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Willis Towers Watson is ready to develop and implement a strategy to maximize each client’s surety capacity while simultaneously protecting our clients from adverse surety market developments. Further, WTW works with each client to put in place a means to substantially increase its capacity as a hedge against any unforeseen volatility in the surety market place.    

We are a full service surety broker providing what we believe is unequalled service. We are a global but locally focused enterprise, which manages several multibillion-dollar surety facilities for contractors from various countries around the world.  “Reverse Flow” international surety business is our specialty.  We are not the “” or “” of surety brokers.  We are in the market every day; we know the market; and we want to bring the wealth or our relationships and expertise to bear for our clients.  

Sureties are perhaps, aside from banks, the most important partners a contractor has.  Our success lies in our ability to build, strengthen, and add value to those partnerships as they evolve and sometimes unpredictably change.   

WTW proposes to manage all aspects of surety requirements for our clients from bond requests through execution including but not limited to the following:

  • Management of Canadian surety facility  –  improving terms and building capacity
  • Positioning our client to be able to react to any surety market changes
  • RFI, RFQ, RFP, and or tender document review an analysis
  • Final contract review and analysis
  • Bond form review
  • Premium computations – base and alternative
  • Market pricing information
  • Coordination of surety activity with co-sureties and joint venture partner brokers
  • Assist with subcontractor prequalification from surety perspective
  • Provide written surety marketplace reviews
  • Provide an on-line surety automation tool for reporting purposes
  • Provide a client web-site for common surety related  document storage
  • Annual stewardship reports
  • Assistance with and preparation for surety meetings in order that all meetings are productive and not partially information gathering sessions.  In the WTW model, all surety meetings should be strictly goal focused and discussion oriented with all information requests satisfied in advance.  

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