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Section 4:

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AD-1. Anchorage, AK, 1957, G Int'l; The Westward/Inn/Hotel ad on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-2. Anchorage, AK, 1974, G+ meter; Wien Air Alaska logo cc on #10 window cvr. E $8
AD-3. Fairbanks, AK, 1940, F Univ.; Tanana Publishing Co.cc on commer.air cvr w/bit faulty "See Alaska" pictorial poster stamp tied to back. E $15 MIN.8
AD-4. Fairbanks, AK, 1954, F Int'l; Northern Consolidated Airlines Int'l Airport illus.logo cc w/"Anchorage" lined thru & "Fairbanks" written below on #10 air cvr to Hughes, AK. E $14
AD-5. Fairbanks, AK, [1978], printed Permit #2; Alaska Sea Grant Program, Univ.of Alaska illus.ad (boat) on 4.75x8.5" 4-panel ad card. E $12 MIN.6
AD-6. Juneau, AK, 1953, VG Univ.; Baranof Hotel illus.ad on air cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-7. Ketchikan, AK, [1955], VG dateless meter; Alaska Sportsman full-color illus.ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-8. Little Rock, AR, 1903, VF Amer/B14 (lite tone) Quapaw Club engraved return add.w/illus.Indian head on flap on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-9. Piggott, AR, 1895, G+ CDS/cork (tears T; lite tone) Forrest & Wilson Dry Goods ad cc w/2 small illus.flying bugs on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-10. Alameda, CA, 1892, G+ duplex (ALA-90) (EKU) "The Nidiologist/An Illus.Ornithological Magazine" cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-11. Avalon, CA, 1925, G+ Int'l; St.Catherine Hotel luncheon menu & "Things to Do at Catalina"; 2c Huguenot on 4-panel ad PPC. E $20
AD-12. Los Angeles, CA, 1912, F PPIE slogan (tip cr) "Personally Conducted Trolley Trips" ad above message on Lookout Mtn.Inn ad PPC. E $14
AD-13. Los Angeles/Arcade Sta., CA, 1933, VG Univ. (lite gum tone) B & M Siren Mfg.Co.illus.logo on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-14. Los Angeles/Arcade Sta., CA, 1935, VG+ Univ.; "Telepathy! Thought Transference/A Miracle a Day for only $3.98 Full Payment" ad at L; Paty Co."Art of Broadcasting Your Thoughts to Others" long ad re 41 lesson course w/illus.(Magnetic Vibrations, Magnetic Rays, etc.) on GPC. E $20
AD-15. San Francisco, CA, 1879, VF duplex (tiny sealed spindle) Lyon & Co., Empire Brewery albino embossed cc inverted at lower L on UX5 GPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-16. San Francisco, CA, 1893, VF duplex (lite tone) Californian Illus.Magazine illus.ad on back on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-17. San Francisco, CA, 1900, G+ Barry (bit trim T) California Fruit Canners Ass'n cc on 1c PSE to Germany. E $12 MIN.6
AD-18. San Francisco/Sta.D, CA, 1904, F Int'l; Calif.Ag'y/Int'l Correspondence Schools of Scranton ad on cvr. E $8
AD-19. Stockton, CA, 1907, G+ Amer/B14 (tape stain spot on tiny tear R) San Joaquin Valley Bank illus.ad on #10 PSE. E $14
AD-20. Yosemite Lodge, CA, 1947, F Univ.; Yosemite Lodge, Yosemite Na'tl Park cc; sailor's ms "Free" frank on cvr. E $14
AD-21. Kelowna, BC, Canada, 1975, VG slogan machine; Kelowna Toyota Ltd.cc; "Hey Toyota You're/Terrific." purple h/s at T on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-22. Denver, CO, [1901], VF dateless Barry; Bertha Gold Mining & Milling Co.cc; 1c green on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-23. Denver, CO, 1906, F Int'l (ruff R, in 1 stamp) C.L.Blackman & Co./Lost Bullion Spanish Mines Co.cc; 2x 2c Sc.319 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-24. Denver, CO, 1909, VF Int'l; Dermasthetic Mfg.Co.text ad for "trial gallon of Dermalease" barber product in message area on PPC. E $8
