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Section 4:

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FC-1. 231, A, Brooklyn, NY, 1893 (Jan 19), VG Int'l on cvr. Early use. E $15 MIN.8
FC-2. 295, A, New York, NY, 1901 (May 15), G+ Int'l on cvr (lite tone; trim R). E $15 MIN.8
FC-3. 300, A (upper R crnr ruff), Washington, DC, 1903 (Feb 22), F Int'l on lite tone PPC. Early use, despite fault. E $15 MIN.8
FC-4. 301, F-A (tiny margin tears B), New York/Sta.I, NY, 1903 (Feb 15), G+ Int'l; EARLY use on "Patriographic" American-Souvenir-Card PC (lite tone); w/APS certificate. E $100
FC-5. 323, F-A (SE at T), Chicago, IL, 1904 (May 7), G+ Int'l; 8th day of use on Bismarck Garden ad PPC. E $20
FC-6. 324, F-A, Brooklyn/Sta.G, NY, 1904 (May 10), G+ duplex; 11th day use on priv.mailing card to Sweden, w/prohibited "Postal Card" wording in header, used during grace period. E $24 MIN.12
FC-7. 331, F (SE at L), Mulkeytown, IL, 1908 (Dec 28), VG RFD 11A/2 ms town/state/date, mostly on stamp; on lite tone PPC. EARLY use. SCARCE w/ms RFD. E $30 MIN.15
FC-8. 331, F, Newark, OH, 1908 (Dec 28), G+ Amer/B14 on lite tone PPC. E $20
FC-9. 331, F (SE at L), Washington/Sta.G, DC, 1908 (Dec 30), VF Int'l on PPC. E $20
FC-10. 331, A, Washington, DC, 1908 (Dec 31), F Int'l on PPC. E $20
FC-11. 370, F-A, Westerly, RI, 1909 (Jun 11), VG Amer/B14; 11th day use on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
FC-12. 453, F, Memphis, TN, 1915 (Jan 4), VF Int'l; Sternberg & Sons/El Commercio Cigars cc & header on lite tone window cvr. E $30 MIN.15
FC-13. 526, F, Washington, DC, 1920 (Apr 25), VF Int'l; Washington Gas Light Co.cc on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
FC-14. 527, F, Minneapolis, MN, 1920 (Apr 22), VF Univ. on PPC (tip crs) to Sweden. VERY EARLY use. E $100 MIN.50
FC-15. 725, F-A, Franklin, NH, 1932 (Oct 24), VG Int'l on cacheted FCD (lite tone). E $20
FC-16. 732, F, Washington, DC, 1933 (Aug 15), F Int'l; "The White House" engraved cc; W.M.Mooney, PM, autograph on lite tone cvr. E $15
FC-17. 862, F, Mattoon, IL, 1940 (Feb 1), G+ Univ.; 5c Alcott used 4 days BEFORE date of issue on cvr. E $40
FC-18. 881, F, Flushing, NY, 1940 (May 13), F Int'l N.Y.World's Fair slogan #1 on cacheted FDC. E $15
FC-19. 907 pair, F, Washington, DC, 1943 (Jan 14), F Univ. (lite tone) patriotic illus.Statue of Liberty & flag on FDC. E $15 MIN.8
FC-20. 919, F, Duquoin, IL, 1943 (Nov 23), G+ Int'l (town partial) unofficial town on 1st day cvr. E $20
FC-21. 1257c; tagged block/4; F, Dayton, OH, 1965 (Nov 10), F machine on unadd.cacheted FDC. E $40
FC-22. 1503 pair, F, Austin, TX, 1973 (Aug 27), VF 4-bar h/s; Meridian House cc on cacheted #10 FDC to RHODESIA. E $15 MIN.8
FC-23. 2066, F, Fairbanks, AK, 1984 (Jan 3), VF machine; Joe Redington, Sr. ("Father of the Iditarod") AUTOGRAPH on cacheted #10 cvr. E $24
FC-24. C18 (x3; 2 faulty), F, New York, NY, 1933 (Oct 2), G+ Int'l; German red pictorial map cachet tying 1 stamp; U.S.purple pictorial Zeppelin over Expo cachet on Zeppelin flight cvr w/Chicago, IL, VF Cent.of Progress slogan ty.C33-13/1 as recd b/s. This item also listed in "Air Mail" & "Stamps on Cover" sections of this catalog. E $200 MIN.100
FC-25. C23, F, Dayton, OH, 1938 (May 14), VG Univ. (lite tone) on FDC. E $15
FC-26. C24, F, New York, NY, 1939 (May 16), F Univ.w/1st Day slogan on unadd.cacheted FDC (lite tone). E $30
FC-27. C24F, New York, NY, 1939 (May 16), G+ Univ. "First Day" on FDC to Canada. E $40
FC-28. E18, F, Washington, DC, 1944 (Oct 30), VG Univ.; w/3c Win the War on censored FDC to ENGLAND. E $24 MIN.12
FC-29. Q1, F (SE at T), Bradford, PA, 1913 (Jul 1), F+ Colum.; 1c Parcel Post; 1st day permitted as regular postage on PPC. E $1500 MIN.750
FC-30. U522a, Philadelphia/Model P.O./Sesquicent'l Expo, PA, 1926 (Jul 27), F Int'l on PSE. E $15

FOREIGN DESTINATIONS / Need the "US International Postal Rates 1872-1996" book? We have it!
FD-1. Huntington, NY, 1967, VG machine; to Afghanistan; on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
FD-2. Lowell, MA, 1940, G+ duplex (dial hi; "OWE" partly off) to Australia; 5c Prexie on censored cvr. E $12 MIN.6
FD-3. Cleveland/Sta.A, OH, 1903, G+ Barry (o/s) to AUSTRIA; 2c Sc.301 on PPC w/Lemberg G+ DCDS as recd. E $12 MIN.6
FD-4. Detroit, MI, 1929, G+ Int'l (tip cr) to Austria; 2c Wash. on PPC w/10g +4x 1g postage dues tied by Perchtoldsdorf G+ DCDS. E $15 MIN.8
FD-5. Chicago/Lincoln Park Sta., IL, 1946, G+ duplex; to AUSTRIA; censor tape at R; 30c transport on air cvr. E $15
FD-6. Miami/Rec'd, FL, 1909, G+ Doremus ty.10 (lower L crnr nibbles; bit edge wear) to BAHAMAS; 2c Wash. on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
FD-7. Shelbyville, IN, 1911, G+ Amer/B14 (toned) to Bahamas; pair 1c Frank. on PPC w/Nassau G+ CDS as recd & then fwd to Miami. E $15 MIN.8
FD-8. Beloit, WI, 1930, G DCDS as origin b/s; to BELGIUM; 8c+7c+3c on reg'd 2c PSE. E $15
FD-9. Colorado Springs, CO, 1923, VG Univ.; to BERMUDA; "T/N.Y./Centimes 10 E" opera glass h/s; 1c Wash. on PPC. E $15
FD-10. Boston/Back Bay Sta., MA, 1903, G+ Amer/B38(3); to Bermuda; 5c blue Grant on cvr w/G+ Hamilton DCDS as recd b/s. E $20
FD-11. NY & Wash/(RPO), 1920, partial duplex; to Bermuda; 5c Wash. on cvr w/partial Hamilton repeater as recd b/s. E $15 MIN.8
FD-12. Jacksonville, FL, 1972, G machine (dial hi) to Cameroun; 21c air w/PL#33242 on PPC. E $15
FD-13. Eagle Pass, TX, 1926, VG Univ. (2 strikes; crs) to CHILE; 2c Wash. on PPC w/Rancagua partial DCDS as recd. E $15
FD-14. New York, NY, 1937, F Int'l; to Czechoslovakia; 3c Alamo on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
FD-15. Estelline, SD, 1890, partial CDS/cork; to DANZIG; 1c blue on 1c wrapper. E $40
FD-16. New Castle, IN, 1945, VF duplex (upper L tip ruff) to Ecuador; 3x 5c "Toward United Nations" on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
FD-17. Portland, ME, 1906, G+ Int'l (tip crs) to ENGLAND; 5c Lincoln on cvr w/forwarding label (to Liverpool) applied at London, w/"Forwarded by Baring Bros. & Co." G+ double oval h/s no back. E $15
FD-18. Houston, TX, 1980, partial machine (tiny tear R) to Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) via Argentina; 31c Wright Bros. on air cvr. E $20
FD-19. Austin, TX, 1985, G+ machine; to FIJI; 2c Stravinsky on 28c GPC. E $15 MIN.8
FD-20. Brooklyn/Flatbush Sta., NY, 1921, G Int'l (trim R) to Finland; 2c +1c Wash. on 2c PSE w/Helsinki G+ repeater as b/s. E $14
FD-21. Ithaca, NY, 1910, VG Int'l; to France & fwd to England; 2x 1c Frank on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
FD-22. Wareham, MA, [1875], G CDS (lower R tip nib) to FRANCE; strip of 3x 3c banknotes (1 bit faulty) on cvr. E $15
FD-23. Derry, NH, 1931, G+ duplex (crs; lite tone) to FRENCH INDIA; stamps on pix side of PPC w/partial Pondicherry oval h/s as recd. E $20 MIN.10
FD-24. Lot 21) GPCs; mostly commem.types, all uprated, 1980s, to Germany. MIN.$38
FD-25. Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1929, G+ Univ.; to Germany; 3c +3x 2c underpaying air rate on cvr w/2 strikes of "Via Air Mail" h/s negated by thick purple bars h/s. E $14
FD-26. New York/Bryant Sta., NY, 1949, VF Int'l; to Gibraltar; N.Y.Public Library subscription notice on 1c Lincoln GPC. E $15 MIN.8
FD-27. New York/Sta.H, NY, 1907, G+ Int'l; to Greece; 2x 1c Sc.300 on embossed GLITTER PPC (horse-drawn fire engine). E $20
FD-28. New York/D, NY, 1886, VG duplex; to Guatemala; on 2c Grant lettersheet Sc.U293. E $24 MIN.12
FD-29. Stockton, CA, 1894, partial CDS/cork (lite tone) to Holland; 1c +2x 2c Colum.commems on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
FD-30. Yonkers, NY, 1924, F Univ. (upper L tip slit) to Honduras; 5c Roosevelt on cvr to Montgomery,AL, then forwarded. E $15 MIN.8
FD-31. Yuma, AZ, 1906, VG duplex (upper R tip slit) to Hong Kong, China; 1st Nat'l Bank cc on 2c PSE w/due marking; Victorial VG DCDS as recd b/s. E $20
FD-32. Eugene, OR, 1915, F Colum. (no flap) to INDIA; lite censor h/s; 3c+2c Wash. on cvr. E $14
FD-33. New York/Grand Central Sta., NY, 1959, G+ Int'l; to Israel; 2c on 3c GPC to Dept.of Bacteriology, Hebrew Univ. E $14
FD-34. New York/Madison Sq.Sta., NY, 1941, VG Int'l (lite tone) to Italy; on censored cvr. E $12 MIN.6
FD-35. New Orleans, LA, 1898, VG duplex (lite tone) to Italy; 1c Sc.264 solo on folded letter w/Grande & Co.h/s return add.; printed circular w/ms message added. E $15
FD-36. New York/Sta.S, NY, 1903, G+ Int'l; to ITALY; 2c Sc.301 on 1c GPC. E $15
FD-37. Brooklyn, NY, 1941, F Int'l; to Italy; 30c winged globe on censored cvr. E $14
FD-38. Brooklyn/Dyker Heights Sta., NY, 1941, VG duplex; to Italy; 30c winged globe on cvr to Italy. E $12 MIN.6
FD-39. Latrobe, PA, 1941, G duplex (toned; cr) to Italy; 30c winged globe on cvr w/enc.to Italy. E $12 MIN.6
FD-40. Winona, MN, 1910, VF Amer/B14(1); to Italy; 5c Wash. on cvr to passenger on "Clarks S.S.Cleveland Cruise". E $15 MIN.8
FD-41. Des Moines, IA, 1915, VG Univ.; to Italy; 5c Wash. on censored cvr. E $14
FD-42. Pomona, CA, 1955, G DCDS (lite tone; cr) to Italy; 6c air +3c colleges +1c Prexie on PPC mailed w/9c & returned for add'l 1c, then remailed. E $12 MIN.6
FD-43. Moline, IL, 1907, G+ Int'l (lite tone; crs) to Japan; 2c Sc.319 on PPC. E $14
FD-44. Felton, CA, 1906, VF CDS/cork; to Japan; pair 1c Sc.300 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
FD-45. New York, NY, 1899, G+ duplex; to JAVA on 5c PSE w/Cheribon VG squared CDS as recd b/s. E $40 MIN.20
FD-46. New York/Sta.P, NY, 1901, F Int'l (bit uneven trim B) to JAVA on 5c PSE w/Weltevreden VG squared CDS as recd b/s. E $40 MIN.20
FD-47. Winter Haven, FL, 1948, G+ Int'l (lite tone) to Luxembourg & fwd to Italy; 15c green Liberty air on 5x6" cvr. UNUSUAL destination combo. E $24 MIN.12
FD-48. Bronxville, NY, 1938, VF Int'l; to Luxembourg; 5c Prexie on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
FD-49. Long Island City, NY, 1939, VF Int'l (tear T, in dial) to Luxembourg; 5c Prexie on 4.5x5.5" cvr. E $15 MIN.8
FD-50. Montgomery, AL, 1935, F Univ.; to Luxembourgh; 5c Roosevelt on 4.5x5.5" cvr. E $15 MIN.8
FD-51. El Paso, TX, 2001, G+ machine; to Macau; on air cvr. E $14
FD-52. New Haven, CT, 1906, G+ Amer/B14() (lite tone; tip cr) to Malta & fwd to Ireland; 2c Sc.319 on PPC w/"10" in oval h/s due marking. UNUSUAL destination combo. E $20 MIN.10
FD-53. Northfield, MN, 1907, G+ duplex; to Malta; pair 1c Sc.300 on PPC. E $20
FD-54. Boston/Boston Sta., MA, 1921, G+ duplex (cr; lite tone) to Mesopotamia; bit faulty 1c Pilgrim on pix side of PPC w/Bagdad G+ DCDS as recd. E $15 MIN.8
FD-55. New York/D, NY, 1892, VF duplex (tip cr) to Mexico; on GPC Sc.UX10. E $14
FD-56. Chattanooga, TN, 1949, G+ Univ.; to Natal; on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
FD-57. Clifton, NJ, 1940, G+ Int'l (dial hi: "TON" partly off; lite crs) to Netherlands; 3c Prexie tied by pictorial Nazi censor h/s on 1c GPC Sc.UX27. E $15 MIN.8
FD-58. Northwood, IA, 1921, G+ duplex (bit trim T; upper R tip slit) to Norway; 2c +1c on 2c-on-3c PSE. E $14
FD-59. New York, NY, 1941 (Dec 27), F Int'l; to Palestine; "Palestine/Passed By Censor/J.15" octagon h/s on PPC to Polish Consulate. E $24 MIN.12
FD-60. Chicago/Uptown Sta., IL, 1927, F Univ.; to Palestine; 3c Lincoln on PPC w/Jerusalem VG DCDS repeater. E $15 MIN.8
FD-61. Des Moines, IA, 1984, VF machine; to Papua, New Guinea; on 30c aerogramme, retuned to sender. E $14
FD-62. New York/Sta.I, NY, 1929, F Int'l (bit ruff trim R, just in 2c stamp) to PERSIA; 3c Lincoln on 2c PSE. E $15
FD-63. New Orleans, LA, 1918, VG Univ.; to PERU; 2c Wash. on PPC w/partial censor h/s. E $15 MIN.8
FD-64. Philadelphia/Kensington Sta., PA, 1903, VG Amer/B38; to Scotland; 2c red on priv.mailing card w/"Postal Card" header. E $15 MIN.8
FD-65. New York, NY, 1889, G+ duplex (crnr crs) to Scotland; 2x 5c blue Garfield Sc.216 (1 faulty) on cvr. E $30 MIN.15
FD-66. Flint, MI, 1941 (Dec 20), F Int'l; to Scotland; 5c Prexie on censored cvr. E $14
FD-67. Cincinnati/Sta.E, OH, 1925, G+ duplex (lite tone) to Sierra Leone; 5c Roosevelt on cvr. E $20
FD-68. NewYork/Sta.D, NY, 1914, G duplex (heavy vert.cr; lite tone) to South Africa & fwd to Transvaal; 5c Wash. on cvr w/pink censor tape at L. E $20 MIN.10
FD-69. New York, NY, 1936, VG Int'l; to South Africa; "Via SS Berengaria/Via Air Mail From London" typed instruction at L; 2x 30c bison on cvr to "SS Reliance-World Cruise". E $24 MIN.12
FD-70. New York, NY, 1906, VF duplex; to South Australia; 2c Sc.319 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
FD-71. Philadelphia/West Phila.Sta., PA, 1906, G Amer/B38; to South West Africa; pair 1c Sc.300 on PPC. E $40
FD-72. New Rochelle, NY, 1903, F duplex; to Sweden; 2c Sc.301 on PPC w/"Postal Card" header. E $12 MIN.6
FD-73. O'Fallon Depot, IL, [1879], partial CDS/cork; to Switzerland; 1c banknote on 1c GPC. E $20
FD-74. Philadelphia/F.D., PA, 1888, G duplex (bit trim T) to Tasmania; 5c blue Garfield +2c green on 5c Garfield PSE. E $20
FD-75. New York/Grand Central Anx, NY, 1937, G+ duplex (dial hi: "W YORK" mostly off) to Trindidad; 20c Golden Gate on air cvr. E $15 MIN.8
FD-76. Seaside, OR, 1926, G+ machine; to Turkey; 5c Roosevelt on PPC. E $14
FD-77. Sacramento, CA, 2006, G+ sprayer (lite cr) to Vanuatu; on #10 air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
FD-78. Chicago/Lake St.Sta., IL, 1956, G duplex (2 file holes B) to Yugoslavia; 15c green Liberty air on cvr. E $20 MIN.10

LT-1. "40th American Philatelic Congress": 204-pg. 7.25x10.25" hardbound, original philatelic papers such as route agent markings & censored Civil War POW covers, 1974. E $12 MIN.6
LT-2. "Air Mail: An Illustrated History 1793-1981": Holmes; 226-pg. 10x10" hardbound, worldwide coverage of mail sent by balloon & airplane w/250 illustrations, 1981. E $24 MIN.12
LT-3. "The American Postcard Guide to Tuck": Carver; 76-pg. 11x8.5" softbound, postcard information w/values by subject & sets, 1976, (cover tone). E $15 MIN.8
LT-4. "The American Railroad Passenger Car": White; 699-pg. 10.75x13" hardbound, 8 chapters on various cars w/emphasis on 19th century w/diagrams & illustrations, 1978. E $40
LT-5. "An Anthology of Machine Postal markings, Vol 3 Universal Model K Markings": Small & Billings; 234-pg. 8.5x11" tape bound, alphabetical list by state of offices, type & EKU-LKU, 1993. E $20
LT-6. "Aspen on the Roaring Fork, 3rd edition": Wentworth; 192-pg. 8.75x11.25" hardbound, story of Aspen and the silver camps, 1976. E $24
LT-7. "Baker's U.S. Classics": Baker & Baker; 345-pg. 8.75x11.25" hardbound w/dust jacket, material from original columns in Stamps magazine 1962-69 that is a good survey of U.S. postal history, 1985. E $24
LT-8. "Billig's Philatelic Handbook, Vol 33, 19th Century United States Fancy Cancellations, 4th edition": Herst; 288-pg. 5.5x8.75" hardbound, types of fancy cancels w/values & illustrations, 1972. E $40
LT-9. "The Cachet Identifier of U S Cacheted First Day Covers, 2nd Printing": Mellone & Newton; 64-pg. 6x9" softbound, illustrates how to identify 60 cachet makers w/illustrations, 1979, (lite cr T spine). E $12 MIN.6
LT-10. "Catalogue des Carte Postal de Franchise militaire 1914-1918, 1939-1945, Tome 2": Weingarten & Sinais; 112-pg. 8.5x11" tape bound, catalogue w/illustrations of cards & listings, in French but easy to determine values & info, 1981. E $24 MIN.12
LT-11. "Colorado Rail Annual No.14. Narrow Gauge Byways in the San Juans": McKinney, Vandenbusche, Borneman & Hauck; 232-pg. 8.75x11.25" hardbound, informative text on the Silvertons, Lake City & Creede w/few illustrations, 1979. E $20
LT-12. "Colorado Railroads, Chronological Development": Wilkins; 309-pg. 8.5x11.5" hardbound, unopened copy w/complete record w/250 photos & 15 maps, 1974. E $30
LT-13. "Detroit Publishing Company Collector's Guide": Lowe & Papell; 288-pg. 8.5x11" softbound, chronology, history, back designs & each series w/illustration & place as known, 1975. E $20
LT-14. "Dining on Rails/An Encyclopedia of Railroad China": Luckin; 320-pg. 8.75x11.25" hardbound, autographed numbered & illustrated catalog, color wheel & bookmark, 1983, (some cover wear). E $150
LT-15. "Durland Standard Plate Number Catalogue": 208-pg. 6x9" softbound, plate block numbers & values for issues from 1898, inc.air, dues, parcel post & hunting, 1979, (some wear at spine). E $12 MIN.6
LT-16. "Early American Perforating Machines & Perforations, 1857-1867": Boggs; 38-pg. 6x9" softbound, covers USA, North & South America, 1982. E $12 MIN.6
LT-17. "Encyclopedia of RFD Cancels, Second Edition": Richow; 272-pg. 8.25x10.75" softbound, full tracing of every known RFD variety by state & office w/types, routes, dates & values, 1995. E $40
LT-18. "Franks on Western Express": Nathan; 281-pg. 7x10.25" hardbound, short bios of companies w/illustrations & scarcity, 1973, (scuff front cover). E $20
LT-19. "The Great Northern Railway, A Pictorial Study": Wood & Wood; 560-pg. 8.5x11.25" hardbound, from beginning to modern era w/information & photos plus map inside covers, 1970. E $50
LT-20. "Harrison Fisher": Bowers, Budd & Budd; 371-pg. 5.25x8.5" softbound, identification & descriptions of his illustrations & postcards w/many pictures, 1984, (cover wear w.sm tear T spine). E $15 MIN.8
LT-21. "A History of Lehigh Valley Railroad 'The Route of the Black Diamond'": Archer; 371-pg. 8.75x11.25" hardbound, w/emphasis on the transportation of coal w/photos & maps inside each cover, 1977. E $20
LT-22. "Klondike Gold, Centennial Edition": Kutz; 268-pg. 7x10" softbound, autographed philatelic history of the gold rush, 1996, (wear & crnr scuff back cover). E $24
LT-23. "Leadville: Colorado's Magic City": Blair; 261-pg. 8.5x11.25" hardbound, town history 1859 to 1959, 1980. E $24
LT-24. "Michigan Postal Markings": Cole; 198-pg. 5.75x8.75" hardbound, autographed w/chapters on stampless, balloons, fancies & other markings in state, 1955. E $30
LT-25. "Michigan's Commerce & Commercial Policy Study": Hazard; 202-pg. 6.25x9.5" hardbound, examination of 1960s state commerce, between states & exports w/projections, 1965. E $20
LT-26. "Nebraska Place-Names": Fitzpatrick; 166-pg. 5.75x9" hardbound, each town by county w/information & index of name changes, 1925, (toned pages). E $12 MIN.6
LT-27. "Nevada Postal History, 1861 to 1972": Harris; 64-pg. 5.5x8.5" hardbd, autographed alphabetical list w/county, dates, map location & value, 1973, w/1973 17x22" Nevada map (edge wear cover). E $24
LT-28. "The New Herst-Sampson Catalog, A Guide to 19th Century United States Postmarks & Cancellations, 1st ed.": ed. Gillman; 203-pg. 5.5x8.5" hardbound, thorough compilation of cancels including fancy & foreign mail, 1989. E $40
LT-29. "The Noble Catalogue of United States Bureau Precancels, 57th edition": 208-pg. 5.5x8.5" comb bound, arranged alphabetically by town & state & illustrated w/valuations, 1975, (previous owner's stamped ID on front, cover tone). E $20 MIN.10
LT-30. "Old Waybills, The Romance of the Express Companies": Harlow; 504-pg. 6x9" hardbound, a history of the express companies, 1934, (toned; notes written inside back cover). E $24
LT-31. "Oregon Geographic Names": Arthur; 686-pg. 6.5x9.5" hardbound, alphabetical narratives about nearly 5000 place names, 1965. E $20
LT-32. "The Overland Limited": Beebee; 157-pg. 8.75x11.25" hardbound, including "The Golden Gate Special" w/photos & some charts & diagrams, 1963, (pages toned edges). E $12 MIN.6
LT-33. "Pacific Coastal Lines": Newell & Williamson; 192-pg. 8.25x10.5" hardbound, pictorial history, 1959, (scuffed crnr back cover). E $20000000000
LT-34. "Packhorse, Waggon & Post, Land Carriage & Communications Under the Tudors & Stuarts": Crofts; 147-pg. 5.75x8.75" hardbound, deals w/roads, types of transport,foot post, posting systems, other aspects of message delivery in England, 1967. E $20
LT-35. "Patriotic Postcards": Kaduck; 67-pg. 8.5x11" softbound, numbered w/illustrations by subject such as Washington, Lincoln & Uncle Same & valuations, 1974, (cover tone). E $20
LT-36. "The Picture Postcard & Its Origins": Staff; 96-pg. 8.75x11.25" hardbound, in depth tracing of the history of the postcard, 1966, (owner stamp inside covers; some separation at spine). E $30
LT-37. "Picture Postcards in the U.S. 1894-1918": Ryan; 280-pg. 8.5x11" softbound, illustrated history emphasizing importance as sources of historical data w/15-pg price guide, 1982, (cover & edge soil). E $30
LT-38. "Pictures in the Post": Carline; 128-pg. 8.25x10.75" softbound, describes the early popularity & development of the art, pictorial messages & propaganda, 1972, (cover wear). E $20
LT-39. "Pioneer Postcards": Burdick; 200-pg. 6.75x10" softbound, story of mailing cards to 1898 numbered w/illustrated check list of publishers & titles, 1957. E $30
LT-40. "Planty's Photo Encyclopedia of Cacheted F.D.C.s: the Classic Period Vol I 1923-1928, Vol II 1928-1929 & The Neo Classic Period Vol VI 1934-1935": Planty & Mellone; est 100-pg. 8.5x11" 3 hole punched, 3 sections w/information & illustrations, 1978, (tear in card cover wrapper at middle hole punch). E $12 MIN.6
LT-41. "Political Postcards 1900 -1980 A Price Guide": Greenhouse; 109-pg. 11x8.5" softbound, numbered w/illustrations by election & valuations, 1984. E $20
LT-42. "Post Offices of Oregon, Washington & Idaho": Landis; 251-pg. 7x9.25" hardbound, alphabetical list w/county & dates, 1969, (lite soil cover). E $30
LT-43. "The Postcards of Alphonse Mucha": Bowers & Martin; 120-pg. 5.5x8.5" softbound, black & white illustrations w/numbers & values plus info on the artist & other work, 1980. E $24
LT-44. "Postmasters & Post Offices of the United States 1782-1811": Stets; 290-pg. 8.25x10.75" softbound, alphabetical list of postmasters & post offices by state w/appointment dates & distribution system, 1994. E $20
LT-45. "Precanceled Envelopes of the United States": pub. United Postal Stationery Society; 112-pg. 8.25x11" softbound, alphabetical by state & town w/types & values, 1976, (paper clip rust stain title page; previous owner stamp front cover). E $12 MIN.6
LT-46. "Prexie Postal History Series, Vol 2": pub. LaPosta; 100-pg. 8.5x11" softbound, 6 chapters from 5 different authors, 1988, (cover tone). E $24
LT-47. "Private Die Proprietary Medicine Stamps,": Griffenhagen; 78-pg. 6x9" softbound, companies & listing of stamps w/index & checklist, 1969, (lite soil cover; previous owner's number front). E $12 MIN.6
LT-48. Lot 3) "Railroad of Arizona Vol. 1-3": Myrick; 976 & 342-pg. 9x11.25" hardbound, many photos & maps, 1975-80-84. E $80
LT-49. Lot 2) "Railroads of Nevada & Eastern California, Vol.1 & 2-The Southern Roads": Myrick; 933-pg. 8.75x11.25" hardbound, standard & narrow gauge w/photos, maps & locomotive statistics includes separate map opens to 17x22", 1962-3. E $24
LT-50. "Rails, Sagebrush & Pine, A Garland of Logging Days in Oregon's Sumpter Valley": Ferrell; 128-pg. 8.5x11" hardbound, the narrow gauge lines w/photos including each locomotive w/statistics & diagrams, 1967. E $20
LT-51. "Rare & Expensive Postcards": Kaduck; 88-pg. 8.5x11" softbound, numbered w/illustrations by subject & valuations, 1974, (cover wear). E $12 MIN.6
LT-52. "Rare & Expensive Postcards/Book, Revised": Kaduck; 104-pg. 8.5x11" softbound, numbered w/illustrations including some in color by subject & valuations, 1982. E $15 MIN.8
LT-53. "Roaring Fork Valley, An Illustrated Chronicle, 3rd edition": Shoemaker; 216-pg. 8.75x11" hardbound, listing of towns & their lines through the late 1800s; 1958. E $24
LT-54. "See The USA/The Art of the American Travel Brochure": Margolies & Baker; 129-pg. 8.75x8" softbound, over 200 colorful illustrations by section of the country & subject, 2000. E $20
LT-55. "Spokane Portland & Seattle Ry, The Northwest's Own Railway": Wood & Wood; 157-pg. 8.75x10.75" hardbound, information, photo, maps & locomotive statistics, 1974. E $20
LT-56. "Standard Flag Cancel Encyclopedia, 3rd edition": Langford; 117-pg. 8.75x11.25" hardbound, illustrations & descriptions types & Includes flag type chart, 1976. E $20
LT-57. "The Street Railway Post Offices of Baltimore & Overlay": Clark & Ruckle; 36-pg. 8.25x10.75" softbound, history, routes, maps w/cancels, trips, usage dates & scarcity, 1979, (cover faded). E $20
LT-58. "The Pony Express": Chapman; 319-pg. 5.5x8.25" hardbound, interesting & historical account of the system, 1934, (former library toned & repaired but usable). E $20
LT-59. "U.S. Cancels 1890-1900 With Special Emphasis On The Fancy Cancels Found On The 2c Red Definitive Stamps Of This Period": Salkind; 120-pg. 7x10" softbound, cancels by type w/illustrations & reference numbers, 1985, (cover toned). E $24
LT-60. "U.S. Errors Inverts, Imperforates, Colors Omitted": Datz; 100-pg. 6x9" softbound, sections for each group in title w/numbers & values, 1986. E $12 MIN.6
LT-61. "U.S. Letter Rates to Foreign Destinations,1847- GPU-UPU": Starnes; 74-pg. 9.75x8" hardbound, rate tables by country & carrier, 1982. E $20
LT-62. "U.S. Machine Postmarks 1871-1925, Second edition": Hanmer; 121-pg. 8.5x11" softbound, illustrations & brief text on machine markings by company including American, Barr-Fyke, Barry & others, 1984, (separated spine & kept in Elbe binder; some pencil check marks). E $24
LT-63. "U.S. Postal Card Catalogue (25th Anniversary)": pub. United Postal Stationery Society; 140-pg. 6x9" softbound, informative text, illustrations & values w/appendix on Exposition postal cards, 1970, (w/small piece gone bottom back cover; cover & pages toned). E $12 MIN.6
LT-64. "U.S. Postal Slogan Cancel Catalogue, Revised": Luff; 125-pg. 5.5x8.5" comb bound, alphabetical list by slogan w/place, dates, type & value, 1975, (lite soil cover). E $30 MIN.15
LT-65. "United States Postage Stamps of 1869": Rose; 190-pg. 8.5x11" softbound, a chapter on each denomination studying aspects such as design, essays, varieties, 1996, (scuff cover). E $120
LT-66. "Vessel-Named Markings on U.S. Inland & Ocean Waterways 1810-1890 w/slip case & Value Guide": Milgram; 828 & 16-pg. 8.5x10.5" & 5x8" hardbound & stapled pamphlet, list of vessels w/full sized illustrations plus fakes & unknown cancels on freight bills, 1984-5, (tip cr top front cover). E $120
LT-67. "Via Airmail, An Aerophilatelic Survey of Events, Routes & Rates": pub. American Airmail Society; 224-pg. 6x9" hardbound, articles by different authors about rates & flights, 1992. E $75
LT-68. "Wabash": Heimburger; 320-pg. 9x11.25" hardbound, story of the Wabash w/illustrations, diagrams, maps, inventories & time tables; 1984. E $30
LT-69. "Wells Fargo, Advancing the American Frontier": Hungerford; 274-pg. 6.25x9.25" hardbound, a history of the company from Gold Rush to stagecoach era, 1949, (toned pages). E $20
LT-70. "Zeppelin Post Katalog": Sieger-Verlag; 475-pg. 4x8.5" softbound, Zeppelin flights & stamps w/illustrations, values in Euros in German, 2001, (crnr cr front cover). E $12 MIN.6

MACHINES / Need the "Standard Flag Cancel Encyclopedia/4th Edition"? We have it!
