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Section 4:

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AD-1. Fairbanks, AK, 1958, F Int'l (trim R) Silver Fox Lodge shiny silver illus.ad cc (fox) on #10 air cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-2. Homer, AK, 1959 (Jul 6), VG Univ. (bit cr) full-color illus.tourism ad at L (state map; wolf) & overall back ad (mining; fishing; etc.) on commer.#10 air cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-3. Ketchikan, AK, 1932, F Int'l; Ketchikan Alaska Chronicle cc on cvr. E $14
AD-4. McGrath, AK, 1951, G+ 4-bar (state mostly not struck) "Keep Your Eyes on Alaska-the 49th State" illus.campaign ad (log cabin); "Pearl Laska" printed cc on commer.#10 air cvr. E $20 MIN.10
AD-5. McGrath, AK, 1953, VG+ 4-bar (nick T) "Keep Your Eyes on Alaska-the 49th State" illus.campaign ad (log cabin); "L.L.Laska" printed cc w/initials lined thru & "Pearl" written above on commer.#10 air cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-6. Pilot Point, AK, 1959 (Feb 5), G+ 4-bar (part on stamp; trim R, just in address) full-color illus.tourism ad at L (state map; wolf) & overall back ad (mining; fishing; etc.) on commer.#10 air cvr to Alaska Chapter 51 NAPUS. E $15 MIN.8
AD-7. Seldovia, AK, 1962, partial duplex (trim R, edge tear R) full-color illus.tourism ad at L (state map; wolf) & overall back ad (mining; fishing; etc.) on commer.#10 air cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-8. Unalaska, AK, 1943, F 4-bar (trim R) Parley's Arts illus.ad (reindeer & mountains) on commer.air cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-9. Brawley, CA, 1935, VG Int'l; Hotel Dunlack illus.ad ("Cold Air Cooling System") on cvr. E $16
AD-10. Calexico, CA, 1931, VG Univ.; Hotel De Anza full-color illus.portrait ad on cvr. E $20
AD-11. Calexico, CA, 1939, F Univ.w/inverted slugs; "Nat'l Dollar Stores" ad cc on cvr. E $14
AD-12. El Centro, CA, 1920, G+ Univ. (town part spotty) Hotel Oregon cc; overall back ad w/blue photo illus.of hotel on cvr. E $20
AD-13. El Centro, CA, 1931, F Univ. (trim R) Hotel Barbara Worth full-color illus.ad cc (cowgirl portrait & desert) on cvr w/matching letterhead enc. E $20
AD-14. El Centro, CA, 1939, VG Univ.; Imperial Irrigation District illus.ad (Boulder Dam) on #10 cvr. E $16
AD-15. Idyllwild, CA, 1941, VG machine (lite crs) Idyllwild Inn illus.ad at L (trees, mountain); overall illus.back ad (Southern California map) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-16. Los Angeles, CA, 1907, F Int'l (lite tone) Pacific Stove Co.cc w/Garland Stoves logo; small illus."Absolutely Safe Gasoline Stove" on back; on PSE. E $14
AD-17. Los Angeles, CA, 1945, VF Univ.; Worcester Pressed Steel/H.V.Bordeaux Co.illus.ad (knight) on tabbed 3x5" file card. RARE ad style. E $15 MIN.8
AD-18. Nevada City, CA, 1902, G+ duplex (trim R, in stamp) Master of Finance, Milo Lodge, Knights of Pythias illus.ad cc (armor & axes) on PSE. E $14
AD-19. Pasadena, CA, 1912, G+ SF15-14 PPIE slogan (lite tone) Guirnalda Hotel engraved green logo cc on cvr w/matching letterhead enc. E $15
AD-20. Pasadena, CA, 1912, G+ SF15-14 PPIE slogan (lite tone) Cawston Ostrich Farm ad above message on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-21. Paso Robles, CA, 1922, G+ Amer/A14; Paso Robles Hot Springs photo illus.ad cc on cvr. E $14
AD-22. Point Loma, CA, 1925, partial duplex; Universal Brotherhood & Theosophical Soc'y cc; 1c Frank. on unsealed cvr to Germany. E $14
AD-23. San Francisco, CA, 1913, F PPIE slogan (small sealed spindle) Gale Bros.Fruit & Produce cc on 5.5x7" ad card w/price list on back. E $14
AD-24. San Francisco, CA, 1919, G Univ. (tone around window) Sperry Flour Co.cc; overall back ad on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-25. San Francisco/Sta.D, CA, 1901, G+ Int'l (no flap; part ruff T; tear T) S.J.Churchill, Agt cc; illus."American Arithmometer"; 5c Grant on cvr to England. E $14
AD-26. San Francisco/Sta.D, CA, 1901, G+ Int'l; Payot, Upham & Co.Booksellers illus.ad (typewriter); "You Can Write 14 Different Languages on One Hammond Typewriter" at B; text ad on back; on PSE. E $15 MIN.8
AD-27. Stockton, CA, 1932, VG Univ. (bit ruff slit upper R) Gloria Ice Cream & Milk Co.cc w/2 illus.logos on window cvr. E $14
AD-28. Central City, CO, 1947, G duplex (trim R; bit ruff upper L) Teller House illus.ad cc (horses & carriage) on cvr w/matching illus.letterhead enc.: "Face Upon the Floor" poem. E $20
AD-29. Denver, CO, 1890s, G Barry; Windsor Hotel text ad ("Only Turkish Bath in the state") on back of GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-30. Denver, CO, 1899, G+ Barry (trim R) J.P.Olympius, 610 Mining Exchange cc; 2c Trans Miss on cvr w/letterhead enc.; sender's "Remember the Maine" note at B. E $15 MIN.8
AD-31. Denver, CO, 1905, G+ Int'l; 7th Int'l Convention Souvenir/Colorado State Epworth League large illus.logo ad on pix side of PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-32. Denver, CO, 1947, VG Univ.; "The Denver Post Want Ads Bring Results" CDS applied on INCOMING 5c air PSE to newspaper, from local address. ODD use/combo. E $15 MIN.8
AD-33. Dolores, CO, 1964, VG machine; "The Dolores Star" cc; "Returned to Writer..." pointing hand h/s on window cvr w/Denver/East Colfax Sta. F+ 4-bar as recd b/s. E $15 MIN.8
AD-34. Durango, CO, 1933, F Int'l; San Juan Creamery Co.cc; Amer.Legion State Convention pictorial h/s ad on commer.PSE. E $15 MIN.8
AD-35. Telluride, CO, 1908, G+ CDS/target (lite tone; part ruff trim L) Telluride Power Co.engraved cc on PSE. E $15 MIN.8
AD-36. Berlin, Germany, 1935, G+ meter (trim R) Tiefbau-Berussgenossenschaft cc; illus.hand holding snake on 5x7" reg'd cvr. E $15
AD-37. Alhambra, IL, [1895], G+ CDS/"X" in square cork; Jacob Gehrig, Jr./Buck's Stoves & Ranges illus.logo ad (deer head) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-38. Bloomington, IL, [1882], G CDS/cork (L arn not struck; trim R; tear R; bit lite tone) Maxwell & Co., Booksellers/Wall Paper cc on cvr w/enc.ad card. E $15
AD-39. Champaign, IL, ca.1890, G CDS/cork (ruff R) Oscar Miller illus.ad (axe, tools, tin ware) & Acorn Stoves logo on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-40. Chicago, IL, 1893, VG+ Int'l (bit trim T; lite tone) S.Wilks Water Heaters & Tanks illus.ad (cutaway water heater) pair 1c blue on cvr. E $15
AD-41. Chicago, IL, 1895, F Amer w/dateless dial (bit lite tone; stamp fault) Boynton Furnace Co.illus.ad at L (steam heater); overall back ad w/2 illus.heaters; 1c blue on cvr. E $20
AD-42. Chicago, IL, 1895, G+ Amer/A13(A) (upper L crnr ruff slit, in ad; lite tone; no flap) "Anchor Line of Transatlantic, Mediterranean, Peninsular & Oriental Mail Steamships/Henderson Bros."illus.ad (anchor on banner); black border applied to signify "MOURNING." VERY RARE application on ad cvr. E $30
AD-43. Chicago, IL, 1895, VG Amer (nick L; edge tears; toned; no flap) Lakeside Hospital fancy ad cc on cvr. E $15
AD-44. Chicago, IL, 1896, VF Amer/D13(B) (edge tear L) Crescent Roofing Co./Pracitcal Gravel Roofers illus.ad (tar boiler) 1c blue on cvr. E $15
AD-45. Chicago, IL, 1897, VF Amer/D13(B) (lite tone) Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co.illus.ad cc (bldg); illus.pocket knife on back on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-46. Chicago, IL, 1897, F Amer/B14(A) (trim R, just in stamp; toned) Murray & Co.illus.ad (tent, o/s by transit canx) & overall lined background; "Circus Outfitters" overall ad on back (illus.tents, o/s by recd canx) on cvr. E $15
AD-47. Chicago, IL, 1904, F Int'l w/dateless dial (toned) Oliver Typewriter Co.illus.ad (typewriter) 1c Sc.300 on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-48. Chicago, IL, [1917], G+ precanx (uneven toned; pencil notes) Wood Bros.Comm'n Merchants overall ad w/illus.flashlight on 3.75x4" 3-panel folded PC, opens to 7x11". E $20
AD-49. Elgin, IL, ca.1912, VF 3-line precanx (trim R) David C.Cook Publ.Co.header; 1c Wash. on #10 cvr. E $20
AD-50. Franklin Grove, IL, 1883, VF CDS/cork (edge tear L) C.Durkes/Dry Goods & Groceries cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-51. Gibson City, IL, 1962, G+ machine; "Reserved for a V.I.P.G." illus.ad at L; Tupperware Party illus.ad on back on PPC. E $8
AD-52. Highland, IL, 1894, partial CDS/cork; Timothy Gruaz/Notary Public & Financial Agent fancy blue (to match stamp) ad cc on 1c Colum.PSE to Switzerland. E $15 MIN.8
AD-53. Marengo, IL, 1911, G duplex (ruff R, in stamp; lite tone; tears R) Baptist Church photo illus.ad on cvr w/Presbyterian Church photo illus.letterhead enc. E $14
AD-54. Neponset, IL, 1895, G CDS/cork (lite soiled; lite tone) "Neponset Gun Club" h/s cc; 1c blue on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-55. Ohio, IL, 1885, VF DCDS/star (lite tone) H.P.Remsburg/Furniture, Undertaking Goods & Musical Instruments cc on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-56. Panama, IL, 1912, F Doane 3/1 (LKU; tear T) Kinzer & Wood Hardware cc; Keen Kutter logo at B on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-57. Rock Falls, IL, 1924, F duplex (bit uneven trim T) Russell, Burdsall & Ward Bolt & Nut Co.cc on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-58. Sandwich, IL, [1897], partial CDS/cork (trim R; lite tone) Sandwich Mfg.Co.ad w/tiny illus.factory & farm machines on cvr. E $14
AD-59. Wheaton, IL, 1927, VG+ Int'l (crs) Walter G.Critchlow cc; "Illinois Man Invents New Auto Gas Saver... as high as 66 miles on a gallon..." text ad at L; overall ad on back (dozens of auto makes w/MPG results) 1c Frank. on cvr to So.AUSTRALIA. E $24
AD-60. Evansville, IN, 1889, VG duplex (bit ruff trim R) Thos.Scantlin & Son illus.ad (stove) on cvr w/matching letterhead enc. E $15 MIN.8
AD-61. Gary, IN, [1934], VF precanx (trim R; crnr crs) Steel City Blade Co.cc; Amer.Legion State Convention illus.ad (Liberty, Uncle Sam, soldiers, etc.); 3x 1c coils on #10 cvr w/boxed "Section 562 PL & R" at upper R. E $16
AD-62. Indianapolis, IN, 1895, partial duplex (toned) Emil Wulschner & Son/Pianos & Organs illus.ad (bldg); "Regal Mandolins & Guitars" text ad on back; on cvr. E $15
AD-63. Indianapolis, IN, 1932, VF Int'l; Church Members Relief Ass'n ad at L & on back on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-64. New Albany, IN, ca.1920, VG Univ. & partial duplex (L edge cr) New Albany Box & Basket Co.illus.ad (fruit crate) 1c coil on cvr. E $15
AD-65. Stinesville, IN, 1914, G+ duplex (pinholes) overall back ad for town w/illus.Indiana Soldiers' & Sailors' Monument on cvr. E $15
AD-66. Washington, IN, 1870s, partial CDS/target (trim L: foxed) G.W. & A.J.Smith Stoves illus.ad (small stove) on cvr. E $15
AD-67. Decorah, IA, 1913, VF Amer/B14 (toned) Marsh Music House photo illus.ad at L (owner in band uniform) on PC w/printed header on back. E $14
AD-68. Des Moines, IA, 1952, F Univ.; Rawleigh Vitamins full-color illus.ad at L on PPC w/100+ products checklist on pix side. E $14
AD-69. Dubuque, IA, 1938, VG 1.5c meter applied on printed "Postage Paid/Permit 18" (lite tone; bit trim T) Farley & Loetscher Mfg.Co.ad cc; large illus.back ad (factory) on #10 cvr. E $15
AD-70. Ida Grove, IA, 1903, G+ duplex (bit edge wear; bit lite tone) Hotel Ferguson illus.ad; 2c Sc.301 on cvr. E $20 MIN.10
AD-71. Osage, IA, 1898, G+ CDS/cork (toned; uneven trim R) Osage Nurseries illus.ad (grounds) on cvr w/8x13" illus.letterhead enc.(trees). E $16
AD-72. Barnes, KS, 1898, VG CDS/cork (lite tone; tip crs) H.S.Hogue/Buggies & Wagons cc on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $14
AD-73. Elk City, KS, 1884, G+ TCDS/fancy wheel (killer lite; crs) A.R.Quigg Hardware, Agricultural Implements, Wagons header on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-74. Wilsey, KS, 1894, G CDS/cork (tiny tear T) Wilsey State Bank cc; 2c Colum. on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-75. Ocean Point, ME, 1903, G+ CDS/target (tears T, 1 in ad) Atlantic House photo illus.ad; 2c Sc.301 on cvr. E $20 MIN.10
AD-76. Portland, ME, 1914, F Amer/A14 (bit trim T; tear T, just in canx; edge tear L) Kendall & Whitney cc; illus.ad (Pray's Patent Ice Plow: man on horse-drawn plow) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-77. Baltimore, MD, 1870s, VG+ CDs/cork; John Duer & Sons Cabinet Hardware cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-78. Baltimore, MD, [1878], G+ CDS/cork; Harry F.Stuart Paints/Oils/Glass price list on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-79. Baltimore, MD, [1878], G+ CDS/target; John Stellmann & Sons Holiday Goods (hankies, collars, cuffs) text ad on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-80. Baltimore, MD, [1879], G+ CDS/cork; John Stellmann & Sons ad (spool cotton pricing) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-81. Baltimore, MD, 1879, G+ Leavitt ty.B; Armstrong, Cator & Co.Novelties For Holiday Presents text ad on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-82. Baltimore, MD, 1892, G+ CDS/target (trim R) Lawrence, Gould & Co.(boots/shoes) cc on PSE w/illus.letterhead enc.invoices. E $14
AD-83. Baltimore, MD, 1893, F Int'l (lite tone) Hall Bros./Coal Shippers printed form on back of GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-84. Baltimore, MD, 1893, partial Int'l CDS only; Otto Duker & Co., Sash, Doors, Blinds header & shipping notice on back of GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-85. Baltimore, MD, 1894, G+ Int'l (trim R, barely in stamp) Hodges Bros.albino embossed cc; 2c Colum. on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-86. Baltimore, MD, 1894, G+ Int'l; Humrichouse & Baylies, Wholesale Agts, text ad on back of GPC: Chase & Sanborn's Coffees price list. E $12 MIN.6
AD-87. Baltimore, MD, 1896, G Barry; Strauss Bros.header & credit memo on back of GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-88. Baltimore, MD, 1896, G+ Barry (lite tone) Western Nat'l Bank of Baltimore header & form on back of GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-89. Baltimore, MD, 1896, VG Barry (lite tone) Cumberland Coal Co.shipping manifest on back of GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-90. Baltimore, MD, 1896, G+ Barry; John M.Gressitt & Co.Gen'l Commission printed header & signature; mimeograph "script" price list on back of GPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-91. Baltimore, MD, 1896, F Barry; C.P.Blackburn & Co.wheat price list on back of GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-92. Baltimore, MD, 1896, partial Barry (lite tone) A.L.Webb price list (turpentine, lead, castor oil, etc.) on back of GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-93. (Baltimore), MD, 1898, canxed T.C.Penna R.R.Sta/Phila, PA, G+ 237-E-10 (slight trim T; lite tone) Hotel Rennert illus.ad on cvr w/3rd Ave N.Y.City/RPO G+ CDS as recd b/s. E $15 MIN.8
AD-94. Baltimore, MD, 1906, VF Int'l (sealed spindle; lite tone; tip cr) Snow, Knox & Co./Grocers & Flour ad on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-95. Baltimore, MD, 1908, VF Int'l (trim R) Maryland College of Music illus.logo ad cc on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-96. Baltimore, MD, 1916, VF Int'l; Baltimore Stock Exchange engraved cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-97. Baltimore, MD, 1923, F Int'l (trim R) H.Gamse & Bro.Lithographers cc; red illus.warehouse on back; 2c Harding on cvr. E $14
AD-98. Baltimore, MD, 1941, G+ Int'l (edge tear T) Muskin Shoe Co.cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-99. Cumberland, MD, 1933, F Int'l; Army & Navy Sales Co.cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-100. Frederick, MD, 1907, G+ Int'l; Board of School Commissioners cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-101. Hagerstown, MD, 1909, F Amer/B14(1); Corbett Fence Works text ad at L on PPC. E $14
AD-102. Westminster, MD, 1895, partial CDS; Western Maryland Telephone Co.stockholders' meeting notice on back of GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-103. Boston, MA, [1880], VF CDS/BOLD neg."H" in square cork; A.H.Roffe & Co.'s Subscription Agy.illus.logo (Robinson Crusoe) 1c banknote on cvr. E $14
AD-104. Boston, MA, [1880], F CDS/BOLD neg."3" in round cork; 1c banknote on cvr w/4 Houghton-Mifflin Publ.ads. E $15
AD-105. Boston, MA, 1886, G+ Amer (bit trim T; lite tone) Seavey, Foster & Bowman cc; Eureka Silk illus.ad (large thread spool) on cvr. E $15
AD-106. Boston, MA, 1899, G+ Amer/B14(11); "The Savoy/Private Tours" illus.ad cc (star) 2c Trans-Miss on cvr. E $14
AD-107. Boston, MA, 1903, F Int'l; Amer.Writing Machine illus.ad (New Century typewriter) & removal notice on GPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-108. Boston, MA, 1907, G+ Amer/B4(2) (trim R) Frank A.Cutting Hemlock Bark illus.ad cc (bark & boxcar) 2c Jamestown on cvr w/similar illus.letterhead enc. E $20
AD-109. Boston, MA, ca.1930s, G+ dateless meter; "The Shaft, Edgar T.Ward's Sons" ad w/illus.steel bar on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-110. Boston/South Postal Sta., MA, 1911, F Amer/A38 (part lite tone) Burditt & Williams header; 2 illus.safety razors at L; overall illus.back ad (3 razors in boxes w/descriptions) on cvr. E $20
AD-111. East Northfield, MA, 1904, G duplex (town partial; slight trim T) F.B.Estabrook, Agt.for Handy Washing Machine illus.ad (washing machine) 2c Sc.301 on cvr. E $15
AD-112. Gloucester, MA, 1870s, partial CDS/cork (trim L) American Fish Bureau cc; 1c banknote on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-113. Lowell, MA, [1875], G+ CDS/grid (dial bit hi; upper R edge ruff slit) Kitson Machine Co./Cotton Openers & Lappers overall illus.back ad (machine); 2c banknote on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $20
AD-114. New Bedford, MA, 1934, G+ Univ. (toned) Rod & Gun Club Supper ad on message GPC w/att'd reply (some separation). E $15
AD-115. (Plymouth), MA, [1907], illegible canx (lite tone; no flap) A.S.Burbank, Pilgrim Bookstore, illus.ad (Mayflower, John Alden & Priscilla, etc.); overall text ad for town on back on cvr. E $15
AD-116. Springfield, MA, 1892, G+ duplex; Chicopee Nat'l Bank printed header & form on back of GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-117. Worcester, MA, [1876], G+ CDS/cork; Crompton Loom Works header on back of GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-118. Adrian, MI, [1897], G+ dateless duplex; Page Wire Fence Co.illus.ad cc (fence) on 1c PSE w/encs.: 9.5x12.5" 4-pg."Coiled Spring Hustler" illus.ad publication; 3.5x6" 2-panel flyer w/illus.BUFFALO & fence. E $20 MIN.10
AD-119. Detroit, MI, 1883, G+ duplex (bit trim upper L) Frederick Stearns & Co./Mfg.Pharmacists overall illus.ad (pink factory) on cvr. E $20
AD-120. Hudson, MI, 1931, G+ Univ.; Lowell E.Meek cc w/illus.RCA logo (His Master's Voice: dog on casket) on cvr. E $15
AD-121. Pontiac, MI, 1904, F Amer/B14(1) (lite tone; trim R) Pontiac Hardware Specialty illus.ad ("Sure Cure for Wabbles" leveler) on cvr. E $14
AD-122. Little Falls, MN, 1898, partial CDS/cork; Pine Tree Lumber Co.cc on PSE w/illus.letterhead enc.(tree). E $14
AD-123. Noborne, MO, 1906, G duplex (bit ruff trim R) N.S.Rhodes/Breeder of Barred Plymouth Rocks illus.ad (chickens) on cvr w/matching illus.letterhead enc. E $15
AD-124. Saint Louis, MO, [1884], G duplex (trim R; edge tear T; part lite tone) J.Worth illus.ad (washing machine) pair 1c banknotes on cvr. E $15
AD-125. Saint Louis, MO, 1950, VF Int'l; Sherman Park Antiques h/s cc; illus.Lincoln portrait at L on PC. E $15
AD-126. Saint Louis, MO, 1951, G Int'l; Spinks/Sporting Goods illus.ad (sphinx) on back of 1c Sc.UX27 GPC w/2c meter strip, to Australia. E $15
AD-127. (Springfield), MO, 1889, canxed Sed & Denison/RPO G CDS/cork (ruff R; lite tone) Central Hotel illus.ad on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-128. Springfield, MO, 1952, VF Univ.; 3 optometrists text ad at L on PPC. E $8
AD-129. Choteau, MT, 1985, VF machine (slight trim T) Seven Lazy P Guest Ranch illus.ad (branded horse) on commer.#10 cvr. E $14