AD-25. Denver, CO, 1923, VG Univ. (toned) Star Printing & Label illus.ad (banner & "Star Sifter Can") on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-26. Denver, CO, [1923], printed 1c permit #163; T.F.Lynch Produce illus.ad at L (celery); price list on back on 4x9" card. E $12 MIN.6
AD-27. Denver, CO, [1936], printed Permit #374 (toned) Thomas Quilt Factories ad at L & inside w/illus.bed on 3-panel PC inc.att'd bus.reply card. E $14
AD-28. (Fort Mogan), CO, 1944, canxed Alliance & Denver/RPO F 946-C-3; Jacks Bean Co.illus.ad (Jack, bean & stalk) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-29. Greeley, CO, 1911, VF Int'l (trim L) Greeley Commercial Club cc; text ad for town at L; overall text ad on back ("...best farming land in the state..." etc.) on PSE. E $14
AD-30. Hartford, CT, 1901, VG Pneumatic J2b5a (bit ruff B) Way Hardware Co.cc; illus.ad at L (Dietz Search Light) & overall illus.back ad (3 lanterns, 1 lamp) on cvr w/partial wire opener at B. E $24 MIN.12
AD-31. Hartford, CT, 1906, VF Int'l (lite tone) Frederic S.Stearns/Lincoln Lodge illus.ad (Lincoln portrait) 1c Sc.300 on unsealed cvr w/enc.notice re."Mysterious Social". E $15 MIN.8
AD-32. Higganum, CT, 1893, partial CDS/cork; Cutaway Harrow Co.cc; faulty 2c Colum./broken hat variety on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-33. Southington, CT, 1889, G+ CDS/cork; John B.Cowles Confectionery & Stationery h/s cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-34. Wilmington, DE, 1870s, partial CDS/cork (nick T; no flap; bit lite tone) Walton, Whann & Co./Super Phosphate illus.ad (bad) on cvr. E $15
AD-35. Wilmington, DE, 1885, G+ duplex (trim R) Great Northern & Southern Garden & Nursery illus.ad (fruit & farmer) on cvr w/damaged matching letterhead (torn thru) enc. E $20
AD-36. Washington, DC, 1894, VG Int'l (cr; paper clip tone lines) G.Dittmar/Civil Engineer & Patent Agt oval h/s cc on 1c Colum.PSE to Germany. E $15 MIN.8
AD-37. Washington, DC, 1948, VG+ duplex; Smithsonian Inst'n full-color illus.ad at L; pair 3c Prexie coils on cvr w/enc.Spirit of St.Louis PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-38. Clearwater, FL, 1969, VF Int'l tying "Stay at a Friendship Inn Tonight" 25x32mm ad label w/illus.logo on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-39. Miami, FL, 1950s, printed Mailer's Postmark Permit #28; Kalo's Wee-Wash-It Laundry ad on GPC Sc.UY14r. E $12 MIN.6
AD-40. (Atlanta), GA, ca.1888, VG cork killer only (lower R edge ruff; surface nibbles at L edge; surface holes on back; lite tone) Phillips & Crew/Pianos, Organs illus.ad (bldg) 1c Sc.212 on cvr w/enc.illus.ad flyer/price sheet (fancy piano); small flyer; return env. E $20
AD-41. Atlanta, GA, 1898, G+ Barry (trim R; lite tone) Kimball House cc on cvr w/illus.letterhead enc. E $15 MIN.8
AD-42. Atlanta, GA, 1907, F Int'l (no flap) Krom Soap Co.cc; 1c Sc.300 on cvr w/4 encs.: 8x12.5" circular w/his portrait, endorsement, testimonials; 8-pg.testimonial booklet; 8-pg.endorsement booklet; small ad env. E $30
AD-43. Atlanta, GA, 1918, F Univ. (trim L; lite tone) Volunteer State Life Ins.Co.cc on cvr w/illus.letterhead enc.(Andrew Jackson portrait) & receipt. E $12 MIN.6
AD-44. East Point, GA, 1965, VG machine; Henry Motor Co.h/s ad in message area on ad PPC: Plymouth Barracuda. E $12 MIN.6