MC-1. Aurora, CO, ca.1924, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard CDS w/5 long bars h/s (upper R tip slit) tying 2c Wash.w/lite precanx on cvr. E $20
MC-2. Hartly, DE, 1920, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard CDS w/7 long lines killer (near VG+; lite tone) on PPC. E $15
MC-3. Bartlett, IL, ca.1928?, VF pseudo-machine non-standard "Address Your Mail" slogan w/smaller letters, text in straight lines; 2c Wash. on cvr. E $15
MC-4. Bartlett, IL, [1929], G+ pseudo-machine non-standard "Address Your Mail" slogan w/varied size letters (nick T) 2c Edison on commer.cvr. E $15
MC-5. Churubusco, IN, 1909, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard flag h/s (R arc on stamp; stripes partly off R; crnr cr; stamp faulty when applied, in 2 pieces) on PPC. E $20
MC-6. Morrowville, KS, 1922, VF pseudo-machine non-standard "Address Your Mail..." slogan h/s (lite tone) on PPC. E $20
MC-7. Valley, KY, 1911, VF magenta pseudo-machine non-standard CDS w/5 long lines killer (toned) (75-15) on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
MC-8. Brownville Junction, ME, 1930, F pseudo-machine non-standard DCDS w/6 long lines killer (tip crs) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-9. Port Clyde, ME, 1923, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard "Address Your Mail" slogan on PPC. E $15
MC-10. Bolton, MA, 1924, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard "Address Your Mail" slogan (dial partly on stamp; slogan mostly off R) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-11. Calyx, MS, 1930, G+ magenta pseudo-machine non-standard CDS w/6 long lines killer (01-55) on GPC. E $15
MC-12. Hampton Falls, NH, 1921, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard "Address Your Mail" slogan (crs) on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
MC-13. Hampton Falls, NH, 1924, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard "Address Your Mail..." slogan h/s (part spotty) on PPC. E $15
MC-14. Lake Grove, NY, 1931, VG+ pseudo-machine non-standard "Address Your Mail" slogan (bit stutter) on GPC. E $15
MC-15. New York, NY, 1938, VF purple pseudo-machine non-standard CDS w/7 wavy lines killer on PPC. E $15
MC-16. Rensselaer, NY, 1906, F pseudo-machine non-standard CDS w/5 wavy lines killer on PPC. E $15
MC-17. Bradley, OH, 1923, VG+ pseudo-machine non-standard "Address Your Mail..." slogan h/s (near VF; lite tone) (04-63) on PPC. E $20
MC-18. Milan, PA, 1926, VF pseudo-machine non-standard CDS w/6 long lines killer (edge wear) on commer.cvr. E $15
MC-19. Ogontz School, PA, 1920, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard CDS w/6 long lines killer (88-51) on commer.cvr w/enc. E $15
MC-20. Orwell, PA, 1912, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard FLAG h/s on PPC. E $20
MC-21. Rydal, PA, 1919, VG+ pseudo-machine non-standard flag h/s (dial bit hi; lite tone; tip cr) on PPC. E $20
MC-22. Sumner, WA, [1909], G+ pseudo-machine non-standard FLAG h/s (year partial; part o/s) on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
MC-23. Circleville, WV, 1953, F pseudo-machine non-standard CDS w/7 wavy lines killer, struck twice on block/6x 1/2c on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-24. Mountain, WI, 1931, VG pseudo-machine non-standard CDS w/7 wavy lines killer on GPC. E $15
MC-25. Mountain, WI, 1932, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard CDS w/7 wavy lines killer on commer.PSE. E $14
MC-26. Wabeno, WI, 1919, VG pseudo-machine non-standard CDS w/9 long lines killer (crs; lite tone) on PPC. E $15
MC-27. Nome, AK, 1908, F Amer H14 on PPC. E $60
MC-28. Nogales, AZ, 1917, VG Amer A14 (part lite tone) on PPC. E $14
MC-29. Los Angeles/Brentwood Sta., CA, 1929, G+ Amer A38 on PPC. E $15
MC-30. San Francisco, CA, 1896, VG Amer B14(1) on GPC. E $15 MIN.8
MC-31. Aspen, CO, 1919, G+ Amer A14; 1c Wash. on local cvr w/"Postage Due 2c" mostly erased, probably because applied in error. E $20
MC-32. Aspen, CO, 1923, G+ Amer A14 (near VF) on 2.75x4.25" cvr w/enc. E $20
MC-33. Washington, DC, 1920 (Apr 1), F Amer *A14 on GPC. E $200 MIN.100
MC-34. Washington, DC, 1920 (May 15), G+ Amer *A14 (dial part obscured by text on card) on PPC. E $60 MIN.30
MC-35. Washington, DC, 1920 (Aug 12), VF Amer *A14 on PPC. E $60
MC-36. Fort Lauderdale, FL, 1925, G Amer A14 (dial spotty, but ID sure; AS IS for strike; message in dial; tip crs) on PPC. E $20
MC-37. Blackfoot, ID, 1912, G+ Amer A-6 (near VF; bit lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-38. Chicago, IL, 1894, VF Amer AMS-11 w/"I" in ty.D dial (bit ruff slit R) as recd b/s on PSE. E $15
MC-39. Chicago, IL, 1894, VG+ Amer AMS-11 w/"2" in ty.D dia; as recd b/s on PSE. E $15
MC-40. Galena, IL, 1923, VG Amer A14 (toned; bit ruff trim R to stamp) Galen Mfg.Co.cc on PSE. E $15 MIN.8
MC-41. Leland, IL, 1930, G+ Amer A14 ("AND" mostly not struck) on cvr. 1 of 3 discovery examples. E $250
MC-42. Lot 12) Morrison, IL, 1925-26, VG-G+ Amer A14 (varied condition; few faults) on cvrs to same addressee in 8 diff.locations. MIN.$60
MC-43. Prophetstown, IL, 1925, G+ Amer A14 on PPC. E $50
MC-44. Lagrange, IN, 1921, G+ Amer A14 (lite tone; tip cr) on PPC. E $15
MC-45. Muncie, IN, 1898, F Amer B44 on GPC. E $20
MC-46. Richmond, IN, 1898, F Amer B44 involute (trim R) on cvr. E $24
MC-47. Rushville, IN, 1926, G+ Amer A14dd (near VG+) on cvr. E $40
MC-48. Bartlesville, Ind.T., 1907 (Mar 26), VG Amer B24() on PPC. E $24
MC-49. Bartlesville, Ind.T., 1907 (Oct 8), VG+ Amer B24() struck fully at L on PPC. E $30
MC-50. Muskogee, Ind.T., 1907 (Jan 8), G+ Amer B14 on 4x6" "Souvenir Letter" w/8-pg.pictorial views of town & area. E $30
MC-51. Muskogee, Ind.T., 1907 (Jun 22), F Amer B14; 1c Smith on PPC. E $20
MC-52. Muskogee, Ind.T., 1907 (Jun 23), VF Amer B14 (o/s; lite tone; edge tear B; tip cr) as recd on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MC-53. South McAlester, Ind.T., 1907, VF Amer B14(1) (bit ruff trim R; lite tone) McAlester Grocer Co.cc on PSE w/letterhead enc. E $24 MIN.12
MC-54. Saint Marys, KS, 1934, G+ Amer A14 (ruff L) St.Mary's College cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-55. Belfast, ME, 1924, G+ Amer A14 (lite crs; tone speck) on PPC. E $15
MC-56. Kennebunk Beach, ME, 1930, VG+ Amer A14; SCARCE flag on PPC. E $100
MC-57. Annapolis, Nav.Acad.Br., MD, 1920, G+ Amer C14; Nineteen-Twenty-One's Lucky Bag, U.S.Naval Academy cc on cvr. E $30
MC-58. Baltimore, MD, 1898, F Amer D14(1) (uneven toned) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-59. Boston/Transit, MA, [1885], VG+ Amer 85-5 as transit b/s; 5c Garfield on cvr to England. E $75
MC-60. Boston, MA, 1895, VG Amer D1(H) w/dateless dial; Appalachian Mountain Club cc on 1c PSE. E $15
MC-61. Boston, MA, 1895, F+ Amer D2(F) on GPC. E $24
MC-62. Boston, MA, 1895, VG Amer D12(G) on GPC. E $30
MC-63. Boston, MA, 1895, VG+ Amer D1(H) (edge tears; lower R edge slit) on cvr. E $24
MC-64. Dorchester Sta., Boston, MA, 1895, G+ Amer N14 on cvr. E $15
MC-65. Boston (town reads "POSTON"), MA, 1895, VF Amer D13(C)/var (bit ruff slit T) on cvr. E $15
MC-66. Boston, MA, 1896 (Aug 18), F Amer P43(C) dial 2 on GPC. E $50
MC-67. Boston, MA, 1896, F+ Amer P43/dial 1(C); Champion Nailing Machine cc on cvr. E $40
MC-68. Boston, MA, 1896, VF Amer P43/dial 3(C) on PSE. E $20
MC-69. Boston, MA, 1896, F Amer P, dial 3/43(C) on GPC. E $24
MC-70. Boston, MA, 1896, VF Amer P43/dial 3(C) struck fully at L (part ruff trim R; B edge part lite water tone) part o/s by F ty.D13(E) as canx on stamp; J.H.Costello cc on cvr w/enc.bourbon/whiskey price sheets. E $20
MC-71. Boston, MA, 1897, G+ Amer B-7() w/dateless dial (uneven lite tone) on unsealed 1c PSE. E $100
MC-72. Boston, MA, 1897, VG+ Amer B13(B) (lite tone) on GPC. E $20
MC-73. Boston, MA, 1897, G+ Amer B13(B) (near F) E.H.Saxton Co.cc on cvr. E $24
MC-74. Boston, MA, 1897, G+ Amer P42/dial 4(C) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-75. Boston, MA, 1897, VG Amer B13(C) (bit ruff trim L) grocers cc on cvr. E $15
MC-76. Boston, MA, 1897, F+ Amer P42/dial 4(C) on PSE. E $15
MC-77. Boston, MA, 1897, G+ Amer P42/dial 4(C) (near VF) on PSE. E $15
MC-78. Boston, MA, 1897, G+ Amer P42/dial 4(C) (near VF) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-79. Boston, MA, 1898, F Amer B42(C) on PSE. E $15
MC-80. Boston, MA, 1898, VG Amer D14(G) (ltie tone) Adams House fancy ad on cvr. E $24
MC-81. Boston, MA, 1898, VF Amer B4 on 1c PSE. E $15
MC-82. Boston, MA, [1899], F Amer B4(9) w/"99" in year omitted on cvr. E $15
MC-83. Boston, MA, 1900, F+ Amer B42(L) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-84. Boston, MA, 1909, VG+ Amer D14(5) w/dateless dial (part heavy inked) 1c Frank. on unsealed cvr. E $20
MC-85. Boston, MA, 1909, VG+ Amer D14(5) w/dateless dial; Squire & Co.Beef illus.ad (warehouse) 1c Frank. on unsealed cvr. E $24
MC-86. Boston, MA, 1909, VG Amer D14 (lite tone) on PPC. E $20
MC-87. Boston/South End Sta., MA, 1893, G+ Amer N-4() on GPC. E $15
MC-88. Charlestown, MA, 1895, G+ Amer D4 (bit ruff L) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-89. Fall River, MA, 1903, VF Amer w/BOLD "Eagle" in die space; Bassett & Durfee cc; bit faulty 2c Sc.301 on cvr. E $30
MC-90. Lynn, MA, 1895, VF Amer D13 w/dateless dial (edge tear R) on 1c PSE. E $14
MC-91. Stoneham, MA, 1922, G+ Amer A14(80) (lite tone) on cvr w/enc. E $12 MIN.6
MC-92. Worcester, MA, 1898, F Amer B44dd on cvr. E $20
MC-93. Berrien Springs, MI, 1929, G+ Amer A14 (message partly in dial) on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
MC-94. Mount Clemens ("Mt."), MI, 1918, VG+ Amer B4 on PPC. E $15
MC-95. Anaconda/Rec'd, MT, 1913, G+ Amer AMS-22 (LKU; part ruff R) as recd b/s on cvr. E $40
MC-96. Seward, NE, 1926, G+ Amer A14; C.T.Joern/Irontile ad cc on cvr. E $15
MC-97. Tonopah, NV, 1921 (Jan 1), G+ Amer A14 (lite tone; tip cr) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-98. Winnemucca, NV, 1923, G+ Amer A14 on PPC. E $15
MC-99. Manchester, NH, 1895, VG Amer D-6(3) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-100. Caldwell, NJ, 1926, F Amer A14; Monomonock Inn engraved return add.on flap on cvr. E $15
MC-101. Linden, NJ, 1925, VG Amer A14; SCARCE flag on PSE. E $150
MC-102. Arcade, NY, 1926, VG Amer A14 on PPC. E $24
MC-103. Brooklyn/Upton Br., NY, 1917, G+ Amer A38 on PPC. E $50
MC-104. New York, Madison Sq.Sta., NY, 1899, F Amer S14() on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MC-105. New York/Madison Square, NY, 1897, G+ Amer T14; Nat'l Academy of Design cc on cvr. E $15
MC-106. New York/Penn Term Sta, NY, 1915 (Feb 15), G+ Amer C25(2)(C) (tip cr; lite tone) on PPC. E $24
MC-107. Warrenton, NC, 1928, G+ Amer A14 on PSE. E $24
MC-108. Richwood, OH, ca.1928, G+ Amer A14 (year not struck) on Xmas PPC. E $30
MC-109. Sandusky, OH, 1912, F Amer A38 "Perry's Victory Cent'l" slogan on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-110. Ardmore, Ind.T., OK, 1907 (Jul 9), VG Amer B14 (toned) on PPC. E $20
MC-111. Bartlesville, Ind.T., OK, 1906 (Oct 22), VG+ Amer B14 (bit lite tone) on PPC. E $60
MC-112. Bartlesville, Ind.T., OK, 1906 (Dec 22), VG+ Amer B14() (lower R tip nib) on PPC. E $30
MC-113. Bartlesville, Ind.T., OK, 1907 (Oct 12), VG+ Amer B14() (toned; crs) on PPC. E $30
MC-114. Chickasha, Ind.T., OK, 1906, VG+ Amer B14 on PPC. E $24
MC-115. Muskogee, Ind.T., OK, 1907 (Jul 27), F Amer B14 as recd on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MC-116. Oklahoma/Stock Yards Sta., OK, 1913, G+ Amer B38 (lite tone) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MC-117. Pawnee, OK, 1924, G+ Amer A14 on PSE. E $15
MC-118. Vernonia, OR, 1928, F Amer A14; 8c Grant paying air rate on 2c PSE. E $60
MC-119. Canton, PA, 1923, G+ Amer A14 on PPC. E $30
MC-120. Everett, PA, 1924, G+ Amer A14 (near F; lite tone) on PPC. E $16
MC-121. Philadelphia/B, PA, 1896, F Amer F13() w/dateless dial; Historical Soc'y of Penna.cc on 1c PSE. E $50
MC-122. Philadelphia/Box 1 Division, PA, 1905, VG Amer AMS-62 (lite tone) as recd on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MC-123. Philadelphia/Sta.B, PA, 1899 (Dec 10), G+ Amer F38(1) w/redundant sta.in dial & flag (EKU; lite tone) John Palmer, Carpenter & Builder cc on cvr. E $30
MC-124. Pittsburg/Belmar Sta., PA, 1908, VG Amer B38 (lite tone) on PPC. E $40
MC-125. San Juan, PR, 1907, VF Amer H4(1) (tear B) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MC-126. Sioux Falls, SD, 1898, VG+ Amer B44 (R end partly off edge) on GPC. E $30
MC-127. Huntingdon, TN, 1926, G+ Amer A14 (stamp gone; part lite water tone) on PPC. E $15
MC-128. Baytown, TX, 1930, G+ Amer A14 (trim T) on FRONT ONLY. E $24
MC-129. Cuero, TX, 1908, G+ Amer B14 on PPC. E $30
MC-130. Eagle Pass, TX, 1917, VG Amer A14 on PPC w/Troop E, 14th U.S.Cavalry return add. E $14
MC-131. Raymondville, TX, 1929, G+ Amer A14 (dial hi: "NDVIL" partly off; bit trim T; staple holes) on cvr. E $20
MC-132. Waco/MacArthur Br., TX, 1917, F Amer A38 on PPC. E $20
MC-133. Weslaco, TX, 1927, F Amer A14; SCARCE flag on GPC. E $120
MC-134. North Bennington, VT, 1927, G+ Amer A14; SCARCE flag on cvr. E $100
MC-135. Springfield, VT, 1925, G+ Amer A14 (near VG; tear T) SCARCE flag on cvr. E $200
MC-136. Hopewell, VA, 1917, VG Amer A14 on PC. E $14
MC-137. Newport News, VA, 1919, VG+ Amer A38 (crs) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-138. Norfolk, DeBree Sta., VA, 1924, VG Amer C14 on cvr w/enc. E $14
MC-139. Arlington, WA, 1930, G+ Amer A14 on commer.PPC. E $24
MC-140. Chelan, WA, 1929, G+ Amer A14; SCARCE flag on FRONT ONLY. E $100
MC-141. Spokane, WA, 1898, G+ Amer B44 on PSE. E $20
MC-142. Spokane, WA, 1899, G+ Amer B44 (trim R; lite tone) on cvr. E $15
MC-143. Spokane, WA, 1899, VG Amer B44 (bit o/s by partial 2nd strike; upper L tip clip) on cvr. E $15
MC-144. Tacoma, WA, 1898, VG Amer B44 (bit ruff slit T; tip crs) on PSE. E $40
MC-145. Appleton/Train Late/Mail Delayed, WI, 1907, VF Amer AMS-54 (bit o/s; bit lite tone) as recd on PPC. E $8
MC-146. Appleton/Rec'd, WI, 1913, VF Amer AMS-25 (no flap) as recd b/s on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-147. Elkhorn, WI, 1923, G+ Amer A14dd (near F+) on PPC. E $40
MC-148. Viroqua, WI, 1926, G+ Amer A14 (dial struck on message) tying bit faulty Xmas seal on PPC. E $20
MC-149. APO 2, [1919], G+ Amer A24(2) (lite tone) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MC-150. APO 702, 1918, G+ Amer A24(702) (part spotty; tip cr) on PC. E $15
MC-151. APO 702, 1918 (Oct 24), G+ Amer A24(702) w/only part of "70" of APO #, struck at an ANGLE within die space ("2" not struck; dial bit hi; edge tears) APO 717 return add.; YMCA logo header on free-franked cvr w/enc. UNUSUAL variety. E $40
MC-152. APO 705, 1918, F Amer A24(705); 7 illus.crossed flags at upper R on free-franked PC. E $20
MC-153. Destroyer Squadron No.14, 1928, VG+ Amer A14 (uneven water toned) on Cuba PPC. E $20
MC-154. Washington, DC, 1897, VF Barr-Fyke X-7a; Experimental type, used 5 days (LKU; part ruff slit T; upper L edge ruff) House of Reps.cc; Marion DeVries (US Rep/CA) signature frank on cvr w/signed enc. E $120
MC-155. Bloomington, IL, 1905, VG Barr-Fyke "tassel" flag (LKU; ruff slit T; part lite tone) on cvr. E $24
MC-156. Chicago, IL, 1900, VF Barr-Fyke C4-121ad; coal dealer ad cc; 1c green on unsealed cvr. E $15
MC-157. Boston, MA, 1898, VF Barr-Fyke A2-102a (trim R) H.W.John's M'f'g Asbestos Mfrs.ad cc; lite blue "ASBESTOS" across add.area on cvr. E $20
MC-158. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, 1903, G+ Barr-Fyke flag on PPC to U.S. E $20
MC-159. Monterey, NL, Mexico, 1905, G+ Barr-Fyke flag (killer partly off R; lite tone) on PPC to U.S. E $14
MC-160. Kansas City, MO, 1896, F Barr-Fyke ty.X-4 experimental type on cvr. E $60
MC-161. Wilmington, NC, 1904, VG+ Barr-Fyke C4-122a w/rim mostly not struck (heavy vert.cr; pinholes in stamp) on GPC. E $15
MC-162. Wilmington, NC, 1905, F Barr-Fyke C4-122c (LKU; sealed spindle in bars) on GPC. E $20
MC-163. Denver, CO, 1898, VG+ Barry O-2(1) (LKU) on PSE. E $20
MC-164. Denver/Rec'd, CO, 1900, VG Barry KR-5(2); Rec'd canx as origin on black-border MOURNING cvr w/matching enc. E $15
MC-165. Grand Rapids, MI, 1897, F Barry F-7(1) on PSE. E $20
MC-166. Wilkes-Barre, PA, 1906, G+ Barry L-6(1) (lite tone; crs) common type, but on PPC w/REAL BIRD FEATHERS on pix side (forming image of bird), amazingly INTACT after passing thru machine. E $20
MC-167. Braunschweig, Germany, 1904, VG+ Bickerdike BF-8 pictorial flag on message GPC w/att'd reply GPC. E $20
MC-168. Bremen, Germany, 1903, VF Bickerdike BF-9 pictorial flag on PPC. E $24
MC-169. Bremen, Germany, 1904, F Bickerdike BF-9 pictorial flag (R end off edge; lite tone) on PPC. E $20
MC-170. Chemnitz, Germany, 1904, G+ Bickerdike BF-12 (o/s; lite tone) on PPC to U.S. E $16
MC-171. Halle, Germany, 1904, F Bickerdike BF-18 pictorial flag (bit o/s) 3pf on 2pf GPC. E $24
MC-172. Mobile/Rec'd, AL, 1904, G+ Colum. BR (EKU; stamp gone; lite tone) as recd on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-173. Ketchikan, AK, 1922, G+ Colum. G1WT on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-174. Ketchikan, AK, 1922, G+ Colum. G1WT (bit of edge wear; couple back faults) on 4.25x6" "Alaska Southeastern & Westward" pictorial folder. E $15 MIN.8
MC-175. Little Rock, AR, 1907, G+ Colum. w/star-in-double-diamond killer (near VF) on PPC. E $15
MC-176. Avalon, CA, 1921, G+ Colum. G1WT on Catalina Isld.PPC. E $14
MC-177. Mojave, CA, 1925, VG+ Colum. G1W on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-178. Washington, DC, 1908 (Feb 17), F Colum. ty.R1 repeater on PPC. E $200 MIN.100
MC-179. Washington, DC, 1908 (Apr 20), G+ Colum. ty.R2 repeater on PPC. E $200 MIN.100
MC-180. Washington, DC, 1910, VF Colum. ty.R3a repeater (crs; toned; flap tips off) as recd b/s on #10 penalty cvr. E $50
MC-181. Washington, DC, 1912 (Aug 21), VG+ Colum. ty.AG on PPC. E $200 MIN.100
MC-182. Washington, DC, 1916 (Apr 5), G+ Colum. ty.E1W1 (near F+) on PPC. E $100 MIN.50
MC-183. Washington, DC, 1916 (Apr 25), G+ Colum. ty.K8 (near F+) on PPC. E $200 MIN.100
MC-184. Washington, DC, 1917 (Feb 5), VG+ Colum. ty.E1W2 on GPC. E $100 MIN.50
MC-185. Palm Beach/RP, FL, 1924, G+ Colum. G2WD(RP) (year weak) hotel canx on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-186. Corunna, IN, 1925, VG Colum. L-9/Die 1 (EKU) on commer.PPC. E $14
MC-187. Henryville, IN, 1923, VG+ Colum. L-9, ty.2 (EKU; slight stutter; lite tone) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MC-188. Augusta/Rec'd, ME, 1905, G+ Colum. BRG3 as recd on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-189. Detroit/Rec'd, MI, 1901, G+ Colum. BR2 as recd b/s on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-190. New Baltimore, MI, 1924, VG Colum. L-9 (LKU) on commer.PPC. E $15
MC-191. New Baltimore, MI, 1926, F Colum. L-9 (ONLY recorded example) on commer.cvr. E $20 MIN.10
MC-192. Climax, MN, 1923, VF Colum. L-9 (UNLISTED; trim L) on commer.cvr. E $15
MC-193. Mentor, MN, 1923, VG Colum. L-9 (ONLY recorded example) on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
MC-194. Saint Paul/Rec'd, MN, 1906, G+ Colum. GBR2 w/inverted dial; as recd on PPC. E $15
MC-195. Silver Lake, MN, 1923, G+ Colum. L-9/Die 1 (near F+) on commer.GPC. E $14
MC-196. Silver Lake, MN, ca.1928?, G+ Colum. L-9/Die 2 (no year) on GPC. E $14
MC-197. Newark, NJ, 1901, VG+ Colum. A-2; 3rd class use w/time omitted (small tone spot) on unsealed 1c PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MC-198. Brooklyn/Rec'd, NY, 1902, G+ Colum. BR as recd b/s on cvr w/enc. E $12 MIN.6
MC-199. Jamestown, NY, 1911, VG Colum. J6P1 (cr; lite tone) canx struck VERTICALLY, slightly angled at L, tying 2x 2c +1c on cvr to Italy. RARE application of machine canx. E $20
MC-200. Silver Creek, NY, 1904, VG Colum. A2D star-in-double-diamond (ruff R, just in stamp) att'y cc on cvr. E $40
MC-201. Sandusky, OH, 1913, F Colum. "Perry's Victory" slogan on PPC. E $8
MC-202. Tulsa, OK, 1913, G+ Colum. JS2 "Int'l Dry Farming" slogan (B line part spotty) on PPC (Osage Indian Camp). E $20
MC-203. Boardman, OR, 1923, VG Colum. L-9/Die 1 on commer.GPC. E $15
MC-204. Boardman, OR, 1928, VG+ Colum. L-9/Die 2 (LKU; bit heavy inked; trim R to stamp) on commer.PSE. E $15
MC-205. Mount Holly Springs, PA, 1924, VF Colum. L-9 (toned) on PPC. E $15
MC-206. Esmond, SD, 1925, VG+ Colum. L-9 (UNLISTED as "SD"; shown as "ND" in catalog; dial bit hi) on PPC. E $24
MC-207. San Antonio/Rec'd, TX, 1901, G+ Colum. BR2 (lite tone; trim R) as recd b/s on cvr. E $15
MC-208. Cornucopia, WI, 1930, F Colum. L-9 (EKU; bit trim T; edge tear T) on commer.cvr. E $14
MC-209. Hannibal, WI, 1922, VF Colum. L-9/Die 1 (EKU; trim R, in stamp) on cvr. E $14
MC-210. Hannibal, WI, 1931, F Colum. L-9/Die 2 (ONLY recorded example) on GPC. E $20 MIN.10
MC-211. Washington, DC, 1891, G+ Constantine ty.2 on Dept.of Interior penalty PC. E $40
MC-212. Phoenix, AZ, 1902, G+ Doremus ty..C. (lite tone) Valley Bank cc on PSE. E $15
MC-213. Alameda/Rec'd, CA, 1906, G+ Doremus ty.10 as origin on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-214. Hanford/Rec'd, CA, 1906, F Doremus ty.10 as recd on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-215. Washington, DC, 1912 (Aug 22), VG+ Doremus on PPC. E $75 MIN.38
MC-216. Washington/Terminal Sta., DC, 1912, G+ Doremus (killer partly off R) on PPC. E $40 MIN.20
MC-217. Naperville/Rec'd, IL, 1907, G+ Doremus ty.10 (tip crs) as recd on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-218. Greensburg/Rec'd, IN, 1910, G+ Doremus ty.10 (1.25" tear R) as origin on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-219. Indianola, IA, 1914, VG Doremus ty.(F) (no flap; tiny tear T) 5c Wash. on cvr to India. E $15
MC-220. Boston/Everett Sta., MA, 1901, VG Doremus; UNLISTED type w/5 dotted lines killer on 3.25x4" cvr. E $200