AD-130. Hastings, NE, 1937, VG Univ. (no flap) The Purgatorial Remembrance, Immaculate Conception Monastery cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-131. Lincoln, NE, 1900, G+ duplex (trim R) Nebraska College of Oratory cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-132. Linwood, NE, 1895, G+ CDS/target; S.H.Showers/Patent Medicines, Perfumes, Lamps cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-133. Stella, NE, 1894, G+ CDS/cork; State Bank cc; pair 1c Colum. on cvr. E $14
AD-134. Jersey City, NJ, 1943, VG Int'l inverted at lower L; Baldwin Jct.Lumber illus.ad cc (fat carpenter sitting on house) on PSE. E $14
AD-135. Albany, NY, 1942, VG duplex; John Vogel Motor Transportation-Storage illus.ad (red semi truck) on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-136. Binghamton, NY, 1905, F Int'l (lite tone; crs) Grube & Dutcher/Hatters illus.ad (G.A.R. HAT) on back of GPC. E $15
AD-137. Fort Edward, NY, [1870], G+ DCDS/cork (dial bit hi; trim L) on cvr w/Ft.Edward Institute illus.letterhead enc.: BASEBALL GAME in progress & building. E $40
AD-138. Long Island City, NY, 1937, G+ meter (bit trim T) "Nat'l Container Corp." illus.ad cc (carton, train, ship) on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-139. New York, NY, [1863], partial DCDS; 1c Sc.63 on folded lettersheet w/J.M.Baker Comm'n Merchants full-page printed price list inside. E $30
AD-140. New York, NY, 1870s, G+ duplex (tear R; lite crs) W.T. & .Mersereau, Mfrs.of Stair Plates illus.ad (stereotype "Chinaman" climbing stairs) on cvr. E $15
AD-141. New York, NY, [1873], G CDS/cork (slight trim R; part lite tone) Herman Sonntag Musical Instruments illus.ad w/overall gray lined background on cvr w/fancy letterhead enc. E $20
AD-142. New York, NY, 1880, F duplex (bit lite tone) Quick & Reed Commission Merchants butter & poultry prices on back of GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-143. New York, NY, 1888, G+ duplex (bit ruff slit R) Travers Bros./Twines, Sash Cords & Hammocks text ad header; overall illus.back ad (scantily clad woman in hammock; flap partly off affects part of illus., but not her) on cvr. E $20
AD-144. New York, NY, 1893, F Int'l (bit ruff trim L, barely in ad tip; small piece out B) "Typewriter Headquarters" text ad in 69mm TRIANGLE at L; 2c Colum. on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-145. New York, NY, 1894, G+ Int'l; Butler-Breed feed price list on back of GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-146. New York, NY, 1896, VF Barry (trim L) Keuffel & Esser/Drawing Materials & Surveying Instruments cc on cvr w/enc.illus.ad flyer (pens; draughtsman's alphabet). E $14
AD-147. New York, NY, 1898, VG Barry (trim R; lite tone) Boomer & Boschert Cider Machinery illus.ad (cider press) on cvr. E $15
AD-148. New York, NY, 1905, G+ Int'l; Hoffman-Corr Mfg.illus.logo (lion) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-149. New York, NY, 1938, F Int'l (cr) Hope, Inc., cc; overall illus.back ad (tooth powder, denture powder, laxative) on #10 cvr. E $16
AD-150. New York, NY, 1966, VG meter; David McKay Co./McKay's Plays cc & illus.logo ad on 5.5x7.75" 24-pg.ad booklet (scripts) to actor Marcel Sabourin. E $15
AD-151. New York/A, NY, 1890s, G mute oval (toned) Stewart, Howe & May cc; 3 illus.skirt binding packages; 1c green on cvr. E $14
AD-152. New York/A, NY, 1899, G duplex (nick R; tiny tears T; lite tone) Metropolitan Storage Warehouse illus.ad ("gypsy" wagon w/train & depot on side) 2c Trans-Miss on cvr. E $20
AD-153. New York/B, NY, 1895, G+ duplex; Bischoff's U.S.Bank Note Reporter ad w/shiny silver header on back of GPC. E $14
AD-154. New York/D, NY, 1893, G+ duplex (bit ruff slit upper R) McCoy & Co/Cigar Mfrs.fancy ad cc; illus.woman on globe in address area; on cvr. E $14
AD-155. New York/Sta.A, NY, 1906, VG+ Int'l (trim R; part ruff upper R; lite tone) Bonora Chemical Co.illus.flowers ("Natures Plant Food") on cvr. E $14
AD-156. New York/Sta.S, NY, 1905, G Int'l (trim R; lite tone) Carbo Magnetic Razor/A.L.Silberstein, Mfrs.of Griffon Cutlery overall illus.ad (magnetic straight razor) on cvr. E $20
AD-157. New York/Sta.V, NY, 1904, G+ Int'l (ruff R, in stamp) White Label Queen Olives/Seville Packing Co.illus.ad (man w/long trumpet & banner); list of awards; overall text ad on back on cvr. E $14
AD-158. Saranac Lake, NY, 1901, G+ Doremus ty..C. (tiny tear T) Riverside Inn cc; overall back ad w/illus.SMITH TYPEWRITER on cvr. E $15
AD-159. Syracuse, NY, 1900, VG Pneumatic (trim R to stamp) Will & Baumer/Bleachers & Refiners of Beeswax/Mfrs.of Candles ad cc; 3c Jackson on 2c PSE to Germany. E $15
AD-160. Syracuse, NY, 1907, F Int'l (lite tone) Dodge & Zuill illus.ad ("Syracuse 'Easy' Washer") 1c Sc.300 on cvr. E $15
AD-161. Fargo, ND, 1951, VG Int'l; State Seed Dept.cc w/illus.mailing tag (part o/s) on #10 PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-162. Calla, OH, 1908, G+ Doane 3/21 (LKU: bit cr; lite tone) Templin's Ideal Seeds & Plants full-color horn of plenty w/fruit, vegetables, flowers at L; overall ad w/3 illus.flowers on back; on PC. E $40 MIN.20
AD-163. Cambridge, OH, 1902, G+ duplex (lite tone; nicks B) Metallic Bread Board Co.illus.ad (woman w/bread dough & board); overall text ad on back, w/doctor's testimonial; on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
AD-164. Cincinnati, OH, [1875], VF CDS/target (trim L) Dickson, Clark & Co.cc; overall gray lined background on cvr w/2 encs., 1 w/illus.letterhead enc.(padlock). E $15
AD-165. Cincinnati, OH, 1884, F duplex (trim R) C.E.Jones/Telegraph & Electrical Supplies/Notice! Should this Miscarry, or remain uncalled for... we will send necessary amount to prepay its return." boxed ad cc on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-166. Cincinnati, OH, 1885, G+ duplex (lite tone) Calcium Light Co.illus.ad (lamp & batteries) on cvr. E $16
AD-167. Cincinnati, OH, 1885, G duplex (bit trim T; tears T & L) Baeder, Adamson & Co./Mfrs.of Glue, Curled Hair, Raw Hide Whips ad cc; overall illus.back ad: 4 Expo Medals; on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $20 MIN.10
AD-168. Cincinnati, OH, 1886, G duplex; Consolidated Boat Store Co./All kinds of Steamboat Supplies ad cc on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-169. Cincinnati, OH, [1889], G mute oval; Ohio Humane Soc'y for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children & Animals illus.ad (allegorical figures protecting children & horse) 1c Frank. on cvr w/matching letterhead enc. E $30 MIN.15
AD-170. Cincinnati, OH, 1892, F duplex; Roth, Bruner & Feist illus.ad cc (dragon); "Marble Head Cigar" illus.ad on back (stone bust) on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
AD-171. Cincinnati, OH, 1894, G+ Int'l (trim R) Procter & Gamble illus.logo cc (moon & stars) on PSE w/matching letterhead enc.; printed "script" ad letter. E $14
AD-172. Cincinnati, OH, 1925, G+ duplex; Hotel Sinton illus.ad; "Louis XVI Candies" text ad on back w/price list; 4x 2c Norse-Amer. on cvr. E $15
AD-173. Cincinnati/Sta.H, OH, 1902, G+ duplex (trim R) Boss Washing Machine Co.illus.ad at L (woman operating machine); overall illus.back ad on cvr. E $20
AD-174. Cincinnati/Sta.H, OH, 1907, VF Amer/B38 w/dateless dial (toned; bit cr) Boss Washing Machine Co.illus.ad (washing machine) 1c Sc.300 on cvr. E $15
AD-175. Cleveland, OH, 1888, G+ duplex (trim R; tear R; lite tone; tips nick) Payne & Pratt illus.ad ("New Model Hall Type-Writer"); "Writes on ruled or unruled Paper..."; on cvr. E $30 MIN.15
AD-176. Columbus, OH, 1909, G+ duplex; United Commercial Travelers illus.logo ad cc on PSE. E $15 MIN.8
AD-177. Fremont, OH, 1870s, G CDS/cork (toned) D.June & Co./Fremont Engine Works cc w/illus.ad (engine); overall text ad on back on cvr. E $40 MIN.20
AD-178. Hubbard, OH, 1888, G+ sawtooth CDS/target (trim R; lite tone) Hescock's Eureka Evaporator illus.ad on cvr. E $20 MIN.10
AD-179. Lima, OH, 1906, G+ Colum.; Deisel-Wemmer cc; San Felice cigar illus.ad below & large illus.back ad on cvr. E $20
AD-180. Medina, OH, 1901, G+ duplex; J.E.Renz Harness, Brushes, Whips illus.ad (trace support) on cvr. E $15
AD-181. Miamisburgh, OH, 1893, G+ CDS (bit lite tone) H.Wantz, Hardwood Lumber fancy cc; 2c Colum. on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-182. Nelsonville, OH, 1905, G duplex (trim R, just in stamp; tear R; part toned) J.I.Pritchard Furniture Dealer illus.ad (gaudy baby carriage) on cvr. E $15
AD-183. Reesville, OH, 1902, G+ CDS/target (trim R) "J.A.Bevan, Breeder of High Class Sporting Dogs" illus.ad (dog's head) w/town corrected to Sabina; on cvr. E $15
AD-184. Saint Paris, OH, 1903, partial CDS/cork (trim R) Walborn & Riker Pony Specialties illus.ad cc (state map); "Gold Medal... at Pan-American Expo" at B on cvr. E $16
AD-185. Springfield, OH, 1891, F duplex (edge tear T) Champion Shelf Mfg.Co./Mfrs.of Champion Cedar Washing Machine overall illus.ad (washer & several other products) on cvr. E $20
AD-186. Toledo, OH, 1870s, partial CDS/target; C.N.D.Meade Shirt illus.ad (shirt) on cvr. E $15
AD-187. Toledo, OH, 1904, G+ Int'l; Vulcan Iron Works Co.illus.ad cc (steam shovel); overall text ad on back on PSE. E $15
AD-188. Zanesville, OH, 1897, G+ duplex; Shinnick, Woodside & Gibbons Mfg.Co.illus.ad (stove) on cvr. E $16
AD-189. Salem, OR, 1893, G+ duplex (ruff L, partly in ad; edge tears; crs) State Insurance Co.fancy ad; bit faulty 2c Colum. on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-190. Harrisburg, PA, 1910, VF Int'l (tiny tip cr) "Seashore Girl" full-color illus.pretty woman at L; Harrisburg Business College 15-line text ad on pix side; on PPC. E $20
AD-191. Madisonburg, PA, 1895, VG CDS/target (trim R, barely in back ad; toned) Knights of the Golden Eagle/Grand Castle of Penna.illus.banner at L; 23-line text ad on back; 5c +1c on #10 cvr. E $15
AD-192. (Philadelphia), PA, 1870s, canxed Baltimore, MD, G+ CDS/cork; Horstmann & Sons Dress Trimmings salesman's notice on GPC. E $8
AD-193. Philadelphia, PA, [1879], F duplex; Historical Society of Pennsylvania head on back of GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-194. Philadelphia, PA, 1887, F duplex; Henry A.Dreer/Seedsman illus.header on back of GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-195. Philadelphia, PA, 1893, G+ Int'l (crnr crs) Globe Bible Publ.Co.overall text ad on back of GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-196. Philadelphia, PA, ca.1893, G Barry; Isaac A.Sheppard ad on message GPC w/att'd reply, both w/illus.fancy stove. E $15
AD-197. Philadelphia, PA, 1894, VG Int'l; H.Gawthrop/Coal Shippers printed form on back of GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-198. Philadelphia, PA, 1906, VG Int'l (part ruff trim R, partly in back ad) Planet Jr./S.L.Allen & Co.full-color illus.ad at L (farmer & planter); overall back ad w/products & illus.(3 farmers) on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
AD-199. Philadelphia, PA, 1906, F Amer; Geo.B.Bains, Mfrs of Trunks, Bags, TELESCOPES ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-200. Philadelphia, PA, 1937, F meter (lite tone) Supplee Biddle Hardware cc; illus.back ad (3 bldgs) on #10 window cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-201. Philadelphia, PA, 1939, VG meter w/"Patronize Your Local Hardware Store" slogan (lite tone; slight trim T) "Billy & Ruth" photo illus.ad cc (boy & girl) on #10 cvr. Supplee-Biddle Hardware Co.merchandising campaign. E $15
AD-202. Philadelphia/Passyunk Sta., PA, 1894, VG duplex (edges lite tone; trim L) John Baizley Iron Works header; text ad at L; 2c Colum. on cvr w/enc.: letterhead & pale pink illus.gears. E $20
AD-203. Pittsburg/East Liberty Sta./Rec'd, PA, 1904, F Int'l as origin (bit lite tone) Liberty Cleaning & Pressing Co/Schwerin Process illus.ad cc (small Statue of Lib'y) bit faulty 2c Sc.301 on cvr. E $14
AD-204. Pittsburgh, PA, 1893, F Int'l (ruff R) Baldwin & Graham Good Luck Ranges fancy ad cc; 2c Colum. on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-205. Plymouth, PA, 1926, partial Colum. (bit ruff trim R about 5/8" to stamp; bit lite tone) Albert G.Groblewski/Zmijecznik Rattlesnake Liniment illus.ad (man spearing large snake) on cvr w/matching illus.letterhead enc.(2 file holes at T). E $20
AD-206. Reading, PA, 1897, G+ Amer/B14(1) (part ruff slit L; edge tear T) Walter L.Smith Interior Decorator/Uphosterer illus.ad (furniture) on PINK cvr w/Phila Pa & Frankford G+ PH-3-b ("RPO" not struck) as recd b/s. E $20
AD-207. Reinholds Station, PA, 1918, G+ 4-bar (tears T, 1 in rim) American Fence/A.W.Eberly illus.ad (fence) on cvr. E $14
AD-208. Slatington, PA, 1911, G Doremus (lite tone) C.F.Zellner, Tinware, Hardware, Stoves illus.ad (stove) on cvr. E $15
AD-209. South Bethlehem, PA, 1908, G+ Colum.; L.F.Bittrich/Roofing, Sheet Metal Work & Furnaces illus.ad (fancy Prizer stove) on cvr. E $15
AD-210. South Bethlehem, PA, 1911, VF Colum.; L.F.Bittrick/Iron King Stoves./Liberty Ranges. illus.ad at L & on back (stoves) on cvr. E $15
AD-211. Stroudsburgh, PA, 1892, VG CDS/cork (nick R; tear R) "Monroe County Bazaar" cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-212. (Sunbury), PA, [1879], canxed Wms'pt & Balt/RPO G+ 193-D-6 (lite tone; slight ruff lower L crnr) New Jersey Car Wheel Co.illus.ad (12 wheels) on cvr. E $15
AD-213. Washington, PA, 1860, G+ partial CDS/grid (trim R) Union Literary Soc'y, Washington College fancy cc on cvr. E $16
AD-214. Washington, PA, 1870s, VG CDS/cork (trim L) overall illus.ad for town/county (old courthouse; train; farmland) on cvr. E $20
AD-215. Washington, PA, 1900, G Amer/B14(1) (bit ruff R; edge tear T) E.J.Young Pork Packer/Beef-Mutton illus.ad (cow; sheep; hog) on cvr. E $15
AD-216. Washington, PA, 1909, VG Amer/B14() (trim R) Commissioners' Office illus.ad (courthouse) on cvr. E $14
AD-217. Washington, PA, 1915, VG duplex (ruff R, in stamp) Austin Lang/Mfg.Furrier back ad w/illus.raccoon on cvr. E $14
AD-218. Washington, PA, 1934, VG Int'l; Washington Typewriter & Office Equipment illus.ad (Royal typewriter) on cvr. E $14
AD-219. (Wilkes-Barre), PA, 1943, canxed N.Y.Geneva & Buff/RPO VF duplex (tear B; bit cr) Planters Nut & Chocolate Co.cc w/illus.logo ad (Mr.Peanut) on #10 cvr. E $14
AD-220. Providence, RI, 1894, partial Barry; Barstow & Williams illus.ad: 4-leaf clover silver charms on back of GPC. E $14
AD-221. Woonsocket, RI, 1911, F Amer/B14; Woonsocket Shuttle Co./Mfrs.of Power Loom Shuttles fancy ad w/overall blue lined background on cvr. E $14
AD-222. Columbia, SC, 1973, G+ meter; Bankamericard cc; "Warning/Lost or Cancelled Bankamericard" RED notice on back of PC: "$25 will be paid... for (its) return..." E $14
AD-223. Yankton, SD, 1952, VG Univ.; Gurney Seed & Nursery illus.ad cc (warehouse; horn o'plenty) on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-224. Memphis, TN, 1888, G+ CDS/crossroads; C.L.Byrd & Co.RED engraved cc w/illus.griffin on PSE. E $15
AD-225. Memphis/DeSoto Sta., TN, 1934, G+ Univ.; Dixie Greyhound Lines illus.ad cc (tiny bus & dogs) on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-226. Fort Worth, TX, 1942, F meter (bit trim T) Well Machinery & Supply illus.ad cc (shiny silver well); overall back ad w/silver illus.(windmill; water meter) on #10 cvr. E $15
AD-227. San Antonio, TX, 1903, G+ Amer/B14(1) (toned) Inland Mfg.Co./Tonic Stock Salt illus.logo ad cc; large red steer head in add.area on cvr. E $20
AD-228. (Richfield), UT, 1907, canxed S.L.City & Marysvale/RPO G duplex (dial HI: upper are off T; trim R; tears B & R) Sevier Valley Hotel photo illus.ad on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-229. Salt Lake City, UT, 1941, VG Univ. (tip cr; bit lite tone) Theatre Poster Service h/s cc; illus.cartoon ad on back of GPC. E $14
AD-230. Aberdeen, WA, 1940, VF Univ.; Washington Fish Co.illus.ad (salmon) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-231. Almira, WA, 1955, VF machine; Kiner & Son/Kii Stock Ranch illus.ad (hereford cow head) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-232. Anacortes, WA, 1933, VF Int'l; J.A.Matheson/Bering Sea Codfish illus.ad cc (fish) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-233. Ardenvoir, WA, 1945, G+ 4-bar (bit ruff slit T) C.A.Harris/Yellow Pine Box Shooks cc; illus.red apple on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-234. Auburn, WA, 1938, VF Univ. (some offset ink on ad) Auburn Ice Cream Co.illus.ad (Cupid & heart) on GPC. E $8
AD-235. Auburn, WA, 1938, VF Univ. (some offset ink on ad) Auburn Ice Cream Co.illus.ad (St.Patrick's Day: hat & pipe) on GPC. E $8
AD-236. Auburn, WA, 1938, VG Univ.; Auburn Ice Cream Co.illus.ad ("June Bride" w/heart) on GPC. E $8
AD-237. Auburn, WA, 1939, F Univ.; Auburn Ice Cream Co.illus.ad (bird in tuxedo) on GPC. E $8
AD-238. Auburn, WA, 1939, VF Univ.; Auburn Ice Cream Co.illus.ad (woman, for "Mother's Day") on GPC. E $8
AD-239. Auburn, WA, 1942, VF Univ. (some offset ink on ad) Auburn Ice Cream Co.illus.ad (St.Valentine's Brick: ice cream w/heart center; Washington w/hatchet) on GPC. E $8
AD-240. Ballard, WA, 1903, G+ duplex (lower R tip ruff; edge wear) Ballard Investment Co.blue photo illus.ad (bldg) 2c Sc.301 on cvr. E $15
AD-241. (Belfair), WA, 1942, canxed Bremerton VF Univ. (upper R uneven slit) "Belfair/Gateway to Hood Canal" illus.ad (mountain scene) on commer.cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-242. Bellingham, WA, 1906, G+ Amer/B14(1) (part ruff slit T; lite tone) Bellingham Chamber of Commerce LONG text ad on PSE. E $14
AD-243. Bremerton, WA, 1940, F Univ.; Bremerton Br./Navy YMCA illus.ad cc (bldg) on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-244. Bremerton, WA, 1940, F Univ.; Kitsap Dairymen's Assn.illus.ad (milk bottle & farm) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-245. Centralia, WA, 1932, G+ Univ. (ruff R; crs) Chas.D.Edwards/Insurance illus.ad (COW) on cvr w/enc. E $14
AD-246. Chehalis, WA, 1930, VG Univ. (edge tear T) St.Helens Hotel illus.ad (hotel) on cvr. E $14
AD-247. Chewelah, WA, 1923, G duplex (trim R) Juno Echo Copper Co.cc on cvr w/enc.printed financial statement. E $15 MIN.8
AD-248. Everett, WA, 1905, F Amer/B14() (trim R; bit lite tone) "The Mitchell" illus.ad (hotel) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-249. (Everett), WA, 1911, canxed Spokane & Seattle/RPO F duplex (trim R) "Dillaway's Pheasant Farm" adhesive return add.label on PSE w/illus.letterhead enc.; 8.25x3"photo header: dog w/dead pheasants. E $15 MIN.8
AD-250. Everett, WA, 1939, F Int'l; Costello's shoe store ad on back of UX27 GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-251. Grandview, WA, 1945, VG Int'l; Horner's Sales text ad at L on PPC w/"Hotpoint Electric Garbage Disposall" on pix side. E $12 MIN.6
AD-252. Hoquiam, WA, 1906, G+ DCDS/Reg.Div. (part ruff slit R; lite tone) "All Roads Lead to Hoquiam/Street Carnival, Sports, Fireworks..." overall back ad; 10c Webster on cvr, used after event. E $20 MIN.10
AD-253. Lakeside, WA, 1945, VG 4-bar; Lake Chelan Boat Co.cc (93-60) on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-254. Monroe, WA, 1920, G+ duplex; Main Bros./Confectionery & Pool Room/Sporting Goods/Victrolas cc on 2c-on-3c PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-255. Lot 11 diff.) Montesano, WA, 1938-43, F-G+ Univ. (lite gum tone) West Coast Telephone illus.ads; re.extension phones, long distance rates, etc.; on window cvrs. E $50 MIN.26
AD-256. Morton, WA, 1933, G duplex (trim R) Will's-Ruth Hotel/Southern Gateway to Rainier Nat'l Park ad, w/illus.fisherman, stream & mountain in address area on cvr. E $15
AD-257. North Yakima, WA, 1901, G+ duplex; Hotel Guilland/Hqrs.for Farmers & Home Seekers cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-258. North Yakima, WA, 1902, G+ duplex (trim R; part lite tone) North Yakima Milling Co.illus.ad (mill) on cvr. E $20 MIN.10
