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Is National Surety Corporation A Good Company?

1 Answer

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National Surety Corporation is a subsidiary of the Fireman's Insurance Fund, which is in turn owned by the multinational Allianz SE insurance company. As a subsidiary, National Surety Corporation is not independently rated by financial ratings companies, even though the company continues to operate under its own name.

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Financial Rating
National Surety Corporation and Fireman's Insurance, the registered owner of the company, are rated under the Allianz SE insurance Group. Under the ultimate parent name, A.M. Best Company, the financial ratings company grades National Surety Corporation as "A" (Excellent), with a stable long term outlook of "a." This rating is a downgrade, but still a good rating for a company to carry. A.M. Best last evaluated the company in March of 2013.

Customer Satisfaction
National Surety Corporation is a well-liked company, but is not individually rated for customer satisfaction. The company has had a few complaints lodged against them with the Better Business Bureau, but the BB reports a satisfactory conclusion of those reports.

Company Availability
Is available throughout the United States, both under the company name and through the Fireman's Fund, National Surety Corporation's immediate parent corporation. Since the company is owned by a national company which is in turn owned by a multinational corporation, policies can be purchased from all over the country.

Insurance Products Offered
National Surety Corporation sells a broad range of insurance products tailored for both individual and business use. Typical policy types include car insurance, home insurance, health coverage, and insurance plans designed for boats, airplanes and business interests.

answered May 7, 2013 by anonymous
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