MC-221. Clinton, MA, 1909, VF Doremus ty.E; 2c Hudson-Fulton on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-222. Marlboro, MA, 1900, G+ Doremus ty.-B- (lite tone) on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MC-223. Middleboro, MA, 1901, G+ Doremus ty..C. (year/state obscured on tablet) on GPC. E $15
MC-224. Middleboro, MA, 1902, G+ Doremus ty..C. (state partial; ruff R; edge tears) on cvr. E $20
MC-225. Middleboro, MA, 1902, VG Doremus ty..C. (edge tear T) on cvr. E $24
MC-226. Northampton, MA, 1900, G+ Doremus ty.-B- (lite tone) on black-border MOURNING cvr. E $15
MC-227. Northampton, MA, 1900, VF Doremus ty.-B- (lite tone) on cvr. E $15
MC-228. Worcester/Sta.A, MA, 1903, G+ Doremus; 3rd type (bit lite tone) on PPC to Sweden. E $20
MC-229. Jefferson City, MO, 1901, G+ Doremus ty..C. (part ruff trim R, just in stamp; lite tone) Clerk of Supreme Court engraved cc on matching letterhead enc. E $15 MIN.8
MC-230. Redbank, NJ, 1905, VG Doremus ty.DC on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-231. East Las Vegas, NM, 1908, G+ Doremus ty.E (part lite tone) on PPC. E $15
MC-232. Ithaca, NY, 1900, G+ Doremus ty.-B- (near F) on cvr. E $14
MC-233. Ossining, NY, 1902, G+ Doremus ty..C. (near F; trim R) on cvr. E $20
MC-234. Westfield, NY, 1907, G+ Doremus ty..C. (lite tone) county judge cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-235. Delaware, OH, 1900, F Doremus ty.-B- (trim R; lite tone) on PSE. E $24 MIN.12
MC-236. Delaware, OH, 1901, G+ Doremus ty..C. (trim R, into 2c Pan Am; toned) Drs.W.M & E.M.Semans cc on cvr. E $20 MIN.10
MC-237. Enid, OK, 1907 (Mar 4), VG+ Doremus ty.D (bit lite tone; lower L tip nick) on cvr. E $15
MC-238. Enid, OK, [1907] (Apr 21), F Doremus ty.D ("7" excised from year; lite tone; tip cr) on PPC. E $16
MC-239. Indiana, PA, 1908, G+ Doremus ty.E (sealed spindle; crs) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-240. New Brighton, PA, 1905, F Doremus ty.D on PSE w/enc. E $12 MIN.6
MC-241. State College/Rec'd, PA, 1913, F Doremus ty.10 as recd b/s on window cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-242. Uniontown/Rec'd, PA, 1906, F Doremus ty.10 as origin (trim R; edge cr) on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MC-243. Westerly/Watch Hill Sta., RI, 1918, F+ Doremus (lite tone) on PPC. Unlisted LATE use. E $100
MC-244. Stoughton, WI, 1911, G+ Doremus ty.(F) (near VF; bit cr) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MC-245. Cheyenne/Rec'd, WY, [1905], G+ Doremus ty.10 (year not struck; toned) as recd on PPC. E $14
MC-246. Washington, DC, 1909 (Jan 8), VG+ Evans ty.D-4 on PPC. E $200 MIN.100
MC-247. San Francisco/Sta.A, CA, 1900, VF Hampden CS-8 (crs; lite tone) as recd on PPC from Germany. E $15 MIN.8
MC-248. Danville, IL, 1900, VF Hampden B-8 on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MC-249. Atchison, KS, 1900, VF Hampden B-8c(b) (trim L) on cvr to Kansas City, MO, w/"Cased by No.1." h/s. E $30
MC-250. Ann Arbor, MI, 1898, F Hampden BA-13A w/arced dial (tone spot by address) 2c Trans-Miss on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MC-251. Menominee, MI, 1902, G+ Hampden B-8c (date obscured by tablet) on GPC. E $15
MC-252. Bridgeton, NJ, 1902, G+ Hampden B-8c (tear T, partly in kille; lite tone) on black-border MOURNING cvr. E $14
MC-253. Hornellsville, NY, 1901, VG+ Hampden B-8(b) (LKU; part ruff trim R, in 1 stamp) 2x 1c Pan-Am on cvr. E $15
MC-254. Beaver Falls, PA, 1901, VG+ Hampden B-8 (lite tone) "J.W.Coffin, MD" cc on cvr. E $15
MC-255. Los Angeles, CA, 1917, VF Int'l "Buy Now...2nd Liberty Loan" slogan #2 (EKU) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-256. San Francisco, CA, 1923, G+ Int'l "Nat'l Educational Conference" slogan #5 (year mostly not struck) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-257. Denver, CO, 1915, G+ Int'l "Int'l Dry Farming" slogan die a w/dateless dial (slogan part spotty) 1c Wash. on unsealed cvr. E $8
MC-258. Washington, DC, 1906 (Jun 12), VF Int'l ty.D-34(1) on PPC to Austria. E $100 MIN.50
MC-259. Washington, DC, 1906 (Jun 29), VF Int'l ty.D-34(1) on PPC. E $100 MIN.50
MC-260. Freeport, IL, 1922, VF Int'l "64th Anniv.Lincoln-Douglas Debate" slogan (EKU; toned) on PPC. E $30
MC-261. Wichita, KS, 1917, G+ Int'l "Int'l Wheat Show" slogan on PPC. E $8
MC-262. Covington, KY, 1922, G+ Int'l "Tri-State Fall Festival" slogan (near VF) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-263. Baltimore, MD, 1951, F Int'l "Baltimore Ice Cream Cent'l" slogan #10 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-264. Boston, MA, 1923, F Int'l "Philatelic Exhibition" slogan machine F on cvr. E $15
MC-265. Boston, MA, 1923, VF Int'l "Citizens Training Camp/Camp Devens" slogan F (lite tone) on PPC. E $20
MC-266. Detroit, MI, 1923, F+ Int'l "Michigan Health Expo" slogan #3 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-267. Detroit, MI, 1923, VF Int'l "Citizens Training Camp/Camp Custer" slogan #1 on PPC. E $15
MC-268. Detroit, MI, 1923, G+ Int'l "Citizens Training Camp/Camp Custer" slogan #4 on PPC. E $15
MC-269. Detroit, MI, 1923, F Int'l "Michigan State Fair" slogan #2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-270. Detroit, MI, 1923, VF Int'l "Citizens Training Camp/Camp Custer" slogan #1 (LKU) on PPC. E $20
MC-271. Missoula, MT, 1922, VG+ Int'l "Be Careful/Nat'l Forests..." slogan on PPC. E $14
MC-272. Grand Central Sta., NY, 1912, G+ Int'l w/"Rec'd in Package Box Collection killer; McKinley Music Co.cc on window cvr w/enc. E $15
MC-273. Hudson Terminal Sta., NY, 1910, F Int'l IMS-75 (UNLISTED "J" in dial; bit of rim off L) on PPC from Germany. E $15
MC-274. New York, NY, 1894, G+ Int'l C18-(3) on GPC. E $20
MC-275. New York/Rec'd, NY, 1895, VF Int'l ty.IMS-12 (EKU) as recd b/s on PSE. E $15
MC-276. New York, NY, 1923, VG+ Int'l "April Travel Expo" slogan #2 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-277. New York, NY, 1923, VF Int'l "April Travel Expo" slogan #5 (LKU; tip cr) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-278. New York, NY, 1923, VF Int'l "Elec. & Industrial Expo" slogan #4 on PPC. E $8
MC-279. New York, NY, 1929, VG Int'l w/2 STARS in lower R arc of dial on window cvr. E $16
MC-280. New York, NY, 1935, G+ Int'l w/4 STARS in lower R arc of dial on PPC. E $24
MC-281. New York, NY, 1968, VF Int'l "Save Water" slogan w/tiny "DK" in dial (ruff R) on air cvr. E $20
MC-282. New York/Rec'd Gen'l Post Office, NY, 1973, VG Int'l ty.IMS-48 as recd b/s on special del.cvr. E $15
MC-283. New York/Church St.Sta., NY, 1961, F Int'l w/3 STARS in lower R arc of dial on GPC. E $20
MC-284. Cleveland, OH, 1922, F Int'l "Visit Cleveland's Expo" slogan #3 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-285. Cleveland, OH, 1922, VG+ Int'l "Visit Cleveland's Expo" slogan #5 (LKU) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-286. Columbus, OH, 1923, VG+ Int'l "Ohio State Fair" slogan (LKU; bit lite tone) on PPC, used after event. E $15 MIN.8
MC-287. Klamath Falls, OR, 1924, VG Int'l "Crater Lake Nat'l Park" slogan (lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-288. Erie, PA, 1913, F Int'l "Perry's Victory" slogan on PPC (Perry in Battle): "Greetings from the... Cent'l". E $15
MC-289. Pittsburgh/E.Liberty Sta., PA, 1924, VG Int'l "Red Cross Roll Call" slogan on PPC. UNLISTED office for this type. E $20
MC-290. Washington, DC, 1907, VF Krag repeater ty.2 (part o/s; tear L; crs) on PPC. E $20
MC-291. Hartford, CT, [1883], F Leavitt ty.B(C) (dial bit hi; bit cr) on GPC. E $15
MC-292. Washington, DC, 1880, VG Leavitt ty.B(C) (sealed spindle by add.) on GPC w/Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee printed message on back. E $70
MC-293. Washington, DC, [1881], VG+ Leavitt ty.B(C) w/year omitted on GPC. E $80
MC-294. Washington, DC, 1881, G+ Leavitt ty.X1A/die 3 (tiny tear T) Treasury Dept.cc & penalty clause on #10 cvr to Springfield, VA, & fwd to Ann Arbor, MI. E $600
MC-295. Washington, DC, 1882, VG+ Leavitt ty.B(C) on GPC. E $60
MC-296. Boston, MA, 1876, G+ Leavitt ty.A-2/die 2 on GPC. E $20
MC-297. Boston, MA, 1877 (Sep 14), G+ Leavitt ty.A-2/Die II (lite tone) on GPC. E $15
MC-298. Boston, MA, 1879 (Apr 11), VG+ Leavitt ty.B-1(D) w/inverted letter (EARLY) on GPC w/Little, Brown & Co.28-line ad on back. E $12 MIN.6
MC-299. Boston, MA, 1880 (Aug 28), G+ Leavitt ty.B-2(D) (part on stamp) on GPC. E $20
MC-300. Boston, MA, [1883], VG Leavitt ty.C-2 on GPC to Canada. E $6
MC-301. Boston, MA, [1885], G+ Leavitt ty.D-2 on GPC to Canada. E $40
MC-302. Detroit, MI, 1882, G Leavitt ty.B(D) ("ET" & "MI" not struck) on GPC w/Gray & Baffy form on back. E $15
MC-303. Kansas City, MO, [1881], G+ Leavitt B(D) (crs) Gregory & Stephens Live Stock prices on GPC. E $24
MC-304. Newark, NJ, 1880s, G+ Leavitt ty.B(C) (part on stamp) on GPC. E $30
MC-305. Newark, NJ, [1889], G+ Leavitt ty.B(C) on GPC. E $30
MC-306. New York, NY, 1878, VF Leavitt ty.AB(31)/die II on GPC. E $200
MC-307. Rochester, NY, 1880, G+ Leavitt B(C) on GPC. E $55
MC-308. Philadelphia, PA, ca.1886, G+ Leavitt B(3) (nicks T; tip cr) Melloy's Tin Sprinkler Heads illus.ad on GPC. E $15
MC-309. Richmond, VA, [1881], G+ Leavitt ty.B(C) ("RICH" not struck, as usual; bit ruff L edge) J.R.Hockaday produce price list on GPC. E $50
MC-310. Washington, DC, 1914 (Apr 23), G+ Mack/Cancellograph ty.1 (cr) on PPC. E $200 MIN.100
MC-311. Lytle, GA, 1898, G+ Milam & Holmes ty.4 (trim L; lite tone) on cvr. Used 3 days. E $200
MC-312. Boston, MA, 1936, VF Multipost CDS w/7 wavy lines killer (bit trim T; edge tear T) Waverly Heating Supply ad cc; precanxed 3c Wash.coil on cvr. E $14
MC-313. Chicago, IL, 1936, VG+ Mutilpost DCDS w/6-bar killer (lite gum tone around window) U.S.Sanitary Specialties illus.cc (Liberty); 2c coil w/Chicago precanx on #10 window cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-314. Chicago, IL, 1939, F Mutilpost DCDS w/5-bar "chain-link" killer (T edge faults; crs) Illinois Audit Bureau cc; 2c coil w/Chicago precanx on #12 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-315. Washington, DC, [1876], VF Palmer & Clark; "Missent to Boston" h/s at L; on 3c official PSE to Hampstead, MD, w/enc.Return Reg'd-Letter Receipt form (part ruff T) w/"Washington D.C.J.M.Edmunds,P.M./Correct" G+ CDS. E $250
MC-316. Baltimore, MD, [1876], G+ Palmer & Clark ("LTIM" mostly not struck; edge tears T, 2 in rim) on 3c official PSE to Hampstead, MD, w/enc.Return Reg'd Letter Bill form w/"Correct/A.W.Denison,P.M. Baltimore, Md." G+ DCDS (part fuzzy strike). E $200
MC-317. Aurora, IN, 1905, VG+ Perfection ty.2 (LKU; sealed spindle) on GPC. E $24
MC-318. Bronson, MI, 1917, G+ Perfection ty.3 (bit cr) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-319. Salamanca, NY, 1902, G+ Perfection ty.1 (upper R tip slit) on cvr w/enc. E $20
MC-320. Emporium, PA, 1902, G+ Perfection ty.1 (part on stamp; nick T; edge tear T) 2c Pan-Am on cvr. E $15
MC-321. Plymouth, PA, 1904, G+ Perfection ty.2; 2c Jefferson on cvr. E $20
MC-322. Sacramento, CA, 1986, VG Pitney-Bowes (?) w/boxed "Rec'd/Franchise Tax" in killer on return rec't card. E $30
MC-323. Washington, DC, 1899, G+ Pneumatic C2d3a (date part obscured by tablet) on GPC. E $20
MC-324. Lahaina, HI, 1915, F+ Time-Cmns FLAG (lite tone) on PSE to Honolulu. E $80 MIN.40
MC-325. Chicago, IL, 1907, F Time-Cmns A102b(C) w/running clock (lite tone) on PPC. E $20
MC-326. Chicago, IL, 1907, VG Time-Cmns B-111a(R) (bit o/s; part lite tone) as origin on PPC. E $24
MC-327. Chicago, IL, 1908 (May 1), VG Time-Cmns B-111c(?)(T) (trim R) on cvr. E $40
MC-328. Chicago, IL, 1908 (Jun --), G+ Time-Cmns B-111b(?)(C) w/no day/time in dial (trim L) Great Western Cereal cc on 1c PSE. E $15
MC-329. Chicago, IL, 1908 (Jul 8), VG Time-Cmns B-111e(C); 1c Sc.300 wrapped around R edge to seal (slit thru) on 2-panel PPC. E $15
MC-330. Chicago, IL, 1909, G+ Time-Cmns C112-11(C)/3rd period w/running clock on PPC. E $30
MC-331. Chicago, IL, 1911, F Time-Cmns D-105-V(C) on cvr. E $20
MC-332. Chicago, IL, 1913 (Jul 10), VG+ Time-Cmns J-141a(C) on PPC. E $20
MC-333. The Stevens/The World's Greatest Hotel/Chicago, IL, [1932], G+ Time-Cmns (?) as recd b/s (trim R) w/"Unclaimed/The Stevens Hotel" blue-green h/s on obverse on air cvr. E $20 MIN.10
MC-334. Palmer House/Chicago/Rec'd, IL, [1933], G+ green Time-Cmns (angle strike: bit of killer off B; crs) as recd b/s on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MC-335. Chicago Tribune/Rec'd (Chicago), IL, 1946, VG RED Time-Cmns (?) as recd b/s (edge tears) on air PSE. E $15 MIN.8
MC-336. Hotel Statler/Saint Louis, MO, [1926], G+ Time-Cmns (bit ruff slit L) as recd b/s on cvr. E $20
MC-337. Hotel Ritz-Carlton/New York/Rec'd, NY, 1925, G+ Time-Cmns (?) as recd b/s; "Hotel Transatlantique" illus.ad on flap (flap faults, partly in illus.but not affecting this canx) on cvr from France to Washington, DC, & fwd to NYC. E $20 MIN.10
MC-338. Hotel Statler/Cleveland, OH, [1927], G+ purple Time-Cmns (LITE strike; ruff slit T; flap tear, not into this) as recd b/s on cvr. E $14
MC-339. Pittsburg/Transit, PA, 1908, G+ Time-Cmns w/box dial, as transit on PPC. E $20
MC-340. Pittsburg/Transit, PA, 1910, G+ Time-Cmns CDS as transit b/s on cvr. E $30
MC-341. Los Angeles, CA, 1936, G+ Univ. w/boxed "Rec'd Too Late For Carrier Delivery/Use Special Also For Week-ends" (bit angled: "FOR" mostly off edge; lite tone) as recd b/s on air cvr. E $20
MC-342. Los Angeles, CA, 1954, VF Univ. w/inverted boxed "Missent to Los Angeles, Calif."; as transit b/s on PSE. E $15
MC-343. Los Angeles/Arcade Anx, CA, 1936, VG+ Univ. w/boxed "Rec'd Too Late For Carrier Delivery/Use Special Also For Week-ends" (part ruff R, in 1 stamp; lite tone) as recd b/s on air cvr. E $24
MC-344. Los Angeles/Arcade Sta., CA, 1923, G+ Univ. "L.A.Historical Revue" slogan #1 (LKU) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-345. Los Angeles/Sta.C, CA, 1926, F GREEN Univ. w/boxed "Return to Writer/UNCLIAMED" MISSPELLING & pointing hand, struck at B (box frame off edge; lite tone; bit trim R) on cvr. E $75
MC-346. San Francisco, CA, 1968, VG Univ. w/boxed "Postal Concentration Center/San Francisco, CA 94105" in killer, as recd b/s on cvr. E $15
MC-347. San Francisco/SFPE APO, CA, 1954, F Univ.; 6-line killer w/boxed "Directory Service" in center (lite tone) as fwd b/s on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
MC-348. San Jose, CA, ca.1965, G+ Univ. w/boxed "Return to Writer/Postage Due (3?)¢" w/number excised; dateless dial, mostly obscured on stamp; apparently as origin, tying 5c commem. on cvr w/h/s address. SCARCE type, likely applied as "favor". E $15
MC-349. Colorado Springs, CO, 1920, VG+ Univ. "Fires Destroy Forests" slogan on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-350. Trinidad, CO, 1923, F Univ. "San Isabel Nat'l Forest" slogan on PPC. E $8
MC-351. Washington, DC, 1909 (Aug 6), F Univ. ty.X-1 (lite tone) on PPC. EXPERIMENTAL type, used 7 days. E $180
MC-352. Washington, DC, 1909 (Aug 9), VG Univ. Experimental ty.X-1 (back toned) on Gov't Printing Office penalty PC. E $100 MIN.50
MC-353. Washington, DC, 1918, G+ Univ. "Food Will Win" slogan #1c (LKU; dial much obscured) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MC-354. Honolulu, HI, 1925, VG Univ. "Visit Hawaii Nat'l Park" slogan die a (bit o/s) on PPC to England. E $12 MIN.6
MC-355. Honolulu/Schofield Barracks Sta., HI, 1931, VG Univ. on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-356. Chicago, IL, 1929, G+ magenta Univ. w/boxed "Rec'd Gen'l Delivery" (o/s) as recd on PPC. E $15
MC-357. Chicago, IL, 1935, F black Univ. w/boxed "Rec'd Gen'l Delivery" as recd b/s on 1st flight cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-358. Chicago, IL, 1954, VG+ Univ. w/boxed "Missent to Chicago, Ill." struck at B (2 tape pieces at sides) as transit on cvr. E $14
MC-359. Chicago/Cragin Sta., IL, 1921, VG Univ. (lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-360. Des Moines, IA, 1922, VG+ Univ. "Iowa State Fair" slogan #3 (overall lite tone; B edge tone) on PPC. E $15
MC-361. Atlantic City, NJ, 1922, F Univ. "Atl.City Pageant" slogan on PPC. E $20
MC-362. New York/Grand Cent.Sta., NY, 1917, VG Univ. "Buy Now... 2nd Liberty..." slogan #3 (LKU; tip crs) on PPC. E $15
MC-363. New York/Grand Central Sta., NY, 1918, VG Univ. "Buy Now...3rd Liberty..." slogan #3 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MC-364. New York/Madison Sq.Sta., NY, 1918, F Univ. "Buy Now... 3rd Liberty Loan..." slogan #1 (lite tone) on PPC. E $14
MC-365. New York/Penn Term.Sta., NY, 1918, VF Univ. "Food Will Win" slogan #1 w/dateless dial on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-366. New York/Wall St.Sta., NY, 1918, F Univ. "Buy Now... 3rd Liberty Loan..." slogan #2 on reg.ret.rect.card. E $14
MC-367. Cleveland/Sta.B, OH, 1911, VG Univ. w/redundant year (part lite tone) on PPC. E $15
MC-368. Philadelphia, PA, 1934, G+ Univ. repeater w/alternating "Registered Mail" dials (crs; edge tear) as origin b/s on reg'd #12 cvr. E $90
MC-369. Philadelphia/Rec'd, PA, 1942, G+ Univ. CDS as recd b/s on air/special del.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-370. El Paso, TX, 1938, G+ Univ. w/boxed "Return to Writer/Unclaimed" struck at B (lite tone) on air cvr w/pictorial plane over city. E $15
MC-371. Barre, VT, 1923, F Univ. "Barre Granit Expo" slogan on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-372. Seattle, WA, 1925, VG magenta Univ. w/boxed "Return to Writer/Unclaimed" & pointing hand, struck at B (pinholes) on cvr. E $16
MC-373. Seattle/University Sta., WA, 1916, VF Univ. CSB-200 on PPC. E $15
MC-374. Cleveland, OH, 1900, F+ White Sewing Machine Co. (Cheshire) ty.3 die a (trim R, in stamp; lite tone) on PSE. E $250

MR-1. Springport, MI, 1930, G+ duplex; "U.S.Postage paid/Springport Mich/permit no 2" h/s; Roebuck's Dry Goods Store cc on cvr. E $20
MR-2. New York, NY, 1940, VG PB meter w/"Elsie the Cow" illus.slogan meter; Borden Co.cc; U.S.censor tape at R; Nazi censor tape on back on cvr to Germany. E $15
MR-3. San Marcos, TX, 1955, G+ PB meter w/"Mailed Under Water at Aquarena" pictorial slogan (woman in swimsuit w/mailbox) on cacheted cvr. E $15

MY-1. LaFayette, IN, 1860s, F DCDS/target; "U.S.Sanitary/Commission/Soldiers Mail" albino embossed cc on cvr to 148 Ohio V.I., Co.K, Care Cap't Wolcott, Bermuda Hundred, VA. E $75
MY-2. Oskaloosa, KS, 1860s, VF ms (trim R; lower R crnr toned) on cvr to Ft.Riley, KS, c/o Maj.Fletcher, Pay Master. E $24
MY-3. Nashville, TN, 1864, VG CDS/target (trim R) "The U.S.Christian Commission/sends this as the soldier's messenger to his home./Let it hasten to those who wait for tidings." header; illus.dove w/envelope on cvr. E $75
MY-4. (Norfolk?), VA, 1860s, partial CDS (orig.stamp gone, removes most of canx, but "VA" shows on cvr; cleverly replaced; trim R; part lite tone) patriotic illus."112th New York Reg't": soldier guarding tall tent; on cvr. E $20 MIN.10
MY-5. Fort Bridger, U.T., 1868,: Company B, 36th U.S.Inf'y 4x7.75" document authorizing paymaster to deduct $5 from signer's pay, due to W.A.Carter, Post Trader. E $120
MY-6. Washington, DC, 1896, F Barr-Fyke (trim R, well into stamp; toned) patriotic illus.at L (Dewey portrait, crossed flags, ship) on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
MY-7. Chick'mauga Natl Park, GA, 1898, G+ duplex (lite tone) "On to Havana!" patriotic illus.soldiers firing cannon on cvr. E $55
MY-8. Mil.Sta.No.1 Manila, Phil.Isl'ds, 1899, G+ duplex ty.SAF-6260 (upper R tip nib) "Co.H.12th U.S.Infantry" h/s retun add. on cvr. E $55
MY-9. Vera Cruz/U.S.M.Ag., Mexico, 1914, F duplex (lite tone) 1c Wash. on PPC (Veracruz harbor) to U.S. E $24 MIN.12
MY-10. Douglas/Military Br., AZ, 1917 (Jan 2), F duplex (ruff L) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MY-11. Ogden, UT, 1909, G+ Amer/B14 (lite tone) GAR Encampment illus.ad (flag) on PPC. E $14
MY-12. Montgomery/Sheridan Br., AL, 1917, G Univ.; 135th Field Artillery illus.cc (crossed cannons) on cvr. E $14
MY-13. Montgomery/Sheridan Br., AL, 1918, G+ duplex (toned) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MY-14. San Francisco, CA, 1918, G+ Int'l w/"Food Will Win" slogan #2 (near VG+) on War Dept.PC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-15. New Haven, CT, 1918, VF Int'l (upper R tip nib) "Missing" h/s & ms note; "No Record of Addressee/Camp Devens, Mass./Forwarded for Final Directory Service..." h/s; "Statistical/Div.A.G.O." double-boxed h/s on cvr to AEF solder w/Rec'd Chelsea Term RPO/From A.E.F. VF CDS as transit, 10+ months after mailed. E $30
MY-16. Washington/War Dept.Sta., DC, 1918, G+ Univ. (crs) "Soldier's Mail." h/s frank at T, but 3c Wash.applied when mailed; "Passed By the Chief Military Censor/6/Washington" h/s on PPC: "Going on Boat in 30 minutes. Will write on my arrival..." dated message w/month/year showing, but day apparently blotted out by censor. E $20
MY-17. Genoa, Italy, 1918, G+ machine (toned) "American Y.M.C.A.in Italy/Portici del Palazzo-Dell Academia 17/(Piazza Deferrari)/Genoa..." h/s (o/s by canx & Italy censor h/s) 10c Italy on PPC to U.S. E $24
MY-18. Parker, SD, 1918, G+ duplex (toned; lite soiled; crnr wear) War Dept.cc on penalty PC: Notice of "1A" Classification. E $12 MIN.6
MY-19. San Antonio/S.San Antonio Military Br., TX, 1918, VF Univ.; Kelly Field No.1 return add. on PPC. E $14
MY-20. Olympia, WA, 1918, VF Amer/A14; YMCA logo; 1st Inf.Exchg., Camp Lewis return add. on cvr. E $15
MY-21. Tacoma/Lewis Br., WA, 1918, VF Univ. w/INVERTED DIAL (ruff L) YMCA logo cc on cvr. E $20
MY-22. APO 17, 1917 (Dec 13), G+ duplex; 2nd Aviation Instruction Centre return add. on free-franked cvr. E $200
MY-23. APO 701, 1918, F DCDS (part ruff trim R) "Marines Mail" ms free frank on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-24. APO 701, 1919, VG machine (part ruff trim R; tear R) "Marines Mail" ms free frank on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-25. APO 702, 1918 (Nov 11), G+ Univ. inverted at lower L; 2nd strike (Nov 12) at upper R; ARMISTICE DAY canx (& day after) on free-franked PPC. E $75
