarantee of performance. This performance can take many forms. It may be the performance of a contract to construct a building, or performance in the form of compliance with an act of parliament, municipal bylaw or city ordinance.

General contractors, sub-contractors and even sub-trades generally must present Surety Bonds to those requesting work-to-be-done, as a guarantee that the financial and work related terms of the contract are adhered to.
Your business may need any of the following:

  • Performance Bonds
  • Financial Guarantee Bonds
  • Maintenance Bond
  • Custom and Excise Bonds
  • Labour and Material Bonds
  • Fiduciary Bonds

HSM’s team of professionals has been providing Surety Bonds to small and large clients for over 30 years. We will represent you best interest with the leading insurance companies, and will provide you with the comprehensive coverage you need in the timeframe that you want.

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Surety Bonds