AD-259. North Yakima, WA, 1918, G+ Univ.; "Shasta Billiards & Bowling, Yakima" boxed cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-260. Okanogan, WA, 1955, G+ Int'l; "Eat Washington Apples" illus.ad (red apple & green dam) on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-261. Olympia, WA, 1906, G Doremus (tone spot T where tear taped inside) "Washington Standard" newspaper cc; overall illus.ad for town (capitol, school & 2 streets); long, overall text ad for town on back; on cvr. E $20
AD-262. Pasco, WA, 1939, VG Int'l (lower L crnr ruff slit) Institute of Mental Physics illus.logo cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-263. Pullman, WA, 1945, F Int'l; Washington Hotel illus.ad; 8c air on commer.cvr. E $14
AD-264. Puyallup, WA, 1910, G+ duplex (part on stamp; tiny scuff speck on cc) Heimbach Mfg.Co./Build/Trucks illus.ad (hand truck) on cvr. E $20 MIN.10
AD-265. Puyallup, WA, 1938, F Univ.; Colman's Service blue & green ad w/illus.Firestone products on UX27 GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-266. Puyallup, WA, 1938, F Univ.; Mason & Burks Shoes illus.ad (foot, hand & Dr.Sholl's shoe) on UX27 GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-267. Puyallup, WA, 1944, VF Univ.; Moreland Motor Co.cc w/illus.Ford logo on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-268. Puyallup, WA, 1945, VG Univ. (bit ruff slit T) H.O.Wilen Motors cc w/illus.Buick & Pontiac logos on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-269. (Raymond), WA, [1916], canxed Cent & So.Bend/RPO partial duplex (bit ruff trim R) Hotel Raymond fancy cc on cvr w/matching letterhead enc. E $14
AD-270. Rochester, WA, 1905, G+ Doane 2/2; J.P.Neeley/Farm Implements, Furniture, Stoves cc on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-271. Seattle, WA, 1889 (Dec 8), G+ duplex (lite tone) Guy R.Creelman, Atty., cc; 2c green on cvr to Canada. Early statehood. E $15 MIN.8
AD-272. Seattle, WA, 1892, G duplex (bit trim T; lite tone) "The Northern" hotel fancy cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-273. Seattle, WA, 1901, G+ Int'l (lite tone) Roy & Roy illus.ad (anchor & logs) 1c Frank. on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-274. Seattle, WA, 1901, G+ Int'l; Times Printing Co.ad cc w/1890 & 1900 population figures for Seattle, Tacoma, Spokane; on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-275. Seattle, WA, 1902, VG Int'l (lite tone; nick L; edge wear) Hotel Seattle photo illus.ad of "flatiron" hotel on cvr w/5-pg.letterhead enc. E $15 MIN.8
AD-276. Seattle, WA, 1903, G+ Int'l (part lite tone; cr) "The de Soto Placer Mining Co./Globe Bldg" cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-277. Seattle, WA, 1903, VG Int'l; Graham Hickman Co./Designers illus.ad (homely boy w/boxes, on larger box) 2c Sc.301 on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-278. Seattle, WA, 1904, VG Int'l (lite crs) Seattle Transfer Co.logo cc; text ad at L; overall text ad on back; 2c Sc.301 on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-279. Seattle, WA, 1904, G+ Int'l (lite tone; nick R; edge tears; edge wear) Hotel Seattle photo illus.ad of "flatiron" hotel on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-280. Seattle, WA, 1904, G+ Int'l; Seattle Agy./Int'l Textbook Co.boxed ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-281. Seattle, WA, 1904, G+ Int'l (lite tone) Novelty Mill Co.illus.ad (flour sack) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-282. Seattle, WA, 1905, VG Int'l; Norris Safe & Lock Co.illus.ad (manganese steel safe) on cvr. E $20
AD-283. Seattle, WA, 1906, VG Int'l (trim L) Puget Sound Machinery Depot cc; 42x40mm irreg.oval ad label ("Reeves Wood Split Pulley) TIED by canx on PSE. E $15 MIN.8
AD-284. Seattle, WA, 1906, VG Int'l (trim R) Hotel Arlington photo illus.ad cc on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $15 MIN.8
AD-285. Seattle, WA, 1909, VG AYP slogan (toned; bit of separation at fold) American Catering Co.illus.ads; 2c Wash. on 2-panel PPC; Rose Senescu's Roumanian Orchestra concert progam inside (overwritten w/sender's message). E $16
AD-286. Seattle, WA, 1909, G+ Int'l (trim R; lite tone) Stetson & Post Lumber Co.illus.ad on cvr w/"1909 AYPE" Expo ad on back, used after event. E $15
AD-287. Seattle, WA, 1910, G+ Int'l (cr, thru stamp) L.W.Leavenworth & Co.illus.ad (warehouse workers loading NPRR flatcar) on cvr. E $20 MIN.10
AD-288. Seattle, WA, 1910, F Int'l (upper L tip nib) Holman Security Investment Co.return add. & text ad on back ("Irondale/Steel City of the Northwest") on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-289. Seattle, WA, 1912, F SF15-18C PPIE slogan (upper R crnr bit ruff; edge tears; part lite tone) Hotel Savoy illus.ad; text ad for city on back on cvr. E $15
AD-290. Seattle, WA, 1912, G+ SF15-18C PPIE slogan (small surface hole by stamp) Simonds Saw Co.illus.ad (old man w/pipe in mouth, flexing saw) 2c Sc.393 (miscut by affixing machine) on cvr. E $40 MIN.20
AD-291. Seattle, WA, 1916, G+ Int'l (bit lite tone) Seattle Hardware Co.cc; ORANGE overall illus.back ad: "Universal Lunch Boxes/Metal with Vacuum Bottle & Drinking Cup" on window cvr. E $24 MIN.12
AD-292. Seattle, WA, 1916, VG Int'l (trim R) R.L.Polk & Co.Directory Publishers cc; overall back ad: long list of publications in WA, NV, OR, ID, ALASKA & YUKON on cvr. E $14
AD-293. Seattle, WA, 1922, F Univ. (part ruff slit upper R) "Carman" logo cc; 73x49mm ad label for city tied to back; 11 lines of text, w/"Seattle: Wonder City of the West... Gateway to Alaska... The New York of the Pacific"; on cvr. E $15
AD-294. Seattle, WA, 1930, VG Univ.; J.F.Lanser & Co.illus.logo cc (knight w/lance on horseback) on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-295. Seattle, WA, 1932, F Univ.; Hotel Gowan fancy cc; illus.hotel on back; 5c winged globe air on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-296. Seattle, WA, 1933, F Univ.; Waldorf Hotel illus.ad (hotel) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-297. Seattle, WA, 1934, G+ Univ.; New Richmond Hotel/Opposite Both Depots illus.ad (hotel) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-298. Seattle, WA, 1935, F Univ.; Pacific Northwest Kiwanis/District Music Committe logo cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-299. Seattle, WA, 1937, VG+ Univ.; Westlake Chevrolet illus.ad (RED shoreline) w/logo on UX27 GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-300. Seattle, WA, 1937, VF Univ.; Goodrich Silvertown Stores illus.ad (tire, battery) on UX27 GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-301. Seattle, WA, 1938, G+ Univ. (cr) New Washington Hotel illus.ad cc on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-302. Seattle, WA, ca.1940, F precanx; "My Home Port" h/s cc; "Sec.562 P.L. & R." printed at upper R; 1c Prexie on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-303. (Seattle), WA, 1940, canxed Oroville, WA, VG+ Colum.; "J.Warshal & Songs/Sportsmen's Paradise Headquarters" printed address; overall back ad for.22 cal.automatic pistols (w/illus.PISTOL) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-304. Seattle, WA, 1944, F Univ.; Quigs Queen City Quips illus.ad (Cascade Mts.) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-305. Seattle, WA, 1946, F Univ.; Ladies' Auxiliary/F.O.E.#1 illus.cc (eagle & old woman) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-306. Seattle, WA, 1947, F PB meter w/Warshal's Sporting Goods ad slogan; overall back ad w/illus.magnifier on PC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-307. Seattle/Sta.No.1, WA, 1906, G DCDS/Reg'd (bit ruff trim R; lite tone; crnr crs) Philbrick Cutter Head Co.illus.ad (machine & cross-section) 10c Webster on reg'd cvr. E $30 MIN.15
AD-308. Seattle/Term.Anx., WA, 1939, F Univ.; Waldorf Hotel illus.ad on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-309. Seattle/Term.Anx., WA, 1940, F Univ.; Fraternal Order of Eagles/Aerie No.1 illus.ad cc (eagle & family) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-310. Seattle/Term.Anx., WA, 1940, F Univ.; Sears-Roebuck illus.ad (phone) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-311. Seattle/Term.Anx., WA, 1941, VG Univ.; New Hotel Hungerford ad cc w/small illus. on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-312. Seattle/Term.Anx., WA, 1941, G+ Univ. (pinholes) Seattle Post Intelligencer/78th Year illus.ad (old bldg) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-313. Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1918, F Int'l (trim R; upper R tip clip; bit lite tone) Imperial Candy Co.illus.logo cc on "oil window" cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-314. Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1918, VF Int'l (trim R; upper R tip nib) Hudson Bay Fur Co.illus.ad (beaver) 3c Wash.coil on cvr. E $14
AD-315. Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1918, VG Int'l; Standard Oil cc; illus.Zerolene logo & small gas station on window cvr w/enc. E $12 MIN.6
AD-316. Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1919, G+ Univ. (trim R) Greenwood Hardware boxed cc w/"Red Seal Dry Battery" logo; text ad on back; on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-317. Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1920, G+ Univ.; Ripley Fish Co.illus.logo cc w/"Pier 9" return add. on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-318. Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1920, G+ Univ.; Hotel Frye illus.ad on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-319. Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1920, G+ Univ. (edge tear T) Standard Oil cc; illus.Zerolene logo & large gas station on cvr w/enc. E $12 MIN.6
AD-320. Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1923, G Univ. (bit cr) Hotel Northern illus.ad on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-321. Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1923, G+ Univ. (bit ruff slit upper R) Imperial Candy Co.illus.cc (woman in oval) on window cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-322. Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1923, G+ Univ. (nick T) Northwest Lead Co.illus.ad (lead ingot & coil) bit scuff 2c Harding pf.10 on cvr. E $14
AD-323. Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1926, G+ Univ.; Cunard Line/Anchor Line/Anchor Donaldson Line illus.logo cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-324. Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1926, F Univ.; Seattle Suit Case, Trunk & Bag illus.cc (bulldog w/satchel) on window cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-325. Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1926, VG Univ. (tone spots B) Pacific Rim Tool Co.illus.ad (removing tire from rim) on cvr. E $14
AD-326. Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1927, VG Univ. (bit lite tone) Fortson-Thygesen Auxiliary/No.2/AUSWV illus.ad (medal) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-327. Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1928, G+ Univ.; United Motors Service $3.75 tune-up ad (small car silhouette) on UX27 GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-328. Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1930, F Univ. (pinholes) Rainier-Grand Hotel illus.ad on cvr. E $14
AD-329. Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1930, F Univ.; "Edw.J.Fisher, Theatrical Bookings" h/s cc; 2c Charleston on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-330. Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1930, VG Univ.; Hotel Livingston cc; 2c Charleston on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-331. Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1930, VF Univ. (no flap) Wolfe & Co.illus.logo ad (orange wolf & blue banner) 2c Charleston on cvr. E $14
AD-332. Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1930, G+ Univ. (pinholes; bit trim T) Vance Hotel illus.ad on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-333. Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1931, G+ Univ. (pinholes; bit trim T) Hotel Seward illus.ad on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-334. Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1931, VG Univ. (pinholes; bit trim T) Benjamin Franklin Hotel illus.ad on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-335. Seattle/Term.Sta., WA, 1931, G+ Univ. (bit trim T; pinholes; lite tone) Hotel St.Regis illus.ad on special del.cvr. E $15
AD-336. (Soap Lake) WA, 1914, canxed Spokane & Adrian/RPO partial RPO (bit lite tone) Lake View Hotel & Sanitarium photo illus.ad; text ad on back; 2x 1c Parcel Post (1 faulty) on cvr. E $40 MIN.20
AD-337. Spokane, WA, 1900, G+ Amer/B14; Wm.H.Stowell & Co./Chemists & Assayers cc & text ad w/prices on cvr. E $14
AD-338. Spokane, WA, 1902, VG Amer/B14 (lite tone; upper R tip bit ruff slit; edge tear R) Ryan & Newton Co./Cold Storage/Fruits & Produce fancy ad; overall illus.back ad (fruit) on cvr. E $15
AD-339. Spokane, WA, 1903, G+ Int'l (back toned) Spokane Drug Co.cc; text ad & salts price list on back on cvr. E $14
AD-340. Spokane, WA, 1905, VG Int'l (trim R, just in 1 stamp; lite tone) "Coeur d'Alene Park" photo illus.ad L on cvr. E $14
AD-341. Spokane, WA, 1906, VG Int'l (lite tone) "The Spokane/Ye Sign of Ye Silver Grill" ad cc w/illus."sign" on cvr. E $14
AD-342. Spokane, WA, 1909, VF Int'l (trim R) Wonder Dep't Store cc; "17th Nat'l Irrigation Congress" illus.ad (RED map of region) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-343. (Spokane), WA, 1910, canxed partial RPO duplex (trim R, well into 1 stamp) C.H.Hornburg Auto Co.ad cc; "The Winning Maxwell in Glidden Tour" RED illus.covertible auto; pr.1c Frank. on cvr. E $50 MIN.26
AD-344. Spokane, WA, 1910, G+ Int'l (trim L) United Iron Works logo ad cc on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-345. Spokane, WA, 1912, F Int'l (trim R) "The Ridpath" hotel fancy ad on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-346. Spokane, WA, 1912, VG Int'l (ruff R) E.H.Stanton Co.Beef & Pork Packers illus.ad (pig) on cvr. E $14
AD-347. Spokane/Reg.Div., WA, 1918, G+ DCDS (trim L, just in ad; lite tone) Davenport Hotel illus.ad on reg'd cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-348. Spokane, WA, 1923, G+ Univ. (trim R; tear T) Idaho Gold & Ruby Mining Co.photo illus.ad (hillside w/mine tailings?) on cvr w/enc.stockholders' report & illus.return env. E $24 MIN.12
AD-349. Spokane, WA, 1923, G+ Univ. (trim R) Union Trust Co.illus.ad (bldg) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-350. Spokane, WA, 1923, G+ Univ. "Make 50,000 Farm Homes..." slogan (trim R; edge tear R) Davenport Hotel illus.ad on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-351. Spokane, WA, 1923, G+ Univ. (bit ruff slit T) Miner Machinery Exchange cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-352. Spokane, WA, 1923, G+ Univ. (trim R) Exchange Nat'l Bank "Since Stagecoach Days" ad cc w/stagecoach & pioneer on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-353. Spokane, WA, 1926, G+ Univ.; Burrow Mfg.Co.illus.ad cc (small burro) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-354. Spokane, WA, 1930, VG duplex; "The Parsons" hotel fancy cc; 5c winged globe on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-355. Spokane, WA, 1931, G+ Univ. (lite tone; pinholes) Galax Hotel illus.ad on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-356. Spokane, WA, 1931, VG+ Univ. (bit cr; pinholes) Pennington Hotel illus.ad on cvr. E $14
AD-357. Spokane, WA, 1932, VF Univ.; Nat'l Savings & Loan Assn.illus.ad (bldg & cars) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-358. Spokane, WA, 1932, G+ Univ.; U.S.Macaroni Mfg.Co.illus.ad (factory & trucks) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-359. Spokane, WA, 1933, F Univ.; Novelty Carriage Works ad cc w/small illus.workers & cars on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-360. Spokane, WA, 1934, VG Univ. (tear T) "Ray-dio-Ray Health Laboratories" illus.logo cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-361. Spokane, WA, 1934, VG Univ.; American Legion logo cc; overall illus.back ad for Convention: "Spokane Once More in '34" (Legion logo; state map outline; soldier w/rifle; banner on bayonet) on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
AD-362. Spokane, WA, 1945, F Univ.; Commercial Importing Co.cc w/Corona Coffee illus.ad: man in serape w/donkey on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-363. Spokane, WA, 1948, G Univ.; "Forward Spokane" overall back ad for town, w/13 illus. (golf, fishing, planes, etc.) on cvr. E $14
AD-364. Sunnyside, WA, 1932, G+ Int'l; Hotel Planters illus.ad on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-365. Tacoma, WA, 1884, G+ CDS/cork (ty.4) (upper R tip ruff; edges trim; sealed spindle) "Washington Fire Insurance Co., New Tacoma, W.T." illus.ad (Geo.Washington portrait) on crudely rebacked FRONT ONLY. AS IS for faults. E $15 MIN.8
AD-366. Tacoma, WA, 1886, G+ CDS/cork (ty.4) (lower R crnr ruff; L tips nib; lite tone) "Thos.J.Uhlman, Retail Butcher, Tacoma, W.T." h/s cc on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-367. Tacoma, WA, 1887, G CDS/cork (date partial; no flap; bit trim T; part toned) The Tacoma (hotel), Tacoma, Wash.Ter.,cc on cvr. E $24
AD-368. Tacoma, WA, 1888, G+ CDS/cork (ty.4) (lower R crnr ruff) on cvr w/letterhead enc.: "W.P.Bonney, Wholesale & Retail Druggist". E $15 MIN.8
AD-369. Tacoma, WA, 1889 (Jun 28), G CDS/cork (ty.4) (ruff trim R, in stamp; lite tone) Manning, Bogle & Hays Real Estate cc; overall vert.ad for town on back (33 lines of text) on cvr. E $24
AD-370. Tacoma, WA, 1889 (Sep 7), G CDS (ty.7) (bit cr; part lite tone) "The Bellevue" hotel pale blue illus.ad on cvr. E $50
AD-371. Tacoma, WA, 1893, G+ duplex (trim R, into stamp) Commencement Bay Land Improvement overall pale blue illus.ad (landscape & mountain) faulty 2c Colum. on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-372. Tacoma, WA, 1893, G duplex; Tacoma Academy of Science cc w/monogram; 2c Colum. on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-373. Tacoma, WA, 1895, G+ duplex (crnr cr) American Commission Co.printed price list w/ms prices on back; 2x 1c blue on 2.75x4.75" ad card. RARE. E $24
AD-374. Tacoma, WA, 1901, G+ Amer/B14(1) (trim R; bit lite tone) Hotel Rhein/Best $1 Day House in City ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-375. Tacoma, WA, 1901, F Amer/B14(1) (no flap; nick T) West Coast & Puget Sound Lumberman/Frank B.Cole, Publisher, illus.ad (log & ax) 2c Pan Am on cvr. E $15
AD-376. (Tacoma), WA, 1902, canxed Seattle & Port/RPO G duplex (ruff R, well into stamp) F.P.Swinson illus.ad (wagon) on cvr. E $15
AD-377. Tacoma, WA, 1907, VG Int'l (edge tear T) Hotel Donnelly illus.ad on cvr. E $14
AD-378. Tacoma, WA, 1907, G+ Int'l; American Bonding Co.cc w/3-line text ad forming address lines; 2c Jamestown on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-379. Tacoma, WA, 1909, G+ Int'l; Bagley Grader Co.photo illus.ad (grader & hillside) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-380. Tacoma, WA, 1916, F Int'l; Tourist Hotel illus.ad (tourists; train) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-381. Tacoma, WA, 1920, VG Univ. (part ruff slit T; lite tone) "The Tacoma" hotel small illus.cc (topless mermaid & salmon) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-382. Tacoma, WA, 1923, G+ Univ.; John Dower Lumber cc w/illus.logo (mountain) on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-383. Tacoma, WA, 1926, F Univ.; Tennent Steel Casting illus.ad (bldg) on window cvr. E $14
AD-384. Tacoma, WA, 1930, F Univ. (pinholes) "Rainier Nat'l Park/Hotel Olympus" illus.ad (mountain) on cvr. E $15
AD-385. Tacoma, WA, 1931, F Univ. (lite tone; pinholes) Bonneville Hotel illus.ad on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-386. Tacoma, WA, 1931, G+ Univ. (trim R) Andrews Bldg.cc; "Lumber Capital" illus.ad at L; overall illus.back ad (skiiers, chickens, etc.) on cvr. E $15