AD-45. Experiment, GA, 1932, VF 4-bar ty.E (no flap) Georgia Experiment Sta./Dept.of Botany cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-46. Pembroke, GA, 1907, G 4-bar (lite tone) Pembroke Lodge/#469 F. & A.M.cc w/illus.compass & square; 1c Sc.300 on cvr w/matching letterhead enc.flyer. E $14
AD-47. Savannah, GA, [1877], VG CDS/cork (ruff trim L) Goodman & Myers/Tobacco & Cigars fancy ad header on cvr w/illus.letterhead enc.; matching illus.business card; return env. E $15 MIN.8
AD-48. Kailua, HI, 1950, partial duplex; Kona Inn cc; photo illus.fisherman w/net at L; overall photo illus.(pool & sunbathers) on back; on 4-panel folded ad cvr (8 more photo illus.; map; info). E $24 MIN.12
AD-49. Pocatello, ID, 1934, VG Int'l; Hotel Keystone illus.ad on air cvr. E $20
AD-50. Carlinville, IL, ca.1920, partial dateless double oval, used as "precanx" (crs; tiny tear T) Otwell's Farmer Boy illus.ad ("Will B.Otwell, Farmer" portrait) 1c Wash. on cvr. E $16
AD-51. Chicago, IL, [1875], partial CDS; Field, Leiter & Co.text ad re.Sprague Prints on Sc.UX3 GPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-52. Chicago, IL, 1880s, partial duplex (ruff slit T) Improved Howe Scales/Borden, Selleck & Co. illus.ad (scale) at L; overall illus.back ad (scales, cart, mill) on cvr. E $20
AD-53. Chicago, IL, 1893, G+ Int'l (no flap) Star & Crescent Mills illus.ad (bldg) on 2c Colum.PSE. E $15 MIN.8
AD-54. Chicago, IL, 1897, G+ dateless Amer/B14(X) (toned; tiny tear R) J.W.Eschenburg, Gen'l Western Agt/No.German Lloyd S.S.Co.cc & header on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-55. Chicago, IL, 1897, VG Amer/B14(O) (edge tear T; bit trim T; lite tone; crs) Kinghts Templar & Masons Life Indemnity Co.illus.ad (family & allegorial figure) on #10 PSE. E $14
AD-56. Chicago, IL, 1899, G Barr-Fyke (town partial; trim L & R) Chicago Motor Vehicle Co.illus.ad (car) 2c Trans-Miss on cvr. E $20
AD-57. Chicago, IL, 1900, VF Amer/B14(12) (lite tone; cr; tear T) "Chicago Amusement Co'y/Chicago P.O.Box 625" 55mm diam.triple-circle "collar" at upper R; 1c green on 4.25x5.25" cvr. E $20
AD-58. (Chicago), IL, [1905], G+ "20E"(?) in undated oval h/s canx (tears; crnr cr) Geo.Smith & Co.Frames & Portraits 46x55mm advertising collar w/frame design mimicking 1c Sc.300 (statues, etc.); that stamp in center, paying 3rd class rate on unsealed cvr w/Mt.Pleasant, MI, G+ Perfection ty.R (LKU) as recd b/s. E $50
AD-59. Chicago, IL, 1905, VG Int'l (upper R tip nib; flap tip off) Hibbard Spencer Bartlett illus.ad (bldg) & back ad (pocket knife, razors, warehouse) on cvr. E $20 MIN.10
AD-60. Chicago, IL, 1907, G+ Int'l (lite tone; bit ruff trim R) Gerstenberg & Co.Comm'n Merchants illus.ad (grain shock) on cvr w/LONG 12.75x16.5" 2-pg.price sheet. E $20
AD-61. Chicago, IL, 1907, VF Int'l; Henry G.Strassheim/Hay & Grain ad cc; large photo illus.back ad (store; horse-drawn wagons) on PSE. E $15 MIN.8
AD-62. Chicago, IL, 1909, VF Time-Cmns w/screw-head visible at L; "Quadrangle Club" cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-63. Chicago, IL, 1912, VG Time-Cmns (o/s; trim R; lower R tip nib; lite tone) Elgin Nat'l Watch Co.illus.ad cc (Father Time & watch) on cvr w/matching illus.letterhead enc. E $16
AD-64. Chicago, IL, 1913, VG Int'l; "The Inter Ocean/Editor's Room" engraved cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-65. Chicago, IL, 1914, VF Int'l (toned) Carbo Steel Post Co.illus.ad (charging bull butting wire fence) 1c Wash. on #10 cvr. E $20
AD-66. Chicago, IL, ca.1920?, VF precanx (toned; bit trim T) Oliver Typewriter Co.illus.ad (typewriter); 1c Wash.w/Schermack ty.3 perfs on cvr. E $20
