Surety Bond Ny | How To Obtain A Surety Bond


WE DO NOT DO Bail Bonds.

A surety bond is basically a written promise from an insurance company to pay for your mistakes or obligations. Your customers can make a bond claim for simply not liking the results. It is a guarantee that the customers satisfaction will be met. If your customers or vendors make a bond claim, You are then required to pay back the bonding company. It is basically giving a credit card to your customers and vendors. In Washington State Contractor bonds come in the limits of $4000 for an electrical bond, $6000 for a Specialty Contractor Bond and $12,000 for a General Contracting Bond.

Construction Bond – Bid, Performance and Payment Bonds and Supply bonds for contractors with program capacity needs from “First Bond” to $25 million.

Commercial Bonds

License and Permit Bonds

    • Contractor License


    • Highway and Street Permit


    • Agent/Adjuster/Broker License


    • Fuel Dealer


    • Professional License


    • Automobile Dealer


    • Alcoholic Beverage Compliance Bonds



Probate Bonds

    • Administrator


    • Executor


    • Guardian


    • Trustee Bonds



Receiver or Trustee Bond in Bankruptcy

Public Official

    • Notary Public


    • Sheriff


    • Deputy Sheriff


    • Constable


    • Jailer


    • County/City/School Treasurer Bonds


    • Court Clerk


    • Loan Closing Attorney


    • FHA Schedule Bonds



Court Bonds

    • Plaintiff Replevin


    • Plaintiff Attachment


    • Cost Bonds



Miscellaneous Bonds

Fidelity Bonds – ERISA (Pension Plans), Business Services Bonds (Janitorial)

Financial Institution Bonds and D&O Coverage – Commercial Banks and Savings Institutions, etc.

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