AD-387. Tacoma, WA, 1932, F Univ.; Pacific Savings & Loan illus.ad (waves breaking on shore) 3c Lincoln coil on cvr. E $14
AD-388. Tacoma, WA, 1933, F Univ.; Tacoma Grain illus.ad cc (flour sack) small pictorial "NRA" h/s; 3c NRA on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-389. Tacoma, WA, 1935, VG Univ.; "The Tacoma" hotel fancy cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-390. Tacoma, WA, 1937, VG Univ.; Hazeltons Foot Comfort Shop illus.ad on back (side view of foot bones in shoe) on UX27 GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-391. Tacoma, WA, 1938, F Univ.; "Gateway to Rainier Nat'l Park" black illus.ad (city & mountain) on cvr. E $14
AD-392. Tacoma, WA, 1938, F+ Univ.; H & H Model Aircraft Co.cc w/illus.logo on air cvr. E $14
AD-393. Tacoma, WA, 1939, F Univ. (edge tear T; pinhole) Hotel Croft illus.ad cc (yellow hotel canopy & red heart) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-394. Tacoma, WA, 1940, F precanx; Stenotype Co.cc; "Sec.562 P.L. & (R.)" h/s at upper R; 1.5c Prexie on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-395. Tacoma, WA, 1940, VG Univ.; Bruno Studios/Platinum Portrait 59c blue illus.ad (pretty woman portrait) on UX27 GPC. E $14
AD-396. Tacoma, WA, 1940, VG Univ.; "Gateway to Rainier Nat'l Park" blue & black illus.ad (city & mountain) on cvr. E $14
AD-397. Tacoma, WA, 1940, VG Univ.; "The Tacoma" hotel small illus.cc (topless mermaid & salmon) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-398. Tacoma, WA, 1940, VG Int'l (bit ruff slit upper R) "Gateway to Rainier Nat'l Park" blue & black illus.ad (city & mountain) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-399. Tacoma, WA, 1941, VG Univ.; Sears-Roebuck illus.ad (phone) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-400. Tacoma, WA, 1941, G+ Univ.; John Dower Lumber illus.ad (elephant crrying board) on window cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-401. Tacoma, WA, 1945, VG Univ.; Martin Pretorius, Nutritionist, overall text ad on back; illus.string-on-finger on address side; on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-402. Thornton, WA, 1938, G+ duplex; "Dwight Misner, Sunset Ranch" cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-403. Twisp, WA, 1934, G+ duplex; (trim L; edge tear T) Azurite Gold Co.cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-404. Union, WA, 1911, G 4-bar (ruff R, in stamp; bit ruff L; toned) "Beach at Union City, Wash." photo illus.at L on cvr w/matching illus.letterhead enc. E $15 MIN.8
AD-405. Vancouver, WA, 1918, F Univ. (bit lite tone) Hotel St.Elmo cc w/small illus.horseshoe on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-406. Waitsburg, WA, 1894, G+ CDS/cork (nick B) J.W.Morgan/Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Etc.,ad cc; 2c Colum. on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-407. Walla Walla, WA, [1885], G+ duplex (ruff R, in stamp to oval; bit lite tone) Knapp, Burrell & Co.cc on PSE. E $15
AD-408. Walla Walla, WA, 1898, G+ duplex; "Y.P.S.C.E./Walla Walla '98." fancy cc (Young People 's Society for Christian Endeavor) 1c blue on cvr. E $15
AD-409. Walla Walla, WA, 1898, G+ duplex (trim R; lite tone; upper L tip nib) HQ/Dept.of Wash. & Alaska G.A.R.illus.ad (medal) on cvr. E $15
AD-410. Walla Walla, WA, 1904, VG Amer/B14 (trim R) John Smith Co./Agricultural Implements & Vehicles cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-411. Walla Walla, WA, 1906, VG Amer/B14 (trim L; upper L tip ruff) Hotel Dacres fancy cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-412. Walla Walla, WA, 1908, G+ Amer/B14; Aerie #26, F.O.E.cc; illus.eagle & mountain in address area on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-413. Walla Walla, WA, ca.1920, G+ mute oval (lite crs; crnr stain on back) "Kodak Work From The Book Nook" printed header w/illus.camera at L; overall back ad w/illus.man & woman w/cameras; 1c Wash. on 6.5x4.5" brown cvr w/list of "Don'ts" on inside panel; suggestion to "Have your best negatives printed on Post Cards". E $15
AD-414. Walla Walla, WA, 1928, G+ Int'l (lite tone) Grand Hotel illus.ad; 5c T.Roosevelt on air cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-415. Walla Walla, WA, 1931, G+ Int'l; Marcus Whitman Hotel illus.ad on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-416. Walla Walla, WA, 1937, G+ Int'l; Grossman & Silvers/Modern Displays illus.ad (flying duck) on UX27 GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-417. Wenatchee, WA, 1931, G+ Int'l; Columbia Hotel illus.ad on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-418. Wenatchee, WA, 1950, G+ Int'l (part ruff T; flap fault) Harlin Hotel cc; "Apple Capital of the World" illus.ad (farm & mountains "in" apple) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-419. White Salmon, WA, 1922, G+ DCDS/Reg'd as origin b/s; White Salmon Growers Warehouse cc; 10c Frank. on reg'd 2c PSE. E $14
AD-420. Yakima, WA, 1929, G+ Univ.; atty cc w/"Fall in, American Legion...State Convention" illus.comic ad (Legionnaire) 2c Edison on cvr. E $14
AD-421. Yakima, WA, 1932, VG Univ. (lite tone) Chamber of Commerce cc; "Eastern Gateway to Rainier Nat'l Park" illus.ad (city & mountain) on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-422. Yakima, WA, 1933, VG Univ. (4 tips nib) Washington Egg & Poultry Co-op Ass'n logo cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-423. Yakima, WA, 1934, VG Univ. (nicks T; upper L crnr slit, barely in cc) Independent Meat Co.cc w/comic illus.(butcher & meat cabinet) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-424. Yakima, WA, 1934, VG Univ.; Merchants Sign Co.cc w/illus.winged globe on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-425. Yakima, WA, 1937, VF Univ. (trim R; lite tone) "Eastern Gateway to Rainier Nat'l Park" illus.ad (mountains) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-426. Yakima, WA, 1938, VG Univ. (trim R; ink smear by address) "The Donnelly/Yakima's Largest Hotel" illus.ad on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-427. Yakima, WA, 1950, VG Univ.; "The Donnelly/Yakima's Largest Hotel/Eastern Gateway to Rainier Nat'l Park" illus.ad (mountains & RED apple) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-428. Zillah, WA, 1900, partial duplex (lite tone; trim R) Washington Irrigation Co.large illus.ad ("Sunnyside": irrigated fields, w/mountains in background) on cvr w/matching illus.letterhead enc., dated later but from same correspondence. E $30 MIN.15
AD-429. Green Bay, WI, 1894, G+ duplex (lite tone; trim R) N.H.Gonion Farming Implements illus.ad (Minnesota Giant Traction Engine) on cvr. E $20
AD-430. Racine, WI, [1901], G+ vertical precanx (tears; lite tone) "Dr.Shoop" cc; 1c Frank. on cvr. E $20
AD-431. Lot 30) GPC's w/printed headers, ads, & other business related on backs, 1876-1902. MIN.$60

AD-432. "AM/Co" (ty.A184.5), Indianapolis, IN, ca.1914, F Univ. w/dateless dial (part ruff T; tear B; toned) Askin & Marine type (1c Wash.) on cvr. E $20
AD-433. "BB/CC(o)", New York/Sta.E, NY, 1909, VG Int'l (lite tone) Brunswick Balke-Collander Co.type (1c Frank.) private use on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-434. "CH", London, Great Britain, 1955, G+ DCDS; Cumberland Hotel engraved logo return add.on flap (6x 2p) on air cvr to U.S. E $15
AD-435. "CLA", Jacksonville, IL, 1910, G+ Amer/B14; Chicago, Lake Shore & Alton RR type (1c Frank.) private use on PPC. E $6
AD-436. "EA/GLE", Brooklyn, NY, 1910, G+ Int'l (toned; T tips nick) Brooklyn Eagle type (1c Frank.) private use on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
AD-437. "FOX" (ty.F147), Grand Rapids, MI, 1911, VG Int'l (edge tear T; toned; small scuff spot in cc) Fox Typewriter Co.illus.ad cc (typewriter) 2c Wash. on window cvr. E $24 MIN.12
AD-438. "G" in diamond (ty.G9), Boston, MA, 1912, G Amer/B14(6) (bit lite tone) Gillette Sales Co.type (1c Wash.) private use on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-439. "G/OC" (ty.G138), New York/Church St.Sta., NY, 1944, G+ Int'l; Gulf Oil Corp.cc (5c Prexie +3c Win the War) on #10 air cvr. E $24 MIN.12
AD-440. "GRC(o)" (ty.G155B, reversed), Pittsburgh, PA, 1942, G+ duplex (bit lite tone) Law Dept., Box 1166 cc; SCARCE Gulf Refining Co.type (6c eagle air) on cvr. E $30
AD-441. "GVT", Davenport, IA, 1913, F Int'l (crnr cr; lite tone) Gordon Vantine Co.type (1c Wash.) private use on PPC. E $20
AD-442. "HJN" (sideways), London, Great Britain, 1909, partial CDS; 1.5p King on 1p reg'd PSE to Germany. E $15
AD-443. "LC/Co" (ty.L55-9, reversed), Minneapolis, MN, 1925, G+ Univ. (tear T; crs) Liquid Carbonic Co.form at L (2c Wash.) on ad PPC (restaurant interior). E $15
AD-444. "LGD", Indianapolis, IN, ca.1910, G+ Int'l (year partial; lite tone) L.G.Dressler, Hotel Mgr.type (1c Frank) on PPC (Hotel Claypool lounge). E $15 MIN.8
AD-445. "LGD", Indianapolis, IN, 1911, G+ Int'l (lite tone) hotel mgr's initials (1c Frank.) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-446. "LS/&/MS", Toledo, OH, 1912, G+ Int'l (toned) Lake Shore & Michigan Southern RR (1 Frank.) private use on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-447. "M & Co" (ty.M282), New York/Sta.R, NY, 1916, G Univ. (canx mostly covered by censor tape at T; upper L crnr ruff; edge crs) Miller & Co.cc (5c Wash.) on 5x6.5" cvr to Germany. E $24 MIN.12
AD-448. "MCC" (ty.M50), Baltimore, MD, 1938, VF Int'l (few short tone lines) City of Baltimore type (2c Wash.) on cvr w/enc. E $12 MIN.6
AD-449. "MIW" (ty.M141), Chicago/Kinzie Sta., IL, 1909, F Int'l (scuff spot R; toned; bit trim L) Marine Iron Works h/s ad on pix side (1c Frank.) on ad PPC ("Gen'l Washington" boat). Proper company use of UNIDENTIFIED perfin type in Balough catalog. E $80 MIN.40
AD-450. "MS" (ty.233), Casper, WY, 1932, VF Univ.; Mountain States Telephone & Telegraph illus.bell logo cc (2c Wash.) on window cvr w/enc. E $12 MIN.6
AD-451. "NGS" (ty.N90.5B), Washington, DC, 1927, VF Int'l (part ruff slit T, 1 thru cc; crs) Nat'l Geographic Soc'y cc (6c Garfield) on 2c #10 PSE. E $15 MIN.8
AD-452. "NGS" (ty.N90; few blind pins), Washington, DC, 1923, G+ Int'l; 1c Wash. on 1c GPC w/Nat'l Geographic Soc'y printed message on back; to NEW ZEALAND. E $15 MIN.8
AD-453. "NS/TA", Seattle, WA, 1911, VF Int'l (tear T) Nat'l Salesmens Training Ass'n cc (2c Wash.) on cvr. E $15
AD-454. "R/McN", Chicago, IL, 1914, F Int'l (R tips nick; lite tone) Rand, McNally & Co.illus.logo ad cc (2c Wash.) on cvr. E $20 MIN.10
AD-455. "RIC", Sydney, Australia, 1956, VG slogan machine; Royal Insurance Co.logo ad (1p queen) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-456. "U(K)" (ty.U39.5; 1 inverted; 1 shifted), USPS, MO, 1976, G+ machine; Univ.of Kansas, Lawrence, cc (50c +10c +2c) on #10 air cvr to Australia. E $14
AD-457. "U(M)", Columbia, MO, 1949, VG Int'l (toned) Univ.of Missouri cc (3c Prexie) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-458. "US" (inverted), New York, NY, 1955, G Int'l; Dept.of Commerce cc; 30c Prexie paying reg'y fee on reg'd #10 penalty window cvr (bit trim T). E $15 MIN.8
AD-459. "W" (ty.W7F), Cleveland, OH, 1933, VF Int'l; Amer.Steel & Wire Co.cc (3c Wash.) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-460. "W &/JS" (ty.W216), New York/Grand Cent.Sta., NY, 1916, VF Univ.; W. & J.Sloane cc (2c Wash.) on oil window cvr. E $20
AD-461. "W/EM", Wilkinsburg, PA, ca.1913, partial mute oval; Westinghouse Club cc (1c Wash.) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-462. "W/MA", Rock Island, IL, 1910, VG Time-Cmns; Modern Woodmen form at L (1c Sc.300) on ad PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-463. "WF/U" (reversed/inverted), San Francisco, CA, 1927, G+ duplex (no flap; lite tone) Wells Fargo Bank cc (10c Lindbergh air) on #10 cvr. E $14
AD-464. "WF/U", San Francisco, CA, 1927, G+ duplex (no flap; lite tone) Wells Fargo Bank cc (10c Lindbergh air) on #10 cvr. E $14

AM-1. AAMC Canada #360a: Vancouver, Canada, 1949, G+ CDS; 8 stamps (7 diff.) on cacheted air cvr to Fiji. E $15 MIN.8
AM-2. AAMC Int'l Dirigible Mails #Z-510: Lakehurst, NJ, 1932 (May 6), G+ duplex; "USS Akron/Coast to Coast Trip" h/s cachets; block/4x 1.5c imperf on cvr. E $20
AM-3. AAMC Int'l Dirigible Mails #Z-510: Lakehurst, NJ, 1932 (May 6), VF Int'l; "USS Akron/Coast to Coast Trip" h/s cachets (1 on add.side is WEAK); 10c Lindbergh on SHINY SILVER cvr. E $24
AM-4. AAMC Int'l Dirigible Mails #Z-511: Lakehurst, NJ, 1932 (Aug 1), VF Int'l; "Tactical Training Flight/USS Akron" h/s cachets on cvr. E $15
AM-5. AAMC Interrupted Flight #31.11: San Francisco, CA, 1931, G+ duplex (stamps gone; soiled; tears) "Delay Due to An/Air Mail Interup-/tion At Oakland/Ca.Sept.16 1931" h/s; "Rec'd in Bad Condition at Portland, Oregon." h/s struck twice on #10 air/special del.cvr. E $60
AM-6. AAMC Lindberghiana # 42: Milwaukee, WI, 1928 (Feb 20), G+ Univ.; "Lindbergh... Flies the Air Mail/CAM 2" horseshoe h/s cachet; 10c Lindbergh air on #10 cvr. E $20
AM-7. AAMC Lindberghiana #129: Detroit, MI, 1927 (Aug 10), G+ duplex; "Our Hero" printed portrait; 10c Lindbergh air on #10 cvr w/"...Visits Birthplace" pictorial h/s. E $15
AM-8. AAMC Philippine Islands #39: Iloilo, PI, 1930 (May 3), G+ duplex; "Via Army Sea-Plane" typed at B; pair 8c tied by canx & "Via Air Mail" pictorial h/s on cvr to Manila (no cachet). E $30 MIN.15
AM-9. AAMC Supersonic Transport #11: Heathrow Airport/London, Great Britain, 1981 (Jul 22), F pictorial CDS/slogan tying 14p wedding & "Coronation 25 Yrs." label; Royal Chair cachet on 8.5p PSE w/"Flown" boxed h/s & appropriate AMF JFK Jamaica, NY, F CDS tying 18c on back. E $20
AM-10. AAMC Trans-Oceanic Record Flight #1169: St.Johns, Newfoundland, 1932 (Aug 31), G Int'l (bit lite tone) tying U.S.3c Wash.+5c globe air & 3c Newfoundland on to U.S. Signed by pilot Thor Solberg, but no backstamp. E $75
AM-11. AAMC U.S.Foreign Contract Air Mail ty.F18 types: lot of 8 diff., all w/diff.date/origin/destination combos; all w/Crosby tiny photo cachets, 1940 (Jul 12-21), (lite tone) on #10 air cvrs. MIN.$50
AM-12. AAMC U.S.Governmental Flights #176: New York, NY, 1925 (Jul 1), VG duplex (crs; no flap; bit trim T) "Air Mail/First Overnight Flight/New York to Chicago" h/s; 8c Sc.C4 +2c Wash. on cvr. E $30
AM-13. AAMC U.S.Souvenir Historical Flight #699: Hewitt, NJ, 1936 (Feb 23), VG 4-bar (lite tone) Rocket-Airplane Flight cachet; pictorial h/s tying related label; 16c air/spec.del on cvr. E $40
AM-14. AAMC Zeppelin Flight #Z-404b: New York, NY, 1936 (May 11), G Int'l (part toned; crs) pictorial cachets; 12c TIPEX sheet +25c clipper +2x 3c Rhode Isld on #10 cvr to England. E $30
AM-15. AAMC Zeppelin Flight #Z-510: Lakehurst, NJ, 1932 (May 6), F Int'l (lite tone) USS Akron cachets; 5c beacon air on cvr. E $20
AM-16. AAMC Zeppelin Flight #Z-511: Lakehurst, NJ, 1932 (Aug 1), F Int'l; USS Akron cachet; 5c beacon +3c Olympics on cvr. E $20
AM-17. AAMC Zeppelin Flight #Z-511: Lakehurst, NJ, 1932 (Aug 1), G Int'l; USS Akron cachets at L & on back; block/4x 2c Yorktown on cvr. E $20
AM-18. AAMC Zeppelin Flight #Z-511: Lakehurst, NJ, 1932 (Aug 1), F Int'l (lite tone) USS Akron cachets on air cvr. E $20
AM-19. AAMC Zeppelin Post #Z- 15: Flugpost am Rhein u.am.Main/Darmstadt, Germany, 1912 (Jun 17), F CDS (crs) 10pf air +5pf on PC. E $40
AM-20. AAMC Zeppelin Post #Z- 15a: Flugpost am Rhein u.am.Main/Frankfurt, Germany, 1912 (Jun 20), F CDS (few tone spots) 20pf air +5pf on PC. E $40
AM-21. AAMC Zeppelin Post #Z- 15b: Flugpost am Rhein u.am.Main/Darmstadt, Germany, 1912 (Jun 23), F CDS 3x 30pf air +5pf on PC. E $200
AM-22. AAMC Zeppelin Post #Z-404: Frankfurt, Germany, 1936 (May 5), G+ DCDS; pictorial h/s cachet; toned 75pf Zeppelin air on cvr to U.S. E $15 MIN.8
AM-23. AAMC Zeppelin Post #Z-405: Aachen, Germany, 1936 (May 15), G+ DCDS; pictorial h/s cachet; bit faulty 75pf +50pf Zeppelin +20pf air on cvr to U.S. E $20 MIN.10
AM-24. AAMC Zeppelin Post #Z-56: Newark, NJ, 1928, G+ duplex; Oct 28 pictorial cachet; 50c +3c on PPC w/Friedrichshafen CDS as recd b/s. E $15
AM-25. AMF San Francisco, CA, 1957, partial DCDS on TWA ad PPC: "Writing this on the plane. Just passed the Mississippi River..." E $12 MIN.6
AM-26. Topaz, CA, 1957 (Jul 1), F 4-bar (lite crs) "Flown By Rocket..." boxed h/s tying Rocket Research Institute IGY Rocketflight label on cacheted air cvr. E $20
AM-27. Washington, DC, 1945, G+ duplex (horiz.cr at B) tying "Air Mail/Northwest Airlines Inc." 22x52mm pictorial label on cvr. E $15
AM-28. Miami/Air Mail Sec., FL, 1949, F magenta DCDS as transit b/s (staple holes) on air cvr from Embalse, Argentina, to Minneapolis. E $14
AM-29. Hanoi, Indochina, 1939 (May 22), VG CDS (tip cr; tears T) Hanoi-Vientiane (Laos) 1st flight cachet; 5c +1c airs on cvr. E $15
AM-30. Howell, MI, 1942, G+ Int'l; "U.S.Mail/Fastest Dispatch Via Air Mail or Train" printed below stamps; "Notice/With Postage Paid at... 6 cents per Ounce, this Letter is entitled to Dispatch via Air Mail or Train..." printed at L; pair 6c airs on #10 cvr. E $15
AM-31. Akron, OH, 1931 (Aug 8), VG Univ.; USS Akron Christening cachet; 5c globe on cvr. E $14
AM-32. AMF Cleveland, OH, 1957, G+ DCDS; "Air Mail/Capital Viscount" pictorial label at lower L on cvr w/enc. E $12 MIN.6
AM-33. Durban, South Africa, 1949, G+ meter; "Per Pan-American Airways" large h/s instruction on front & back; Dunlop Tires illus.ad on #10 air cvr to U.S. E $14
AM-34. Waco, TX, 1930, G+ Univ. tying "Via Air Mail" label; 5c beacon air Sc.C11 on PPC. E $8
AM-35. Milwaukee, WI, 1928 (Aug 1), VF duplex; 5c beacon air +2c Vermont +2c Norse on cvr to Germany; printed "Via Air Mail" negated w/magenta bars h/s; 1st day 5c domestic rate, underpaid to foreign destination. E $20
AM-36. USS Pennsylvania, 1933 (Feb 26), VF ty.3(P-15) w/"Golden Gate/Bridge" in bars; "Route/Via AM 34 TWA" h/s; Pacific Coast Int'l/Golden Gate Bridge Celebration" pictorial cachet; 8c globe air on ship-to-shore flight cvr. E $20
AM-37. Lot 15) PPCs w/air mail rates, 1927-61, various stamps & uses (varied condition). E $70 MIN.36

AX-1. Portland, OR, 1950, VG Univ. (bit lite tone) ms "2c due mailman" below address, w/"Postage Due (2) Cents" h/s at T, applied at Portland, on PPC mailed w/o stamp. E $16
AX-2. Kansas City, MO, 1920, VG Univ. (lite tone) "2c due me/G.T.A." carrier's ms, below faulty 2c offset Wash.applied as due stamp; "Due 2 cents" h/s on cvr to Brooklyn, WI. E $20
AX-3. Goshen, IN, 1965, G+ Univ.; "A form is available at the post offce for notifying your correspondents and publishers of your correct address." & "RR 2" h/s on PPC to Syracuse, IN. E $15
AX-4. (Santiago?, Chile), ca.1940s, weak, partial canx (lite tone) "Adhered to letter for Toledo, Ohio" h/s w/"Sta F." written below on PPC. E $16
AX-5. Providence, RI, 1862, G+ red DCDS/black grid (ruff R; tear R) "Adv.1." h/s on 2.5x4.5" cvr to Charlestown, MA. E $24
AX-6. San Francisco, CA, 1870s, G+ CDS/cork (dial bit hi; bit lite tone; ink spots T) "Advertised" boxed h/s & date applied at Taunton, MA, on 2.5x4.75" cvr. E $15
AX-7. Murdocksville, PA, 1915, G+ 4-bar; "Advertised" h/s & ms date on PPC to Glenwillard, PA. E $14
AX-8. Hibbing, MN?, 1907, indistinct duplex; "Advertised", date & "Due (1) Cents." h/s on PPC to Brookings, SD, & fwd. E $15
AX-9. Madison, WI, 1940, F Univ.; "Armée Dissoute" (Army Dissolved) & "Retour" blue pencil ms notes; U.S.censor tape L; Nazi censor tapes at R & on back on cvr w/enc.to 5 Batterie II Groupe, 18 Reg't d'Artillerie, BPS 20, Belgium. E $50
AX-10. Glacier Park, MT, 1922, G Amer/A14; "Austin, Sta" h/s struck twice as fwd instruction on PPC to Oak Park, IL. E $14
AX-11. Fort Hunt, VA, 1917 (Oct 9), G+ 4-bar (bit ruff trim R, in 1 stamp) "Back the Boys..." black h/s (EARLY USE) & "Do your bit!..." magenta h/s (LATE USE) on cvr. VERY RARE (possibly unique) combo. E $100
AX-12. Chicago, IL, 1917 (Nov 8), VG Int'l (lite tone) "Back the Boys..." h/s on cvr to Kenwood, MO. LATE use. E $24 MIN.12
AX-13. Yokohama, Japan, 1917, G CDS; "Back the Boys..." h/s on PPC to Wheaton, IL. RARE to see on incoming mail from foreign country. E $30 MIN.15