AD-67. Chicago, IL, 1924, VG meter (lite tone) Cracker Jack Co./Reliable Confections logo cc on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-68. Chicago, IL, 1932, F Univ.; Manheim Mfg. & Belting Co.illus.ad (belting section); illus.factory on back on #10 cvr. E $14
AD-69. Chicago, IL, 1936, F Univ.; "Great Stuff" illus.ad (man massaging face; washing hands) on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-70. Chicago, IL, ca.1950s, VF precanx (tip cr) Koretz Paint open house sweepstakes "script" ad in message area on PPC: Eastern Airlines plane. E $12 MIN.6
AD-71. Chicago, IL, [1957], VF Univ.w/dateless dial (child's name written at B) "Dear Doctor" Upjohn Co.Kaopectate "script" ad at L on Brooklyn Bridge PPC. E $24 MIN.12
AD-72. Chicago/B, IL, 1893, partial duplex (trim L; edge tears R) Univ.of Chicago cc; 1c +pair 2c Colum. on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-73. Chicago/Canal Sta., IL, 1913, VG Int'l (tear L; lite tone) Sears-Roebuck 5c refund on back of GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-74. Chicago/Lincoln Park Sta., IL, 1913, G+ Int'l (crs; nicks; surface wear on pix side) Cort Theatre illus.ads on both sides for "Ready Money" play; 2c Wash. on "Mailing Card" PPC to Krakow, Austria-Galicia, w/no other message; RARE destination for this type of ad. E $40
AD-75. Chicago/Sta.U, IL, 1909, F Time-Cmns (upper L edge ruff slit) 925 Homan Ave.cc on oil window cvr w/encs.: part toned Sears-Roebuck illus.letterhead (warehouses) typed letter; 2 illus.clothing order forms; return PSE w/printed address. E $20
AD-76. Freeport, IL, 1895, partial CDS/cork (town not struck; lite tone) Henney Buggy Co.fancy ad cc on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-77. Galena, IL, 1924, VG Amer/A14 (tears T; lite tone) Galena Mfg.Co.of Illinois cc on PSE. E $16
AD-78. Galena, IL, 1952, F Int'l (edge tears) Eagle-Picher Co.Mining & Smelting Div'n cc on #10 cvr. E $20
AD-79. Galena, IL, 1952, VG+ Int'l; "Eagle-Picher Co./Successors To-" h/s on "Eagle-Picher Mining & Smelting" cc on #10 cvr. E $20
AD-80. Gibson City, IL, ca.1891, partial CDS/cork (ruff R, in stamp to oval; lite tone) McClure & Dickey (w/Dickey lined thru)/Livery, Feed & Sale Stable illus.ad (small carriage & horses) on cvr. E $16
AD-81. Joliet, IL, 1934, F Univ.; W.C.Bartelt/Case Quality Machines illus.ad (eagle on globe logo) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-82. Macomb, IL, [1891], partial CDS/cork; Grand Sec'y IOMA cc; illus.eagle logo & overall pink lined background w/large IOMA on cvr. E $15
AD-83. Maywood, IL, 1909, G Doremus; "Come to Maywood/July 4th... Dancing!... Races!... Moving Pictures!/Fireworks!" ad at L on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-84. Peoria, IL, 1921, G+ Univ. (edge tears T; flap partly off; lite tone) Dr.J.R.Vonachen, Specialty--Infants & Children cc on cvr. E $15
AD-85. Rockford, IL, 1894, F duplex (tear R) Shoudy Dried Fruit & Cracker Cases cc; overall illus.back ad (12-compartment dried fruit case) on cvr. E $20
AD-86. Scales Mound, IL, 1942, G+ duplex (killer off R; bit ruff slit T) Illinois Northern Utilites Co.cc on window cvr w/enc.utility bill. E $15 MIN.8
AD-87. Elkhart, IN, 1930s, VF precanx; Dr.Miles Labs ad at L (Patrick Barrett portrait & text) on ad PPC (Barrett as Uncle Ezra). E $15 MIN.8
AD-88. Jeffersonville, IN, 1890, G CDS/cork (part ruff trim R; lite tone) E.C.Eaken & Co.grocers large illus.ad (bldg front) on PSE. E $14
