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Why is there so much hate on the left?

Hatred seems to be so ubiquitous for the left, hatred of Trump and his supporters, hatred for America, hatred for free speech and gun owners, hatred for white people, hatred for males, hatred for straight "cis-gendered" people, hatred for rich people (while happily taking their contributions), I'm...
17 answers · Politics · 1 day ago

Has Cory Booker convinced you he's not gay?

He's dating Rosario Dawson he really is. He's not having Me Too moments in the men's room
8 answers · Politics · 15 hours ago

Kamala Harris says she will abolish the electoral college? What's your response?

This lady is perhaps the most radical and extreme of the 2020 Democratic party candidates. She's endorsed the green new deal that calls for ending airplanes, wants reparations, wants to end private health insurance, and now wants to abolish the electoral college. Are people seriously considering voting for her?
70 answers · Politics · 4 days ago

What is wrong with the plane?

20 answers · Air Travel · 3 days ago

Does anyone actually support or find Alexandria ocasio-Cortez’s ideas promising?

Best Answer: Its like she is doing a parody of herself but its real!

She seems really naive.:
16 answers · Politics · 3 days ago