AX-14. Blue Rapids, KS, 1917 (Oct 10), G+ duplex; "Back the Boys..." h/s on PPC to Beloit, KS. EARLY USE. E $24 MIN.12
AX-15. Paradise, KY, 1917, VG 4-bar; "Back the Boys..." h/s on PPC to Glasgow, KY. Scarce BLACK ink. E $15 MIN.8
AX-16. Battle Creek/Custer Br., MI, 1917 (Oct 11), G+ Univ. (toned) "Back the Boys..." h/s on PPC to Owasso, MI. EARLY use. E $20 MIN.10
AX-17. Warner, NH, 1917, VG duplex (bit lite tone; tear B) "Back the Boys..." h/s on PSE to Washington, DC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-18. Brodhead, WI, 1917, G+ Time-Cmns; "Back the Boys..." h/s on GPC to Madison, WI. E $12 MIN.6
AX-19. Buffalo, NY, 1917, G+ Univ.; "Back the Boys..." h/s (part stuttered) on PPC to Warsaw, NY. E $12 MIN.6
AX-20. (Indistinct town), NH, 1917, partial 4-bar; "Back the Boys..." h/s (T line part spotty) on cvr to Morrison, IL. E $12 MIN.6
AX-21. Minneapolis, MN, 1917, F Int'l (bit cr) "Back the Boys..." h/s struck TWICE (1 black, 1 magenta) on cvr to Theodore, AL, & fwd to Biloxi, MS. RARE combo. E $30 MIN.15
AX-22. Cleveland, OH, 1917 (Oct 11), VF Int'l; "Back the Boys..." h/s w/TINY letters on cvr to Sewickley, PA. E $30
AX-23. Floreana, Ecuador, 1973, G CDS (bit lite tone; water drop in message) "Barrel Mailbox/The Galapagos Islands/In The Pacific" h/s; "El Correo Mas Antiguo Del Ecuador-Fundado En 1973/Post Correo/Floreana/Galapagos" pictorial h/s (barrel) on air PPC to U.S. E $40
AX-24. Santa Barbara, CA, 1909, F Amer/B14 (tip crs) tiny 3x19mm "Called Out" h/s applied at Atlantic City, NJ, on PPC to "Charls Mechler of the Grato Barber Shop, Atlantic Ave." w/blue pencil "2020" added to address. E $15 MIN.8
AX-25. Rheems, PA, ca.1907, G+ 4-bar (year partial) "Called Out" & "Have your mail addressed to route No.to insure prompt delivery." h/s on PPC to Hagerstown, MD. E $15 MIN.8
AX-26. Camp Chase, OH, 1908, G Doane 3/3 (uneven toned) "Called Out." h/s on PPC to Hagerstown, MD. E $14
AX-27. Bismarck, PA, 1913, VF 4-bar; "Called Out." h/s on PPC to Lebanon, PA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-28. Baltimore, MD, 1999, G machine; "CMRA 8110/Refused/No Mail/Receptacle" h/s on #10 cvr to Blaine, WA. E $20
AX-29. Augusta, ME, 1909, VG duplex; "Correct Post Office Address not in City Directory./Searcher N" circled h/s on PPC to Los Angeles, CA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-30. Servicio Internacional, Guatemala, 1949, G+ DCDS (trim R) "Correspondence Officielle Gouvernement de Guatemala Pas de Port Pour Manque de Timbres-Poste" boxed h/s (Mailed without postage due to lack of stamps) "Departamento de Publicidad de la Presidencia header & pictorial h/s frank on #10 air cvr to U.S. E $15
AX-31. Racine, WI, 1920, G+ duplex; "Credit for Special Delivery taken at Baraboo, Wisconsin" h/s (town/state heavy inked) inverted at L; 2x 5c +2c Wash. on special del.cvr. E $20
AX-32. New York/Sta.C, NY, 1944, F Int'l (crs; brown paper tape repairs) "Damaged by Conveyor" h/s on back; Official Seal Sc.OX21 tied to back on #10 air cvr. E $24
AX-33. Pasadena, CA, [1953], G+ DCDS/roller (tears; crs) "Damaged in Handling/In the Postal Service" h/s on PPC torn in 3 pieces, repaired w/adhesive tape. E $15 MIN.8
AX-34. East Gary, IN, 1952, F magenta DCDS (part lite soiled) "Dead Letter/No address/C.P." ms below tablet on unadd.GPC w/message. E $15
AX-35. Detroit, MI, 1944, VF duplex; "Deliver As Addressed/Building May Be Unattended" sender's RED printed instruction at L on #10 cvr. SCARCE. E $20
AX-36. Metz Lafayette, France, 1939, G+ CDS; "Die anliegende Postsen-/dung ist in Feindesland/sichergestellt worden." ("The attached mail has been secured in enemy territory.") printed on 70x41mm paper, adhered in message area on PPC to Saar. E $75
AX-37. New York/Church St.Anx, NY, 1944, F Univ. (cr) "Directory service given at N.A.T.C., Pensacola, Florida." & "Directory Service Given At 80Q, N.A.S., Pensacola, Fla." h/s on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AX-38. Jauer, Germany, 1920, F DCDS (toned) "Directory Service given/Edgewater Station No.1" h/s on PPC to Chicago. E $14
AX-39. Simla, CO, 1917, G 4-bar; "Do your bit!..." h/s on PPC to Oketo, KS. E $8
AX-40. Wilber, NE, 1917, G+ duplex; "Do your bit!..." h/s on PSE to Omaha. E $12 MIN.6
AX-41. Illinois City, IL, 1917, G+ 4-bar; "Do your bit!..." h/s struck TWICE on PPC to Viola, IL. E $15 MIN.8
AX-42. Abercrombie, ND, 1917, G+ 4-bar (bit lite tone) "Do your bit!..." h/s struck TWICE on PPD to Winslow, IL. E $15 MIN.8
AX-43. Dixon, IL, 1917, G duplex (toned) "Do your bit!..." h/s struck TWICE (1 black, 1 magenta) on PPC to Colusa, CA, & fwd to Valley Springs. RARE combo. E $30 MIN.15
AX-44. Springfield, IL, 1917, VG Univ. "Ill.Cent'l" slogan (lite tone) "Do your bit!..." magenta h/s on PPC to Cherry, IL. E $12 MIN.6
AX-45. St.Louis, MO, 1926, VG Int'l (lite tone) "Due 1 Cent. F" h/s; 1c due w/Saint Louis precanx on PPC mailed w/1c Frank. E $14
AX-46. Adrian, MI, 1910, VF Amer/B14(); ms "Due 1c" by address; 1c due applied on PPC mailed w/1c Frank.; add'l 1c for message into address area. E $12 MIN.6
AX-47. Denver, CO, 1936, VG Univ. (part dark water toned) "First Class/Contains Writing" & "Returned for Add'l Postage/Postage Due 1 Cent." h/s; 1c Frank on 3x4.5" cvr w/enc.party invitation. E $15 MIN.8
AX-48. Montreal, Canada, 1944, G+ machine (lite tone) "Foreign Letter Package/Collect 10 cents for Customs clearance. Postage Due Stamps to be affixed and canceled./Delivery Division, Letter Section, Chicago, Ill." h/s; 10c due stamp tied on cvr w/customs label around L edge. E $20
AX-49. Wolfboro, NH, 1966, G+ machine; "Forward to Commodore Hotel, Fort Myers Beach, Fla.33931" h/s struck twice (1 tying 4c Lincoln) on PPC to 391 Beechmont Dr., New Rochelle. Odd marking (privately applied?) on mail to residential address. E $20
AX-50. Saint Louis/Anx Sta., MO, 1904, G Barr-Fyke; "Forwarded by th Actors' Society/New York City." private dated straight-line h/s; 1c Livingston on PPC to Mrs.Lillian Harris. E $30
AX-51. Millbridge, ME, 1870s, G CDS/target; "Forwarded" boxed h/s applied at Taunton, MA, on cvr. E $14
AX-52. Boston, MA, 1860s, G+ CDS/cork; "Forwarded" oval & "3" h/s; "Advertised" oval h/s obliterated w/2 cork killers; on PSE to Cambridgeport, MA, where hand-drawn blue pencil pointing hand applied & returned to sender. SCARCE combo. E $40
AX-53. New York/Sta.(?), NY, 1902, partial Doremus (lite tone) "Forwarded/Los Angeles, Cal." G+ CDS on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-54. Buffalo, NY, 1978, G CDS (lite tone; cr) "Found in supposedly empty equipment" h/s on #10 cvr to loan co., likely resulting in late payment. E $14
AX-55. Riverside, CA, 1910, VG Amer/B14() (lite tone) "Gillsy Hotel, Cleveland, O." VG blue private clock-dial DCDS as recd on PPC. E $16
AX-56. Clinton, MA, 1905, VF duplex; "Held For Better Directions" h/s ("NS" not struck) on PPC w/NO address. E $15
AX-57. Baltimore, MD, 1939, VF duplex; "Held for Postage/(???) Nixie Sect./Baltimore, Md." h/s (part obscured by canx) Butler Bros.cc on window cvr mailed w/o stamp. E $15 MIN.8
AX-58. Los Angeles/Sta.H, CA, 1904, G duplex (toned) "Held for Postage/date/Los Angeles, Cal." & "This is the letter..." h/s; 2x Sc.300 on 3.25x4.5" homemade thick card PPC. E $14
AX-59. New York/J, NY, ca.1908, partial duplex; "Held For/J/Postage" circled h/s on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-60. Fisher, IL, 1911, G duplex; "If you wish your mail delivered by carrier, have it addressed to Street & Number." h/s on PPC to Paragould, AR. E $8
AX-61. Denton, TX, 1933, G+ Univ. (lite tone) "Illegible." h/s on GPC to Cherryvale, KS, w/blue pencil "Kans" below sender's bit scrawled "Kan". E $24 MIN.12
AX-62. Nice, France, 1942, partial repeater; "Inadmis" & boxed "Retour a l'Envoyeur" h/s; 1f50 Petain on cvr to Hennebont, not permitted to cross from free zone to German occupied zone. E $40
AX-63. Terre Haute, IN, 1963, VF machine (edge tear T) "Inconnu (Unknown)" h/s on cvr to Kewanee, IL. SCARCE domestic use of bilingual type. E $24
AX-64. Seattle/Term.Anx, WA, 1938, G+ Univ.; "Insufficient Prepaid for Air Mail Service" h/s & partial 2nd strike; 3c Prexie+1c Frank. on PPC. E $14
AX-65. New York/GPO, NY, 1953, G+ duplex (lite tone) "Insufficiently Prepaid/For Special Delivery./Forwarded by Ordinary Mail." h/s struck 3 times; "Insufficiently Prepaid for Special Delivery Service" h/s; strip/6x 3c Prexies on #10 window cvr. E $20
AX-66. Cleveland, OH, 1917 (Jan 26), VF Int'l (lite tone) "Mail service suspended to country addressed." h/s (part of "M" off L edge) 5c Wash. on cvr to Germany. E $60
AX-67. New York/Sta.P, NY, 1945, G+ Int'l; "Mailed at Statue of Liberty" pictorial h/s on GPC Sc.UY12m to Australia. E $15 MIN.8
AX-68. Tennessee Pass, CO, 1946, G+ 4-bar; "Mailed From/The Top of the World/Tennessee Pass Colo./Elev.10242 Ft./D. & R.G.W.R.R." private h/s as "origin" at L (o/s by canx) on PPC. E $14
AX-69. Silver Springs, FL, 1968, G+ machine; "Mailed Underwater/Florida's Silver Springs" pictorial h/s as "origin" at L (part o/s) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AX-70. (Indistinct origin), 1956, partial duplex; "Mis-sent to Shirley, Ill." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-71. Detroit, MI, 1919, F Univ. (tip cr) "Missent to and forwarded from Middlebury, Ind." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-72. Denver, CO, 1924, F Univ.; "Missent to and forwarded from Riverton, Wyo." h/s on PPC. E $10
AX-73. Einschede-Schoollstraat, Netherlands, 2009, G+ CDS; "Missent to Bahrain" boxed h/s on cvr TO BAHRAIN. E $15 MIN.8
AX-74. South Mancester, CT, 1913, G+ duplex; "Missent to Centerdale, R.I." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-75. San Antonio, TX, 1913, VF Int'l; "Missent to Clarksville, Texas." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-76. Remington, IN, 1916, G duplex; "Missent to Clifton, Ill." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-77. Zanesville, OH, 1907, G Int'l; "Missent to Crooksville, O." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-78. (San Francisco), CA, 1978, partial machine (bit trim T; T edge tone) "Missent to Dead Letter Branch/Inadvertently Opened By Cutting Machine/In Handling With Dead Letter/San Francisco CA 94101" & "Postage Due (15)c" h/s; 10c +5c dues tied by Ceres, CA, G+ DCDS Postage on 4x7.75" cvr. E $20
AX-79. Norfolk/Exposition Sta., VA, 1907, G+ N07-05 (o/s; lite tone) "Missent to Holyoke, Mass." h/s; faulty 1c Expo on PPC, fwd twice. E $10
AX-80. Salem, MA, 1906, G Amer/B14(); "Missent to Lawrence, Mass." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-81. Cincinnati, OH, 1955, F Int'l; "Missent to Lowpoint, Illinois" h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-82. (Indistinct RPO origin), 1908, partial duplex (toned) "Missent to Madison, Mo." h/s on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-83. Fort Johnson, NY, 1984, G machine CDS (lower R tip slit) "Missent to Manila" boxed h/s on aerogramme to Tasmania. E $15
AX-84. Long Island City, NY, 1990, F 90c PB meter; "Missent to Manila" h/s on #10 air cvr to AUSTRALIA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-85. Arnold, MD, 1957, F machine; "Missent to Pine City, Minn" h/s on PSE. E $8
AX-86. Saint Anne, IL, 1909, G duplex (o/s) "Missent to Saint Paul, Indiana." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-87. Chi & Carbondale/RPO, 1912, G (o/s; lite tone) "Missent to San Pedro, Calif." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-88. Palmer, NE, 1909, G+ duplex (state mostly not struck; edge tear T) "Missent to Shelton, Neb." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-89. Washington, DC, 1930, F; Univ. "Missent to Shipshewana, Ind." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-90. Atlantic City, NJ, 1941, VG Univ. (lite tone) "Missent to St.Charles, Ill" h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-91. Mason City, IL, 1911, G+ duplex; "Missent to Urbana, Ill." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-92. Denver, CO, 1911, G+ Int'l (lite tone) "Missent to Windsor, Colo." h/s on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-93. West, IA, 1912, G+ 4-bar (o/s) "Missent to Woodbine, Iowa." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-94. Fort Myers, FL, 1954, F Univ.; "Missent to" & separate "Barryton, Mich." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-95. Rockford, IL, 1942, VG Univ.; "Missent to..." & separate "Oswego, Ill." on PPC. E $8
AX-96. Newport, RI, 1928, G+ Univ.; "Missent to..." & separate Narragansett, RI, VF, mute oval on PPC. E $8
AX-97. Albee, SD, 1910, G+ 4-bar; "Missent" h/s applied at Florence, SD, w/4-bar as fwd on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-98. Thornton, WV, 1910, VG 4-bar; "Missent/Garrett, Indiana" h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-99. Minneapolis, MN, 1992, G+ meter; "Moved/Forwarding Expired/Return to Sender" boxed pointing hand h/s at lower L on folded 3-panel mailer to local address. E $14
AX-100. Buena Vista, CO, 1949, G+ Colum.; "No Such Number/P-66" h/s w/pictorial MAILMAN w/LETTER; & "No Such Number N33" h/s on PPC to Denver, CO. E $30
AX-101. Reigate & Redhill, Great Britain, 1946, VF machine; "Not at Paramount" private h/s on cvr to actor John Garfield. E $14
AX-102. Chingford, Great Britain, 1952, G+ machine (bit cr; edge tear B) "Not at Warner Bros.Studio" private h/s on cvr to actor Forrest Tucker. E $14
AX-103. Anaheim, CA, 1986, VG machine; "Not Deliverable As Addressed/Unable to Forward/Return to Sender" repeater at B, w/slogan & pointing hand in box; Los Angeles, CA, inverted dateless dial; on cvr. E $15
AX-104. Wabaunsee, KS, 1909, G+ Doane 2/2 (dial bit hi; lite tone) "Not For C C No 2" h/s ("City Carrier") on PPC to LaJunta, CO. Scarce type w/abbreviations. E $14
AX-105. Pontiac, IL, 1913, G Amer/B14; "Not for carrier 1...7/Rural 1...9" h/s w/few #'s lined thru on PPC to local add. E $12 MIN.6
AX-106. Edgemont, SD, 1913, G duplex; "Not For Carrier No.5" h/s on PPC to Canon City, CO. E $12 MIN.6
AX-107. Kusadasi, Turkey, 1972, partial CDS; "Not for McKnight Branch 15232" applied at Pittsburgh, PA on PPC. E $14
AX-108. Port of Spain, Trinidad, 1959, F machine; "Not for Rural Route No. (1F)" h/s w/ms # on air PPC to Rockville, CT. E $8
AX-109. Wichita, KS, 1912, G+ Int'l (o/s; crs) "Not for Southwstern Tel. & Tel.Co." private h/s on PPC. E $14
AX-110. Salisbury, MA, 1907, G+ 4-bar; "Not for Station K" red h/s w/crude station letter applied at Los Angeles, CA, on PPC. E $14
AX-111. Indianapolis, IN, 1922, F Univ. (lite tone) "Not Found Route D" h/s on PPC to Indianapolis. E $12 MIN.6
AX-112. New York, NY, [1873], G+ CDS w/fancy circled geometric 8-point star killer (tear T) "Not Fully-Addressed" oval h/s applied at London, England; faulty pair 3c banknotes on cvr w/enc. E $24
AX-113. Grand Rapids, MI, 1908, partial Int'l (lite tone) "Not Home. No Place to Receive Mail." h/s (part spotty) on PPC to loca add. E $15 MIN.8
AX-114. Ashland & Milw/RPO, 1918, G duplex (lite tone; trim R) "Not in 54th.Infantry Regulars" h/s; Homme Orphan Home, Wittenberg, WI, cc on cvr to AEF soldier. E $20
AX-115. Jacksonville/W.Bay Anx, FL, 1935, G+ duplex; "Not In Air Mail/Insufficient Postage" h/s on air PSE to New Zealand. E $15
AX-116. New York, NY, 1959, G+ Int'l (tear T) "Not in Air Mail/Short Paid" magenta h/s; "Insufficiently Prepaid for Transmission by Air" boxed red h/s; red bars h/s negating ms "Air Mail"; 7c air + 3c Liberty on cvr to ENGLAND & fwd to St.LUCIA w/Bedford machine as transit b/s. E $24
AX-117. Providence, RI, ca.1919, G+ duplex (sealed spindles; ruff trim R) "Not in Registered Mail." h/s; Waldorf Clothing Co.illus.ad (man in formal wear); 10c Frank. + pair 1c Wash.offsets on reg'd cvr to Boston. E $20
AX-118. Ogden, UT, 1893, VG duplex; "Not Known in District No..." & separate "E.D.S.No.4." h/s, w/ms "No.2" written below on 2c Colum.PSE to local address. E $16
AX-119. Harrisburg, PA, 1944, VG Univ. (bit uneven trim T; crs) "Not On Board" BOLD h/s & pencil ms; Dauphin Co.(PA) "County Board of Elections" cc on #10 penalty cvr to passenger (or worker) on M.V.Cape Poge, U.S.Lire Co. & returned, 1 month after mailed. E $16
AX-120. New Orleans, LA, 1895, G+ machine (Apr 3) & duplex (Apr 4) "Not Prepaid" h/s; engraver's illus.ad cc on part lite soiled cvr, apparently mailed w/glued-on stamp which fell off before 1st canx (glue residue at upper R), then 2c red applied. E $16
AX-121. Baltimore, MD, 1940, F Int'l; "Not R.D.No.1, W.M.W." h/s w/carrier's initials on PPC to Washington, PA. E $12 MIN.6
AX-122. New York, NY, 1907 (Feb 23), F Int'l (tip cr; part lite tone; crnr wear) "Notified/date" & "Forwarded upon receipt/of Postage due./(N.Y.P.O.-I.D.)" h/s on PPC mailed w/1c Sc.300; add'l 1c required for message on address side; 2nd 1c applied & canxed on Feb 27, 2 days before regulation change would have allowed message. E $24
AX-123. Los Angeles/Arcade Anx, CA, 1937, F Univ. (toned; bit trim T) "Offered at address... Cause of non-delivery (Gone)" h/s w/ms date/time/initials; Globe Wireless Ltd.cc; "Radiogram" printed at lower L; 16c air/special del. +3c Wash. on cvr to San Diego, fwd to Grossmont, CA/Gen'l Delivery. E $20
AX-124. Third Army/APO 734, 1919, VF DCDS (bit lite tone) "Ohio/Have You Forgotten US?/158th Artillery Brigade." h/s on free-franked PPC. Also listed in Military section of this catalog. E $60
AX-125. Edmonton, Canada, 1945, VG machine; "Opened by mistake/Mr.J.D.Storey/with apologies" ms on air cvr to Australia. E $14
AX-126. Rochester/Brighton Sta., NY, 1906, F duplex; "Osburn House/Rochester, N.Y./Rates $2 to $3./Am.Plan." private dated h/s w/AM & PM clock dials as recd b/s on cvr to hotel resident. E $15
AX-127. Chicago, IL, 1905, F Int'l; "Osburn House/Rochester/N.Y./Rates $2 to $8. Am.Plan/date" private 60x38mm h/s w/2-dial clock (part o/s) as recd b/s on 3.25x4" cvr w/enc. E $16
AX-128. Toronto, Canada, 1939, G+ meter (lite tone; crs) "Passed for Export." h/s; life insurance co.cc on window cvr. E $14
AX-129. Minneapolis, MN, 1992, G meter; "Person No Longer/At This Address/Return to Sender" h/s on folded 3-panel mailer to Columbus, OH. E $12 MIN.6
AX-130. New York, NY, 1951, F Int'l; "Philatelic Service Not Rendered Due to Cancellation of Flight." h/s on back; N.Y. to Havana flight cachet at L on air cvr. E $15
AX-131. Dubois, WY, 1973, G+ machine; "Picked Up By/Pony Express/Dubois, Wyoming" private pictorial h/s (rider on horse) on PPC. E $15
AX-132. Lakeside, OH, 1909, G+ 4-bar; "Please Have Your Personal Mail Sent to Your Home." company h/s on PPC to Boggs & Buhl, Allegheny, PA. E $14
AX-133. Avilla, IN, 1925, VG duplex (lite tone) "Postage due (1) cents" h/s w/ms # on PPC, but no due stamp appled. E $12 MIN.6
AX-134. Derby Line, VT, 1935, VG Int'l; "Postage due (2) cents" h/s; 1c Frank. on PPC to Canada w/2c due tied. E $12 MIN.6
AX-135. Bethesda, West Bethesda Br., MD, 1982, G+ DCDS as recd (part lite tone) "Postage Due (45)c/NYB & FMC 07097 Tour 11" h/s on PPC from Austria. E $14
AX-136. Ischol, Austria, 1989, G slogan machine; "Postage Due (46c)/NJI-FMC 07097 Tour 11" h/s w/ms rate on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-137. Heidelberg, Germany, 1956, G+ DCDS (ruff slit) "Postage Due (7) Cents/(Rated at Air Mail Field,/Chicago, Ill." h/s (w/1 parenthesis, as shown); 2c +5c dues on air cvr. E $14
AX-138. Cleveland, OH, 1948, G+ Int'l (lite tone) "Postage Due 1 1/2 Cents" h/s; 2c due (overpaying) tied by mute oval on 4.25x5.5" unsealed cvr to Yakima, WA. E $14
AX-139. Los Angeles, CA, 1940, F Univ.; "Postage Due 1 Cent" & "Returned to Sender..." pointing hand h/s & ms "Not Here"; 1c due tied by North Hollywood mute oval on 2c PSE, fwd twice & returned. E $14
AX-140. Pomona, CA, 1935, VG Univ. (glassine window bit tear from 2 pencil lines when fwd) "Postage Due 1 Cent" & "Second"; 2c Wash.coil as origin postage on window cvr w/Las Vegas, NV, VG DCDS/Reg'd MISAPPLIED as recd b/s, & AGAIN w/when tying 1c Frank.(used as due stamp) on address side. E $16