AD-89. (Kokomo), IN, 1912, canxed Chi, Rich & Cin/RPO G+ duplex (part ruff angle trim R, in stamp; toned; edge tears; cr) Planhard Mfg.Co.illus.ad (carburetor) on cvr w/matching illus.letterhead (2 carburetors) enc. E $20
AD-90. Logansport, IN, [1872], partial CDS/cork (pen notes, barely onto ad) Logansport Gas & Light Co.albino embossed illus.ad cc (eagle) on cvr. E $24
AD-91. Ashton, IA, 1910, partial duplex; Ashton Hardware Co.text ad at L on calendar PPC w/small hang hole. E $14
AD-92. Burlington, IA, 1935, F meter; Burlington Basket Co.illus.ad (mother looking at baby in wicker basket); overall illus.basket & hamper on back on #10 cvr. E $15
AD-93. (Davenport), IA, 1915, canxed Des Moines VF Univ.; Halligan Candy Co.salesman's notice at L on ad PPC (factory). E $12 MIN.6
AD-94. Davenport, IA, 1921, G+ Univ.; message to "Brother Chiropractor" from B.J.Palmer (w/his illus.portrait) re.Chicago Sunday Examiner article about "Miram Rubin case"; 4c Wash. on 1c GPC Sc.UX27 to Australia. E $15 MIN.8
AD-95. Davenport, IA, 1951, F meter; Hickey Bros., Inc., text ad ("Congratulations on the new Baby Girl. We have just the right box of cigars...") on ad PPC (their store & adjacent Sears). E $12 MIN.6
AD-96. Des Moines, IA, 1935, VG Univ.; Allied Mutual Auto Ass'n illus.ad cc (car, truck) on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-97. Des Moines, IA, 1937, VG Univ.; San Juan Mining Co.cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-98. Dubuque, IA, 1850s, partial CDS (mostly not struck) State Bank of Iowa cc on PSE. E $20
AD-99. Dubuque, IA, 1860s, G+ DCDS/target (no flap) State Bank of Iowa embino embossed cc on PSE. E $24
AD-100. Dubuque, IA, 1916, F Univ.; Dubuque Commercial Club logo cc on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $15 MIN.8
AD-101. Dubuque, IA, 1917, F Univ. (tiny tears T) Julien Dubuque Hotel cc on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $15 MIN.8
AD-102. Dubuque, IA, 1923, VF Univ.; Trenk Wire Works illus.ad (factory) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-103. Keokuk, IA, 1895, VG duplex (upper R edge slit, just in rim) lite gray Wilkinson & Co.Druggists illus.ad (eagle) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-104. Keokuk, IA, 1954, F Int'l; Harold W.Gray cc; Chief Keokuk illus.portrait below on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-105. Ottumwa, IA, 1925, G Int'l (tiny tear T) Steller's Pianos/Phonographs illus.ad (console phono) on cvr. E $14
AD-106. Sioux City, IA, 1900, VG Barry (toned; tears R) Sioux City Boat Club cc w/illus.banner logo on cvr. E $14
AD-107. Waterloo, IA, 1916, VF Univ. (lite tone; edge tear R) Black Hawk Electrical Co.illus.ad cc (light bulb) on cvr. E $14
AD-108. Atchison, KS, 1911, G+ Amer/B14(1) (trim R; nicks R) Trade Printing Co.illus.ad (ledger & hands) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-109. Carlton, KS, 1947, G+ 4-bar (crs; hang-hole punch at L) "Mov-I-Land" 3-week movie schedule, inc.Marx Bros."A Night in Casablanca"; Tarzan, Blondie, 6 more on unadd.GPC, apparently sent to all local patrons, so no add.applied. E $14
AD-110. Copeland, KS, 1915, VF 4-bar (lite tone) Wm.Wilson, Wind Mills, Pumps, Caseings cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-111. Delphos, KS, 1883, G DCDS/target (trim R) Bank of Delphos cc on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $14