MY-26. U.S.Postal Express Service/Elysee Palace/Hotel/APO 702/Sub-Station, 1919, G+ purple CDS ty.A9001 (upper half weak) on free-franked PC: printed message thanking donor for chocolates (via Marshall Field Co.). E $40 MIN.20
MY-27. APO 704, 1918, G+ DCDS (lite tone; edge tear T) penalty clause X'd thru & "Soldiers Mail/OAS" typed below on censored #10 War Dept.penalty cvr to Australia. E $20
MY-28. APO 716, ca.1918, VG CDS w/* & year omitted on free-franked PPC. E $15
MY-29. APO 742, 1919, G+ duplex on free-franked PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-30. APO 745, 1918, F DCDS on free-franked PPC. E $15
MY-31. APO 745, 1919, G+ DCDS on free-franked PPC. E $15
MY-32. APO 755, 1919, G+ duplex on free-franked PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-33. APO 761, 1919, G+ duplex (part water toned) on free-franked Kyllburg, Germany, PPC from corporal, Hqrs Co-356 Inf.BAND: "This is... where we played for Gen.Pershing..." E $15 MIN.8
MY-34. APO 775, 1919, F duplex on free-franked PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-35. APO 785, 1918, G+ DCDS (lite tone) on free-franked PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-36. APO 785, 1918, G+ DCDS (lite tone) on free-franked PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-37. APO 789, 1919, F+ duplex (lite tone) on free-franked PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-38. APO 795, 1918, F duplex (dial bit hi; lite tone) on free-franked PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-39. APO 798, 1919, F duplex (bit ruff trim T) Red Cross logo cc on free-franked cvr. E $14
MY-40. APO 821, 1919, G DCDS (B arc not struck; toned) APO 901 return add.; Rome dateline on free-franked PPC: Woodrow Wilson portrait w/his 21-line quote in message area & 4-line quote on pix side, in ITALIAN. E $20
MY-41. APO 902, ca.1918?, G DCDS ty.A9112.2 w/crude APO # in dial (lower ar not struck, the same as in Van Dam catalog illustration; ruff R) as origin b/s; large crude "R" (for "Registered") tying 10c Frank.on address side, on otherwise free-franked reg'd cvr. E $100
MY-42. APO 927, 1918, F DCDS (toned; 2 tips nick) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-43. "APO 927/Coblenz" printed at upper L; canxed (Indistinct town), Germany, 1920, partial DCDS tying 3x 60pf; YMCA logo; "Soldier's Mail" printed frank on Mother's Day PPC (crs) to U.S. Odd use, w/stamps apparently applied as souvenirs. E $20
MY-44. Third Army/APO 930, 1919, G+ DCDS (part doubled; lite tone) typed "Nurse's Mail" frank on PPC (Advance Gen'l HQ, Treves, Germany). E $24 MIN.12
MY-45. LaJunta & Albuq/RPO, 1917 (Apr 6), G+ 911-AI-2 Tr8 on PPC. Date U.S. ENTERED WW1. E $20
MY-46. Postal Express Service, [1919], partial DCDS tying 10c Italy on 2-panel YMCA PPC w/SHEET MUSIC (2 songs) inside, to U.S. E $20
MY-47. Received From Army/Bordeaux, 1918, F machine (lite tone) on free-franked PPC (Solignac, France). E $12 MIN.6
MY-48. Received From Army/Bordeaux, 1918, G+ machine; U.S.Naval Air Sta., Pauillac (France) return add.; Navy censor h/s on free-franked PPC. E $14
MY-49. Received From Army/Bordeaux, 1918, F machine on free-franked PPC datelined Vannes, France. E $12 MIN.6
MY-50. Received From Army/Bordeaux, 1918, VG machine; U.S.Naval Air Forces return add.; Navy censor h/s on free-franked cvr. E $14
MY-51. Soldiers' Mail, [1918], G+ undated h/s (lite tone) "A Message to You From His Majesty King George Vth." printed at L on cvr to Mobile, AL, w/"Windsor Castle" engraved letter enc.: printed "script" message to "Soldiers of the United States," welcoming them to World War I; dated "April 1918". E $20
MY-52. U.S.Army Postal Service, 1919, G duplex; no APO #; on free-franked K.of C.Easter PPC. E $15
MY-53. Douglas/Military Br., AZ, 1920, G+ Univ. w/INVERTED dial (ruff R; edge tears) YMCA logo cc on cvr. E $20
MY-54. Camp Smith, NY, 1937, VF 4-bar (bit uneven trim T) Bandleader 108th Infantry, State Armory, Syracuse cc (24/77) on commer.cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MY-55. Juneau, AK, 1942, VF Univ. (heavy cr) Territorial HQ/Selective Service System h/s cc on #10 penalty cvr to Selective Service HQ, Honolulu. E $20
MY-56. Yuma, AZ, 1944, G Int'l; APO 80, Yuma, return add. on free-franked PPC. E $14
MY-57. McClellan Field, CA, 1944 (Jun 5), VG+ Univ. on free-franked PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-58. Merced/Army Air Base Br., CA, 1944, F DCDS; patriotic cachet (plane) on cvr to USS Colorado. E $15
MY-59. Monterey/Presidio of Monterey Sta., CA, 1943, VG Int'l; comic patriotic illus. on free-franked cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-60. San Francisco, CA, 1944, VG Int'l on air cvr to APO 522 & fwd; "Det.of Patients/Att: Postal Officer/SFPE-APO/8th Gen.Hosp..." h/s above address. E $12 MIN.6
MY-61. Santa Monica, CA, 1943, G Univ.; WAC at U.S.Naval Air Base, Seattle, return add. on free-franked PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MY-62. Victorville, CA, 1942, VG Univ. on free-franked PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-63. Denver, CO, 1944, G+ Univ.; Lowry Field #2 return add.; ms "Free" frank on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-64. Camp Murphy, FL, 1943, VF Int'l on free-franked cvr w/letterhead enc. E $14
MY-65. Macon, GA, 1943, F Univ.; Robins Field, Warner Robins, typed cc; penalty clause X'd thru & ms "Free" frank below on #10 cvr to Chanute Field & fwd to APO 12048. E $15
MY-66. Valdosta, GA, 1943, F Univ.; Moody Field return add.; ms "Free" frank on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-67. Honolulu, HI, 1943, F Int'l o/s by U.S.Censorship/OVO h/s (scuff spot L edge) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-68. Bloomington, IN, 1943, VF Univ.; "Margaret L. O'Brien S 2/c, Se 66 USNTS" return add. on free-franked PPC: Men's Residence Center, used as women's Navy barracks, per message. E $20
MY-69. Waterloo, IA, 1943, VF Univ.; "Let's Beat 'Em/48 Diff.Ways" patriotic cachet (U.S.map & eagle) on censored cvr to Australia. E $15
MY-70. Camp Campbell, KY, 1944, G+ Int'l (lite crs) APO 44 return add.; ms "Free" frank on PC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-71. Fort Knox, KY, 1943, VG Univ. (trim R; edge tear T) ms "Free" frank on #10 cvr w/Camp Campbell illus.logo letterhead enc. E $12 MIN.6
MY-72. Chillicothe, MO, 1945, VG Univ. (bit cr) on air cvr to "APO 310 (or 360)"; "No Record C.P.D..." h/s; "N/R APO 3..." red ms; "No Record 30 Inf..." ms; other markings; returned to sender w/"For Better Address" boxed h/s. E $15
MY-73. Kansas City, MO, 1944, G+ Univ.; Maj.C.C.McLaughlin, POW CAMP, Indianola, NE, return add. on free-franked PPC to his wife at Hondo (TX) Army Airfield. E $20
MY-74. Alamogordo, NM, 1943, G+ Univ. (ruff slit upper L; edge tears T) 717 Bomb Sqdn, 449th Grp, Army Air Base return add. on free-franked cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MY-75. Roswell, NM, 1943, G+ Univ. (dial hi: "SW" partly off) on free-franked PPC. E $15
MY-76. Hempstead, NY, 1945 (May 8), G+ Int'l (lite gum tone) "Let Freedom Ring" patriotic illus.Liberty Bell; VE Day canx on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MY-77. Hempstead, NY, 1945 (May 8), G+ Int'l (lite gum tone) "Keep That Light Burning" patriotic illus.torch; VE Day canx on unadd.cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MY-78. Ithaca, NY, 1944, VF Int'l; "This Is the Enemy" patriotic illus.(Japanese man profile) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-79. Durham, NC, 1944, G+ duplex (cr; toned) APO 35, Camp Butner, NC, return add.; ms "Free" frank on cvr. E $14
MY-80. Westerville, OH, 1945 (May 8), VF Univ.; "Radio Tokio Say..." patriotic illus.(Japanese soldier & outhouse) VE Day canx on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MY-81. Muskogee, OK, 1943, VG Univ.; APO 88, Camp Gruber, OK, return add.; ms "Free" frank on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MY-82. Camp Adair, OR, 1945, F Int'l on free-franked PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-83. Goodfellow Field, TX, 1941, VG duplex on GPC. E $14
MY-84. Arlington, VA, 1943, F Univ.; WAC's return address on free-franked PPC. E $14
MY-85. Seattle/Ft.Mears Br., WA, 1942, G+ DCDS; crude circled "P" censor h/s at L & 2x on back; penalty clause lined thru; ms "free" frank above on War Dept.official #10 cvr w/Ft.Mears, AK, return add. E $40
MY-86. Madison, WI, 1944, F Univ (crs) Truax Field cc w/insignia on free-franked cvr to MacDill Field, FL; fwd to Hunter Field, GA; fwd to APO 16740-CY18. E $20
MY-87. Cheyenne, WY, 1944, VF Int'l; "Red Cross Canteen" h/s at T; APO 448, Ft.Jackson, SC, return add. on free-franked PPC. E $14
MY-88. Air Safehand Courier/Base Section 4, 1940s, G+ circled h/s; (lite tone) APO 924 typed cc on censored #10 War Dept.penalty cvr to APO 923. E $30
MY-89. APO 5, 1942 (Dec 15), VG+ 4-bar (edge tear T) in Iceland; on air PSE w/enc. E $15 MIN.8
MY-90. APO 5, 1943 (Jul 14), VG 4-bar (tiny tear T) in Iceland; censor tape L; on air cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MY-91. APO 12, 1945 (Jan 18), G+ 4-bar (near VG+) in France; on free-franked PPC. E $20
MY-92. APO 35, 1945 (May 22), G+ dark blue 4-bar (tip cr) in Germany; on air PSE. E $15
MY-93. APO 45, 1945 (Jul 11), G+ machine; in Germany; on air PSE. E $15 MIN.8
MY-94. APO 69, 1945 (Oct 31), G+ 4-bar (upper R arc partial) on PPC datelined Bremerhaven, Germany. E $20
MY-95. APO 70, 1945 (Nov 21), VF 4-bar; in Philippines; crude purple "NO BOATS!/VOTES!" h/s at L on air PSE. E $20
MY-96. APO 82, [1945] (Oct 11), G+ 4-bar (year partial but message dated) in Germany; APO 758 return add. on free-franked PPC. E $24
MY-97. APO 93, 1944 (Dec 29), VF 4-bar; in Indonesia; on air cvr. E $24
MY-98. APO 93, 1945 (Feb 12), G+ magenta 4-bar; in Indonesia; on air PSE. E $24
MY-99. APO 138, 1945 (Feb 21), G+ 4-bar (edge tear T) in Belgium; APO 595 return add. on air PSE. E $15 MIN.8
MY-100. APO 139, 1945 (Jul 8), F machine (edge tears T; lite tone) in Germany; APO 436 return add. on air cvr. E $40
MY-101. APO 139, 1945 (Jul 10), G+ machine; in Germany; APO 403 return add. on free-franked PPC. E $40
MY-102. APO 140, 1940 (Jun 13), VF 4-bar; in Belgium; on air PSE. E $15 MIN.8
MY-103. APO 141, 1945 (May 18), G+ 4-bar; in Germany; on air cvr. E $24
MY-104. APO 145, 1945 (Aug 10), VG+ 4-bar; in Germany; APO 270 return add. on air PSE. E $15 MIN.8
MY-105. APO 145, 1945 (Sep 18), F+ 4-bar; in Germany; APO 270 return add. on air PSE. E $15 MIN.8
MY-106. APO 146, 1945 (May 31), VF machine; in Germany; on air cvr. E $30
MY-107. APO 147, 1945 (Oct 5), G+ 4-bar (bit heavy inked; dial bit hi) in Germany; APO 149 return add. on air PSE. E $30
MY-108. APO 148, 1945 (Jun 19), G+ 4-bar (toned) in Belgium; APO 696 return add. on free-franked cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-109. APO 148, 1945 (Jun 23), G+ 4-bar (dial bit hi) in Germany; APO 696 return add. on free-franked cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MY-110. APO 153, 1944 (Dec 4), G+ 4-bar (lowe R arc not struck) in Belgium; APO 887 return add. on air cvr w/enc. E $15 MIN.8
MY-111. APO 157, 1944 (Nov 25), G+ 4-bar; in Belgium; APO 151 return add. on air PSE. E $15 MIN.8
MY-112. APO 157, 1945 (Apr 28), F 4-bar (trim R) in Belgium; APO 140 return add. on air PSE. E $15 MIN.8
MY-113. APO 158, 1945 (Jul 21), F+ 4-bar (ruff R to stamp) in Germany; APO 758 return add. on air PSE. E $24
MY-114. APO 161, 1945 (Jul 4), VG+ 4-bar (upper L tip tear) in Germany; APO 149 return add. on air PSE. E $24
MY-115. APO 162, 1945 (Jun 10), F 4-bar (nicks T; tears T) in Germany; APO 403 return add. on free-franked cvr. E $20
MY-116. APO 172, 1945 (May 23), F 4-bar; in Germany; APO 758 return add. on air cvr. E $24
MY-117. APO 172, 1945 (Jun 2), VG 4-bar (small piece of tape at T; lite tone) in Germany; APO 758 return add. on free-franked PPC. E $20
MY-118. APO 173, 1944 (Aug 22), VG 4-bar (lite tone) in France; on air PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MY-119. APO 175, 1944 (Jul 31), VF 4-bar; in France; APO 403 return add. on free-franked PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-120. APO 211, 1945 (Mar 19), VF 4-bar; in China; on air PSE. E $24
MY-121. APO 213, 1944 (Sep 2), G+ 4-bar (bit lite tone) in India; on free-franked cvr. E $20
MY-122. APO 232, 1945 (Aug 14), VF machine w/TINY APO #; in Germany; APO 758 return add. on air PSE. E $50
MY-123. APO 255, 1944 (Dec 25), VF 4-bar; in Belgium; on air PSE. E $15 MIN.8
MY-124. APO 256, 1945 (May 21), G+ 4-bar (slight stutter) in Germany; ms "Free" frank on PPC. E $15
MY-125. APO 262, 1945 (Aug 12), G+ 4-bar (ruff R) in GERMANY; on air cvr. E $15
MY-126. APO 303, 1945 (May 26), G+ 4-bar ("POSTAL" not struck) in Germany; APO 403 return add. on air PSE. E $20
MY-127. APO 303, 1945 (Jun 13), G+ 4-bar (upper L edge ruff; lite crs) in Germany; APO 403 return add. on air cvr. E $24
MY-128. APO 333, 1945 (Feb 27), VF 4-bar (part ruff R; tone spot T) in France; on free-franked cvr. E $15
MY-129. APO 410, 1945 (Jul 26), G+ machine (trim R; crnr cr) in Germany; on free-franked cvr. E $24
MY-130. APO 417, 1945 (Jun 9), VG+ 4-bar; in Germany; ms "Free" frank on PPC. E $24
MY-131. APO 417, 1945 (Jul 20), F machine (trim R) in Germany; on air PSE. E $24
MY-132. APO 430, 1945 (Jan 12), G+ 4-bar; in China; on air PSE. E $20
MY-133. APO 449, 1944 (Dec 23, G+ 4-bar (bit cr) in Germany; on air PSE. E $15 MIN.8
MY-134. APO 449, 1945 (Jan 5), F 4-bar; in Germany; on air PSE. E $15 MIN.8
MY-135. APO 461, 1945 (Jul 9), VG machine; APO 758 return add. on air PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MY-136. APO 463, 1945 (Mar 25), G+ machine w/TINY APO #; in Germany; APO 339 return add. on air cvr. E $30
MY-137. APO 482, 1945 (Jul 17), VG 4-bar (tiny tear T) in France; APO 752 return add. on air PSE. E $15
MY-138. APO 482, 1945 (Jul 27), G+ 4-bar (# partial; lite tone) in France; APO 339 return add.; ms "Free" frank on PPC. E $15
MY-139. APO 502, 1943, F machine; in New Caledonia; on 5c air PSE to Australia. E $15
MY-140. APO 510, 1945 (Jul 2), VG+ 4-bar (trim R to stamp) in Germany; APO 758 return add. on air PSE. E $24
MY-141. APO 512, 1942 (Nov 20), G+ 4-bar (dial hi: tip of "S" off T; lite crs) in Gibraltar; on free-franked PC. E $50
MY-142. APO 521, 1945 (Aug 9), VG machine (lite tone) in France; APO 443 return add. on free-franked PPC. Date of NAGASAKI BOMBING. E $40
MY-143. APO 536, 1945 (Jun 5), F machine (ruff R) in Germany; APO 408 return add. on air cvr. E $24
MY-144. APO 544, 1945 (Aug 7), F machine (lite tone) in Norway; on free-franked cvr. E $60
MY-145. APO 550, 1945 (Oct 15), F 4-bar (part water smear APO 782 return add.; lite tone) in Italy; on air cvr to APO 75; address scribbled thru w/blue pencil; "Forward To:/(No home address)/Returning To U.S." boxed h/s w/ms note at L. NICE use. E $20
MY-146. APO 553, 1945 (Jun 3), F 4-bar; in Germany; APO 339 return add. on air PSE. E $30
MY-147. APO 553, 1945 (Jun 10), G+ 4-bar; in Germany; APO 339 return add. on air PSE. E $30
MY-148. APO 577, 1944 (Nov 2), VG 4-bar (bit ruff slit R) in Belgium on air PSE. E $15
MY-149. APO 577, 1944 (Nov 15), G+ 4-bar (tip cr) in Belgium on air PSE. E $15
MY-150. APO 578, 1945 (Sep 1), VG+ 4-bar; in Austria; APO 403 chaplain's return add. on #10 penalty cvr. E $15
MY-151. APO 580, 1944 (Sep 23), G+ 4-bar (bars off edge) in France; APO 149 return add. on free-franked PPC (Eiffel Tower). E $10 MIN.5
MY-152. APO 586A, 1945 (Aug 22), G+ 4-bar (near VF) "RADIO LUXEMBURG Det.I.C.D.HQ USFET, APO 757" typed cc on air PSE. E $60
MY-153. APO 603, 1944 (Nov 14), VG+ 4-bar (near VF; upper R edge ruff slit) in Brazil; on air PSE w/enc. E $15 MIN.8
MY-154. APO 605, 1943 (Oct 4), F 4-bar (lite cr) in Liberia; on free-franked V-mail cvr. E $40
MY-155. APO 655, 1945 (Feb 22), G+ 4-bar (near F) in France; ms "Free" frank on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-156. APO 655, 1945 (Sep 19), G+ 4-bar ("APO" not struck) in Germany; APO 758 return add. on air PSE. E $14
MY-157. APO 658, 1945 (Jul 6), G+ 4-bar (L arc spotty; dial bit hi) in Germany; APO 601 return add. on free-franked PPC. E $20
MY-158. APO 663, 1942 (Sep 15), VF 4-bar (tip tear; R edge crs) in Belgian Congo; on free-franked cvr. E $24
MY-159. APO 726, 1943, VG 4-bar (tear R) in Aleutian Islds; on air cvr w/enc.Xmas card. E $12 MIN.6
MY-160. APO 748, 1945 (Aug 31), VG machine; in France; APO 752 return add. on air cvr. E $15
MY-161. APO 768, 1944 (Jun 6), G+ 4-bar (B arc not struck; toned; crnr cr) in Italy; APO 650 return add. on free-franked PPC. D-DAY INVASION DATE. E $30
MY-162. APO 802, 1942 (Feb 22), G+ machine; in Bermuda; 10c transport air, partly covered by censor tape; on cvr. E $24
MY-163. APO 809, 1941 (Jun 19), VF 4-bar; 1st day in Greenland on censored cvr to HMAS Swan, Australia. E $20
MY-164. APO 809, 1941 (Jul 7), VF 4-bar; in Greenland; on cacheted cvr. E $14
MY-165. APO 810, 1941 (Nov 16), G+ 4-bar (lite tone) in Iceland; on commer.cvr. E $15
MY-166. APO 812, 1944 (Feb 28), F 4-bar; in Curacao; on commer.air cvr. E $20
MY-167. APO 816, 1943 (Jan 25), VG 4-bar (part toned) in Irag; on air PSE. E $20
MY-168. APO 825, 1942 (Jul 2), VG 4-bar (lite tone; edge tears B) in Canal Zone; 2nd day use on censored air cvr. E $20
MY-169. APO 834-A, 1943, G+ blue 4-bar; censor tape L; in Canal Zone; on air cvr. E $15
MY-170. APO 838, 1943 (Jun 25), G+ 4-bar (crnr crs; bit lite tone; stamp scuff) in Panama; APO 825 return add. on air cvr. E $24
MY-171. APO 846 typed cc; canxed San Juan, PR, 1942 (Apr 18), VF Univ.; 10c transport air on censored cvr. E $20
MY-172. APO 849, 1942 (Dec 10), VF 4-bar; in Virgin Islands; on air cvr w/enc. E $24
MY-173. APO 851, 1943 (May 24), F 4-bar (upper R edge slit) in Puerto Rico; on air PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MY-174. APO 853, 1942 (Sep 22), G+ 4-bar (upper R arc partial; cr) in Puerto Rico; on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-175. APO 858, 1945 (Aug 14), F machine; in Greenland; on air cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MY-176. APO 860, 1942 (Oct 9), F 4-bar; in Iceland; on free-franked cvr. E $15
MY-177. APO 860, 1942 (Oct 21), F 4-bar (upper R tip slit; lite tone) in Iceland; on air cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MY-178. APO 860, 1942 (Nov 17), F machine (edge tear T) in Iceland; on free-franked cvr. E $15
MY-179. APO 860 return add.on enc., 1943 (Aug 31), canxed New York/Grand Central Anx, NY, F Int'l; in Iceland; on V-mail window cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MY-180. APO 860, 1944 (Feb 12), F machine (bit lite tone) in Iceland; on free-franked cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MY-181. APO 886, 1942 (Aug 28), G+ 4-bar (upper R arc partial) in India; on free-franked cvr. E $15
MY-182. APO 892, 1945 (Mar 5), VF 4-bar; in France; APO 887 return add. on free-franked cvr. E $15
MY-183. APO 919, 1942, G+ 4-bar w/month/day omitted (toned) in French Polynesia; on free-franked cvr w/enc.datelined "Bobcat Island". E $40
MY-184. APO 927, 1945 (Nov 17), G+ 4-bar; HQ/Australia Base Section cc; 5c Prexie on 5x10" penalty cvr to Melbourne. E $15
MY-185. APO 930, 1942 (Dec 12), VF 4-bar (upper R crnr tears) in TONGA; on free-franked cvr. E $70
MY-186. APO 932, 1942 (Aug 21), G+ 4-bar (dial bit hi) in New Hebrides; APO 502 return add. on free-franked cvr. E $14
MY-187. APO 937, 1942 (Oct 22), VF 4-bar; at Kodiak Isld, AK; patriotic illus.; Maj.Gen'l's signature return add. on censored cvr. E $15
MY-188. APO 939, 1942 (Nov 20), F 4-bar; at Ft.Mears, AK; 6c Prexie on air cvr. E $15
MY-189. APO 939, 1943 (May 20), F 4-bar (dial bit hi) at Ft.Mears, AK; 6c Prexie on air cvr. E $14
MY-190. APO 942, 1942 (Sep 21), G+ 4-bar; in Alaska; patriotic illus.; Brig.Gen'l's signature return add. on cvr. E $15
MY-191. APO 966, 1945 (Sep 26), G+ 4-bar (trim L) in Hawaii; on air PSE. E $15
MY-192. APO 980, 1942 (Oct 6), G+ 4-bar; at Adak Isld, AK; patriotic illus.; Brig.Gen'l's signature return add. on cvr. E $15
MY-193. APO 985, 1944 (May 18), G+ 4-bar (lite tone) in Alaska; on free-franked PPC. E $15
MY-194. APO 985, 1944 (Jul 31), VG 4-bar (lite tone) in Alaska; on free-franked PPC. E $15
MY-195. APO1083, 1943 (Feb 2), F 4-bar on free-franked cvr. E $14
MY-196. APO1209, 1942, VG 4-bar (dial bit hi: tips of "OS" off; crs) on free-franked PC: "had a pleasant trip & landed safely... I have lived the experiences of the last war all over again on this trip..." E $15 MIN.8
MY-197. APO2494, 1944 (Jun 17), G+ 4-bar (near F+; dial bit hi; trim R) in Haiti; Coast Guard return add.; Naval censor; 6c transport air on cvr. E $100
MY-198. Mailed TO: APO 3960 & fwd; canxed Sherman, TX, 1945, VF Int'l (lite tone; crs; trim L) on air cvr, rec'd 8+ months after mailed. E $14
MY-199. "APO 7112" ms header on V-Mail enc.; canxed San Francisco, CA, 1943, F Int'l (upper L tip slit) on V-Mail window cvr. E $14
MY-200. APO 16740-CY18return add.; canxed Honolulu, HI, 1944, F Int'l on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-201. Mailed to: APO 16740-CY18, 1945, canxed Honolulu, HI, G+ Int'l; censor tape L on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-202. Cleve & St.L/RPO, 1945 (Aug 15), G duplex (part on stamp, but date shows clearly; trim L) "V-J Day" typed by address; pair 5c Albania on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-203. Kriegsgefangenenpost header, [1944], canxed w/G+ mute DCDS (tears T; upper L tip nick) German & U.S.censor markings; about 20% of message blacked out by censor; on Prisoner of War PC from U.S.prisoner to Tulsa, OK, via air mail, w/DUE marking. E $40
