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   Hartford Bond Newsletter - May 2012
For Lower-limit Bonds

For Commercial Surety and Fidelity with limits under $500,000 (and ERISA bonds up to $3 million), you can contact the Bond Center at 888-656-0817. Vicki Wheeler and Shanta Mahadeo will be glad to assist you in booking bonds or in training on The Hartford's online bond issuing system. Vicki and Shanta can also be reached by fax at [email protected]. Here is your Bond Team Contact Sheet. It outlines who's who, who's where and who handles what.

"Just for Fun" Facts:

  • The Hartford wrote the insurance for baseball great Babe Ruth in 1920
  • The Hartford wrote the bond for the Hoover Dam in 1931
  • The Hartford wrote the bond for the Golden Gate Bridge in 1935
Business Opportunities...

"Use Surety as a Door Opener." If you can write their bonds, you most likely can write their insurance as well.

Did you know?... There are over 4,000 types of Commercial Surety bonds! Bond opportunities exist within many business segments. As your Surety partner, we want to make you aware of these opportunities, ultimately bringing commission dollars to your bottom line. Please refer to the Cross Selling Guide for further information. Also, please fill out the attached Questionnaire and submit it to Hartford Bond so we can gauge your commercial surety needs.

What's New at Hartford Bond

As most of you are aware, our 1Step online bond issuance system recently received a makeover for Commercial Surety and ERISA flows. All Hartford Bond business aligns with the agency dashboard - 1Step Workplace at Agents can view their business, whether they issue in 1Step or we do it for them.

1Step Surety allows agents to rate, quote and issue bonds. It creates an electronic record of every transaction which can be accessed and modified at any time. When booking a bond, it is automatically recorded with Hartford Bond so there is no need for further reporting to the company. The steps to book bonds (booking flows) have also been made simpler. Most recently, we added a new feature which allows easy download of documents (i.e. applications, copy of bond) to the bond file, thereby eliminating the need to send hard copies of the document to the regional office.

If you are interested in having access to the system so that you can book your bonds online, please contact Jane Tamaccio at (860-547-7546 direct) with your request for an ID and password to the system. You can also request guided demonstrations to the system by contacting Pamela J. Hull at (860-547-6936). Please refer to the enclosed Contact Sheet for all your contact information.

Performance Surety Bonds

Commercial contractors (non-construction) who provide services, manufacture/supply goods, or perform installation of equipment or software may need bonds guaranteeing their performance. This may include Bid, Payment, Performance, Material & Supply Bonds.

Please refer to the Commercial Performance flyer for further details

Spring Cleaning

Now is a good time for you to check your Hartford Power of Attorney form to be sure the appropriate people in your office are named on the power. For any questions or changes, please contact Jane Tamaccio or by phone at 860-547-7546.

Alcohol, Cigarette & Fuel Dealers

News on Connecticut Alcohol, Cigarette & Fuel Dealers.

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