AD-112. Delphos, KS, 1887, G+ DCDS/target (trim R) Geo.N.Nichols, Real Estate & Loan Agt cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-113. Galesburg, KS, 1916, partial duplex (most of town/date not struck; ruff R; toned) Shaw Mfg.Co./Motorcycles & Attachments cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-114. Hoxie, KS, 1891, G+ CDS/target (tear T; trim R; bit lite tone) W.S.Quisenberry, County Treasurer illus.ad (norseshoe) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-115. (Hutchinson), KS, 1883, canxed partial Kan City & Deming/Agt CDS/cork (trim R, well into stamp) Burrell & Talbott/Grocers, Bakery illus.ad (store counter & products) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-116. Hutchinson, KS, 1893, F duplex; Hutchinson Salt Co.cc on 2c Colum.PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-117. Hutchinson, KS, 1929, F Univ. (upper R tip slit) "The Bisonte/Santa Fe/Fred Harvey" logo cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-118. Idana, KS, 1931, F 4-bar; Arthur White/Hardware & Harness illus.ad (2 horses) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-119. Kansas City/Packers Sta., KS, 1932, VF Univ.; Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Co.cc; Amer.Royal Livestock & Horse Show overall illus.ad on back (cows, horses, pigs, sheep) on #10 window cvr. E $15
AD-120. Kansas City/Stockyards Sta., KS, 1910, VF Time-Cmns; Nat'l Live Stock Comm'n Co.full-color illus.eagle on cvr. E $15
AD-121. Lawrence, KS, 1885, G duplex; Western Farm Mortgage Co.fancy ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-122. Lawrence, KS, [1890], G+ duplex (edge tears; lower R crnr ruff; lite tone) J.H.Bell & Bro./Music Dealers/Pianos & Organs ad; 1c Sc.212 on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-123. Lawrence, KS, 1909, VG Amer/B14 (toned; part ruff trim R) Fraternal Aid Ass'n illus.ad (bldg) on cvr w/matching illus.letterhead enc. E $14
AD-124. Leavenworth, KS, 1898, G duplex (toned; edge tears T) A.E.Becker, St.George Branch #1, Catholic Mutual Benefit Ass'n illus.ad cc (logo) on cvr w/enc. E $14
AD-125. Leavenworth, KS, 1911, F Amer/B14() (lower R crnr tear taped) Ed Bloyd, Barred Plymouth Rocks illus.ad (chickens) on cvr w/enc. E $15
AD-126. Leavenworth, KS, 1917, VF Colum. (lite tone) A.Schanze Hardware & Implements blue photo illus.ad (store front) on cvr. E $16
AD-127. Mankato, KS, 1882, G+ duplex (trim L) O.F.Johnson, Sheriff, Jewell Co., cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-128. McPherson, KS, 1911, f Amer/A14 (ruff R; cr, thru stamp; lite tone) County Treasurer illus.ad (courthouse) on cvr w/enc. E $14
AD-129. McPherson, KS, 1943, G+ Univ.; Hotel McCourt logo ad (knight's helmet) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-130. McPherson, KS, 1945, VG Univ.; Jay Crumpacker Real Estate cc w/comic illus.ad (man standing on head) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-131. Meriden, KS, 1937, G 4-bar (state not struck) Maple Hill Farm/Sheep/Collie Dogs cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-132. Peabody, KS, 1896, G CDS/cork (trim R; bit lite tone) T.W.Butcher, Jeweler, illus.portrait ad w/tiny name on cvr. E $20
AD-133. Pittsburg, KS, 1894, G+ CDS/cork (bit ruff trim R) Dept.of Kansas, Womans Relief Corps illus.ad (medal) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-134. Salina, KS, 1914, VF Colum. (bit cr; trim L) Ladies of the G.A.R. illus.ad (medal) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-135. Salina, KS, 1925, F Int'l; U.S.Farm Sales Co.illus.ad (Farco Cord tire); illus.back ad (horses) on cvr. E $14