MY-204. APO 407a, 1949, F Univ.; 6c Prexie on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-205. APO 239, 1963, G+ machine; in Ryukyu Islds; 8c air on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
MY-206. United Nations/Nations-Unies (Canada), 1999, VF CDS; "Canadian Contingent, Bosnia" typed cc on cvr (no stamp) to Canada. E $15
MY-207. Deutsche Feldpost (Germany), 1918, G+ DCDS (lite tone) ms "Feldpost" frank on Borissow (Barysaw, Belarus) PPC. E $15
MY-208. K.D.Feldpost (Germany), 1917, VG DCDS; ms "Feldpost" frank on Wilna (Vilnius, Lithuania) PPC. E $15
MY-209. K.D.Feldpost (Germany), 1917, G+ DCDS; "Landsturm-Armierungs Bataillon No.83 VII.A.-K/1.Komp." BLUE double-circle h/s (bit hi) soldier's ms "Feldpost" frank on PPC. E $16
MY-210. Kais.Deutsche/Feldpoststation (Germany), 1916, G+ DCDS on PPC: soldiers' home in Novo-Svenziany. E $15
MY-211. British Fleet Mail (Great Britain), 1945, G+ DCDS on free-franked cvr to U.S. E $14
MY-212. Foggia Castello Bologna, Italy, 1918, G+ DCDS (toned; crnr cr) blue Red Cross censor h/s on Red Cross Prisoner of War PC w/printed "Austria" in 3 languages at lower L. E $70
MY-213. Lot 70) German Military postmarks & markings, mostly in Eastern Europe, mostly World War I era, (varied condition) feldpost, auxiliary, censors, etc., on PPCs (some Gruss Aus). Unchecked; maybe rarities here; LOW minimum for this. MIN.$90

PICTURE POSTCARDS (NOTE: lots PC-1 through PC-58 are out of normal sequence.)
NOTE: Usual edge wear and tip wear should be expected on items in this category. Real PHOTOs are noted.
PC-1. "Swimming The Copper River": Hunt REAL PHOTO, 2 men taking herd of horses across river in Alaska (tip crs) unused VELOX. E $14
PC-2. "Course of the Sun Dec 21 Fairbanks (AK),20 Min Intervals": REAL PHOTO, multiple exposures to show sun in many times in the sky (finish wear at B & R; stamp & canx on pix side) used; Fairbanks, 1928. E $14
PC-3. "View from Hotel Escalante, Ash Fork, AZ": litho, distant view on Fred Harvey card (edge wear; ink speck in sky) used; Ashfork, 1907. E $12 MIN.6
PC-4. "County Surveyor, Elbert County, CO": REAL PHOTO, 3 man crew w/tripod; pub.by Newton Tripp, Fondis, CO (bit edge wear) unmailed. E $20 MIN.10
PC-5. "Crossing The San Miguel River During The Flood of September '09 Near Norwood, CO": REAL PHOTO, man on horse crossing river; unused SOLIO. E $14
PC-6. "The Old Peddler/near Ramah, CO" (per note on back): REAL PHOTO, man showing items on back of wagon w/carriage like roof c.1913 (R crnr tone) unmailed. E $15
PC-7. "Broadway Street Buhl, ID": M.B Martin PHOTO, early car driving on dirt street (edge wear) unmailed AZO. E $24
PC-8. "A. & S.F. Machine Shop, Chanute, KS": litho, men w/machines & locomotive; used; Petrolia, KS, 1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-9. "Yellowdale, KS": REAL PHOTO, distant view (crnr crs; tip wear) used; Zenda, KS, ca.1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-10. "Fast Flat Race Nebraska Big Rodeo, Burwell, NE": O'Neil photo, race by grandstand w/jockeys on the horses (pinhole) unused. E $20
PC-11. "Lamar Concert Band, Lamar, NE": REAL PHOTO, 19 men w/various horns & drums outdoors; unused. E $20 MIN.10
PC-12. "Auto Fire Truck No.1/Ashtabula, OH": REAL PHOTO, 2 men on the vehicle (tip wear; note on B edge) used; Ashtabula, 1911. E $20 MIN.10
PC-13. Interior of office w/calendars for February 1916 in Greensburg, PA (on calendars): REAL PHOTO, shows great detail & has developer's note on side "Shop 2-7-16"; unused CYKO. E $16
PC-14. "Wilmerding, Pa/Sept. 15, 1911": REAL PHOTO, train on tracks w/several workers in flood waters (tip cr) used; Wilmerding, ca.1910. E $30
PC-15. "Hunter's Truck Farm, Skidmore, TX": REAL PHOTO, man weeding plants w/hoe (few ink specks) used; Skidmore, 1910. E $15
PC-16. Bingham Canyon, UT: REAL PHOTO, aerial view of town w/message written from hotel; used; Bingham Canyon, 1911. E $16
PC-17. "Men laying a 12 inch oil line, near Mannington, WV": litho, also oil derrick in background (crs) used; Grafton & Wheeling/RPO, 1913. E $14
PC-18. "C. & N.W. Railway Station, West Salem, WI": litho, w/horse drawn wagon (tip crs) used; West Salem, 1907. E $12 MIN.6
PC-19. "Leonard Street/West Salem, WI": REAL PHOTO, people gathered in street after fire in business area (crs) unused AZO. E $24
PC-20. Man working in blacksmith shop: REAL PHOTO, interesting lighting on subject w/stamped ad for Eissler Bro's. General Blacksmithing, Strool, SD; unused AZO. E $20
PC-21. "Billy Parker": litho, manager of aviation sales for Phillips Petroleum seated in 1912 Curtis aircraft he built; Phillips 66 logo on back; unused. E $14
PC-22. "Hunters": litho, group of hunters by log cabin w/ad for Verkamp's store in Grand Canyon, AZ for "Hunters of Navajo Blankets & Souvenirs", printed at R; unused. E $14
PC-23. "#248. President Theodore Roosevelt": litho, w/red ad at B: Edw. H. Mitchell PC prices (bit lite tone) used; San Francisco, 1904. E $15
PC-24. "President (Theodore) Roosevelt & Family": litho, Roosevelt, his wife & 6 children outdoors (edge wear; message in margin) used; Manawa, WI, 1907. E $12 MIN.6
PC-25. Dayton depot w/man on a velocipede: REAL PHOTO; unused AZO. E $30 MIN.15
PC-26. "Virginia & Truckee R.R.": REAL PHOTO, locomotive (tip cr) unused DOPS. E $12 MIN.6
PC-27. "U.S. Montana": REAL PHOTO, steamboat at dock; unused. E $15
PC-28. "Furepaugh Bros.Circus 1904 (per note on back)": REAL PHOTO, aerial view of circus parade w/10 elephants (edge wear) used, ca.1909. E $15
PC-29. "Man Overboard": REAL PHOTO, seamen in storm on large ship rushing to man's aid; unused AZO. E $15
PC-30. "Studebaker Automobile Train Chicago to Denver": REAL PHOTO, title on side of baggage car & others, by a Ford dealership c.1920 (tiny tip nick) unused AZO. E $14
PC-31. "D & R Syndicate No 9": REAL PHOTO, 3 men & early truck w/title on door stuck axle deep in mud (bit lite soiled) unused AZO. E $14
PC-32. "Lattimore Rodeo/Al Corey": REAL PHOTO, man riding steer (edge wear; specks) unused NOKO. E $12 MIN.6
PC-33. "Aunt Susan At The Rodeo": Doubleday PHOTO, lady in long dress & bonnet; unused DOPS. E $15
PC-34. "Bill Mahaffey on Iz/Six Feet Up On Ripsnorter/Roundup": W.S. Bowman PHOTO, man w/black chaps riding horse; unused AZO. E $14
PC-35. "Kingman Rodeo/Bill Sawyer": REAL PHOTO, man falling off horse (few lite soil spots) unused AZO. E $14
PC-36. "C.M. Montgomery Thrown By Buzzar": Doubleday PHOTO, man falling in dirt from horse; unused. E $14
PC-37. "Chester Byers Roping a Steer/Roundup": REAL PHOTO, man riding by grandstand & steer flying in air (tip wear) unused AZO. E $14
PC-38. "Cuba Crutchfield/'Let'er Buck'/Steer Roping & Tieing Round Up Pendleton": REAL PHOTO, man by tied up steer; unused AZO. E $14
PC-39. "First Act in Bulldogging/Roundup": W.S. Bowman PHOTO, man on horse chasing steer w/large crowd watching (tip wear) unused AZO. E $16
PC-40. "Jimmy Nesbitt & Mule Billy Sunday": Doubleday PHOTO, man dragging limp mule; photog's signature & address on back (edge wear) unmailed EKKP. E $14
PC-41. "John Judd on Fox Hound/Roundup": W.S. Bowman PHOTO, man on horse w/hat in hand; unused AZO. E $14
PC-42. "L.W Minor on Angel Winning Championship/of the World. Purse $200 & $350 Saddle": W.S. Bowman PHOTO, man on horse w/fur chaps (crs) unused AZO. E $14
PC-43. "Langley Leaving Serpent": Doubleday PHOTO, man flying over head of horse (tone specks). E $12 MIN.6
PC-44. "Leonard Womach on Wild Brahma": Doubleday PHOTO (few tone specks) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-45. " Little Tin Horn Hank Keenen/6 Year Old Rodeo Star & Actor": REAL PHOTO, young cowboy w/lariat; unused DOPS. E $15
PC-46. "#15 Lonn Greenough on Bunch Grass/Nebraska's Big Rodeo, Burwell, NE Aug 10-11-12": O'Neill PHOTO, man on horse; unused DOPS. E $14
PC-47. "Lattimore Rodeo/Lonnie Rooney": REAL PHOTO, man on horse holding on his hat (edge wear) unused NOKO. E $12 MIN.6
PC-48. "McLaughlin Bros.Champion Juvenile/Trick Ropers, Gene 5 Don 7": REAL PHOTO, young cowboys w/ropes, waving hats; unused AZO. E $15
PC-49. "R. Reynolds on Black Gusher Gordon, NE": Doubleday PHOTO, man on horse holding hat behind him (tip crs) unused AZO. E $14
PC-50. "Roy Adams Riding Sea Lion?/Let'er Buck/Roundup/Pendleton, OR": W.S. Bowman PHOTO, man being thrown from horse (small white scuffs; specks) unused AZO. E $12 MIN.6
PC-51. "Shorty McCrory Bulldogging Ft Smith/Rodeo": Doubleday PHOTO, man pulling down steer; unused EKKP. E $16
PC-52. "Shorty Ricker/Kiowa Rodeo": Kiowa PHOTO, man wrestling steer w/rodeo clown nearby (edge wear) unused AZO. E $12 MIN.6
PC-53. Lot 2) "Smoky Branch Riding On Glass Eye": Doubleday REAL PHOTO, man in striped shirt on horse (soil spots), w/LINEN PPC made from THIS image; unused. E $20
PC-54. "Sweden Taking Header w/Floyd Stillings": Doubleday PHOTO, man on white horse falling in grass (bit cr) unused. E $14
PC-55. "Wyne Hester on 'School Girl' Ft. Smith Rodeo": Doubleday PHOTO, man on horse without saddle; unused EKKP. E $14
PC-56. Lot 4 diff.) Doubleday PHOTOs, attached w/brown paper tape on back, for sale as a "vertical strip" by rodeo grandstand vendors (per note on back): Slats Jacobs, Hub Whitman, Freezy Cox & Rion; unused EKKP. MIN.$40
PC-57. Lot 17) Indians: mostly pre-1920 w/chiefs, women & children (varied condition) used & unused. MIN.$30
PC-58. Lot 35) REAL PHOTO: mostly pre-1920 & mostly unidentified but an interesting lot w/several storms & fires (varied condition) used & unused. MIN.$55
PC-59. "Front St.in Winter, Nome, AK": litho; elevated view, street & bldgs (edge wear) used; Juneau, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-60. "Under Two Flags, 'White Pass,' Summit, AK": litho people, flags, U.S.Hotel Restaurant bldg; used; Skagway, AK, 1922. E $14
PC-61. "Copper River Natives, Valdez, AK": litho; 9 Eskimo adults, children, baby (crnr crs; message in margins) used, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-62. "Golden Drumstick/Flagstaff, AZ": chrome; restaurant on Rte.66 w/cars c.1950; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-63. "Globe AZ From 'G' Mountain": REAL PHOTO; unused EKC. E $12 MIN.6
PC-64. "Birdseye View Of Ajo, AZ From Tower Hill": REAL PHOTO; used; Ajo, 1952. E $12 MIN.6
PC-65. "Skyline Motel/Flagstaff, AZ": chrome; motel on Rte.66. E $12 MIN.6
PC-66. "Kingman Kampgrounds/Kingman, AZ": chrome, 2 views of camping trailers (tip cr) used; Seligman, AZ, 1972. E $14
PC-67. "State Capitol/At Phoenix, AZ": printed, exterior w/inset of first territorial capitol in Prescott (crnr cr; lite toen; bit of offset canx ink) used; San Francisco, 1916. E $12 MIN.6
PC-68. "Congress St., looking West, Tucson, AZ": litho, w/R.Rasmessen's Curio Store; Tucson Hardware; street car (tip cr) used; Tucson, 1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-69. "Williams Motel/Williams, AZ": linen; motel on Rte.66 (bit edge wear) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-70. "Hotel/DeAnza/Calexico/CA": REAL PHOTO, women in swimsuits by pool c.1950; unused. E $15
PC-71. "Celebration at Cambria, CA": REAL PHOTO, rodeo w/man on bucking horse (crnr crs) used; Cambria, 1912. E $18
PC-72. "Barbara Worth Hotel-El Centro (CA)": REAL PHOTO street scene, w/hotel, Chevy dealer, etc.; unused EKC. E $12 MIN.6
PC-73. "Picking Cantaloupes, El Centro, CA": litho; woman & 2 men in field (small tip thin) unused, ca.1915? E $14
PC-74. "Packing Lettuce, Imperial Valley, El Centro, CA": printed (brown speck T) unused. E $15
PC-75. "Street Scene/El Centro, CA": REAL PHOTO, several cafes; c.1950; unused EKC. E $20
PC-76. "Hotel Barbara Worth/El Centro, CA": REAL PHOTO; lobby (tip cr) unused AZO, ca.1915? E $15
PC-77. "Four/Korners/Cafe/El Centro/CA": REAL PHOTO, 2 men on stagecoach by bldg c.1950; unused. E $20
PC-78. "Portion of Business District, Fresno, CA": printed, aerial view (edge tear B; lite tone) used, 1916. E $12 MIN.6
PC-79. "Spadra Avenue, Fullerton, CA": litho, business street w/hotel & horse drawn carriage (tiny tip cr; tone speck) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-80. "Steam Harvester near Gridley, CA": litho (tip cr) used; Gridley, 1912. E $15
PC-81. "Radio City N.B.C. =Studios Hollywood, CA": REAL PHOTO, art deco style; w/car c.1940 (crnr crs) unused. E $14
PC-82. "Hollywood Blvd./At Highland Ave./Hollywood, CA": REAL PHOTO, elevated view w/streetcar & cars c.1930; unused EKC. E $12 MIN.6
PC-83. "Home of 'Breakfast in Hollywood' Hollywood, CA": REAL PHOTO; art deco style Tom Breneman's restaurant w/cars c.1940; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-84. "Holton Power Plant, Holtville, CA": REAL PHOTO (tip cr) used; El Centro, 1913. E $20
PC-85. "Holtville/CA": REAL PHOTO, downtown c.1950 w/bank, theatre & drugstore (tip crs) unused EKC. E $20
PC-86. "Cotton Picking-Imperial Valley, CA": REAL PHOTO (uneven trim R; tip crs; bit lite tone) unmailed AZO. E $14
PC-87. "Kaweah (CA)/Post Office": chrome, exterior wooden cabin remnant of the Kaweah cooperative colony; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-88. "A Beautiful Long Beach, CA, Home in Midwinter": litho, w/rose garden (bit of offset canx ink) used; Long Beach, 1916. E $12 MIN.6
PC-89. "Myers Canyon-Entrance to Imperial Valley From San Diego (CA)": REAL PHOTO bridge & cars; used; El Centro, 1922. E $20
PC-90. Church in Palo Alto, CA (on back): REAL PHOTO church w/Christian mural (crnr crs) used; San Francisco, 1916. E $12 MIN.6
PC-91. "A Beautiful Residence Scene, San Diego, CA": litho, residential street w/palms (tip cr) used; San Diego, 1916. E $12 MIN.6
PC-92. "Greetings from the Golden Gate City/California Poppy": printed, w/litho inset of San Francisco (lite tone) used; San Francisco, 1916. E $12 MIN.6
PC-93. Lot 20) San Francisco earthquake: pre-1920 (varied condition) used & unused. E $75
PC-94. "United States Post Office & Custom House": chrome, exterior bldg in San Pedro, CA; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-95. "Washington Street Looking North-Golden, CO": Sanborn photo, view towards mountains w/cars c.1940; unused EKC. E $12 MIN.6
PC-96. "Thompsonville, CT; Westfield Plate Co.": litho (tip crs) used, ca.1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-97. "Municipal Bldg/Waterbury, CT": REAL PHOTO, aerial view (tip cr) used; Waterbury, 1915. E $12 MIN.6
PC-98. "Spook Hill/Lake Wales, FL": linen, cars on road where vehicles seem to roll uphill & Prather's Laundry ad; unused. E $14
PC-99. "United Stated Post Office/Palmetto, FL": chrome, exterior w/vehicles c.1960; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-100. "Four Acre Court/Bainbridge, GA": linen, nice 3 panel panorama of motel exterior; unused. E $15
PC-101. "Post Office, Lyons, GA": linen (offset canx ink; bit cr) used; New York, 1960. E $8
PC-102. "Volcano at Kilauea, Hawaii": litho view, spraying lava; unused, 1920s. E $14
PC-103. "The Rocks Below The Falls./Apple River (IL)": REAL PHOTO, people on small bank by rocks (crnr cr) used; Chi. Dubu. & Mpls, 1910. E $20
PC-104. "Comiskey Park, Chicago, IL": linen, aerial night view w/game in progress; unused. E $14
PC-105. "View of Some of our Leading Boston Terriers/Kerber Station/Elgin, IL": REAL PHOTO, man by house w/several dogs w/kennel in back (crs) unused. E $18
PC-106. "E M I CO": REAL PHOTO, exterior Elizabeth Mines bldgs mailed from Elizabeth, IL (sender's name in margin) used; 1907. E $24
PC-107. "Eby's Mill,/Elizabeth, IL": litho, view of water overflow & mill from down river (bit cr) used; Elizabeth, 1908. E $14
PC-108. "Union Depot, Ferris, IL": REAL PHOTO; small depot; smoking locomotive; several men; cargo cart (upper L tip nibbles, only affecting sky) used, 1908. E $30
PC-109. "Washington St. Steps./Galena, IL": litho, long staircase in bluff (tip wear; tip cr) used; Mount Morris, IL, 1909. E $14
PC-110. "High School Hanover, IL": REAL PHOTO; used; Hanover, 1913. E $24
PC-111. "LHS Orchestra": REAL PHOTO, Lena, IL, High School band; 6 boys w/instruments & girl pianist card mailed from Lena, IL; used; 1910. E $24
PC-112. "Local/Scenes/Lincoln, IL": REAL PHOTO, 6 insets of bldgs (lite crnr cr) used; Lincoln, 1948. E $15 MIN.8
PC-113. "High Street Orangeville, IL": REAL PHOTO, street w/horse drawn carriage; used; Orangeville, 1909. E $24
PC-114. "Main Street Plainfield, IL": REAL PHOTO, business street w/cars c.1920s? (several crs) unused EKKP. E $12 MIN.6
PC-115. "Oil Well Robinson, IL": Bregstone photo (tiny tip wear) unused AZO. E $15 MIN.8
PC-116. "Washington School Roodhouse, IL": REAL PHOTO, exterior 2 story ornate brick bldg; used; Roodhouse, IL, 1907. E $20
PC-117. "The Rawlins Concert Band/Dr.L.A.Rawlins, Director,/Roodhouse, IL": REAL PHOTO, seated band in uniform; unused. E $30
PC-118. "Broadview Motor Court/Springfield, IL": linen, artist's illustrated "aerial view"; used; St. Louis, 1953. E $12 MIN.6
PC-119. "Residence of Mrs.M.K.Hammond./Stockton, IL": REAL PHOTO, exterior 2 story home w/large porch; used; Stockton, 1912. E $20
PC-120. "High School Stockton, IL": REAL PHOTO; unused. E $24
PC-121. "Free Fall Exhibit 1910, Auburn, IN": REAL PHOTO, outdoor shelves of produce w/watermelon, bushels of broccoli & potatoes, etc. (crnr crs) unused. E $18
PC-122. "Business Section Boswell, IN": REAL PHOTO, restaurant, hardware store & others (edge wear) used; Boswell, 1925. E $24
PC-123. "Lake Shore Depot, Butler, IN": litho (edge wear) used; Butler, 1910. E $14
PC-124. "Hazenhurst Beach Clear Lake, IN": REAL PHOTO, people on beach; rowboats at water's edge; used; Ray, IN, 1913. E $15 MIN.8
PC-125. "P.Ft.W. & C. Station, Columbia City, IN": litho, w/horse drawn carriage (edge wear) unused. E $14
PC-126. "North Side Of The Square/Columbia City, IN": REAL PHOTO, business street w/restaurant & horse drawn carriages (tip wear) unused CRACO. E $24
PC-127. "Clugstone Hotel, Columbia City, IN": REAL PHOTO, w/cars c.1910; unused. E $15
PC-128. "Van Buren Street, Columbia, IN": REAL PHOTO, business street c.1910 (few tone specks) unused. E $24
PC-129. "Main St. Corunna, IN": REAL PHOTO, street w/homes & stores & horse drawn carriages (partly overexposed; unevenly trim T & B) used; Corunna, 1909. E $18
PC-130. Lot 3) Fort Wayne, IN, 1970s era WOWO radio DJs: litho; unused. E $15 MIN.8
PC-131. "The Ft. Wayne (IN)/Hillsdale/Elopement/Disaster/The Finish Of An/80 Mile Flight": REAL PHOTO, twisted remains of airplane & person being attended to on ground (edge wear; tip cr) unused AZO. E $24 MIN.12
PC-132. "B & O Limited No.8 Garrett, IN": litho, stylish early car c.1920 by station & train (crnrs lite soiled from mounting) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-133. "E. Side of Randolph St./Garrett, IN": litho, tailor, grocery & other stores c.1910 (edge wear) used; Garrett. E $12 MIN.6
PC-134. "Fire Department, Goshen, IN": litho, several horse drawn vehicles by station (tip wear; crnr cr) used; Goshen, 1914. E $12 MIN.6
PC-135. "Waiting for No.4 July 4 1908 5:40 p.m.": REAL PHOTO people on platform at Hamilton (IN) depot; state not ID'd in photo, but message & Steuben Co.addressee support IN; used; Edon, OH, 1908. E $30
PC-136. "Main Street Looking North, Hamilton, IN": REAL PHOTO, businesses w/billiard sign & horse drawn wagon (staple hole each crnr) unused AZO. E $20
PC-137. "Cyclone Ben Davis 1911 Near/Indianapolis, IN (note on front)": REAL PHOTO, group looking at storm damage; used; Fortville, IN, 1912. E $15
PC-138. "View Across White River From/W.Wash.St. Indianapolis, Mar 26, 13": REAL PHOTO, flooded area of town; unused AZO. E $12 MIN.6
PC-139. "Main St. North from Williams St., Kendallville, IN": litho, business street w/cars (bit of offset canx ink; surface bumps) used; Kendallville, 1916. E $12 MIN.6
PC-140. "Flood at Peru, IN": litho, pile of debris in street by homes; printed message on back re."The Free Sewing machine insured against loss" (crs) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-141. "S. Elmwood, Peru, IN": REAL PHOTO, row boats in flood waters w/homes in background (tip wear) unused AZO. E $14
PC-142. "S. Peru (IN)": REAL PHOTO, flooded homes w/snow on ground (crs) unused. E $24
PC-143. Ferry loaded w/men & bridge in background ready to fall: REAL PHOTO, "Tippecanoe Co West of Kokamo" (note on back) used; Lafayette, IN, 1913. E $12 MIN.6
PC-144. "Main Street/Vincennes, IN": REAL PHOTO, elevated view w/cars c.1930 (tip cr) unused AZO. E $12 MIN.6
PC-145. Lot 3) Train wreck Waterloo, IN 3-21-1917: Girardot photo, 3 views of cars (tip wear) unused AZO. MIN.$24
PC-146. "Lake Wawasee (IN)": REAL PHOTO, long porch filled w/people; used; Wawasee, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-147. "Wolcottville, IN": REAL PHOTO, aerial view w/horse drawn carriage, hardware & other stores (edge tears T; pinhole T; tip crs) used; Wolcottville, 1909. E $15 MIN.8
PC-148. "Colonial House": REAL PHOTO, 3 story brick bldg on college campus Ames, IA (tip crs; specks sky; ms note at B) used; Ames, 1911. E $15
PC-149. "Iowa-Wisconsin Bridge Nearing Eagle/Point Park, Dubuque, IA": REAL PHOTO (crnr cr) unused EKKP. E $15 MIN.8
PC-150. "West end of Iowa-Illinois Vehicular/& R.R. Bridges, Dubuque, IA": REAL PHOTO; unused EKKP. E $14
PC-151. "Plymouth County Court House, LeMars, IA": Dabs PHOTO; Seney, IA, 1908. E $20
PC-152. "Cadet Band, Riceville, IA": REAL PHOTO, uniformed band in gazebo (bit overexposed) used; Riceville, 1908. E $24
PC-153. "Wagon Wheel Garden & Rainbow Inn/West Lake Okoboji, IA": REAL PHOTO (bit edge wear) unused DOPS. E $12 MIN.6
PC-154. "Main Street, Looking North, Wichita, KS": litho, w/horse drawn wagons (offset canx ink) used; Los Angeles, 1916. E $12 MIN.6
PC-155. "Main Street, East/Mt. Vernon, KY": litho, business street w/cars & trucks c.1940; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-156. "Radio Station WOMI, Owensboro, KY": linen; art deco bldg (bit edge wear) unused. E $15
PC-157. Lot 3) Glenmore Distilleries, Owensboro, KY: linen, aerial view, bldgs & making a mint Julep; unused. MIN.$12
