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Name your favorite movie from each of the following twelve actors?

Best Answer: Al Pacino - The Godfather Steve Martin - All of Me Eddie Murphy - Trading Places Bill Murray - Ghostbusters Robert De Niro - Midnight Run Jim Carrey - The Man in the Moon Kevin Costner - Bull Durham Denzel Washington - Glory Keanu Reeves - Parenthood Mel Gibson - The Year of Living Dangerously Nicolas Cage -...:
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Please give me a accurate answer of how car insurance works?

I know that it insures you in case of an accident but how does the price of car insurance differ from each car
14 answers · Insurance & Registration · 1 day ago

Why is the Gay community trying to take down Kevin Hart? Is it right for this group to say either you advocate for us or we will destroy you?

Just saying the man apologized repeatedly for something he said a decade ago. Shouldn’t that be the end of it?
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