AX-141. Folkestone, Great Britain, 1962, G machine (crnr crs) "Postage Due 10 Cents/Chicago, Ill.For.Sec.2" h/s (bit spotty) 10c due meter on PPC mailed w/o stamp. E $15
AX-142. Toledo, OH, 1906, G duplex; "Postage Due 1c" h/s; "Held for Postage" h/s scribbled thru; 2x 1c Sc.300 (1 as "due") on LEATHER PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-143. Watford, Great Britain, 1959, G+ CDS; "Postage Due 2 CENST (sic)/Chicago, Ill.For.Sec.2" MISSPELLED ERROR h/s on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
AX-144. (Vallonia, IN), ca.1909, (no origin canx; edge tears) "Postage Due 2 Cents" h/s struck twice; ms "Due 2c" on GLASSINE cvr w/enc.glitter PPC, mailed w/o stamp. E $14
AX-145. Laconia, NH, 1942, G+ CDS/target (pinholes in T tips) "Postage Due 2 Cents" & "Held For Postage" h/s; 2 add'l 1c applied on 2-panel PPC assessed letter rate. E $15
AX-146. Honolulu/Navy Term.Sta., HI, 1965, G+ 4-bar; "Postage Due 8 Cents" h/s w/"8" lined thru & ms "5" above on cvr mailed w/o stamp to local add. E $14
AX-147. Covington, KY, [1897], partial mute oval (tip cr) "Postage Due for Forwarding 1 Cent" h/s; 1c blue on cvr to Cincinnati & fwd to Bellport, NY. E $16
AX-148. (Homosassa, FL), ca.1970s?, no origin canx (uneven trim T) "Postage Paid at Origin" h/s on cvr. E $14
AX-149. Wausau, WI, 1990, G machine; "Postage Verified at Wausau, WI 55401-9998" h/s; 90c +45c imperfs from souvenir sheets on #10 cvr. E $15
AX-150. Calgary, Canada, 1975, G machine (tip cr) "Posted From Top of Calgary Tower" 47mm diam.private pictorial h/s on PPC to U.S. E $12 MIN.6
AX-151. Belfast, Great Britain, 1954, G+ DCDS; "Posted Out of Course" boxed h/s on 8.5p reg'd PSE to local add. E $15
AX-152. Belfast, Great Britain, 1957, G DCDS (address part erased) "Posted Out of Course" boxed h/s on 8.5p reg'd PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AX-153. Charleston, SC, ca.1880s?, G+ CDS (piece out upper R where stamp removed) "Received at N.Y.P.O.Box Unsealed" circled h/s as b/s on cvr. E $14
AX-154. Detroit/Sta.C, MI, 1911, G+ DCDS as origin b/s (heavy cr) "Received in bad condition at N.Y.P.O.-Foreign Sta." h/s (part spotty) 3 faulty official seals Sc.OX12 wrapped around T & on back; 5x 2c Wash.+3x 1c Frank. on reg'd 2c #10 PSE to Germany. E $20
AX-155. Trenton, NJ, 1945, G duplex; "Received under cover with request to mail at Trenton, N.J." h/s on PPC. E $14
AX-156. Northern, VA, 1987, VF DCDS; "Received unsealed at MSC Northern Va 22081" on #10 cvr w/"Reconditioned by USPS At" printed on plastic tape sealing back. E $14
AX-157. Denver, CO, 1932, VF Univ. (pinholes; trim R) "Refused" h/s & also in ms by carrier; "Returned to Writer" pointing hand h/s; Commercial Clearance Corp.return add.on flap on cvr. E $15
AX-158. Memphis/Crosstown Sta., TN, 1942, G+ duplex (trim R) "Released By Authority of The District Postal Censor" blue-green h/s on air cvr to Alaska. E $14
AX-159. Cleveland (Pubilc Square Sta.), OH, 1940, F DCDS as origin b/s (part ruff trim L about 1/2", into cc) "Remailed after delivery. Not in Registered Mail." h/s x2 (1 part o/s; 1 spotty) & "Return to Sender/Reason for Non-Delivery Checked...Unknown...For Better Address..." w/pointing hand boxed h/s; 20c Prexie+1c Stuart, but no registry markings; on cvr w/T edge resealed w/glassine tape. E $20
AX-160. New York, NY, 1899, F Amer/B14(12) (lite tone) "Removed,/Present Address Unknown/(N.Y.)" h/s on PSE to local address. E $16
AX-161. San Francisco/Sta., CA, 1907, G+ Int'l (Sta.name omitted from dial; crs) "Removed. No address furnished." h/s & ms "8" carrier's route #, applied at Stockton, CA, on PPC. E $16
AX-162. Los Angeles, CA, 1906, VG Int'l; "Residence as given, not in Carriers Delivery District." magenta h/s applied at Los Angeles on PPC. E $14
AX-163. Canon City, CO, 1906, partial Doremus (o/s) "Residence as given, not in Carriers Delivery District." purple h/s applied at Los Angeles, CA, on PPC. E $15
AX-164. Pasadena, CA, 1988, G+ machine; "Return For Add'l Postage (5)c Air Mail or Surface First Class Mail" h/s w/ms rate applied below 25c non-denominated "E" stamp, used illegally on cvr to Canada, apparently not remailed. E $15
AX-165. St.Paul, MN, 1991, G+ machine; "Return For Add'l Postage/Canada 40c 1st Oz/Each Add'l Oz-23c" h/s (lined thru) on cvr to Canada; non-denominated "F" stamp attempted as postage; 2x 25c applied (overpaying) & remailed. E $15
AX-166. Minneapolis, MN, 1989, F meter; "Return For Add'l Postage/Canada Rate 30c Per Oz." h/s (bit covered by meter strip); Lakewood Publications cc on #10 cvr. E $15
AX-167. Redwood City, CA, 1945 (Oct 10), F Univ. (nicks T) "Return to Sender Unit Decom" in all capital letters but 1 small "e"; struck twice (1 red, 1 black) on air cvr w/enc.to "Com.Rons.7th Fleet, FPO, San Francisco". E $20
AX-168. New York, NY, ca.1943?, G+ 1.5c meter w/dateless dial (toned; tip crs) "Return to Sender,/No Service Available" h/s; N.Y.Journal American logo cc on cvr to Switzerland. E $15 MIN.8
AX-169. Mansfield, OH, 1987, VG machine; "Return to Sender-/Mail Refused" computer-printed on white adhesive label; curiously worded "Return to Sender/Mail Processing" pointing hand h/s (struck bit hi); & "Returned for Carrier Endorsement" h/s on 4.5x9" cvr to Salt Lake City & returned. E $20
AX-170. Minneapolis, MN, 1991, G+ meter; "Return to Sender/Cannot Be Delivered/Must Show Company Name" h/s; "Return to Sender/Addressee Unknown" pointing hand h/s struck twice on folded 3-panel mailer to Parsippany, NJ. E $15 MIN.8
AX-171. New York, NY, 1968, VG meter; "Return to Sender/Embargo" h/s on cvr w/enc.to hotel guests at Murray Bay, Quebec, Canada, w/typed instruction to "Hold for Arrival," but not rec'd due to Canadian Postal Strike. E $15 MIN.8
AX-172. (Greensboro), NC, ca.1991, (no canx) "Return to Sender/Not Acceptable Postage/Stamps Must Not Be Covered or Reused" printed on yellow computer label; on #10 cvr w/entire address side & stamp covered w/adhesive plastic. E $15
AX-173. Oakland, CA, 1970, G machine; "Return to Sender/Not Registered at Maui Hilton/Date (5/5) Int..." h/s applied at Lahaina, HI, on cvr. E $15
AX-174. Minneapolis, MN, 1992, VG meter; "Return to Sender/Over One Year/Forwarding Time Expired" pointing hand h/s on folded 3-panel mailer to Westlake, OH. E $15 MIN.8
AX-175. Reading, PA, 1941 (Mar 21), F 5c meter; "Return to Sender/Service Suspended" h/s; U.S. & Nazi censor tapes at L on #10 cvr to Greece; New York, NY, VG Int'l as recd b/s (Dec 11), 8+ mos.after mailed & 4 days after Pearl Harbor attack. E $40 MIN.20
AX-176. Fort Worth, TX, 1994, G 4-bar; "Return to Sender/Ship Decommissioned" & "Returned..." pointing hand h/s on #10 cvr to USS Aquila. E $12 MIN.6
AX-177. Fort Worth, TX, 1994, G 4-bar (nick T) "Return to Sender/Ship Decommissioned" & "Returned..." pointing hand h/s on #10 cvr to USS Geo.Bancroft. E $12 MIN.6
AX-178. Alma, MI, 1989, VF 21c presorted 1st class meter w/"Peace on Earth" slogan & 3 wise men (trim L) "Returned for $.05/Total Postage Required $.30" h/s (WRONG: 21c+5c=26c) & "Bulk Rate, Non-Profit, or Presort Rates Are Not Applicable for Int'l Mail" h/s on window cvr w/Total Petroleum, Inc.,cc. E $24
AX-179. Saratoga, CA, 1965, G machine; "Returned for (10c) Add'l postage. When remailing, cross out this notice or paste stamps over it." h/s w/ms rate (scribbled thru); 5x 5c Xmas on air cvr to Australia. E $14
AX-180. USPS, RI, 1973, G machine; "Returned for (3) cents add'l postage/Rate is (21) cents per 1/2 ounce." h/s on cvr to Australia; 3c applied & remailed. E $12 MIN.6
AX-181. Dearborn, MI, 1967, G+ machine (tear T) "Returned for (5c) additional postage" h/s; 3x 5c orig.postage; 5c added, not canxed; on cvr to Switzerland. E $12 MIN.6
AX-182. Linden, CA, 1975, G+ machine; "Returned for 10c Postage./When Remailing, Paste Stamp Over This Notice." printed on yellow label, applied on upper R crnr on 4.25x6.25" window cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AX-183. Fremont, GA, 1975, G+ machine (bit trim T) "Returned for 10c Postage./When Remailing, Paste/Stamps Over This Notice/94538" h/s on 3.5x8" window cvr, not remailed. E $14
AX-184. Honolulu, HI, 1986, VG machine (o/s) "Returned for 15c Att'd Postage/Total Postage Required 37c for First Class." h/s (lined thru) on cvr to Australia; 22c applied (overpaying) & remailed. E $15 MIN.8
AX-185. Fresno, CA, 1985, G+ machine (o/s; bit trim T; nick T) "Returned For Add'l Postage/Add 20c For Airmail Service Or/Add 10c For Surface L.C.Service/Cross This Out When Remailing" h/s & separate "Returned For Postage" h/s, both lined thru; on #10 cvr to Australia; 20c applied (not canxed) & remailed. E $15 MIN.8
AX-186. Lansing, MI, 1989, F 21c presorted 1st class meter (edge tear B; trim L) "Returned for Add'l Postage/Postage Due (.09c)/Total Postage Required (30c)..." h/s, red pen "X" thru that & "Bulk Rate, Non-Profit, or Presort Rates Are Not Applicable for Int'l Mail" h/s below (partly on red X, so some words underlined for emphasis) on #10 window cvr w/State Employees Credit Union cc. E $24
AX-187. Chicago, IL, 1962, G DCDS (crs; bit trim T) "Returned For Add'l Postage/Postage Due (.14)" h/s applied twice; Kemlite Labs cc; strip/7x 4c Lincoln coil +3c coil orig.postage; strip/3x 4c +3c added (overpaying 1c) & remailed on #10 air cvr to Germany. E $15
AX-188. Fremont, OH, 1968, G+ machine; "Returned for Add'l Postage/Postage Due (15)/Total Postage Required (25)/Rate (25) per 1/2 ounce." h/s w/ms rates on #10 cvr to Australia mailed w/10c; 16c applied (overpaying) & remailed. E $15 MIN.8
AX-189. La Jolla, CA, 1974, G machine; "Returned for Add'l Postage/Postage Due (3c)/Total Postage Required (26c)/Rate (26c) per 1/2 ounce." h/s w/ms rates on #10 cvr to Australia mailed w/23c; 4c applied (overpaying) & remailed. E $15 MIN.8
AX-190. Detroit, MI, 1972, F machine; "Returned For Add'l Postage/Postage Due.07/Total Postage Required.15" h/s; 7c slogan meter applied paying air mail rate on #10 window cvr orig.mailed w/8c meter. E $14
AX-191. Grand Island, NE, ca.1982, G+ machine; "Returned For Better Address" h/s on PPC w/name-only address. E $12 MIN.6
AX-192. San Jose, CA, 1971, G+ machine; "Returned for Carrier Endorsement" h/s & "Moved, left no address..." h/s on #10 cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AX-193. San Francisco, CA, ca.1880, VG duplex (ruff L; lite tone; no flap) "Returned for Postage" double circled h/s on cvr mailed w/o stamp. E $14
AX-194. Fort Worth, TX, 1992, partial 4-bar "Returned for Postage" h/s; "SD Stamps Not Valid for Postage/DMM 142.321a" ms note below 60c special del., used solo on #10 cvr. E $20
AX-195. Monmouth GMF Red Bank, NJ, 1989, G+ DCDS (trim L) "Returned For Postage/Stamp Void When Covered Defaced or Reused." h/s (partly off R) tying 8.4c & 7.6c service-inscribed transportation coils, w/3 other stamps for 25c rate on 3x7.25" window cvr. Incorrect wording for situation. E $16
AX-196. Ridgefield, WA, 1987, G+ machine; "Returned For Postage/Surface Rate 15c Due/Air Rate 22c Due" h/s; 22c flag on cvr to Australia. E $12 MIN.6
AX-197. Fort Worth, TX, 1992, partial machine (crs) "Returned for Proper Treatment" tiny h/s; ms "Return to Sender" & arrow on #10 cvr to USNS Adventurous, returned 2+ mos.after mailed. E $20
AX-198. Long Beach, CA, 1967, G+ machine; "Returned for [25]c/Add'l Postage./Total Required [50]c/(Rate [25] per 1/2 oz.)" h/s; 10x 5c on 5.25x7" cvr to Australia. E $15 MIN.8
AX-199. Springfield, MA, 1909, G+ Int'l; "Returned from S.R." h/s on PPC to guest at "The Chalfonte, Atlantic City, NJ". E $15
AX-200. Lansing, MI, 1989, G+ 21c Presorted First Class meter; "Returned to Addressee For Postage-Package And/Or Envelope Opened" h/s struck twice; American Educational Services illus.logo cc on window cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AX-201. Lancaster, PA, 1942, G+ duplex (part ruff T; tear T; no flap "Returned to Sender by Censor" GREEN printed text on 32x51mm adhesive adhesive label, on address; 30c winged globe on cvr to Holland; New York/Morgan Anx, NY, VG Int'l as transit b/s, 4+ months later. E $24 MIN.12
AX-202. Oakland/16th St.Sta., CA, 1926, G+ duplex (o/s) "Returned to Sender From the Nixie Division/Jacksonville, Florida/No such Post Office in State named." h/s on address; on cvr w/Gen.Del., Columbia, SC, return add.; sent there, then fwd to Oakland. E $15
AX-203. Fort Worth, TX, 1993, partial machine; "Returned to Sender..." pointing hand h/s; photocopy of DMM Regulation #164.77 taped on address BY MAIL CLERK: "...The postal chief... may (limit the) number of covers individual collectors or dealers may submit." highlighted in PINK; on #10 cvr to USS Independence, apparently requesting "too many" covers; rejected & returned; ship's Directory Service boxed h/s on back. E $24
AX-204. (Fort Worth), TX, [1992], partial machine (crs) "Returned to Sender..." pointing hand h/s; photocopy of DMM Regulation #164.77 taped to lower left BY MAIL CLERK: "...The postal chief... may (limit the) number of covers individual collectors or dealers may submit." highlighted in PINK; on #10 cvr to USS Independence, apparently requesting "too many" covers; rejected & returned; ship's DCDS as rec'd b/s. E $24
AX-205. Fort Worth, TX, ca.1993, partial machine (crs) "Returned to Sender/APO/FPO Closed" pointing hand h/s on #10 cvr to USS Aries. E $12 MIN.6
AX-206. Fort Worth, TX, 1992, G 4-bar; "Returned to Sender/APO/FPO Closed" pointing hand h/s on yellow computer label; "Notify Sender of New Address/Directory Service Given..." printed on 2nd yellow label on #10 cvr to USNS Marshfield. E $15 MIN.8
AX-207. Hudson Term.Sta., NY, 1915, VG Univ. "Returned to Sender/Cannot be found by N.Y.P.O./date/Do Not Post Again in This Envelope or Wrapper" boxed h/s on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AX-208. Defiance, OH, 1900, VG duplex (lite tone; nick T) "Returned to Sender/Cannot Be Found By N.Y.P.O./date/Do Not Post Again in This/Envelope or Wrapper" h/s (partly struck on illus.) & "Not in Directory./I.D.-N.Y.P.O./No.2." h/s; Defiance Machine Works illus.ad (factory) on PSE. E $14
AX-209. Minneapolis, MN, 1992, G+ meter; "Returned to Sender/Forwarding Time Has Expired" pointing hand h/s on folded 3-panel mailer to Pleasantville, NY. E $12 MIN.6
AX-210. Tampa, FL, 1990, G 4-bar; "Returned to Sender/Non-mailable. Odd-shaped items in letter envelopes are hazardous to equipment and persons." h/s on 4.75x6.5" cvr. E $24
AX-211. Chicago, IL, 1978, G+ machine; "Returned to Sender/Received Without Address" MISAPPLIED h/s, partly covered by stamp on #10 cvr w/preprinted address; clearly originally mailed WITH address but w/o STAMP. E $20
AX-212. Baltimore, MD, 1945 (Oct 27), F Int'l (lite crs) "Returned to Sender/Service Suspended." h/s; B.Y.F.Y.M. News Letter cc on #10 PSE to Germany. LATE use, after end of war. E $30
AX-213. Fort Worth, TX, 1994, G 4-bar; "Returned to Sender/Services Suspended/Not Active/" pointing hand h/s on #10 cvr to USS Barb. E $15
AX-214. Fort Worth, TX, 1994, G 4-bar; "Returned to Sender/Services Suspended/Not Active/" pointing hand h/s on #10 cvr to USS Barbey. E $15
AX-215. Fort Worth, TX, 1994, partial 4-bar (crs) "Returned to Sender/Ships Or Unit Decommissioned" pointing hand h/s on #10 cvr to USS Bardy. E $15
AX-216. Fort Worth, TX, 1992, partial machine (lite crs) "Returned to Sender/Undeliverable As Addressed/Ship or Unit Activated" h/s on #10 cvr to USS Barb. E $12 MIN.6
AX-217. Fort Worth, TX, 1992, G machine; "Returned to Sender/Undeliverable As Addressed/Ship or Unit Activated" h/s on #10 cvr to USS Midway. E $12 MIN.6
AX-218. Fort Worth, TX, 1992, G+ 4-bar; "Returned to Sender/Undeliverable As Addressed/Ship or Unit Activated" h/s on #10 cvr to USS Knox. E $12 MIN.6
AX-219. Fort Worth, TX, 1992, partial machine; "Returned to Sender/Undeliverable As Addressed/Ship or Unit Activated" h/s struck twice on #10 cvr to USS Kawishiwi. E $12 MIN.6
AX-220. Minneapolis, MN, 1992, G meter; "Returned to SenderNot Deliverable as Addressed/Authorized Time for Forwarding Has Expired" boxed pointing hand h/s on folded 3-panel mailer to Willoughby, OH. E $14
AX-221. St.Louis, MO, 1880s, G+ duplex (ruff slit L; cr) "Returned to Writer" circled h/s applied at Yazoo City, MS, on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AX-222. San Francisco, CA, 1946, G meter; "Returned to Writer/No Such Post Office in State Named" pointing hand on cvr to "Sterlington, VA" w/RCA Victor pictorial ad label on flap. E $12 MIN.6
AX-223. Miami, FL, 1960, F machine; "Returned to Writer/Reason Checked... Refused..." pointing hand h/s; "Postage Due, 4 Cents" h/s; 4c due stamp tied by mute ovals & "VOIDED" h/s on #10 cvr to West Palm Beach, mailed w/o stamp. E $15
AX-224. Watsonville, CA, 1909, F Int'l; "Returned to Writer/Unclaimed from Astoria, Oregon." pointing hand h/s; Weisenburger Co.ad cc on cvr w/2 letterhead encs. E $14
AX-225. Long Beach, CA, 1921, VG Univ.; "Returned to Writer/Unclaimed/From Long Beach, Cal." pointing hand h/s; endocrinologist cc on cvr to local add. E $12 MIN.6
AX-226. East Derry, NH, 1911, VG+ 4-bar (crnr cr; extraneous pen note above message) "Returned./Addressee not in./Please have letter box put up or slot cut in door." h/s on PPC to Lawrence, MA. E $20 MIN.10
AX-227. Los Angeles, CA, 1950, F Univ. (tip cr) "Returning to States/(Stud.Det.A.S.A.School)/(Charlyle, Bks.PA)/Hqu.Co.1st Bn.16th Inf.Regt.APO.606(?)/Date: 24.7.50" printed (w/2 lines in ms; APO # spotty) on 60x29mm brown adhesive label on address; 4c Prexie on air PPC: "Clifton's Pacific Seas" restaurant ad; "Guests pay what they wish & dine free unless delighted". E $15 MIN.8
AX-228. APO 42, 1955, G+ 4-bar; "Schloss/Heidelberg" private double-circle h/s at L, as origin (o/s by canx; message part smear; tip crs) 4c Lincoln on Castle PPC to U.S. E $12 MIN.6
AX-229. Santa Fe, NM, 1942, F Univ., o/s by Gen.Del.DCDS; duplex tying 1c, 4 days later; "Second Notice. No Reply to First Notice Mailed..." h/s applied at Santa Fe on PPC mailed w/o stamp; notices sent to addressee for postage. E $15
AX-230. Brest a Paris, (France), 1918, G+ CDS (edges lite tone) "Send a Letter By Airplane;/Especially To One 'Over There'/It Will Be a Real Treat." h/s applied when rec'd at Washington, DC, tying 10c France stamp; on PPC w/"Passed By Censor" h/s above message. E $60 MIN.30
AX-231. Lansdale, PA, 1943, VG DCDS/Parcel Post (trim L; tip crs) "Sender claims no writing enclosed" h/s; 5c Poland + 3c Win the War on insured cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AX-232. New York, NY, ca.1941, F 1.5c meter w/dateless dial (bit lite tone) "Service Suspended/Return to Sender" h/s on #10 cvr to Japan w/partial 1942 clock-dial DCDS as recd b/s. E $20
AX-233. U.S.Navy FPO, [1977], partial machine; "South Pole/Antarctica" double-circle h/s at B on McMurdo Sta.PPC: "All is well. Experiments successful". E $20
AX-234. Springfield, IL, 1952, G+ 24c meter; "Special Delivery Fee Paid (18) Cents" & "Postage Due, (2) Cents" h/s w/ms rates; 2c due stamp applied below address; florist cc on #10 cvr. E $14
AX-235. Accra, Ghana, 1981, G CDS as origin b/s; "Special Delivery/To Street Address" h/s above address on #10 air/special del.cvr to Los Angeles. E $15
AX-236. Ann Arbor, MI, 1912, G+ Time-Cmns; "Specially Held 208" h/s at Wilkinsburg, PA, on PPC. E $14
AX-237. (Simi Valley), CA, 1980s, (no origin canx) "Stamps Covered Against Cancellation Not Valid" & misapplied "Postage Removed From Embossed Envelopes Are Not Valid." h/s; 2x 10c flags obviously cut from other envs. & taped on #10 cvr. E $16
AX-238. China Nuevo, Mexico, partial DCDS (stamp gone, affects most of canx, inc.date; lite tone; tears; crs) "Stamps Detached/Before Receipt/Los Angeles/Calif.P.O." circled h/s on cvr. E $14
AX-239. Saginaw, MI, 1989, partial 4-bar (trim L) "Stamps Invalid If Reused, Coated or Covered/DMM 142.32" & "Returned For Postage" h/s; 3x 25c sleigh obviously cut from other env. & taped on #10 cvr. E $16