PC-158. "Aroostook Wheat field, Aroostook County, ME": printed, men in suits watching another harvesting wheat/horse drawn machine (tip wear; part lite tone) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-159. "Post Office & Washington Street, Biddeford, ME": linen, illustration w/cars on street (tip cr) used; Biddeford, 1957. E $8
PC-160. "Ocean Park, Me." (note in B margin): REAL PHOTO, street w/shops & autos (tip cr) used; Ocean Park, 1950. E $14
PC-161. "Floats in Baltimore's Industrial Parade, 1906": litho, aerial view including a w/horse drawn float shaped like ship & sailors (sender's name in margin) used; Baltimore, 1906. E $12 MIN.6
PC-162. "Post Office, Hagerstown, MD": litho, exterior (lite crnr cr) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-163. "U.S. Post Office, Lynn, MA": linen; unused. E $8
PC-164. "Main Street, Melrose, MA": litho w/street car (message in margin) used, 1905. E $14
PC-165. "Post Office, Pittsfield, MS": litho (tip cr) unused. E $8
PC-166. "I'm Having a (Devil) of a Time in Plymouth, MA": LEATHER PPC w/illus.devil; used, 1905. E $6
PC-167. "Jackson, MI M.C.R.R.Depot": litho, w/row of horse drawn carriages (tip wear) used; Jackson, 1908. E $15
PC-168. "Railway Passenger Station, Alma, MI": litho, w/train on tracks & many people boarding (edge wear) unused. E $15
PC-169. "J.B.Robinson & Son/Groceries/Bankers, MI": REAL PHOTO, sign on delivery wagon w/ad back; unused. E $30
PC-170. "Columbus & Washington Sts. Bay City, MI": REAL PHOTO, business street w/tracks center; unused AZO. E $24
PC-171. "Bendon, MI": REAL PHOTO view of small town street w/horse drawn carriage (edge wear) used; Bendon, 1910. E $30
PC-172. "Miniature Trains/at Eden Springs Park,/House of David, Benton Harbor, MI": litho, filled w/people in band uniforms (tip wear; tip cr) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-173. "Pine Not Resort On Crystal Lake/Beulah, MI": REAL PHOTO, view toward lake w/patio set (thin 1.25" scratch B) used; Honor, MI, 1955. E $12 MIN.6
PC-174. "Main Street/Burr Oak (MI)": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, business street w/horse drawn carriages (edge wear) used; Burr Oak, 1907. E $24
PC-175. "Mitchell Street Cadillac, MI": REAL PHOTO, business street w/cars c.1930; unused EKC. E $12 MIN.6
PC-176. "Union Station, Clare, MI": litho, w/observation tower (edge wear) unused. E $15
PC-177. "L.S. & M.R.R. Depot, Coldwater, MI": printed; used; Coldwater, 1909. E $15
PC-178. "Glen Malier/Crystal Lake (MI)": Sharp photo, exterior of cabin (tip cr) unmailed AZO. E $12 MIN.6
PC-179. "Riverview Park, The Coney Island of Detroit. The Derby Racer, Detroit, MI": litho (edge wear) used; Detroit, 1921. E $12 MIN.6
PC-180. "D.T. & M. Station One Half Hour's Catch/Devils Lake (Near Adrian) MI": litho, men by depot w/string of fish (edge wear; 3 X's above men) used; 1914. E $12 MIN.6
PC-181. "Rudy Furnace Factory, Dowagiac, MI": REAL PHOTO, w/large sign on roof & car c.1920; unused. E $24
PC-182. Lot 5) House of David, Eden Springs, MI: litho, gardens & miniature train; unused. MIN.$12
PC-183. "East Main Street/Fremont, MI": litho, business street w/horse drawn wagons (edge wear) used; Fremont, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-184. "The Oval State Park Grand Haven, MI": REAL PHOTO, beach w/cars c.1940; unused EKC. E $12 MIN.6
PC-185. "Harbor Springs, MI": REAL PHOTO, people w/Indian souvenirs by souvenir & craft shop (tip crs) unused. E $24
PC-186. "Harrietta, MI": REAL PHOTO, stores w/Coca Cola signs & Texaco gas pumps (tip cr) unused EKC. E $24
PC-187. "State Street Hart, MI": REAL PHOTO, business street w/many cars (edge wear) used; Muskegon, 1920. E $24
PC-188. "Hillsdale, MI": Burd photo, large crowd in stadium & on race track to see Rev. Savage (in message) (tip crs; offset canx ink) used; Hillsdale, 1932. E $20
PC-189. "Lake Shore Depot, Hillsdale, MI": litho, w/blooming flower bushes (bit of offset canx ink) used; Hillsdale, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-190. "Mitchell Library/on Decoration Day/Hillsdale, MI": printed, speaker addressing crowd (edge tear T) unmailed. E $12 MIN.6
PC-191. "Main St. Business Section/Horton MI": REAL PHOTO, w/post office & horse drawn carriage; used; Horton, 1913. E $24
PC-192. "Judy Bros. Resort (Leo) Houghton Lake, MI": REAL PHOTO, several cabins & lake in background (cr) used; Prudenville, MI, 1949. E $12 MIN.6
PC-193. "Idlewild, MI": litho, 9 deer w/no pole visible; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-194. "The Irish Hills Observatory/Southern Michigan": REAL PHOTO, original tower & Gray Tower adjacent; many cars c.1920; unused AZO. E $15 MIN.8
PC-195. "The Irish Hills Observatory/Southern Michigan": REAL PHOTO, the original tower & adjacent "Gray Tower" w/gas station & cars c.1920 (tip cr) unused AZO. E $15
PC-196. "View From The Irish Hills Tower/Southern Michigan": REAL PHOTO, aerial view of gas station & amusement ride; unused AZO. E $30
PC-197. "View from the Irish Hills Tower/Southern Michigan": REAL PHOTO, aerial view of golf course bldg w/many cars; unused AZO. E $18
PC-198. "Center St./Ithaca, MI": REAL PHOTO, business street scene (edge wear; bit of offset canx ink) used; Ithaca, 1910. E $18
PC-199. "Main Street Looking West-Jackson, MI": REAL PHOTO, many people on street & bldgs decorated w/bunting & flags; unused. E $18
PC-200. "State Prison, Jackson, MI": REAL PHOTO, w/steel fence; unused AZO. E $24
PC-201. "Jonesville (MI)-Looking North From The Bridge": REAL PHOTO, view down wide dirt street; used; Jonesville, 1912. E $24
PC-202. "Kalamazoo's Big Fair/Sept 23-4-5-6-7-1913": litho, ad for head-on collision of 2 trains shown in illustration; unused. E $18
PC-203. "Loading Grapes-Lawton, MI": REAL PHOTO, 6 wagons by boxcars labeled Refrigerator Express (bit cr; tone speck T) used; Lawton, 1911. E $30
PC-204. "Manitou Beach, MI": REAL PHOTO, several homes w/water in background; unused AZO. E $18
PC-205. "Birds Eye View/Mendon (MI)": REAL PHOTO (edge wear) unused AZO. E $12 MIN.6
PC-206. "Mendon, MI": REAL PHOTO, businesses & horse drawn carriages (crs; town/state written at B) used; Mendon, 1910. E $15
PC-207. "Main St. East No Adams, MI": Sears Photo, crowd on street & vendor w/balloons (tip cr; lite gray tone spots in sky) used; North Adams, 1912. E $24
PC-208. "Field Day/'Leon & Maud'/No. Adams": REAL PHOTO, woman & child on delivery wagon covered w/ad signs; unused CYKO. E $30
PC-209. "Main St. West/North Adams, MI": REAL PHOTO, grocery & other stores & cars c.1920; unused SXPC. E $24
PC-210. "A Northern MI Scene": REAL PHOTO, wagons loaded w/many dead deer; American Express Co.signs; used; Mackinaw, MI, 1913. E $20
PC-211. "Michigan Ave. Looking East/Nunica, MI": REAL PHOTO, children standing on residential street (tip crs; bit of offset canx ink) used; Nunica, 1910. E $24
PC-212. "Depot, Onsted, MI": litho, group of local people by depot (tip wear; tiny nick L) used; Waldron, MI, 1914. E $14
PC-213. "1000 8# baskets of Grapes/Paw Paw, MI": (ms description in margin) REAL PHOTO, on 2 heavily loaded horse drawn wagons by boxcarsunmailed AZO. E $24
PC-214. "Tourist Cabins/Port Sanilac, MI": REAL PHOTO, one room cabins w/women's names (bit lite tone; arrow above cabin) used; Port Sanilac, 1938. E $12 MIN.6
PC-215. "Imperial/Girls Band/Reading, MI": REAL PHOTO, girls in uniform w/instruments; unmailed AZO. E $30
PC-216. "Main St. Reading, MI":, aerial view; used; Reading, 1911. E $18
PC-217. Lot 4) Wayside Inn, Round Lake, MI: REAL PHOTO, 3 views & 1 duplicate (tip wear) used & unused AZO & BADGER. E $24 MIN.12
PC-218. "Michigan Central Station Three Oaks, MI": REAL PHOTO; used; Three Oaks, 1909. E $30
PC-219. "Traverse City, MI": REAL PHOTO, business street w/cars; J.C.PENNEY & Lyric theater signs; c.1930 (cr cntr T) unused. E $20
PC-220. "Main St. Looking North/Vicksburg, MI": REAL PHOTO, w/Michigan Gas & Electric, Coca Cola sign & cars c.1940; unused EKC. E $12 MIN.6
PC-221. "Main St. Vicksburg, MI": REAL PHOTO, w/Vicksburg Hotel & cars c.1940; unused EKC. E $12 MIN.6
PC-222. "Walled Lake, MI": REAL PHOTO, Snyder Drug & Roach Real Estate & cars. c.1940 (crs) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-223. "Mill Pond. Waterford, MI": Hinkley photo, distant view across pond; used; Waterford, 1913. E $12 MIN.6
PC-224. "Wayland, MI": REAL PHOTO, Ben Franklin, grocer & other stores w/cars c.1940; unused EKC. E $18
PC-225. "Greetings from Wellston, MI": REAL PHOTO, 7 deer hanging from pole; unused EKC. E $12 MIN.6
PC-226. "Locked In Death/Greetings from Wellston, MI": REAL PHOTO, heads of 2 male deer w/locked horns; unused EKC. E $12 MIN.6
PC-227. "A Group of Cottages, Crystal Lake, Frankfort, MI": REAL PHOTO; used; Frankfurt, 1926. E $12 MIN.6
PC-228. "East End, Hammond, MN": REAL PHOTO; distant view across river; used; Wabash & Faribault/RPO, 1912. E $14
PC-229. "Main St. International Falls, MN": REAL PHOTO, business street w/cars c.1930 (tip cr) unused EKKP. E $24
PC-230. "No.1101 Seneca Mills & Elevator, Seneca, MO.": REAL PHOTO, w/several large bldgs (crnr cr) unused KRUXO. E $30
PC-231. "July 4th 1913 Sweet Grass, MT": REAL PHOTO, crowd in field watching baseball game (crnr cr; offset ink spots in sky) used; Coutts, Canada, 1913. E $24
PC-232. "Main Street After The Fier (sic) Of June 28, 1911 Dunning, NE": REAL PHOTO, small town street w/no evidence of a fire; used; Seneca, NE, 1911. E $30
PC-233. Tonopah, NV, depot & yard: REAL PHOTO w/several Tonopah & Goldfield coal cars & passenger cars (small well-sealed spindle) used; Tonopah, 1909. E $30
PC-234. "Post Office, Claremont, NH": linen; (tip crs) used; Lebanon, NH, 1947. E $8
PC-235. "U.S. Post Office, Phillipsburg, NJ": linen; unused. E $8
PC-236. "U.S. Post Office, Ridgewood, NJ": litho (edge wear) unused. E $8
PC-237. "Road Runner Motel/Gallup, NM": chrome, w/insets of cafe & pool; motel on Rte.66; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-238. "De Anza Motor Lodge/Albuquerque, NM": chrome; Best Western on Rte.66; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-239. "Spruce St. & Central Cafe/Deming, NM": Frashers photo (tip crs; canx on pix side, in sky) used; Deming, 1942. E $18
PC-240. "Casa Linda Motel/Gallup, NM": printed; adobe style motel on Rte.66; association logo (Best Western?) blacked out at upper R; unused. E $14
PC-241. "Indian Teepees/Mescalero Apache Reservation, NM": REAL PHOTO; unused AZO. E $20
PC-242. "Rancho Motor Lodge/Santa Rosa, NM": chrome; on Rte.66 w/inset of road sign; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-243. "Rafters, Golden W, & Pow Wow Motels, Tucumcari, NM": chrome, section of Rte.66 w/various motels, gas station & cafe (tip cr; edge wear) used; Oklahoma City, 1976. E $12 MIN.6
PC-244. "Arietta's (NY)/Champions/10-11": REAL PHOTO, basketball team w/message written by one of members (message in wide margin; crs; surface wear) used; Gloversville, NY, 1911. E $20
PC-245. "Brown's Stone Quarry, Carlisle, NY": REAL PHOTO, train on tracks, horses w/wagons & loading conveyor; unused. E $18
PC-246. "Birds Eye View, Carlisle, NY": REAL PHOTO; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-247. "Children's Paradise, Coney Island, NY": linen, children in ride w/small cars by roller coaster; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-248. "Parachute Jump At Steeplechase Park, Coney Island, NY": linen; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-249. "Luna Park,/Coney Island, NY/Riding The Elephant": die-cut HOLD TO LIGHT (edge wear; tone) unused. E $24
PC-250. "Glens Falls, NY, Warren Street": litho, business street c.1900 (lite line in sky) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-251. "Camp Beecher Lake/Hunter, NY": REAL PHOTO, view of dam & water slide; unused AZO. E $12 MIN.6
PC-252. "Tennis & Hand Ball Court Beecher (Hunter, NY)": REAL PHOTO; unused AZO. E $15
PC-253. "Exterior of 5th Avenue Hotel (Manhattan) Fire May 3,1908": REAL PHOTO, 5 story bldg w/exterior still intact; unused KRUXO. E $20
PC-254. "Park Row Bldg/New York": die-cut HOLD-TO-LIGHT skyscraper (message in margin) used; Leetonia, OH, 1907. E $15
PC-255. "'Vicki Villa' Hotel Court/Elizabeth City NC": linen, mid-century dinner w/Pepsi clock; unused. E $15
PC-256. "U.S. Post Office & Government Bldg, Elizabeth, NC": linen (lower R tip stain) unused. E $8
PC-257. "Blewett Falls, NC/The Dam": REAL PHOTO, under construction; used, 1912. E $15
PC-258. Aerial view of Crosby, ND (in message): REAL PHOTO (tip cr; bit of offset canx ink) used; Crosby, 1908. E $18
PC-259. "Dreamland Circus, Coney Island, NY": litho; gaudy bldg w/"Ice Cream Soda 5c" sign; used; Jersey City/Erie Term, NJ, 1919. E $12 MIN.6
PC-260. "Fair Grounds, Montpelier/OH": printed, aerial view of tents & people; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-261. "Ohio Quarry Mills/Amherst, OH": Matson photo; unused. E $20
PC-262. Bowling Green, OH marching band: REAL PHOTO, members in uniform & horse by bldg (tip wear) unused AZO. E $20
PC-263. "P.M.Davidson's Ice Plant/Bowling Green, OH": litho; manufacturer of ice cream, milk, coal & coke w/Normal College Class; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-264. "Interior Bryan (OH) Tabernacle Jan 1912": REAL PHOTO, view from back w/long pews (crs) used; Bryan, 1912. E $20
PC-265. "The Bryan (OH) Tabernacle Jan.1912": REAL PHOTO exterior (tip wear; lower R edge cr) used; Bryan, 1912. E $15 MIN.8
PC-266. "Base Ball Club, 1913, Bryan, OH": REAL PHOTO, men in suits ready to travel w/suitcases & bats (heavy crnr cr; tip cr) unused AZO. E $30
PC-267. "Municipal Stadium. Cleveland, OH": linen, aerial view/game in progress; unused. E $14
PC-268. "U.S.Post Office, Conneaut, OH": litho (offset canx ink; tip cr) used; Conneaut, 1956. E $8
PC-269. "Main Street-West/Custar, OH": REAL PHOTO, street w/homes & stores; used; Custar, 1916. E $18
PC-270. "Reck (sic) on new Electric road between Custer & Deshler (OH)": REAL PHOTO, people around several train cars off the tracks (partial receiving canx on lwr L crnr; note in margin; tip crs; tiny tear B) used; Weston, OH, 1908. E $20
PC-271. "Dayton, OH-Bread Line at National Cash Register Works, Where 1000s/of the Destitute Were Fed & Clothed": litho (tip cr) used; Waterloo, IN, 1913. E $12 MIN.6
PC-272. Lot 4) Dayton, OH Flood Mar.25, 1913: REAL PHOTO, bread line, flooding & damaged bldgs (varied condition) unused. MIN.$24
PC-273. "Fayette (OH)": REAL PHOTO depot; locomotive, 1 car & crew (edge wear) unused. E $30
PC-274. "Fayette, OH canning factory 1910 (note back)": REAL PHOTO, workers w/crates, conveyer & corn husks; unused ARISTO. E $14
PC-275. "Main Street/Fayette, OH": REAL PHOTO, business street w/tracks center brick pavement; used; Fayette, 1910. E $30
PC-276. "The Claus Shear Company-Fremont, OH": litho, aerial view of factory w/ad back; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-277. "Ft. Recovery, OH": REAL PHOTO, daredevil on ramp w/large crowd (tiny tone spot T) used; Fort Recovery, 1907. E $18
PC-278. "Avery-Jeweler & Optician/Montpelier, OH": printed country scene w/mill & December 1913 calendar w/ad on back; hang hole; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-279. "Maine St. Looking East/Montpelier, OH": REAL PHOTO, business street scene w/horse drawn wagons (tip wear) used; Det & St. Louis/RPO, 1910. E $18
PC-280. "Meet Me at the/Williams County Fair/Montpelier, OH, Sept 12-16, '11": litho, young girl w/banana curls in straw hat (bit lite cr) unused. E $14
PC-281. "Wreck On C.N.R. RR At Ney, OH": REAL PHOTO, people watching removal of wreckage (edge wear) unused AZO. E $15 MIN.8
PC-282. "Greetings From Portage, OH": REAL PHOTO, 5 insets w/churches, school, lodge & streetcar; unmailed. E $15 MIN.8
PC-283. "Findlay St. Portage, OH": REAL PHOTO, streetcar & people on business street; unmailed AZO. E $24 MIN.12
PC-284. "Newsboys/Band/Toledo, OH": litho, band in uniform w/drum major by Newsboys Bldg (edge wear; tip cr) used; Toledo, 1911. E $15
PC-285. Man in front of grocery store in Toledo, OH: REAL PHOTO w/several signs & products visible; POSTCARDS displayed in window (lite cr; offset canx ink) used; Toledo, 1911. E $20
PC-286. "Fair-September 3,4,5,6,7 1917/On the Home Stretch at the Van Wert (OH) County Fair": litho, sulky race in progress w/ad back; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-287. "Wreck On L.S. & M.S. Wauseon, OH": REAL PHOTO, remains of train car w/bystanders (crs) used; Wauseon, 1908. E $20
PC-288. "Jackson St. West Unity, OH 15-106": REAL PHOTO, business street w/horse drawn carriages (small lite tone spoty in sky; tip cr; small X on bldg) used; West Unity, OH, 1912. E $24
PC-289. "Jackson Street. West Unity, OH": REAL PHOTO, business street w/horse drawn carriages (offset canx ink; stamp gone) used; Bryan, OH, 1908. E $24
PC-290. "X.F.D. No. 2, Xenia, OH": printed, 2 horse drawn fire department wagons (tip wear) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-291. "Kozy Kottage/Zanesville, OH": litho; diner w/Coca Cola & Pepsi Cola signs (tip crs) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-292. "North Side Square, Altus, OK": litho; crowd in street (tiny tear T) used; Wichita & Altus/RPO, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-293. "Great Salt Plains, U.S.Reservation Near Cherokee, OK": white border litho; man by car on salt flat; unused. E $8
PC-294. "Granot Lodge/Clinton, OK": chrome, w/additional inset view of motel on Rte.66 (tiny tip cr) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-295. "Greetings from/Waterhouse Photo Company/Call 3-9015 Oklahoma City (OK)": REAL PHOTO, distant view of oil derricks w/white arrow pointing to Oklahoma City in background; unused AZO. E $24
PC-296. "Sunset Motel/Sayre, OK": chrome; motel on Rte.66; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-297. "First Methodist Church Sayre, OK": REAL PHOTO (tip crs) used; Erick, OK, 1941. E $12 MIN.6
PC-298. "Bordens Restaurant/Tulsa, Ok": chrome; modern bldg on Rte.66 (edge wear) unused. E $15 MIN.8
PC-299. "Our New Depot/Frank H. Hull": (Medford, OR); Hull Photo, exterior w/people & baggage carts; 1911. E $30
PC-300. "Camp Grove Breitenbrush, OR": REAL PHOTO, tents in wooded area; unused AZO. E $8
PC-301. "Art Lacey's Bomber Station/The only one in the world/Portland, OR": REAL PHOTO, gas station w/prop airplane above the pumps; unused EKC. E $18
PC-302. "Bird's-Eye View of State Sanatorium, Hamburg, PA": Curteich linen; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-303. "Simpson's Store/Lakewood, PA": litho, cars & trucks c.1930 by Atlantic gas station (tip wear) unused. E $14
PC-304. "Masonic Hall & Post Office/Mt. Carmel, PA": linen, exterior; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-305. "Mt. Morris (PA) Decoration Day Parade" (per message): REAL PHOTO, aerial view of women & children on street; used; Mount Morris, 1911. E $12 MIN.6
PC-306. "Red Hill, PA": REAL PHOTO, aerial view residential street (bit of offset canx ink) used; Red Hill, 1912. E $14
PC-307. "Rogersville (PA)/School/1908-9": litho, students & faculty outside bldg (crnr crs) used; Deer Lick, PA, 1917. E $12 MIN.6
PC-308. Lot 3) Educators at Waynesburg (PA)/Business College": printed; unused. E $15 MIN.8
PC-309. "Senior Class Waynesburg College 1908, Waynesburg, PA": litho, 6 men & 3 women unused. E $15 MIN.8
PC-310. "W. & W..R.R. Depot, Waynesburg, PA": litho, exterior (message at B; tip wear) used; Waynesburg, 1916. E $12 MIN.6
PC-311. "U.S. Post Office, Waynesburg, PA": litho; used. E $12 MIN.6
PC-312. "High St. looking east from Washington, Waynesburg, PA": printed (offset canx ink; bit lite tone) used; Waynesburg, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-313. "Looking West From Roof Of Waynesburg College, Waynesburg, PA": printed, aerial view (note in B margin; offset canx ink) used; Waynesburg, 1907. E $12 MIN.6
PC-314. "Electric Light Plant, Waynesburg, PA": printed, exterior; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-315. "Veteran Of The 85th Viewing Waynesburg, PA": printed, parade of cars (uneven toned) used; Waynesburg, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-316. "Old Jewish Synagogue, Newport, RI": litho; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-317. "Main St. Britton SD": REAL PHOTO, w/horse drawn wagons; unused AZO. E $30
PC-318. "Mitchell (SD) H.S. Foot Ball Team 1907": REAL PHOTO, players & dog in posed photo (writing in margin; tip crs) used; Mitchell, 1907. E $40
PC-319. "U.S.Fire Observation/Atop Little Frog Mtn./Cherokee Ntl. Forest (TN)": REAL PHOTO; unused EKKP. E $15 MIN.8
PC-320. "Villa Restaurant/Amarillo, TX": chrome; on Rte.66 w/large Holiday Inn sign (bit edge wear) used; Amarillo, 1964. E $8
PC-321. "Ding How Restaurant/Amarillo, TX": chrome; w/inset of interior restaurant on Rte.66; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-322. "U.S. Post Office/Cape Charles, VA": printed; unused. E $8
PC-323. "Business District-Kent, WA": REAL PHOTO, busy downtown c.1940 w/businesses inc. printing, theatre, lumber, drivers license office & real estate; unused EKC. E $15
PC-324. "Mill at Lake McMurray (WA)": REAL PHOTO, large lumber mill on lake w/train tracks; unused AZO. E $20
PC-325. "U.S.Post Office, Clarksburg, WV": litho, exterior; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-326. "Carnegie Pump Station atHundred, WV" (per message)": REAL PHOTO, aerial view (T tips ruff; nicks; AS IS for that) used; Waynesburg, PA, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-327. "Penn.R.R./Depot/Showing/Passenger/Train/Flood of/March, 1907/Wheeling, WV": litho, train in water up to middle of windows; used; Wheeling, 1909. E $14
PC-328. "The Post's & Borum Boat House & Cottages/Cedar Lake, WI": REAL PHOTO, view to bldgs from lake (lite tip cr) used; Mikana, WI, 1913. E $15