AD-136. Salina, KS, 1940, F Int'l; Hotel Warren ad cc; 3 illus.ads on back on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-137. Topeka, KS, 1904, G+ Int'l (ruff R, well into stamp; lite tone) Panic Card Co.cc & "PANIC/The Great Wall Street Game" long text ad at L; on cvr w/5 encs., inc.sample GAME PLAYING CARD & illus.ad sheet. E $20 MIN.10
AD-138. Topeka, KS, 1911, VG Int'l (trim R) Arthur Capper/Importer & Publisher/Souvenir Post Cards boxed ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-139. Topeka, KS, 1913, VG Int'l; Philadelphia Underwriters illus.logo ad; state agt.cc; 2c Parcel Post on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-140. Wichita, KS, 1905, G+ duplex (lite tone) Evergreen Ridge Stock Farm/Pure Bred Short Horns illus.ad (cow) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-141. Wichita, KS, 1917, VF Int'l "Int'l Wheat Show" slogan (toned; upper L tip slit; bit trim T) Auto Supply & Tire Co./Firestone House illus.ad (car & tree) on cvr. E $20
AD-142. Wichita, KS, 1949, VF Univ.; Allis Hotel illus.ad on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-143. Winfield, KS, 1914, G Amer/B14 (lite tone; crs) Catons' Marble Works/Monuments illus.ad (stone monuments) on cvr. E $16
AD-144. Crowley, LA, 1935, G+ Int'l & duplex (gum tone) Amer.Rice Milling Co.illus.ad at L (factory) & on back (rice bag); 10c +3c on reg'd cvr. E $16
AD-145. New Orleans, LA, 1906, F Int'l (lite tone; lite crs) Wheeler Business College fancy ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-146. New Orleans, LA, 1935, VF Univ.; Fisk Tire Co.cc; illus.logo ad (boy w/tire) at L & on back on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-147. Bangor, ME, 1880s, partial mute oval; Patent Climax Burnisher illus.ad cc (6" burnisher); 1c Sc.212 on cvr w/illus.letterhead enc.(6" & 10" burnishers). E $20
AD-148. Bangor, ME, 1903, G+ Barry (trim R) J.C.Towle Grain, Feed & Salt cc w/large illus.ear of corn, all in LITE yellow, nearly invisible on lite brown cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-149. Newport, ME, 1914, partial duplex; P.L.Bennett Carriages & Sleighs/Fur Coats, Robes, Harness illus.ad (running fox) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-150. Old Orchard, ME, 1888, VG CDS/cork (trim R) Hotel Fiske illus.ad on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-151. Baltimore, MD, [1869], partial CDS/cork (cr) Washington Univ.Medical Dept.illus.ad (bldg) cr 3c locomotive on cvr. E $24
AD-152. Baltimore, MD, 1870s, partial CDS/cork (ruff slit T, in header & flap; AS IS for that) Nat'l Cooperative Business Agy header; text ad around edges; illus.U.S.Patent Office on back; on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-153. Baltimore, MD, 1880s, G+ CDS/cork (upper L tip ruff; nick T; part toned) J.F.Bradenbaugh Harware, Cutler, Guns cc; 1c banknote on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-154. Baltimore, MD, 1886, F CDS/cork (lite tone) Jas.Robertson & Co./Baltimore Lead Works cc; 2c brown on cvr to Canada. E $12 MIN.6
AD-155. Baltimore, MD, 1888, VG+ duplex (trim R; upper R tip ruff; other edge faults; bit lite tone) A.L.Taveau cc w/"Under Runner" portable mill on cvr; faulty enc.w/matchine illus.letterhead. E $15 MIN.8
AD-156. Baltimore, MD, 1892, VG Int'l (upper R crnr rff; lite tone) Denmead Malting Co.cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-157. Baltimore, MD, 1894, VG Int'l (trim R; upper R tip nick; lite tone) Willoughby & Wilson Hats cc; 2c Colum. on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-158. Baltimore, MD, 1896, F Barry; E.M.Walker Co., Printers, cc on cvr. E $8
