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When Do You Need a Texas Certificate of Title or Lost Title Surety Bond?

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A Certificate of Title or Lost Title Surety Bond is required by the state of Texas when a car title or other vehicle title is missing, lost or destroyed, and proof of ownership of a vehicle is not available. A replacement title may be needed for vehicles such as: boats, cars, trailers, mobile homes and motorcycles.

Surety Bonds for Replacement of Vehicle Titles:

We recommend that you first contact the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) to determine if you qualify for a duplicate title and that you are a Texas resident, military personnel stationed in Texas and that your vehicle was last titled in Texas. They will also tell you if you need a surety bond or not in order to issue a duplicate title.

The vehicle you are trying to obtain a duplicate title or bonded title or does not have to be operational and must belong to you. It can’t be an abandoned , stolen, junked or be involved in any lawsuits. The vehicle must have a basic parts such as a frame, body or if a motorcycle a motor and a frame.

Mail or take any supporting documents showing ownership and a photo ID to the TxDMV Regional Service Center (DMV Office) to receive approval and the bond amount you will need to obtain a lost title bond. The bond amount is 1½ times the value of the vehicle and is based on the “Standard Presumptive Value” (SPV) that is shown in the states website. You will need the VIN number and odometer reading for the SPV calculator found on the TXDMV.Gov website to determine the value of your vehicle. If the state website does not have your vehicle on file, the National Auto Dealers Association (NADA) guide will be used. If your vehicle does not fall into either of these options, your vehicle will need to go through a Collector Hearing process (form VTR-125) to determine the value.

Upon approval of the value of your vehicle, you will be given a letter to obtain a surety bond that will have the required bond amount. The bond must be applied for within one year from the date of the approval letter. has the surety bond you need. You can apply online or call and you will need to send us copies of your documents, pay the premium and the surety bond will be mailed (or overnighted) to you.

Upon receipt of your bond, you have 30 days in which you will need to take your original approval letter, your completed Texas Title Registration signed application (or Vehicle Identification Report for out-of-state vehicles, commercial vehicle or trucks will need a Weight Certificate or an imported vehicle will need a Customs Document), your original surety bond and pay the $15 filing fee to the Department of Motor Vehicles. After final approval, a new title will be issued to you.

How Much Will a Texas Lost Title Bond Cost?

The premium that you pay for a Texas Certificate of Title or Lost Title Surety Bond will vary and is dependent on the value of the vehicle. Rates may be as low as $100 for bond amounts up to $10,000, and 1% of the amount for bonds over $10,000. No credit check is required for bond amounts less than $10,000. Bonds may be purchased by check, cashiers check, money order or credit card.

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