PC-329. "Main Street Fond Du Lac, WI": REAL PHOTO, business street (tiny tip cr) used; Fond Du Lac, 1946. E $15 MIN.8
PC-330. "De Loirs Cafe/A Place To Eat/Green Bay, WI": REAL PHOTO, interior w/staff; unmailed. E $50
PC-331. "Klein's Resort Cottages, Hagawicka Lake (WI)": REAL PHOTO (2 "X's" on cottage; tip wear; lower L tip toned) used; 1928. E $12 MIN.6
PC-332. "Chippewa Indian Village,/Lac Du Flambeau, WI": REAL PHOTO; used; Ashland & Milw/RPO, 1929. E $20
PC-333. "Earl Gardner & His Orchestra/At Gull Lake Hotel,Kalamazoo, MI, Month Of August": litho, band members standing by bus from company in Omaha, NE (tip cr) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-334. "The Corticelli Kitten": litho, cat playing w/thread & spelling out company name w/merchant Meyer-Lindorf Co., Mt.Vernon, OH in ad (tip cr; offset canx ink) used; Mount Vernon, 1915. E $12 MIN.6
PC-335. "Bradenton/DeSoto Pageant/February 19-20-21-22": 1941; printed, picturing explorer & Indians; Bradenton, FL High School Stadium, largest outdoor stadium in the south; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-336. "Pleasant to take/Frog in Your Throat Co." AD: comic dressed frog w/camera, photographing beautiful woman (tip cr; edge tear B) usused 4x5.75" priv.mailing card; ©1905. E $12 MIN.6
PC-337. "Welcome": printed highest electric sign in the world for 1910 Knights Templar Conclave in Chicago; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-338. "Play This RECORD on your PHONOGRAPH 78 rpm speed/The Edison Laboratory/Fort Meyers, FL": chrome; playable recording w/scene from laboratory in background; unmailed. E $15
PC-339. "A Fine Car Made Finer/1947 Pontiac Streamliner Sedan-Coupe": silver car by boat & lighthouse; used; Detroit, 1947. E $15
PC-340. "Walk-Over Shoe Store": litho, ad card w/exterior store in Detroit (short line in margin) used; Detroit, 1908. E $15
PC-341. "The Victoria Four": litho, souvenir picturing singing group w/lyrics to chorus of 1913 song (tip cr) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-342. "Strobel's Air Ship. Aeronaut, Frank W. Goodale": litho, man in basket under air ship (toned) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-343. "Vaughn's First Flight Aug 12-09/At Bryan Homecoming": REAL PHOTO, street w/people looking up at airship; unused. E $18
PC-344. "Loop The Loop Aviator/Art Smith": REAL PHOTO, pilot seated on ground in his aircraft; unused AZO. E $30
PC-345. "Graf Zeppelins lenkbares/Luftschiff in voller Fahrt": printed, airship in flight (edge wear) used; Baden Baden, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-346. "Mail & express is put on board United's/Mainliner": chrome, postcard from airplane w/instructions to "return to stewardess who will stamp & mail it for you" (tip cr; bit lite soil) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-347. "United NC30001": chrome, cutaway view of Mainliner; postcard from airplane w/instructions to "return to stewardess who will stamp & mail it for you" (heavy crs) unmailed. E $12 MIN.6
PC-348. Early "plane in that dropped in Albert Schroder Field" near "Ridgeville": REAL PHOTO biplane; info from note written on back; unused AZO. E $15 MIN.8
PC-349. "The U.S.S. Macon, Just After Completion In The Goodyear Zeppelin Dock, At Akron, OH": linen (tip wear; border trim L) used; Cleveland, 1936. E $12 MIN.6
PC-350. "Official Postal Card/Trans-Mississippi/&/International/Exoposition": litho, Manufacturers bldg Megson GF30A-7 (tiny tip cr) unused. E $75
PC-351. Pan-American Expo: "U.S. Gov't Bldg": Niagara Env.; Megson GG210-6; litho; (offset canx ink; message front) used; New York, 1901. E $12 MIN.6
PC-352. "HOLD TO LIGHT/Official Souvenir/Postal Card/Electricity Bldg": printed, from St. Louis Expo canceled on 1st day, Megson #GI118-3 (crnr cr; writing at B edge) used; St. Louis, 1904. E $30
PC-353. "Falls-Forestry Bldg A.Y P.": REAL PHOTO, Oakes #1218; unused AZO. E $14
PC-354. "Facade Manufactures Bldg A.Y.P.": REAL PHOTO, exterior (tip crs; name written in sky) used; Seattle, 1909. E $14
PC-355. Women riding A.Y.P. "Exposition Special the North Coast Limited": studio REAL PHOTO (bit cr) unused AZO. E $14
PC-356. "Geyser Basin & European Bldg": REAL PHOTO, Romans photo #12113 from A.Y.P. Exposition (bit lite cr) used; Seattle, 1909. E $15
PC-357. Lot 2) "Meet Me In Seattle 1909/At The Carnival": Tuck Carnival Series #117 for A.Y.P. Exposition of ladies & clown titled "Only Teasing" & "Music Hath Charms" (edge wear; small ms initial) unused. E $15
PC-358. Lot 5) A.Y.P. Exposition pub Portland Post Card: litho, scenes including Tickler & Military Encampment w/inset logo (varied condition, mostly fine) used & unused. E $15
PC-359. "The 'Simonds' Saw"; litho, man next to "Biggest Saw in the World" at A.Y.P. Exposition w/CREAM background (part lite tone) unused. E $15
PC-360. Column at Government Bldg at A.Y.P. Exposition: REAL PHOTO; unused AZO. E $15 MIN.8
PC-361. "Government Bldg/Cascades": REAL PHOTO, Romans photo #12106 from A.Y.P. Exposition; used; Mount Vernon, WA, 1909. E $15
PC-362. "Hawaiian Bldg A.Y.P. Seattle": REAL PHOTO, exterior; caption spelled "HAWAIIN" (tip crs; name written in sky) used; Seattle, 1909. E $14
PC-363. "Main Entrance By Night A.Y.P.": REAL PHOTO, Oakes #1237; unused AZO. E $15
PC-364. "Cascades & Gov't Bldg A.Y.P.E": REAL PHOTO, Frasch #284; unused AZO. E $15
PC-365. "Manufactur (sic) Bldg A.Y.P.E. Seattle 09": REAL PHOTO, Goetz w/exterior (lite crnr crs from mounting) unused AZO. E $15
PC-366. "Government Bldg/A.Y.P.E. Seattle": REAL PHOTO; caption REVERSED (crnr cr) unused AZO. E $14
PC-367. "Looking Across/Formal Gardens/A.Y.P.E. Seattle": REAL PHOTO; unused AZO. E $14
PC-368. "Hawaiian/Bldg/A.Y.P.E. Seattle": REAL PHOTO; unused AZO. E $15
PC-369. "Canadian Bldg. A.Y.P.E.": Oakes REAL PHOTO #1170 (edge wear) unused AZO. E $14
PC-370. "View Through Columns of Agricultural Bldg. A.Y.P.E.": REAL PHOTO used; Seattle, 1909. E $15 MIN.8
PC-371. "Always/Smiling 'At The'A.Y.P.E./1909/Seattle/Wash.": LEATHER, title & face w/huge smile & hand done address area (bit uneven trim) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-372. "Forestry Bldg/A.Y.P.E./Seattle": REAL PHOTO, exterior w/TREE-TRUNK columns (tip cr) used; Seattle, 1909. E $15
PC-373. "Portola-Louvre": litho, interior restaurant at Panama Pacific Exposition, San Francisco 1915 (edge wear) used; San Diego, 1915. E $12 MIN.6
PC-374. Studio photo of 2 women & man at Panama Pacific Exposition: REAL PHOTO, w/backdrop of expo bldg (crnr cr) used; San Francisco, 1916. E $15 MIN.8
PC-375. Lot 2) Panama-Pacific Exposition 1915: hand colored, pub Weidner w/Palace of Fine Art & Marina (edge wear). E $14
PC-376. "Spreckels Organ/P.C.E. 1915": REAL PHOTO, distant view of crowd at band shell w/pipe organ; unused AZO. E $15
PC-377. Women riding in wicker carts at Panama California Exposition (message back): REAL PHOTO (tip cr; stamp gone) used; Pasadena, 1915. E $15 MIN.8
PC-378. "Panama-California Exposition 1915": litho, view from Balboa Park pub Eno & Matteson (edge wear) used; San Diego/Exposition Sta., CA, 1915. E $15
PC-379. "Panama-California Exposition, 1915 San Diego": printed, 10 postcards of scenes & bldgs in booklet w/envelope (usual wear on envelope). E $20
PC-380. "Japanese Tea House, Panama-California Exposition, San Diego, 1915 & 1916": litho, w/bridge (edge wear; cr B) used, 1916. E $12 MIN.6
PC-381. "California Bldg/San Diego Exposition 1915": REAL PHOTO, view of top thru trees (tip cr) used; San Diego, 1915. E $14
PC-382. "The Prado, San Diego Exposition 1915": REAL PHOTO, view w/archway in distance; unused AZO. E $14
PC-383. "Botanical Bldg/San Diego Exposition 1915": REAL PHOTO, w/reflection in pool; unused AZO. E $14
PC-384. "Facade of California Bldg/San Diego Exposition 1915": Tay REAL PHOTO; ornate front; unused AZO. E $14
PC-385. " San Diego Exposition 1915": vertical REAL PHOTO, Prado (part overexposed) unused AZO. E $14
PC-386. "Century of Progress 1933/Chicago, IL": REAL PHOTO, group of ladies & 2 men in front of Czechoslovakia Café unused AZO. E $14
PC-387. "United Air Lines '3-Mile-A-Minute' Multi-Motored Boeing'; litho, airplane in flight & map of route at bottom w/Century of Progress, Chicago ad back; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-388. "We parked our car in this world's largest parking lot/Between 16th & 26th Sts. on Columbus Drive": REAL PHOTO, aerial view w/Chicago Century of Progress Expo bldgs in background; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-389. "The World.s Greatest Little People/Morris Gest's 'Midget Town'-New York World's Fair": litho, posed photo of performers from 1939-40 on fairgrounds; unused. E $15
PC-390. "Souvenir of Quintland/Home of the Dionne Quintuplets/Ontario, Canada": 3.5x8" booklet w/10 diff.tear-out PPCs; Quints-related views, 1930s. E $20
PC-391. "Burning the Bodies of Dead Bandits/at Columbus, NM": REAL PHOTO, from 1916 Villa raid (tiny tip cr) unused. E $30
PC-392. "The Deserter": REAL PHOTO, firing squad of soldiers aiming rifles at kneeling hooded man (L tip clip; pinholes; crs; tear B; adhesions on back; AS IS for faults) unused. E $15 MIN.8
PC-393. "First Shipment of Red Cross Supplies for our Army in France, from Bloomington, IL, Chapter of the American Red Cross. May 21, 1917": REAL PHOTO, wooden crates, nurse & 2 soldiers; unused AZO. E $24
PC-394. "Wm.J.Bryan/John Kern": litho, campaign candidates inset on flags (flaw spot in gold ink) unused. E $15 MIN.8
PC-395. "Pres.Roosevelt & Family": litho, T.R., wife & 6 children on lawn (tip wear) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-396. "Our Choice": litho, Taft/Sherman portraits; crossed flag; GOLD eagle & frames (tip cr; tip wear) unused. E $15 MIN.8
PC-397. "Back Up;/You've Batted Twice": signed Allan Uncle Sam admonishing T.R. Roosevelt in baseball uniform w/Taft looking on (part lite tone) unused. E $30
PC-398. "Suffragettes, Winners of the Political Race, Engineer's Campfire Oct. 3rd '12 Ames, IA": REAL PHOTO, group of 7 men (5 in DRAG; 1 in BLACK FACE) holding political placards (tip cr) used; Ames, IA, 1912. E $70
PC-399. "Miami, AZ": REAL PHOTO, cars c.1940 on road below copper smelting plant; unused EKC. E $12 MIN.6
PC-400. Train crew next to locomotive 387 & Wabash cars: REAL PHOTO; unused AZO. E $24
PC-401. Lot 5) Locomotives; REAL PHOTO, from Ohio & Michigan (varied condition) unused. MIN.$15
PC-402. Lot 16) Railroad Depots: 1907-linen (varied condition) used & unused. E $50
PC-403. Rock Island train w/laborers & bags on truck: REAL PHOTO (edge wear; horiz.cr) used; Detroit, 1913. E $15 MIN.8
PC-404. "Modern Streamliner S.F.1 & Old V. & T. No.21 'J.W. Bowker": REAL PHOTO, 2 trains side by side, now Railway & Historical Society property (cr) used; Ogden & S.F., 1942. E $12 MIN.6
PC-405. "Michigan State Ferries/'City of Petoskey'/St. Ignace, MI": REAL PHOTO; unused EKC. E $12 MIN.6
PC-406. "Issued by the Department of Communications in commemoration of the Visit of the American Fleet, Oct. 1908": printed, anchor w/Merchant Fleet spelled out in rope w/inset of ship (bit of offset canx ink) used. E $14
PC-407. "Issued by the Department of Communications in commemoration of the Visit of the American Fleet, Oct. 1908": printed, crossed flags of Japan & U.S w/inset of naval officer (bit lite soiled; stamp gone) used. E $15 MIN.8
PC-408. "Cunard R.M.S. 'Mauretania'": printed, ship; used; Southhampton, Great Britain, Paquebot, 1952. E $12 MIN.6
PC-409. Lot 70+) Ships & boats: pre-1920 to chrome including REAL PHOTO w/steamers & ocean liners (varied condition) used & unused. E $200
PC-410. "Excursion Steamer 'Alton' on Mississippi River": litho close-up view (tip wear) used; St.Louis, MO, 1912. E $12 MIN.6
PC-411. "Teacher's Camp/Baguio, P.I.": REAL PHOTO, tents & canopies under trees (tip cr) used; Baguio, P.I., 1926. E $12 MIN.6
PC-412. "Interior of Cock Pit, Cock Fighting, C. Juarez, Mexico": litho, fight in progress & info about the sport (edge wear; crs) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-413. "Nos Marins/69. L'Attaque aerienne": France sailors on deck; signed H.Gervese; used, 1937. E $12 MIN.6
PC-414. Germany: 10pf "Packetfahrt/Jubilaumskarte" GPC w/Wilhelm II PORTRAIT TRANSPARENCY at L (small piece out, but not into image; message on both sides, but unmailed), [1898]. E $40 MIN.20
PC-415. "Third Ave. Lethbridge, AB, Canada": REAL PHOTO, aerial view of businesses, park & streetcars (edge wear) used Lethbridge, 1913. E $12 MIN.6
PC-416. "Q.R. & P.Co. Quebec/Famous Panoramic Tour": REAL PHOTO, closeup view of observation streetcar full of people; unused. E $15 MIN.8
PC-417. "Hurrah/For The 4th of July/Hurrah": Uncle Sam kissing hand of allegorical lady liberty w/flags & fireworks (crnr crs) used; Lima, OH. E $12 MIN.6
PC-418. "Hurrah/For The 4th of July/Hurrah": Uncle Sam waving firecrackers w/flags & fireworks (various faults) used. E $12 MIN.6
PC-419. Lot 6) 4th of July: signed Carr firecrackers & hobo monkey (lite tone) unused. E $30
PC-420. ALLIGATOR BORDER: "Picking Oranges, Florida": printed, people on ladders by orange trees framed by alligators (tip cr) used; Tampa, 1911. E $18
PC-421. "St. Clair Tunnel/Under St. Clair River (Sarnia, ON, & Port Huron, MI)": view of tunnel entrance on ALUMINUM postcard (few lite bends) unused; "Must be mailed under cover" instruction. E $20
PC-422. "'Sammy', The Giant Ape": litho; seated wearing red & blue uniform; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-423. Baby & doll on sofa: REAL PHOTO; unused AZO. E $12 MIN.6
PC-424. Lot 2 diff.) Bare-breasted Native American princess: chrome; signed (Gerdo) Christoffersen; unused, ca.1960. E $15 MIN.8
PC-425. "Western Bloomer Girls. Ladies' Champion Base Ball Club": litho, team in uniform (crnr crs) unmailed. E $20
PC-426. "Night View, Red Bird Stadium, Columbus, OH": linen, aerial view of baseball game in progress (bit of offset canx ink) used; Columbus, 1946. E $20
PC-427. "National League 'Cubs' Ball Park, Chicago": printed, w/baseball game in progress (edge wear) used; Chicago, 1914. E $15
PC-428. "Briggs Stadium, Detroit, MI": linen, aerial view w/baseball game in progress in home of Detroit Tigers (bit cr; stamp gone) used; Detroit, 1940. E $15 MIN.8
PC-429. "Chicago/Playing Baseball in Lincoln Park": printed, game in progress in park w/message refers to seeing "the Cubs" here (soil specks in sky) used; Chicago, 1909. E $15
PC-430. Toledo Mud Hens baseball team 1907 (7 players w/black dots on eyes): litho, includes names of players (ms town/year at T; bit lite tone; tip thin; pencil scribbles on back) unused. E $24 MIN.12
PC-431. "Frontier Basket Ball Team for 1909 (per note on back)": REAL PHOTO, 5 young women in uniform dresses w/coach by brick bldg; unused VELOX. E $15
PC-432. "I won't be home for dinner, Dear": signed Clark bear in straw hat on telephone (bit cr) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-433. "C-c-come on i-in b-boys, the w-water's f-fine!" signed Clark bear in swimsuit (crs; few lite tone specks) unmailed. E $12 MIN.6
PC-434. Black FUR bear walking up road: printed (edge wear) unused. E $15 MIN.8
PC-435. "Sarah Bernhardt, par J.Bastien-Lepage": litho; painting of actress; French; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-436. "Billy Sunday answering his mail": Williams photo, evangelist reading letter & man w/Yost typewriter (tip wear) unmailed AZO. E $20
PC-437. "Billy Sunday arriving at the tabernacle for afternoon meeting/Bloomington, IL": Williams photo, evangelist getting out car (tip wear) unmailed AZO. E $15 MIN.8
PC-438. "You ain't agwine to do it": signed Harlow black boy & girl playing croquet; unmailed. E $15 MIN.8
PC-439. "'Come to See Me'-Down in Sunny Dixie": linen, black boy in cotton field; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-440. "You'll Be/Hearin'/From Me": linen comic, black boy on chamber pot; used; Green Lake, WI, 1954. E $12 MIN.6
PC-441. "She Loves Me,/She Loves Me Not": litho, black boy peeling banana (tiny tear T; crnr cr) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-442. "You're Invited Here/For The.../Big Blow Out": signed Munson nude black boy reading invitation sitting on chamber pot; used; Lakeview, OH, 1944. E $12 MIN.6
PC-443. "'Yes -Suh! Some Pumpkins' In Dixieland": linen, black boy sitting on large pumpkin; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-444. "Oh You Kid": cartoon w/black boy trying to kiss black girl; derogatory caricatures (tip cr; stamp damaged) used; Pearl City, IL, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-445. "Two Sunny Smiles (title back/in color)": litho black boys in denim overalls (edge wear) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-446. "Two Sunny Smiles (title front/black & white)": litho black boys wearing denim overalls; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-447. "When I ain't eatin', or sleepin' or fishin'/I luvs to reelax in dis posishun": linen, black child w/exposed behind sitting in outhouse; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-448. "Two Loving Hearts": signed H.Y. w/2 black children & exposed bare heart shaped behinds; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-449. "Muh heart if turkey/trottin' foh yo, chile": signed Witt w/2 black children in tall grass (lite tone; tip crs) used; Camden, MI, 1918. E $12 MIN.6
PC-450. "I'se Jus' Bilin' Over Wid Lub For You!": signed Lewin w/2 nude black children sitting by tea kettle on stove; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-451. "When ah look in/yor eyes ah get/ah glimpse of/heben": signed Witt w/2 black children sitting on a fence (lite tone) used; Camden, MI, 1918. E $12 MIN.6
PC-452. "This Am No Lemon": litho, smiling black girl holding watermelon; used; Camden, MI, 1917. E $12 MIN.6
PC-453. "I'm scared I'll/get sunburned": signed Gassaway black girl in sun bonnet (lite crs) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-454. "Four Score Years & Ten": printed, Tuck Old Folks at Home Series w/black man by log cabin cutting wood (tip crs) used; Hornell, NY, 1907. E $12 MIN.6
PC-455. "Seeking an Affinity": derogatory comic; drooling black man caricature casting shadow of chicken on fence (edge wear) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-456. "Dinner/in Sight": comic w/black man holding chicken behind him (bit lite tone) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-457. "I Got My Eye on You": comic w/black man & woman derogatory caricatures; ©1904; unused undiv.back. E $12 MIN.6
PC-458. "If dat don't fetch her,/nothing/will.": cartoon w/sharply dressed black man; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-459. "A Cinch Party": cartoon w/3 black men playing cards w/cards in pockets under the table; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-460. "Four of a Kind": litho, 4 black people; used; Mungen, OH, 1907. E $12 MIN.6
PC-461. "Two Dixie Products./Greetings From/The Sunny South": linen, black toddler sitting in basket of cotton; unmailed. E $12 MIN.6
PC-462. "Three Black Crows": litho, black toddlers in diapers on tree branch; used; Vicksburg, MS, 1907. E $14
PC-463. "Three of a Kind": litho, black toddlers on porch (edge wear) used; St. Petersburg, FL, 1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-464. "Dere!/Enery Clay/can't stand up/against a smile/like dat!"cartoon w/black woman fancy dress & umbrella (lower L tip thin; tip cr) used; Angola, IN, 1907. E $12 MIN.6
PC-465. "A Little Chocolate Drop": litho, black woman holding black baby on porch; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-466. "The South-That Is No More": litho, white woman w/arms around black woman on porch (printed X's on © info; edge wear) used; Cordele, GA, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-467. "Aunt Venus hunting for Florida Fleas": litho, black woman searching scalp of black girl on porch (edge wear; tiny tear T) used; St. Petersburg, FL, 1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-468. Brigitte Bardot: French actress on easychair, w/leg extended in air; continental; unused, ca.1960. E $12 MIN.6
PC-469. "Over the Bounding Main"/Buster Brown & His Bubble: comic w/race car (tear B; tip cr; message in margin) used, 1905. E $5
PC-470. Four cats in pasture: unsigned artist (tiny nicks lower R) used, 1910. E $5
PC-471. "Christmas Greetings": Tuck "Santa Claus " series #512 w/sleeping child & pink-suited Santa carrying toy bag putting small doll in stocking (tiny tip wear) unused. E $14
PC-472. "A Merry Christmas": angel in blue coat & hat looking at red LIGHT PASS THRU windows (tip cr) unmailed. E $20
PC-473. "A Merry Christmas": printed, winter scene w/hunter & dog & house in background w/clear LIGHT PASS THRU windows (edge wear) unmailed. E $20
PC-474. "A Merry Christmas": Santa in BLUE suit holding decorated Chrsitmas tree w/river & houses in background (2 heavy crnr crs) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-475. "Wishing you a Merry Christmas": Santa in patterned gold & red suit w/young girl; used; Waldron, MI, 1910. E $15
PC-476. "A Merry Christmas": Santa in snowy woods wearing fur edged long, grey coat (upper R tip thin) unmailed. E $12 MIN.6
PC-477. "A Merry Christmas": Santa lighting candle on tree w/doll on floor; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-478. "A Merry/Christmas": Santa w/fur lined coat & hat sealing packages; used; Wameon, KS, 1909. E $18
PC-479. "Christmas/Greetings": Santa w/fur cap driving; several dolls in basket (crnr cr) unmailed. E $15 MIN.8
PC-480. "U.B. Church": REAL PHOTO, bldg on plains w/message about Nebraska (edge wear) used; Shelton, NE, 1912. E $15
PC-481. "Dance/of the/Kutie/Kids": litho, 3 Cupie dolls in dresses; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-482. "Jewel Co. Inc": REAL PHOTO, couple next to early delivery truck w/message "traveling each day in our little truck"; unmailed AZO. E $24