AX-240. Bremerton, WA, 1934, G+ Univ. (lite crs; no flap) "Stamps missing when received at Seattle" h/s struck (bit hi) on blank space at upper R where commem-sized stamp removed; 3c NRA still present; "Postage due 3 cents." h/s below; Seattle precanxed 3c due on 4.25x6.25" cvr. E $15
AX-241. Sydney, Australia, 1944, VG box dial machine; "Stamps Must Not Be Removed" h/s; censor tape & h/s at L; 2.5d King + 2x 1/2d kangaroo (1 bit faulty) on cvr to U.S. E $20
AX-242. (Rochester, NY), ca.1930, no origin canx; bit of meter lines show at R edge (bit trim B; tears B) pencil ms "Stuck/Due 5c" at L; 5c due w/Oakland, CA, precanx on window cvr w/air mail border; Eastman Kodak cc; apparently stuck to another env.when put thru meter. E $16
AX-243. Manitou Springs, CO, 1947, F Int'l (lite tone) "Summit of Pikes Peak/Alt.14,110 Ft." private CDS as "origin" in message area on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-244. Manitou Springs, CO, 1969, G+ machine (bit lite tone) "Summit of Pikes Peak/Alt.14,110 Ft." purple private CDS as "origin" at L on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-245. Manitou Springs, CO, 1940, VG Int'l; "Summit of Pikes Peak/Alt.14,110 Ft." purple private CDS & "Manitou & Pikes Peak Railway/Cog Wheel Route" fancy h/s (bit hi) as "origin" markings at L on PPC. SCARCE to see in combo. E $20
AX-246. Kingston, Jamaica, 1958, G+ pictorial slogan machine; "Supposed to Contain Lottery Matter Prohibited Importation" h/s; 8d stamp on cvr to San Francisco. E $15
AX-247. Kingston, Jamaica, 1957, VG slogan machine; "Supposed to contain matter prohibited importation" h/s on cvr to U.S. E $15
AX-248. Waterville, ME, 1985, F meter (ruff slit upper R) "Temporarily Away" h/s on window cvr w/yellow adhesive forwarding label w/Skowhegan, ME, address. E $15 MIN.8
AX-249. Kingston, Jamaica, 1938, F machine (gum toned) "This Air Mail Letter arrived/after Last Delivery Trip sat-/urday. The fact that it was sent/Air Mail indicates its importance./Had it borne a Special Deliv-/ery Stamp it would have been delivered Promptly. Please ad-/vise the sender accordingly." h/s on back of cvr to Brooklyn. E $40
AX-250. Washington, DC, 1951, F duplex; "This article originally mailed in country indicated by postage" h/s; 20s +pair 10s Indonesia on cvr; Lt.Col.F.W.Williams, USMC, U.S.Naval Attache, Djakarta, Java, Indonesia, c/o Navy Pouch Section, Navy Dept., Washington 25, D.C., h/s return add.on flap. E $30
AX-251. Washington, DC, 1940, F Int'l (tone spots; tears T, 1 in dial) "This article originally mailed in country indicated by postage." h/s below add.; 25a ICELAND stamp on PPC. SCARCE origin for this. E $24 MIN.12
AX-252. Buffalo/Sta.B, NY, 1908, G Barry (tip cr) "This is the article for which you sent postage./Postmaster, Buffalo, N.Y." h/s; 2x 1c Sc.300 on PPC; letter rate required for small env.(no enc.) applique on pix side. E $14
AX-253. Springfield, MA, 1906, VG Int'l & duplex; "This is the mail for which you sent postage to Springfield, Mass." h/s on PPC originally mailed w/1x 1c Sc.300, held 10 days for payment of add'l 1c, required for message on address side. E $15 MIN.8
AX-254. Santa Rosa, CA, 1922, VF Univ.; "This is the Mail For Which You Sent Postage" circled h/s (partly off T); 2c Wash.then applied but not canxed on PPC. E $14
AX-255. Salt Lake City, UT, 1957, G DCDS (tears R; bit cr) "This Is the Mail for Which You Sent Postage" h/s; salt bag (now empty) sewn on PPC at R; mailed w/2c Jeff., but add'l 1c required for attachment. E $12 MIN.6
AX-256. Ashland, OR, 1937, G duplex (bit trim T) "This letter found stuck to other letter at Ashland, Oregon" h/s; L.Samter & Sons, San Francisco, cc; overall back ad w/illus.neckties on window cvr. E $15
AX-257. San Francisco, CA, 1926, G+ Int'l (bit ruff trim L; scuff & paper residue where label apparently removed) "This Letter Was Posted Insufficiently Prepaid. Please Advise Your Correspondent That the Rate of Postage... to Country of Address is 1st oz.5c, Each Add'l... 3c. (P.O.,San Francisco, USA)" h/s on back of cvr to Australia; 2c Wash.origin; 3d Australia due applied (not canxed). E $24
AX-258. Washington, DC, 1918, F Int'l (full vert.tear at L; surface hole by add.; edge faults) "Thrive by Thrift/Buy War Savings Stamps" boxed h/s; 2x "United We Stand for Liberty/Buy U.S.Gov't Bonds" poster stamps on back (BOTH tied) on #10 cvr. NICE combo, despite faults. E $24
AX-259. Lawrenceville, NJ, 1897, G+ CDS/cork (ink spots on add. & return add.) "Tracer/1-2-3...23-24" boxed h/s w/24 route #'s, some lined thru; & ms "Tracer" (lined thru) by address; on cvr to Portland & fwd to Astoria. E $15 MIN.8
AX-260. Rockland, MA, 1910, VG Amer/B14; "Try Morristown,N.J." h/s applied at Morristown, NY, on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-261. Swan Hill, Australia, 1961, G+ machine; "U.S.Charge to Collect 6 Cents" h/s; pair 3c dues tied by straight-line dater on cvr to Bismarck, ND. E $14
AX-262. Eagle, CO, 1935, F duplex (B edge scuffs) "U.S.Saving Bond(s)/on sale at Post Offices." h/s on PPC to Stafford, KS. E $15 MIN.8
AX-263. Minneapolis, MN, 1992, G+ machine; "Unable to Locate at Walt Disney/Burbank, CA" private boxed h/s; "Returned to Sender" pointing hand h/s on folded 3-panel mailer w/address marked thru. E $20
AX-264. Great Britain (indistinct town), 1946, partial DCDS (trim B) "Uncalled For At/20th Century Fox-Film Corp." private h/s on cvr to actor John Garfield. E $14
AX-265. Los Angeles, CA, 1944, F Univ. (part ruff slit T; lite tone; black marker on return add.) "Uncalled For At/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer" 70x9mm private h/s on cvr to actress Janet Blair. E $12 MIN.6
AX-266. Stockholm, Sweden, 1954, VG repeater; "Uncalled For At/Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer" h/s on cvr to actress Deborah Kerr. E $12 MIN.6
AX-267. Darlington, Great Britain, 1952, G+ machine; "Uncalled For At/Paramount Studios" BOLD private h/s on cvr to actor Jeff Chandler. E $14
AX-268. Hengoed, Great Britain, 1948, G CDS; "Uncalled For At/Paramount Studios" private h/s on PSE to actress Jane Russell. E $15
AX-269. Stratford, Great Britain, 1952, VF machine; "Uncalled For/At/date/20th Century-Fox Film Corp./Signed by..." private h/s (date & B line partial) on cvr to actor Forrest Tucker. E $14
AX-270. Swansea, Great Britain, 1948, VG machine (crs) "Uncalled For/At/date/20th Century-Fox Film Corp/Signed by..." private h/s on cvr to actor John Payne. E $14
AX-271. New York, NY, 1941, VF Int'l (lite crs) "Unclaimed at LaSalle Hotel" blue private h/s & "Returned to Writer/Unclaimed from Sec.2, Old P.O.Annex, No.3, Chicago, Ill./Do Not Remail in This Envelope or Wrapper" pointing hand h/s on air cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AX-272. Mankato, KS, 1890, G+ CDS/cork (ruff L; lite tone; nibbles T) "Unclaimed" circled h/s at L & 2x "Returned to Writer" h/s on address (partly off B) on cvr to DELAY, NE (86-86) 4 years after P.O.closed w/partial North Platte CDS as recd b/s; returned to sender 38 days after mailed. E $20
AX-273. San Mateo, CA, 1910, partial duplex; "Unclaimed./Potter Station." h/s on PPC to Coronado, fwd to Hotel Potter, Santa Barbara. E $15 MIN.8
AX-274. Leatherhead, Great Britain, 1956, G+ CDS; "Undeliverable During Delivery Hours/Notice Left..." w/ms date/initials; w/"First Notice" & "Second Notice" applied at N.Y.City on reg'd PSE. E $14
AX-275. Cleveland, OH, 1947, VF Int'l (bit edge wear) "Unit Deactivated." & "Returned to Sender...Unclaimed...Unknown..." pointing hand h/s on cvr (#10, neatly resized to #6) to Station Hospital, Camp Wolters, TX. E $20
AX-276. Palo Alto, CA, 1946, G+ Int'l; "Unit Decommissioned/Return to Sender" h/s on cvr to "Mail Clerk, USS Dade, %FPO, San Francisco," w/New York/Church St.Sta., NY, Int'l as transit b/s. E $16
AX-277. London, Great Britain, 1949, G machine; "United Deleted From File. P.C.C., S.F." h/s applied at San Francisco on PPC to Washington, DC, & fwd to Com.Cor.Div.3, %FPO, San Fran. E $15
AX-278. Boston/10 cts, MA, [1858], G+ CDS (edge tears T; edge wear; flap faults, but barely affecting ad) "United States." in oval h/s; large "6" h/s; "Gardner & Thayer, Importers of Hardware/No.8 Liberty Sqr. & 37 Water St., Boston" albino embossed ad on flap on stampless cvr w/enc.to Hopewell, NB, Canada. E $30 MIN.15
AX-279. Schwyz, Switzerland, 1938, G+ DCDS (bit lite tone) pencil ms "Unknown 356B" applied at San Francisco on 3.5x4.75" 5c wrapper. E $12 MIN.6
AX-280. San Francisco (Main Office), CA, 1931, G+ DCDS as origin b/s; "Unknown at address GOD 5" (or "51"?) & "Returned to Writer/Unclaimed" pointing hand h/s applied at Oakland on reg'd #10 PSE. E $20
AX-281. Bristol, TN, 1918, VG duplex (crs; lite tone) "Unknown At/A.R.C.Military Hosp.No 3" h/s; Dept.of Labor cc on much-forwarded #10 cvr to AEF soldier. E $24 MIN.12
AX-282. Pittsburg, KS, 1907, partial duplex (town mostly not struck; o/s; bit lite tone) "Unknown By/1 2 3...7" h/s w/words in arc & route #'s in circled clock-dial arrangement (1 & 2 lined thru), applied at Ansonia, CT; unusual style of marking, on PPC. E $16
AX-283. Wellston, MI, 1960s, partial CDS (mostly not struck) "Unknown/R3 AEN" h/s (w/carrier's initials?) on PPC to Rte.3, Sturgis, MI. E $14
AX-284. Grinnell, IA, 1916, VG duplex (lite tone) "Unmailable" h/s on GLITTER PPC. E $14
AX-285. Grand Forks, ND, 1909, VG Amer/B14(1); "Unmailable" h/s on GLASSINE cvr mailed w/o stamp; unaddressed glitter PPC enc.; likely belongs, but can't be confirmed. E $15
AX-286. Westport, WA, 1985, G+ machine (angle struck, mostly missing stamps; trim L) "Unmailable" h/s apparently applied at Olympia, WA, where stamps fully canxed, on 3x6.75" cvr. Unmailable status determined 70 miles into trip. E $15 MIN.8
AX-287. Las Vegas, NV, 1968, VG machine (trim L) "Unmailable" h/s; 6c Register & Vote commem. on cvr to Canada. E $15 MIN.8
AX-288. San Jose, CA, 1907, G+ duplex; "Unmailable" & "Returned to sender." h/s on glitter PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AX-289. Los Angeles/Sta.A, CA, 1908, F duplex (few fingerprints) "Unmailable" & "Returned to" h/s (by return add.) on GLITTER PPC. E $20
AX-290. Hillsboro Bridge, NH, 1907, VG duplex (address mostly erased, but readable; bit lite tone; crnr cr) "Unmailable." & "Insufficient Address./To avoid error, & insure prompt delivery, Mail should be addressed to street & number... or some other definite place." h/s on PPC to Manchester, NH. Erasure maybe before mailed, as no other apparent reason to be unmailable. E $15 MIN.8
AX-291. Grand Rapids, MI, 1898, G+ duplex & Amer CDS (edge tears; crs) "Unmailable." h/s applied at San Francisco, CA; 1c+3c banknotes; 1c Colum.; 2c red w/PL#237 at B (selvage ruff B); 1 or more other stamps maybe removed; on 4.5x9.5" penalty cvr w/"P.O.Dept." & "Official Business" lined thru at L; ms "Letter Carriers #40" return add.; to SOUTH AUSTRALIA, w/instructions "If not called for, fwd to Capetown, So.Africa" & then to Liverpool, England; deemed Unmailable at San Fran. E $40
AX-292. Richmond, IN, 1907, G+ Amer/B14 (tip crs); "Unmailable." h/s struck 7 TIMES; 2c Sc.319 on glitter PPC w/scuff on pix side where applique (calendar?) removed. E $30
AX-293. Los Angeles/Arcade Sta., CA, 1923, G+ Univ. (toned; stamp gone; crs) "Unmailable." & "Return to Writer" on glitter PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-294. U.S.Navy, 1943, G+ machine (tears T & B; bit trim T) "Unsuitable for Filming" boxed h/s; typed "FREE" frank; "Issuing Office, Commandant, Navy No.128" return add. on folded V-Mail cvr. E $20
AX-295. Denver, CO, 1947, G+ Univ. (trim R; upper R tip ruff; back fault) "Via Air Mail" 68x23mm pictorial biplane h/s; Freman Dust Absorber illus.ad (can); 5c air on #10 cvr. E $14
AX-296. Albuquerque, NM, 1928, G duplex (dial hi) "Via Air Mail." h/s struck 3 times on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-297. Faribault, MN, 2001, VG 4-bar (o/s) "We Care/This Mail is Addressed Incorrectly. Soon Your Mail Will Be Processed on Automated Equipment. To Avoid Delay... Notify the Sender..." 5-line h/s w/pictorial eagle logo on 6x8.5" cvr to Winona, MN. E $15
AX-298. "We're Sorry Your Mail was Damaged/'Reconditioned at Utica,N.Y.13503" 59x31mm h/s as "canx" tying 25c (tape repair R; crs; trim T, just in stamp) on #10 cvr w/New Berlin, NY, return add. E $15
AX-299. (Washington, DC), [1978], (no origin canx; staple holes) "X Rayed For Safety" h/s w/date below; U.S.Senate cc; Bob Dole printed signature frank on #10 cvr to State Dept., Passport Div'n. NICE combo, suggests possible terror attack from future presidential candidate. E $30
AX-300. Sweden (indistinct RPO), 1936, partial CDS (bit lite tone) "You owe Mail Man 10c" pencil note by bit faulty 10c postage due stamp, applied at Chicago, IL, on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AX-301. Garden Grove, CA, 1970, G+ machine; "Your Correct Address is Poughkeepsie,N.Y./Please Advise Correspondents of Your Correct Address" h/s struck twice (1 partial) on PPC. E $14
AX-302. Washington, DC, 1917 (Oct 10), G+ Univ. "Do Your Bit" slogan (lite tone) "Your Patriotic Duty--Buy a Liberty Loan Bond" h/s; Treasury Dept./Office of Comm'r of Internal Revenue cc on #10 penalty cvr. SCARCE type. E $30
AX-303. Baltimore, MD, 1864, G+ blue DCDS/target (dial hi: "TIM" partly off; ruff R, just in stamp) 8-petal blue h/s (w/partial rim of outer circle visible) applied at Chicago, IL on cvr. Such markings applied to "covers where the addressee was not easily found," per Piskiewicz's "Chicago Postal Markings & Postal History". E $100

EXPOSITIONS (NOTE: Bomar #'s are from the 3rd EDITION catalog) / Do you need "Postmarks of U.S.Expositions"? We have it!
EX-1. Cincinnati, OH, 1884, F duplex (slight trim L; edge tear T; purple spot on cc) Walnut St.Hotel cc; "Cincinnati 12th Industrial Exposition" overall ad on back on cvr. E $60 MIN.30
EX-2. Cincinnati, OH, 1886, G duplex (flap tip off, barely affects ad) Chas.Moser & Co.fancy cc; "Cincinnati Industrial Exposition" overall illus.ad on back (man w/shield) on cvr. E $60 MIN.30
EX-3. World's Fair Station/Chicago, 1893, VF C93-12A; 5c Colum.commem on cvr to Austria. E $280 MIN.140
EX-4. World's Fair Station/Chicago, 1893, VG+ C93-12B on 2c Colum.PSE to Germany. E $75 MIN.38
EX-5. Cincinnati, OH, 1893, F Int'l (trim R; edge tear L) John H.McGowan/Pumps & Tobacoo Machinery cc; "Exhibit World's Columbian Expopsition/Machinery Hall Annex/Columns K-L 36." ad overprint at T on cvr. E $24
EX-6. Milwaukee, WI, 1898, VG Barry (lite tone) Wisconsin State Semi Cent'l overall illus.ad (blue angel & city); Plankinton House vertically at L on cvr. E $70
EX-7. Philadelphia, PA, 1899, F P99-04A Nat'l Export Expo slogan w/3-digit year (LKU; lowe R edge trim; upper R tip nib) Biddle Hardware illus.ad cc (anvil) on PSE FRONT ONLY. E $120 MIN.60
EX-8. Philadelphia, PA, 1899, G+ P99-09-12 Nat'l Export Expo slogan flag #12 (bit cr) on priv.mailing card. E $14
EX-9. Philadelphia, PA, 1899, VF P99-09-12 Nat'l Export Expo slogan flag #12 (crs; nick B) as recd b/s on cvr. E $24
EX-10. Paris, France, 1900, G+ blue DCDS (small spindle at L) on 30c Carte Pneumatique to Mr.Fritz, Pavillon de l'Horlogerie Allemande (German Watchmaking Pavilion), Exposition Universelle. E $30
EX-11. Buffalo, NY, 1899, G+ B01-13A Pan-Am Expo slogan (crnr crs) Potter Wall Paper Mills text ad on message GPC. E $20
EX-12. Buffalo, NY, 1901 (Jul 19; 6:30 PM), G+ B01-13A Pan-Am Expo slogan (EKU: EARLIEST FOR ANY U.S. SLOGAN canx; ruff R, just in stamp; stamp faded) American Car & Foundry Co.cc on PSE w/letterhead enc. This item also listed in "Machines" section of this catalog. E $250 MIN.130
EX-13. Buffalo, NY, 1900 (Sep 7), VG+ B01-13B Pan-Am Expo slogan (upper L tip ruff slit) Buffalo Railway Co.cc on PSE. E $20
EX-14. Buffalo, NY, 1900 (Dec 7), VG+ B01-13B Pan-Am Expo slogan (bit cr) Buffalo Railway Co.cc on PSE. E $20
EX-15. Buffalo, NY, 1899, F+ B01-14A Pan-Am Expo slogan on cvr. E $50 MIN.26
EX-16. Newport/Dayton Sta., KY, 1902, G+ duplex (crs) on priv.mailing card: "Cincinnati Fall Festival/1901" modified in pen to 1902 (illus.fireworks & lanterns). E $20 MIN.10
EX-17. St.Louis/Exposition Sta., MO, 1904, VG STL04-05B; 1c Expo on Expo PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-18. St.Louis/Exposition Station, MO, 1904, G+ STL04-06; 1c Expo on Expo PPC. E $20
EX-19. St.Louis/Exposition Station, MO, 1904, G+ STL04-06; 1c Expo on Machinery Bldg PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-20. St. Louis, MO, 1901 (Dec 10), VG+ StL04-19A/1 World's Fair slogan (bit ruff slit R; toned) on cvr. E $20 MIN.10
EX-21. St. Louis, MO, 1902 (Jul 7), VG StL04-19B/1 World's Fair slogan (edge tears; toned) Huttig Sash & Door fancy cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
EX-22. St.Louis, MO, 1904, G+ StL04-19B/5 World's Fair slogan #5 (toned) 2c Sc.301 on priv.mailing card to Australia. E $15
EX-23. St.Louis, MO, 1904, G+ STL04-19B/6 Expo slogan (toned) "Compliments of Nat'l Comm'n of the Argentine Republic of the St.Louis Expo" magenta h/s at L; 1c Expo on Argentina PPC. E $30
EX-24. Saint Louis/Annex Sta., MO, 1904, VG Barry on Expo PPC w/related message. E $12 MIN.6
EX-25. Portland/Exposition Station, OR, 1905, VF P05-02 (bit lite tone) 1c Sc.300 on 3.75x5" 10-panel pictorial Expo folder (clasp gone). E $20 MIN.10
EX-26. Portland, OR, 1905, G+ P05-09 World's Fair slogan (trim R, halfway into stamp; lite tone) U.S.Portland Bank cc; Forestry Exhibition Bldg/Lewis & Clark Expo overall lite blue illus.ad on cvr. E $30
EX-27. Portland, OR, [1904], G P05-10 World's Fair slogan (EKU; no flap, removes lower part of dial, inc.year, & part of slogan, but confirmed by origin canx) as recd b/s on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
EX-28. Norfolk/Berkeley Sta., VA, 1907, VF duplex; 1c Expo on 3-panel Tuck's Panorama PPC (Expo ground & Great Piers). E $24
EX-29. Baltimore, MD, 1907 (Dec 9), VF Int'l (ruff R, in ad; tears T) "When You Visit Jamestown/Visit Baltimore" stamp collar ad; Tregellas, Hertel & Co.Dry Goods cc on cvr w/encs., used 8 days after event. E $20
EX-30. Canton, OH, 1909, G+ Amer/B14; "Stark Co./Sept.6th to 11th.../Centennial Industrial Exposition/Canton" 57x36mm RED ad label, tied on PPC. E $75
EX-31. Chicago, IL, 1909 (Dec 1), G+ Time-Cmns; "Visit the Land Show/Coliseum, Chicago/Nov.20 to Dec.4/Admission 50c" 49x54mm ad label, tied by canx on PPC mailed during event. E $60
EX-32. Los Gatos, CA, 1909, G+ duplex; "Floral Carnival/Los Gatos-May Day" 45mm pictorial ad label at B (not tied, but clearly belongs; B edge bit short) on PPC. E $20
EX-33. Berkeley, CA, 1909, VF Amer (toned; tip cr) "Portola Festival/Oct.19-23...San Francisco" 36x70mm poster stamp tied on Portola Festival PPC. E $40
EX-34. Seattle, WA, 1909, G+ S09-06 World's Fair slogan (small scuff, affects "S" & time; bit lite soil; pencil line partly on ad) Pacific Fir Co.cc; RED illus.AYP Expo logo ad on PSE. E $30
EX-35. Seattle/Exposition Sta., WA, 1909, VG S09-06A (lite tone) on Expo PPC (Manufacturers Bldg). E $8
EX-36. Seattle/??? Sta., WA, 1909, partial duplex (B arc not struck; bit lite tone) "Director General's Office" cc w/full-color illus.AYP Expo logo on cvr. E $50
EX-37. Seattle/Ballard Sta., WA, 1909, VG Int'l; Ballard Lumber Co cc w/illus.AYP Expo logo on PSE. E $30
EX-38. USS Pennsylvania, 1909 (Jul 27), G+ ty.1s on PPC. This ship known to be at AYP Expo on this date. E $50
EX-39. USS Washington, 1909 (Jul 26), G+ ty.1 (R arc on stamp; lite tone) ship at AYP EXPO on Expo PPC. E $100
EX-40. Grass Valley, CA, 1911, VG Amer/B14 (lite tone) "Grass Valley's Home-Coming Week" printed 14-line text ad in message area on PPC. E $14
EX-41. Portland, OR, 1911, partial Int'l (toned) Rose Festival illus.ad (rose) in message area on PPC. E $14
EX-42. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, VG+ FAKE SF15-02; neatly hand-drawn replica of canx, tying real 1c Balboa on PPC w/"related" message. Interesting piece of artwork. E $15
