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Should all of our focus as a species be on exponentially increasing the speed at which we believe space travel to be possible?

The only way we will escape the inevitable demise of earth is to find other earth like planets. No matter what happens on earth, we only have about 5 billion years before the sun dies. So why are we focused on dumb stuff and not putting all of our money into teaching people physics and experimenting ways to improve...
17 answers · Astronomy & Space · 1 day ago

Is it okay to use an American pronunciation while travelling to London?

Best Answer: Of course it's okay. England is a multicultural country, you see people of all countries and accents around here. Specially around London! Stop overthinking, it's unnecessary. No one will judge you for being from somewhere else or having an American accent. I love american accents btw!:
14 answers · London · 2 days ago