PC-483. Hunters loading GIANT dead rabbits on horse-drawn sled: W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION (edge wear) unused AZO. E $15 MIN.8
PC-484. GIANT Watermelon falling off horse drawn wagon: W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION (tip wear) unmailed AZO. E $20 MIN.10
PC-485. Men on GIANT ear of corn on horse drawn wagon: W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION (tip wear; couple tiny scuffs in trees) used; Topeka, KS, 1909. E $15 MIN.8
PC-486. "How We Do Things At Findley Lake, NY": litho, EXAGGERATION truck full of cucumbers (edge wear; stamp gone) used; Findley Lake, NY, 1923. E $12 MIN.6
PC-487. "Potatoes grow big in out state": Martin Photo, EXAGGERATION wagon full of potatoes (edge wear; last word of title blacked out) used; Falls Creek, PA, 1910. E $15 MIN.8
PC-488. "Pumpkins grown on our soil/are profitable": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: 3 GIANT pumpkins on horse drawn wagon; unused AZO. E $15 MIN.8
PC-489. "A Unique Bungalow": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: black family & GIANT watermelon house (edge wear) unused. E $15 MIN.8
PC-490. "The Modern Farmer/near Mena, AR": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: car loaded w/GIANT eggs & potatos; used; Mena, 1910. E $15 MIN.8
PC-491. "Gathering corn in our country": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: farmer sawing GIANT ear of corn from stalk; unused AZO. E $15 MIN.8
PC-492. "Bringing in the Sheaves": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: farmers by GIANT crop of corn, cabbage & pumpkin (bit edge wear) unused AZO. E $15 MIN.8
PC-493. "The way we Harvest Wheat": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: farmers lassoing GIANT wheat; unused AZO. E $15 MIN.8
PC-494. "I had an exciting time": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: fishermen & GIANT fish on the lines (bit edge wear) unused. E $15 MIN.8
PC-495. "The Bass I caught": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: fishermen; 1 in the water w/GIANT fish on line; unused AZO. E $15 MIN.8
PC-496. "Loading Corn/In Illinois": Ritchie photo, EXAGGERATION: GIANT ears of corn & horse drawn wagons (bit lite tone) unmailed KRUXO. E $15
PC-497. "A fight with a mad Pickrel": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: GIANT fish attacking man in rowboat; unused AZO. E $15 MIN.8
PC-498. "I caught these by myself": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: GIANT fish on horse drawn wagon (bit edge wear T) unused. E $15
PC-499. "Here is the place we grow large cabbage": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: horse drawn wagon load of GIANT cabbages; unused AZO. E $15 MIN.8
PC-500. "How We Do It In Washington": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: hunters w/guns hauling GIANT rabbit on pole. E $15 MIN.8
PC-501. "Loading Tomatoes for shipment": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: man loading GIANT tomatoes on train flat car; unused AZO. E $15 MIN.8
PC-502. "A Pair of Hungry Pike": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: man on log w/leg being torn off by GIANT fish (tip cr) unused. E $15 MIN.8
PC-503. "'Salted' So easy. Put salt on their tails": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: man pouring salt from shaker on GIANT rabbit; unused AZO. E $15 MIN.8
PC-504. "I Finally got Him": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: man riding GIANT fish w/ax (edge wear; tip cr) used; Jacksonville, FL, 1913. E $15 MIN.8
PC-505. "I Finally got Him": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: man riding on GIANT fish w/ax (bit edge wear) unused AZO. E $15 MIN.8
PC-506. "Our/County Fair Contest/On Corn": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: man sitting on GIANT ear of corn; unused AZO. E $15 MIN.8
PC-507. "Potatoes grow big in our State": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: man sitting on GIANT potatoes on horse drawn wagon; used; OH, 1910. E $15 MIN.8
PC-508. "A load of extra good Apples": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: many GIANT apples on horse drawn wagon (tip wear) unused AZO. E $15 MIN.8
PC-509. "Great Sport fishing here": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: men in boat & many GIANT fish (tiny tip wear) unused. E $15 MIN.8
PC-510. "When we go after anything we get it": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: men in car trying to lasso GIANT jack rabbit (bit edge wear) unused. E $15 MIN.8
PC-511. "Harvesting Wheat in Nebr.": Martin REAL PHOTO EXAGGERATION: men lassoing GIANT wheat (edge wear) used; Inavale, NE, 1910. E $15 MIN.8
PC-512. "The Daddy of all the Pike": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: men riding to shore on GIANT fish; unused AZO. E $15
PC-513. "Peach Canning Time-on the farm: W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: men washing & putting GIANT peaches in glass jars w/winch; unused. E $15 MIN.8
PC-514. "Shipping a few of our Peaches": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: train employee loading several GIANT peaches in Wells Fargo baggage car; unused AZO. E $15 MIN.8
PC-515. "Trading Immense Strawberries": W.H.Martin REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION: wagon full of GIANT berries; unused. E $15
PC-516. "Deputy Fire Chief, Waterbury, CT": litho, chief & driver in dept. auto (edge wear; cr) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-517. "New Motor Propelled Water Tower, New York": litho, fire department vehicle w/crew; used; New York, 1913. E $12 MIN.6
PC-518. "The Largest Fire Engine in the World (Self-Propelled) Engine No.4, Hartford, Ct.": litho, w/driver & 2 man crew (message R margin) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-519. "The Auto. 'Flying Squadron,' Detroit, MI": litho; crew simulating speeding out of fire house in auto (edge wear) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-520. "Combination Engine No. 1, W.H.F. (Fire) De'p't. West Haven, Conn.": litho, w/crew in street clothes (tip cr; edge wear) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-521. Lot 3) The Fish Story": printed w/GLITTER, 3 part installment w/man catching fish (few faults) used; Chicago, 1906. E $30
PC-522. "1908 Foot-Ball Team. Class Champions, Evanston Academy, 1908-08": litho, team in uniforms w/knee pants by goal post (edge wear; lite tone) unused. E $40
PC-523. "Steamer G.S.Boeckling, Cedar Pointe Route": linen steamer w/passengers (tip cr) used; Sandusky, OH, 1945. E $8
PC-524. "Worthmore Shoe": REAL PHOTO, general store w/shoe sign appears from Okla. w/oil derrick in background; used; Freedom, OK, 1912. E $30
PC-525. Girl w/dolls & kitten: REAL PHOTO, she is wearing glasses & dolls are on a bed, carriage & chair (kitten moved & is blurry, but noted in message) unmailed AZO. E $15 MIN.8
PC-526. "Nurnberg, Burg von Westen/mit Luftschiff LZ127, Graf Zeppelin": REAL PHOTO, airship in flight over Nurnberg (edge wear; no stamp) used; Nurnberg, 1922. E $12 MIN.6
PC-527. "Pixy, Brownie, Elf/& Sprite/All Are On Their/Rounds Tonight/Bringing Hallow-E'en Delight": signed HBG w/creatures around a jack o'lantern; unused. E $30
PC-528. "May Your Hallow-E'en/Pumpkin Be Like/Cinderella's/Coach/and/Four!": signed HBG girl watching large rat on pumpkin coach pulled by 4 smaller rats (crs; sender's name at B) unmailed. E $30
PC-529. "Excuse Me Of O Seem In Haste/But Sights Like These Offend/My Taste": signed HBG Hallowe'en card w/lady w/jack o'lantern reaching for her (cr; bit edge wear) unused. E $30
PC-530. "Hallowe'en Greeting": signed Clapsaddle owl sitting on jack o'lantern (edge scuff T) used; Trenton, NJ, 1914. E $40
PC-531. "A Jolly/Hallowe'en": printed, black cat looking in mirror & child has hold of its tail (bit lite tone) used; East Palestine, OH, 1913. E $24
PC-532. "A/Thrilling/Hallowe'en": printed, flying jack o'lanterns & black cats (tip wear; tip cr) unused. E $30
PC-533. "Charms of/The Witching/Hour/Hallowe'en": printed, owl & verse w/GOLD witch, broom, owl; unused. E $30
PC-534. "Hallowe'en": printed, pretty lady in mirror w/verse, witch, black cat & cauldron (tiny tear T) unused. E $30
PC-535. "A Merry/Hallowe'en": signed Clapsaddle black cat surrounded by jack o'lanterns & verse (edge scuffs; tip cr) used; New London, OH, 1909. E $30
PC-536. "A Merry Hallowe'en": signed Clapsaddle boy, shock of corn & jack o'lantern w/pipe (edge wear) used; ca.1912. E $30
PC-537. "A Merry Hallowe'en": signed Clapsaddle boy, shock of corn & jack o'lantern w/pipe (tiny cr; tip wear) unmailed. E $30
PC-538. "Hallowe'en": signed Clapsaddle cabbages w/faces & verse (bit lite tone; stamp gone) used; Vickery, OH, 1910. E $30
PC-539. "A/Thrilling/Hallowe'en": signed Clapsaddle child frightened by jack o'lantern in window (edge wear) used; Joplin. MO, 1911. E $24
PC-540. "A/Thrilling/Hallowe'en": signed Clapsaddle child frightened by jack o'lantern in window (tip wear) unmailed. E $40
PC-541. "Here's/Wishing/You/A/Happy/Hallowe'en": signed Clapsaddle girl holding jack o'lantern & black cat (tip cr; offset canx ink) used; Fremont, OH, 1924. E $24
PC-542. "The/Highest/Expectations/for/Hallowe'en": signed Clapsaddle girl looking up at jack o'lantern basket (tiny tears T; crs) used; Toledo, OH, 1911. E $30
PC-543. "A Jolly/Hallowe'en": signed Clapsaddle girl witch taking letter from a pumpkin (tip wear; tiny tear B; small scuff in border) used; Utica, NY, 1910. E $40
PC-544. "Hallowe'en": signed Clapsaddle happy & sad acorns (tip cr) unmailed. E $24
PC-545. "Hallowe'en": signed Clapsaddle happy & sad acorns; used; Jackson, MI, 1910. E $30
PC-546. "The/highest/expectations for/Hallowe'en": signed Clapsaddle hot air balloon that looks like jack o'lantern (edge wear; crs; tiny tear T) used; Perrysburg, OH, 1909. E $24
PC-547. "Hallowe'en": signed Wall w/2 smiling jack o'lanterns by corn shocks; used; Dayton, OH, 1909. E $30
PC-548. "Happy/Hallowe'en": signed Wall: Dutch boy & girl sitting on fence kissing (tip crs) used; Otsego, MI, 1912. E $30
PC-549. "A Merry/Hallowe'en": signed Wall; black cats pulling witch on sled; jack o'lantern (edge wear; tip crs) used; New London, OH, 1910. E $24
PC-550. "If You Laugh At A Witch/On Hallowe'en,/You'll Be Turned Into/Pumpkins/Like The Man In/This Scene": printed, witch, black cat & the man (cr; nick L; small scuff) used; Tama, IA, 1912. E $24
PC-551. Hallowe'en/Greetings": signed Brundage boy w/candle by jack o'lantern & black cat (bit edge wear) used; Salem, OH, 1912. E $40
PC-552. "Hallowe'en/Greetings": signed Brundage girl witch holding black cat (tip wear; edge tear T; light marks from album mounting) unmailed. E $36
PC-553. "Hallowe'en/Greetings": signed Brundage; girl witch sitting on pumpkin & black cat (bit of edge wear) used; Rangeley, OH, 1911. E $40
PC-554. "Be plucky & bold/Halloween Greeting": printed, verse, black cat & jack o'lanterns (crnr crs; edge tears; small scuff on border) used; Tama, IA, 1912. E $20
PC-555. "Halloween Greetings": printed, man kissing pretty lady & apple on string (tip cr) used; Mount Morris, IL, 1908. E $15
PC-556. "Don't Get Scared/On Halloween": printed, jack o'lantern w/legs chasing boy (crs; stamp gone) used; Newcastle, IN, 1915. E $14
PC-557. "May this/be your Luck/on Halloween": printed, pretty lady taking a slice of cake containing diamond ring (bit edge wear) used; West Unity, OH, 1909. E $24
PC-558. "'Halloween'": red demon coming out of jack o'lantern; used; Point Pleasant, WV, 1909. E $30
PC-559. "Hudson River Day Line Steamer 'Hendrick Hudson'": printed, large vessel filled w/passengers (tip cr) unused. E $8
PC-560. "The Accident Oct 7, 1910/'Pratt' Three Rivers Fair": REAL PHOTO, horse falling during sulky race; unused. E $24
PC-561. Announcement of Johnston & Gaskill family reunion: REAL PHOTO, 2 story house w/small group of women & children (edge tear T; bit cr) used; Bryan, OH, 1922. E $15
PC-562. "1776/1976/Independence Hall": printed, HOLD TO LIGHT made for the Bicentennial; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-563. Lot 5) Indian Mounds: parks & museums in IL, MN & WI including exposed skeletons at Dickson Mounds, IL (varied condition) used & unused. MIN.$10
PC-564. "Navaho Mother & Child-Arizona": litho, Indian woman w/papoose; used; Albuquerque, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-565. "Cabins at Northwood Camp": Burns photo, modern log cabins (edge wear) unsed CKC. E $8
PC-566. "Main Lodge, Northwood Camp": Burns photo, modern log cabins (edge wear) unsed CKC. E $8
PC-567. "National Baseball Hall of Fame Museum/Louis Boudreau": chrome, bronze plate w/bust & player info w/HIS AUTOGRAPH at T (tip cr) unused. E $30 MIN.15
PC-568. "Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year L. Slaybaugh Route No.1": REAL PHOTO, mailman w/horse drawn delivery wagon in snow; unused CYKO. E $30
PC-569. "Main St.South, Ransom": REAL PHOTO, small town (in unnamed state) w/stores & circus poster; unused AZO. E $12 MIN.6
PC-570. "Looking South on Main Street": REAL PHOTO, business street w/sign for Switon Drugs; no city/state; unused. E $15
PC-571. Mainzer cats: cats in dentist office waiting room, Switzerland #4727; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-572. Mainzer cats: cats in school on benches, Switzerland #4670 (bit of offset canx ink) used; St. Louis, 1954. E $12 MIN.6
PC-573. Mainzer cats: elderly cats on sofa receiving guests, Switzerland # 4737; used; St. Louis, 1956. E $12 MIN.6
PC-574. Man & boy by Louis Grebb's Oysters sign & buckets; "Baltimore, MD" on buckets: REAL PHOTO; unused KRUXO. E $12 MIN.6
PC-575. Man & woman in early convertible: REAL PHOTO, writer of message is the man & card mailed from El Paso, IL (crs; tip wear) used; El Paso, IL, 1909. E $15 MIN.8
PC-576. Man & woman outdoors w/large spinning wheel: REAL PHOTO (tone spots in margin & sky) unused KRUXO. E $12 MIN.6
PC-577. "Israelite/The Light That Failed": cartoon of man crying w/palms up; Anti-Semitic; used; Lutherville, AR, 1908. E $15
PC-578. Man w/fez kissing maid: HOLD-TO-LIGHT transparency, w/verse; wife revealed by light; used; Ridgeville, IN, 1907. E $20
PC-579. "You Are/Not The Only/Coon": LEATHER, smoking man wearing bowler (sender's name at B; natural surface flaw) used; Edon, OH, 1907. E $12 MIN.6
PC-580. Men in very early car w/steering rod: REAL PHOTO (tip wear) unused AZO. E $15 MIN.8
PC-581. "Cawker & Clemens, Phone 166": REAL PHOTO, merchant's horse drawn wagon w/name on side; unused SOLIO. E $15
PC-582. "The Ritter Midgets": REAL PHOTO, 10 little people performers in fancy dress (crs) unused. E $20
PC-583. "Berry Mine" REAL PHOTO, exterior several mining bldgs (water tone spot in sky) unused AZO. E $24
PC-584. Motor bike w/side car: REAL PHOTO, very young girl w/goggles on seat & woman in car (edge wear) used; Elgin, IL, 1912. E $20
PC-585. Indian motorcycle": REAL PHOTO, w/baby on seat (part overexposed) unused AZO. E $15 MIN.8
PC-586. "Herzliche Gluckwunsche zum neuen Jahre": REAL PHOTO, little girl w/teddy bear studio photo on New Year greeting; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-587. "New Year Wishin/I'se heap happy,/an' I wants yu/to be happy too": printed, black child w/wreath & watermelon (bit lite tone) used; Findlay, OH, 1917. E $12 MIN.6
PC-588. "A Happy New Year": printed, design is title & holly w/blue LIGHT PASS THRU lettering on A,N & Y (few faults in letters) unmailed. E $20
PC-589. Lot 4 diff.) Outhouses: linen comics; unused. MIN.$8
PC-590. People viewing damage by storm shelter: REAL PHOTO (edge wear) unused AZO. E $12 MIN.6
PC-591. Photographer in street w/camera on tripod: REAL PHOTO; unused. E $30
PC-592. Pirate on a cannon: chrome, cartoon w/verse; unused. E $6
PC-593. Two Pirates in a boat w/bottles of liquor: chrome, cartoon w/verse; unused. E $6
PC-594. Pretty lady in floral frame decorated w/REAL BLONDE HAIR: printed (edge wear) used; Glenville, NE, 1907. E $15 MIN.8
PC-595. Artist signed pretty lady in peasant dress w/REAL HAIR unused. E $20
PC-596. "The Dionne Quintuplets at Callander, Ontario, Canada": litho, girls in regal costume & message from writer there to see them (crnr crs; 2 paper clip lines T) used; Callander, 1938. E $12 MIN.6
PC-597. "Real Persians.": unsigned artist's 2 cats & butterflies (message in margin; lite tone) used, 1907. E $8
PC-598. "Iowa's Championship Rodeo/Sidney, IA, Aug 19-22, 1941": litho, ad card for event w/man being thrown from Brahma; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-599. Pete Rose: chrome baseball player in Phillies uniform, from Annie Liebovitz photo; unused, 1979. E $12 MIN.6
PC-600. "Fifth Street": REAL PHOTO; horses pulling sled down snowy city street & cars c.1920; unused EKC. E $12 MIN.6
PC-601. "Vive St. Nicolas": 2 girls seated on table w/Saint dressed in purple & white holding staff; bag of toys (edge wear; crackling finish; canx lines in crnr) used; Loo-Ten-Hulle, Belgium, 1911. E $12 MIN.6
PC-602. "Vive St. Nicolas": 2 girls w/Saint dressed in purple & white holding staff; bag of toys (edge wear; tip cr) used; Loo-Ten-Hulle, Belgium, 1911. E $12 MIN.6
PC-603. Dirt street w/men on horseback mailed from Rock Island (no state named): REAL PHOTO, Coca Cola sign on bench & Rock Island Supply Co. (L tips nib; crs; stamp gone) used, 1914. E $15
PC-604. "Thanksgiving Greetings": printed, black woman cleaning a turkey (tip crs) used; Orland, IN, 1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-605. "All Thanksgiving/Bounty Be thine": unsigned Schmucker pilgrim women w/turkey (tone spots; adhesive & scuffs on back) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-606. "Thanksgiving/Greeting": unsigned Schmucker pretty lady & wheat (tone spots; adhesive & scuffs on back) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-607. Toddler & baby on lawn w/cat & kittens: REAL PHOTO (part overexposed) unused AZO. E $12 MIN.6
PC-608. "16 HP-Russell Engine": REAL PHOTO, farmer w/early tractor; unused Kodak back. E $12 MIN.6
PC-609. "6 HP-Russell/Justin Hingtgen": REAL PHOTO, early tractor; unused Kodak back. E $12 MIN.6
PC-610. "25 HP-Russell": REAL PHOTO, early tractor; unused Kodak back. E $12 MIN.6
PC-611. Lot 3) Vanderbilt Cup Race 1908: printed, featuring the winner the Chadwick Six Stock Runabout (varied condition) unused. MIN.$20
PC-612. "No/Time/To/Write/In/Yellowstone Park": LEATHER, man being chased up tree by bear (tone spots) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-613. "Ranch Home of Clark Cable, Encino, CA": linen, w/insets of actor & woman (bit of offset canx ink) used; Los Angeles, 1944. E $12 MIN.6
PC-614. "Residence of Fanny Brice,'Baby Snooks', Bel Air, CA": linen (tip cr) used; Los Angeles, 1945. E $12 MIN.6
PC-615. "Home of Hedy Lamar": linen, w/inset of actress; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-616. "Home of the Nelsons (Ozzie & Harriet)": linen, w/inset of actors; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-617. "Home of Rudolph Valentino": printed (offset canx ink) used; Venice, CA, 1926. E $12 MIN.6
PC-618. "Gloria Swanson's California Home": litho, woman w/dog outside home (tiny tip cr) used; Los Angeles, 1924. E $12 MIN.6
PC-619. "Holiday Greetings/With Best Wishes from/Montgomery Ward & Co": printed, PC-size trade card w/pretty lady (tip cr). E $12 MIN.6
PC-620. "Home of Bette Davis, North Hollywood, CA": linen, w/inset of actress; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-621. "Home of Walter Pidgeon": linen, w/inset of actor; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-622. Lot 30) 4th of July: mostly pre-1920 many w/children, fireworks & Uncle Sam (varied condition) mostly unused. E $150
PC-623. Lot 70+) Churches: pre-1920 to white border era including REAL PHOTO (varied condition) used & unused. E $150
PC-624. Lot 2) Dionne Quintuplets": printed, 2nd birthday & as young girls; used & unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-625. Lot 40+) Easter, children, Thanksgiving, women, misc. (varied condition). MIN.$48
PC-626. Lot 10) Elk's related: 1907-white border era w/Elk homes, emblems & artist signed (varied condition) used & unused. E $30
PC-627. Lot 60) Factories, manufacturing plants & mining: pre-1920 to white border (varied condition) used & unused. E $200
PC-628. Lot 25) George Washington: pre-1920 (varied condition) used & unused. E $50
PC-629. Lot 160+) Hotels w/some interiors: pre-1920 to chrome including REAL PHOTO w/some duplication (varied condition) used & unused. E $250
PC-630. Lot 50+) LEATHER: (varied condition) used & unused. E $120
PC-631. Lot 10) Masonic Temples: 1909-white border era (varied condition) used & unused. E $30
PC-632. Lot 19) Memorial Day/Decoration Day: pre-1920 (varied condition) mostly unused. E $75
PC-633. Lot 100+) Motels: linen & chrome w/some duplication (varied condition) mostly unused. E $200
PC-634. Lot 15) Patriotic w/American Flag: pre-1920 (varied condition) used & unused. E $30
PC-635. Lot 190+) REAL PHOTO: street scenes & towns (some unidentified), people w/musical instruments & doing sports, resorts & many misc. (varied condition) used & unused. E $550
PC-636. Lot 95+) Santa Claus: almost all pre-1920 (varied condition) used & unused. E $300
PC-637. Lot 4)Scenes of Notre Dame University: printed, seminary, lake, Quadrangle & The Avenue; unused. E $20 MIN.10
PC-638. Lot 145+) Schools: pre-1920, white border era including REAL PHOTO (varied condition) used & unused. E $180
PC-639. Lot 3) Storm damage: REAL PHOTO, 2 w/remains of bldgs & 1 w/dead animals; unused AZO. E $30 MIN.15
PC-640. Lot 70+) Street Scenes: pre-1920 to white border but mostly pre-1920 including REAL PHOTO (varied condition) used & unused. E $300
PC-641. Lot 21) Year Dates: 1907-1913 (varied condition) used & unused. E $40

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