EX-43. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, F SF15-02; 1c pf.12 Balboa on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-44. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, VF SF15-02; 2c Wash. on cvr w/3-pg.enc.; Hotel Bellevue illus.letterhead. E $15
EX-45. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, VF SF15-02; 1c Balboa on Expo PPC: "This is the Band Stand where we play most of the time". E $15
EX-46. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, VG+ SF15-02 (bit trim T; part toned) on cvr w/"Inside Inn/Within the Grounds of the Pan-Pac Int'l Expo" overall illus.ad on back. E $24 MIN.12
EX-47. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, VF SF15-02 on Expo PPC. E $10 MIN.5
EX-48. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, F SF15-02; 1c pf.12 Balboa on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-49. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, VF SF15-02 (part lite tone) on Expo PPC: Inside Inn, w/printed "script" ad in message area. E $15
EX-50. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, VF SF15-02 (part lite tone) 1c pf.10 Balboa on PPC. E $30
EX-51. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, VG SF15-02 (bit cr) 1c pf.10 Balboa on Hanners Pipe Organ Expo ad PPC. E $30
EX-52. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, G+ SF15-02 (toned) 1c Balboa (SE at B) on PPC. E $14
EX-53. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, G+ SF15-02 (tip cr) bit toned 1c Balboa on Expo PPC: "Lumbermen's Building & House of Hoo-Hoo" w/29-line description in message area. E $15 MIN.8
EX-54. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915 (Sep 4), G+ SF15-02 (lite tone; tear B; crs) "Out-of-Debt-Day/Sept.3" red overprint above message; 1c Balboa on Expo PPC. E $15
EX-55. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, G+ SF15-02 (tip cr) 1c pf.10 Balboa on Expo PPC (Norwegian Pavilion): "This...bldg.contains all the information about Norway..." E $30 MIN.15
EX-56. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, F SF15-02 (crnr crs) 1c pf.10 Balboa on Expo PPC: "Rec'd you letter yesterday. Fine Arts Preservation Day. Children's Day. Nat'l Postmasters Day. Undertakers Day". E $30
EX-57. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, G+ SF15-02 (part lite tone) 2c Expo on cvr. E $65
EX-58. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, VG+ SF15-02 (part lite tone; bit trim T; lite crs) California Gamma of Phi Kappa Psi, Berkeley, cc; 2c Expo on cvr. E $75
EX-59. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, F+ SF15-02 tying 1c pf.10 Balboa on pix side of unmailed Expo PPC (tip crs); 2nd strike on add.side. E $30
EX-60. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915 (Dec 4), F SF15-02 (LKU; tip cr) 1c pf.10 Balboa on PPC; w/2nd strike inverted at lower L. Last Day of Expo. Message: "am going to stay until lights out..." E $50
EX-61. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, VG SF15-03 Univ.machine (R edge crs; tiny tears R) on Expo PPC. E $40
EX-62. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, F SF15-03; 1c Balboa on hand-tinted Expo PPC. E $30
EX-63. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, F SF15-03 on Expo PPC (lagoon & fountain). E $40
EX-64. San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, F SF15-03 on Expo PPC (Palace of Horticulture). E $40
EX-65. San Francisco, CA, 1912 (Feb 20), G+ SF15-09-01 PPIE slogan (EARLY; near VF) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-66. San Francisco, CA, 1912, VF SF15-09-01 PPIE slogan on Manx Hotel ad PPC w/printed "script" ad in message area. E $12 MIN.6
EX-67. San Francisco, CA, 1912 (Aug 29), VF SF15-09-01 PPIE slogan (LKU; tiny tear T) on cvr. E $15
EX-68. San Francisco, CA, 1913 (Oct 30), F+ SF15-09-01C PPIE slogan, as origin but inverted at lower L (LKU) on GPC. E $14
EX-69. San Francisco, CA, 1913, VG+ SF15-09-01C PPIE slogan (tear upper L, in cc) Nat'l Ice & Cold Storage cc on cvr. E $15
EX-70. San Francisco, CA, 1912 (Sep 10), VF SF15-09-02 PPIE slogan (EKU; lite tone; bit trim R) on cvr. E $15
EX-71. San Francisco, CA, 1914, G+ SF15-09-02A PPIE slogan (trim L) Richardson & Erlin Drug Sundries fancy cc; PPIE logo ad; 2c Expo on cvr. E $15
EX-72. San Francisco, CA, 1915, VG SF15-09-02A PPIE slogan; Levy & Zentner Fruit/Produce cc w/Expo logo ad on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
EX-73. San Francisco, CA, 1915, VG SF15-09-02A PPIE slogan (bit edge wear; nick T; edge tear T, just in cc) Hotel Washington illus.portrait ad cc; 2c pf.10 Expo on cvr. E $15
EX-74. San Francisco, CA, 1915, G SF15-09-02B PPIE slogan (weak strike; o/s; wear; trim L; crs) Hotel Regent logo ad cc w/PPIE Expo AND Pan-Cal Expo logos; bit faulty 2c Expo on cvr. E $15
EX-75. San Francisco, CA, 1915, VG SF15-09-03B PPIE slogan (lite tone; trim R) steel co.cc; 2c Expo pf.10 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
EX-76. San Francisco, CA, 1915, G+ SF15-09-05/var PPIE slogan w/dateless 3rd class dial (crs) Amer.Nat'l Bank logo cc on 1c PSE. E $20
EX-77. San Francisco, CA, 1911 (Jun 24), VG SF15-09-07A PPIE slogan (message into dial) on PPC. E $20
EX-78. San Francisco, CA, 1911 (Jun 26), VG SF15-09-07A PPIE slogan (part lite tone) on PPC. E $20
EX-79. San Francisco, CA, 1911, VF SF15-09-08 PPIE slogan on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-80. San Francisco, CA, 1913, G+ SF15-09-10 PPIE slogan (part tone) Cardinell-Vincent Co.cc w/Expo logo; 2c Expo on window cvr. E $15
EX-81. San Francisco, CA, 1913, F SF15-09-10 PPIE slogan (crs) San Fran.Compressed Air Cleaning Co.illus.ad (boy & cleaner) 2c Expo on cvr. E $15
EX-82. San Francisco, CA, 1914, VG SF15-09-10A PPIE slogan (lite tone; trim L) Hotel Stewart logo ad cc w/PPIE logo on cvr. E $15
EX-83. San Francisco, CA, 1915 (Feb 2), F SF15-09-10A PPIE slogan; Dunham, Carrigan & Hayden Hardware ad cc; "The Greatest Exposition in History/Opens at San Fran./Feb.20, 1915, Completely Ready." BLUE 3-line ad h/s on back; 2c Expo on cvr. E $20
EX-84. San Francisco, CA, 1915, VG SF15-09-10A PPIE slogan; New Amsterdam Casualty cc; 2c Expo pf.10 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
EX-85. San Francisco, CA, 1911, VG SF15-09-7C PPIE slogan; pictorial "Dragon Trade Mark" above message on Sing Fat Co.PPC. E $6
EX-86. Alameda, CA, 1915, G+ SF15-10 PPIE slogan (bit trim L; lite tone) 2c pf.10 Expo (few tone tips) on cvr w/enc. E $15
EX-87. Berkeley, CA, 1911, G+ SF15-11 PPIE slogan (trim L; bit lite tone) Treasury Dept.cc on penalty cvr. E $12 MIN.6
EX-88. Fresno, CA, 1911, G+ SF15-12 PPIE slogan (message partly on canx; toned) on PPC to Germany. E $12 MIN.6
EX-89. Los Angeles, CA, 1913, G+ SF15-13A PPIE slogan (toned) Cawston Ostrich Farm ad above message on ad PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-90. Los Angeles, CA, 1913, VG SF15-13A PPIE slogan (toned; bit ruff trim R) superint't of schools cc; illus.court house; on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
EX-91. Los Angeles, CA, 1912 (Dec 21), F+ SF15-13B PPIE slogan w/damaged dial, but NO characteristic "blob" at R; NO time slug (EKU; toned) on PPC. E $16
EX-92. Los Angeles, CA, 1912 (Dec 24), VF SF15-13B PPIE slogan w/damaged dial (tip cr) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-93. Los Angeles, CA, 1912, F SF15-13B PPIE slogan w/damaged dial on cvr. E $15
EX-94. Los Angeles, CA, 1912 (Dec 21), G+ SF15-13D PPIE slogan w/damaged dial (LKU) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-95. Los Angeles/Sta.C, CA, 1913, F SF15-13F PPIE slogan (bit lite tone) Passmore & Sayre cc; 1c Balboa on unsealed cvr. E $12 MIN.6
EX-96. Los Angeles/Sta.C, CA, 1914, VF SF15-13I PPIE slogan on PPC to Switzerland. E $12 MIN.6
EX-97. Oakland, CA, 1914, F SF15-15 PPIE slogan (lite tone) Levy & Zentner Fruit/Produce cc w/Expo logo ad on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
EX-98. Oakland, CA, 1914, G+ SF15-15 PPIE slogan (bit cr; bit trim T) Sherwood & Sherwood, San Fran., cc; Expo logo; on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
EX-99. Oakland, CA, 1912, VF SF15-15A PPIE slogan (cr; trim L) as recd b/s on PSE w/printed add.to Miller & Lux; Alameda G+ SF15-10 PPIE slogan origin. E $30
EX-100. Seattle, WA, 1915, F SF15-18 PPIE slogan on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
EX-101. Seattle, WA, 1912, F SF15-18C PPIE slogan (upper R tip slit) 5c Wash. on cvr to Norway. E $15 MIN.8
EX-102. Seattle, WA, 1912 (May 7), VF SF15-18C PPIE slogan (EKU; part ruff T; tear B) bit faulty 2c Sc.393 on window cvr. E $15
EX-103. San Jose, CA, 1911, G+ SF15-24 PPIE slogan flag on PPC. E $6
EX-104. Los Angeles/Sta.R, CA, 1914, F+ SF15-25D PPIE slogan flag (lite tone) on PPC. E $8
EX-105. Los Angeles/Sta.R, CA, 1917, F SF15-25E flag w/PPIE slogan excised on PPC. E $20
EX-106. Los Angeles/Sta.R, CA, 1918, G+ SF15-25E FLAG w/PPIE slogan excised on PPC. E $15
EX-107. Los Angeles/Arcade Sta., CA, 1913, G+ SF15-25F PPIE slogan flag on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-108. Los Angeles/Hollywood Sta., CA, 1913, VF SF15-25G PPIE slogan flag (toned; bit cr) on PPC. E $8
EX-109. Los Angeles/Westlake Sta., CA, 1912, VG SF15-25J PPIE slogan flag (toned) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-110. Longbeach, CA, 1913, G+ SF15-26 PPIE slogan flag (near VG+; toned; lite cr) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-111. Portland, OR, 1913, G+ SF15-27 PPIE slogan FLAG on cvr. E $15
EX-112. Lot 45+) San Francisco/Model Post Office, CA, 1915, F-G SF15-02 (varied condition) nearly all on PPCs; many w/1c Balboa. MIN.$90
EX-113. Lot 300+) Portland, Stockton, Tacoma, Los Angeles (Sta.flags), etc., 1912-15, F-G SF15-16/SF15-24B PPIE slogans (varied condition) many diff.types & date ranges on cards/cvrs. MIN.$95
EX-114. Lot 210+) Seattle, WA, 1912-15, F-G SF15-18A, B, C, D PPIE slogans (varied condition) on cvrs/cards. MIN.$60
EX-115. Lot 90+) San Jose, CA, 1911-15, F-G SF15-24, 24A PPIE slogan flags (varied condition) on cards/cvrs. MIN.$20
EX-116. Exposicion Nacional de Panama, 1916, F purple 4-bar (edge tears T; bit lite tone) part o/s by partial "Exposicion/Direccion General" pictorial h/s frank; Expo header & illus.logo cc on cvr to U.S. E $30
EX-117. San Diego/Exposition Sta., CA, 1915, G+ SD15-01 (dial hi: "N DIEG" partly off; tip cr) 1c pef.10 Balboa on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
EX-118. San Diego/Exposition Sta., CA, 1915, VG SD15-01 (tip crs) Starr Piano Co.text ad in message area on Expo PPC. E $30 MIN.15
EX-119. San Diego/Exposition Sta., CA, 1915, F+ SD15-01 on PPC. E $20
EX-120. Pomona, CA, 1916 (Dec 25), VG+ SD16-05 Pan-Cal Expo flag (near VF; lite tone) on PPC. E $14
EX-121. Riverside, CA, 1916, VG+ SD16-09 PCIE slogan on GPC w/2nd strike on back. E $6
EX-122. Los Angeles, CA, 1916, F SD16-14C on PPC. E $14
EX-123. San Diego, CA, 1914, G+ SD16-23 Pan-Cal Expo slogan on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-124. San Diego, CA, 1914, VF SD16-25 PCIE slogan (nick R; tiny tears T; lite tone) "The Ticklish Tango Top/8 Distinct Sensations/1915/Dreifuss Amusement Co.on the Isthmus/Pan-Cal Expo" illus.ad cc (spinning top) 1c Wash.solo on cvr. E $20
EX-125. Stockton, CA, 1916, VG SD16-26 Cal-Pac Expo slogan (part tone; crs) on window cvr w/enc. E $15
EX-126. Los Ang & San Diego/RPO, 1912, F duplex (crs; edge tear T) Hotel del Coronado, Coronado Beach, CA, illus.ad cc (crown); Pan-Cal Expo illus.logo on flap on cvr. EARLY. E $15 MIN.8
EX-127. Los Angeles/Arcade Sta., CA, 1932 (Jul 30), VG Univ. (cr) Xth Olympiad California illus.cc; 3c Olympics on opening day cvr. E $20
EX-128. San Diego, CA, 1932, F Univ.; "Stop at San Diego... on your way to the Olympic Games" 36x58mm illus.ad label (2 copies, 1 tied) on back of #10 1st Flight air cvr to Australia. E $24 MIN.12
EX-129. Chicago/Cent.of Progress Sta., IL, 1933, VF C33-05; Skoleskibet Sorlandet/Kristiansand S. pictorial triple circle h/s at lower L; Norwegian SHIP at Expo; on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
EX-130. U.S.Ry.Postal Car Exhibit/Chicago/Cent.of Prog.Expo, IL, 1933, VG C33-07; Balloon Races Sept.1-4 cachet on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
EX-131. Chicago, IL, 1933, VF C33-13/49 (lite tone) Palmer House cc; Cent.of Progress logo ad at B; 3c Expo on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
EX-132. San Diego (Calif.Pac.Int.Exp.Sta.), CA, 1936 (Sep 9), VG+ SD35-01 (LKU; lite cr) on cvr. E $30
EX-133. San Diego (Calif.Pac.Int.Exp.Sta.), CA, 1936 (Sep 9), G+ SD35-01 (LKU) struck at R; partial 2nd strike tying 3c CPIE & 3c Texas Cent'l se-tenant imperf commems in center; Dallas/Cent'l Sta., TX, G+ D36-01 (Sep 16) struck at L; on air cvr. E $40
EX-134. San Diego/Calif.Pacific Int.Exposition Sta., CA, 1935 (May 29), VF SD35-02 tying bit lite tone block/4x 3c Expo on 1st day Expo PPC (L edge bit scuff). E $24
EX-135. San Diego/Cal.Pac.Int.Expo Sta., CA, 1936 (Feb 12), VG SD35-04A; 3c Expo on cacheted cvr. E $15
EX-136. San Diego/Cal.Pac.Int.Expo Sta., CA, 1936 (Apr 5), VG SD35-04A (LKU) on Expo PPC. E $15 MIN.8
EX-137. San Diego/Cal.Pac.Int.Expo Sta., CA, 1936 (Aug 3), VF SD35-05 (uneven toned) on commer.GPC. E $14
EX-138. San Diego/Cal.Pac.Int.Expo Sta., CA, 1936 (Aug 30), VG SD35-05 on Expo PPC. E $15
EX-139. San Diego, CA, 1935 (Apr 26), VF SD35-09 CPIE slogan (lite tone; crs; tiny tears T) USS Aaron Ward h/s cc on #10 penalty cvr. E $12 MIN.6
EX-140. San Diego, CA, 1935, G+ SD35-09 CPIE slogan (lite gum tone) tying Expo poster stamp (Admin.Bldg) on cacheted cvr. E $15
EX-141. San Diego, CA, 1934, G+ Univ. tying 33x40mm pictorial Expo ad label: "Come-See/Calif.Pacific Int'l Expo" (dancer) on PPC. E $15
EX-142. USS Altair, 1935 (Sep 17), VF ty.3s(A-74a) "San Diego/California"; ship at Pan-Cal Expo on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
EX-143. USS Argonne, Flag Ship Base Force, 1935 (Aug 23), VG ty.5hksy(A-42) "San Diego/California" (lite tone) SHIP at CPI EXPO; Expo cachet on cvr. E $15
EX-144. USS Borie, 1935 (Oct 27), G+ ty.3(BC-BBT) "Navy Day/Expo City" (near VF; bit heavy inked; lite tone) SHIP at CPI EXPO on cacheted cvr. E $15
EX-145. USS Brant, 1935 (May 29), VF purple ty.3(BC-BTT) "First Day/Exposition" (lite tone) SHIP at CPI EXPO; thermograph Expo cachet on cvr. E $15
EX-146. USS Brant, 1935 (Jun 16), VG blue ty.3(BC-BTT) "Fleet Week/San Diego" (uneven lite tone) SHIP at CPI EXPO; Expo cachet on cvr. E $15
EX-147. USS Brant, 1935 (Jun 16), G+ purple ty.3(BC-BTT) "Fleet Week/San Diego" (near VF) SHIP at CPI EXPO; Expo cachet on cvr. E $15
EX-148. USS Brant, 1935 (Jul 4), F purple & blue ty.3(BC-BTT) "Fourth/July" (lite tone) SHIP at CPI EXPO; Expo cachet on cvr. E $15
EX-149. USS Brant, 1935 (Sep 5), F blue ty.3(BC-BTT) "Exposition/San Diego" (lite tone) SHIP at CPI EXPO; ship's birthday cachet on cvr. E $15
EX-150. USS Brant, 1935 (Oct 12), VF purple ty.3(BC-BTT) "San Diego/Calif." (lite tone) SHIP at CPI EXPO; Expo cachet on cvr. E $15
EX-151. USS Brant, 1935 (Oct 27), VF purple ty.3(BC-BTT) "Navy Day/San Diego" (lite tone) SHIP at CPI EXPO on cacheted cvr. E $15
EX-152. USS Brant, 1935 (Nov 11), F ty.3(BC-BTT) "Armistice/Day" (lite tone) SHIP at CPI EXPO on cvr. E $15
EX-153. USS Breckinridge, 1935 (Mar 31), F ty.3(A-BBT) "San Dieg(o)/Expositio(n)" (couple letters off R; part o/s by weak 2nd strike; lite tone) EARLY Expo ad slogan on cvr. E $15
EX-154. USS Breckinridge, 1935 (Jun 10), G+ ty.3(A-BBT) "San Diego/Calif." (bit stutter; lite tone) SHIP at CPI EXPO; on cvr. E $15
EX-155. USS Breckinridge, 1935 (Nov 2), VF ty.3(A-BBT) "San Diego/Exposition" (lite tone; edge tear T) SHIP at CPI EXPO; on cvr. E $15
EX-156. USS Grebe, 1935 (Aug 24), G+ ty.5hks (near VF) ship at Pan-Cal Expo; Expo cachet; 3c Expo commem on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
EX-157. USS Pruitt, 1935 (Sep 2), G+ ty.3s(AC-TBT) "San Diego/Calif." (bit stutter; lite tone) SHIP at CPI EXPO on cvr. E $15
EX-158. USS Rail, 1935 (Jul 9), VG ty.3r(B-BTT) "San Diego/California" (lite tone) SHIP at CPI EXPO on cvr. E $15
EX-159. USS Upshur, 1935 (Apr 27), VF ty.3(B-BTT) "San Diego/Exposition" (lite tone) EARLY Expo ad slogan on cvr. E $15
EX-160. Cleveland, OH, 1936, VG+ PB meter #01655 w/"Great Lakes Expo/Higbee Co." slogan (overall lite tone; heavy toned around window) Higbee cc on window cvr. E $15
EX-161. Dallas/Texas Cent'l Sta., TX, 1936, VG D36-01 (trim R; lite tone) Chas.Nunnenman, Int'l Art Gallery, Varied Industries Bldg, Texas Cent'l Expo cc; bit faulty 3c Expo on commer.cvr. E $15
EX-162. Dallas/Texas Cent'l Sta., TX, 1936, G+ D36-02 (killer mostly off R) w/G ty.D37-01 tying 2x 3c imperfs on cacheted cvr. E $20 MIN.10
EX-163. Dallas, TX, 1935, VG D36-04A Expo slogan (EKU) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
EX-164. Dallas, TX, 1936, VG D36-04A Expo slogan on 3c Expo; USS Dallas VG ty.5hks tying 1.5c at L on cvr. E $15
EX-165. San Diego/Calif Pac Int Exp Sta, CA, 1936, G+ SD35-01 (dial hi: "DIEGO" off T; edge tears T, 1 in dial) on air cvr. E $24
EX-166. USS Ramapo, 1936 (Apr 10), F ty.5hks (lite tone) "San Diego/U.S.Fleet"; ship at CAL-PAC EXPO on cvr. E $16
EX-167. USS Zane, 1935 (Nov 14), VG+ ty.3(AC-BBB) "Exposition/City" in bars on cvr. 3 days after '35 Pan-Cal Expo closed, so this is EARLY '36 Expo ad. E $20 MIN.10
EX-168. Exhibition P.O./Glasgow (Scotland), 1938, G slogan machine; "Clachan Post Office/Empire Exhibition 1938/Scotland" 65x42mm pictorial label on REAL PHOTO PPC (post office) to U.S. E $24 MIN.12
EX-169. World's Fair Sta., NY, 1939, G+ NY39-03; "Italian Pavilion/New York World's Fair" BOLD blue DCDS as "origin" at L on Ital.Pavilion PPC. E $20
EX-170. New York, NY, 1940, F NY39-25-NY NY World's Fair slogan w/dateless dial (toned; heavy cr; nicks) 1.5c Prexie on #10 cvr. E $14
EX-171. Buffalo, NY, [1939], G+ dateless Meter #01461 w/"See the World of Tomorrow... New York World's Fair 1939" pictorial slogan (part spotty) Remington Rand cc on #10 cvr. E $15 MIN.8
EX-172. New York, NY, [1939], VF precanx (lower L tip stain; some separation at 1 fold) N.Y.Life Ins.ad & mention of World's Fair on back; 1.5c w/"NLY" perfin on 6-panel pictorial folder: panorama of city. E $12 MIN.6
EX-173. Omak, WA, 1939, G+ Int'l; Biles-Coleman Lumber cc; "State of Washington Jubilee" illus.ad (RED apple) on commer.cvr. E $15 MIN.8
EX-174. Stockton, CA, 1939, VG Univ. (lite tone around window) L.F.Grimsley,Inc.,cc; San Joaquin County Fair & Horse Show ad on window cvr. E $14
EX-175. USS Spica, 1940 (May 6), F ty.3r(A-BBT) "Brooklyn/New York"; ship at N.Y.World's Fair; on card. E $15
EX-176. Stockton, CA, 1940, VG Univ.; H.C.Shaw Co.cc; San Joaquin County Fair & Horse Show ad w/illus.calendar on cvr. E $15
EX-177. Chicago, IL, 1955, VG Univ. (stamp gone) "Visit GM Powerama/The World's Fair of Power/Chicago..." pictorial 44mm diam.ad label tied on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
EX-178. Vatican City, 1964, VG machine; 100L Pope on PPC (Pope): "This post card, when surrendered... in the Vatican Pavilion at the N.Y.World's Fair... will be flown to... Vatican City & from there airmailed..." E $15
EX-179. APO 96503, 1970, G 4-bar; "U.S.Pavilion, Expo 70, APO, San Fran., 96338" return add. on air cvr from Osaka, Japan, Expo to U.S. E $24

EXPOSITIONS: Souvenirs & Other Related Items
EX-180. World's Fair 1904/Goodloe Location Bureau: 3x6" 2-panel folded ad flyer; hotel placement & "Excursions Up & Down the...Mississippi...". E $15 MIN.8
EX-181. 1933/A Century of Progress: block of 6 ad labels w/illus.planet; unused (1 tip nick). E $12 MIN.6
EX-182. New York World's Fair, 1939: 4.5x4" hexagonal glass ashtray w/flocked bottom: RED illus.trylon & perisphere; "L" & "F" flaked off, but o/w complete. E $15 MIN.8
EX-183. World's Fair of 1940/In New York: 2.25x3.5" illus.admission ticket; stub removed. E $12 MIN.6
EX-184. Seattle World's Fair: necklace w/46mm diam.metal medallion (DETAILED Space Needle, monorail, skyline & Century 21 logo); 24" chain, 1962. E $20 MIN.10

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