AD-159. Baltimore, MD, 1898, G+ Barry (bit heavy inked) Carlin & Fulton/Hardware, Cutlery & GUNS cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-160. Baltimore, MD, 1902, VF Int'l (lite tone; trim R) John E.Hurst & Co.cc on PSE. E $6
AD-161. Baltimore, MD, 1905, VF Int'l (upper R tip nick; lite tone) W.F.Bockmiller Office Supply ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-162. Baltimore, MD, 1922, F Int'l (trim R) Carrol, Adams & Co.Shoes fancy logo ad cc on window cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-163. Baltimore, MD, 1924, F Int'l (trim R; tiny tear L) Standard Oil Co.cc; overall back ad w/illus.car on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $14
AD-164. Baltimore, MD, 1934, VG+ Int'l; Atlantic Wiping Cloth Co.illus.ad cc (ship) on window cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-165. Baltimore, MD, 1934, VG Int'l (bit trim T) Baltimore Body Corp.cc on cvr. E $6
AD-166. Baltimore, MD, 1935, F Int'l (trim R) L.Holloway & Bro.Gen'l Commission Merchants on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $12 MIN.6
AD-167. Baltimore, MD, 1935, F Int'l (ruff R) S.A.Rice Co.(Fruit & Produce) cc; fancy ad on back on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $12 MIN.6
AD-168. Hagerstown, MD, 1907, G+ Amer/B14 (trim L) Antietam Paper Co.engraved cc w/illus.torch on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-169. Lonaconing, MD, 1902, partial duplex (lite tone) George's Creek Coal & Iron Co.cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-170. Mountain Lake Park, MD, 1903, partial duplex (water toned T) Overlook Inn cc on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $12 MIN.6
AD-171. Port Deposit, MD, 1913, G duplex; Tome School For Boys cc on cvr. E $8
AD-172. Westminster, MD, 1895, VG CDS/cork; Western Md.Telephone Co.stock subscription notice on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-173. Boston/5 cts, MA, [1847], G+ red CDS; Alexander Fullerton & Co./Hardware, Cutlery ad header on SFL. E $15 MIN.8
AD-174. Boston, MA, 1860s, partial CDS/cork (trim R) J.C.Bacheller & Co./Shoe Mfrs' Goods albino embossed ad vertically at L on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-175. Boston, MA, [1880], VF CDS/neg."L" in square cork (bit ruff L, well into 1 stamp) Jas.W.Tufts cc; 2x 3c banknotes (1 faulty) on cvr w/"Tufts' Arctic Soda Apparatus" illus.letterhead enc.(ICEBERGS). E $20
AD-176. (Boston), MA, 1880s, canxed Newtonville, MA, G+ CDS/cork (cr B) H.H.Carter Easter & Birthday Cards illus.ad (angel head & wings) on cvr. E $20
AD-177. Boston, MA, 1881, F CDS/neg.boxed "C" in round cork (bit trim L, just in ad; nick L; part lite tone) Concentrated Food Co.illus.ad (British Coat of Arms; U.S.eagle & shield) on cvr. E $20
AD-178. Boston, MA, 1885, VG Wesson H(F); Woman's Educational & Industrial Union cc on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-179. Boston, MA, 1891, G Amer (lite tone; trim R) Dunlap Pen Co.illus.ad (owner's portrait) on cvr. E $20
AD-180. Boston, MA, 1898, VF Barr-Fyke; David W.Lewis cc w/Akron Ohio Sewer Pipe illus.ad; 1c green on cvr. E $14
AD-181. Boston, MA, 1903, VG Int'l (part o/s; R end water tone; nicks R) Heath & MILLIGSN (sic) M'f'g Co.MISSPELLED cc; orange, red & black illus.paint can on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-182. Boston, MA, 1905, VG Int'l (trim T) Appalachian Mountain Club cc on 1c PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-183. Boston, MA, 1923, G meter (trim R) Batchelder & Snyder Packers & Poultrydressers illus.ad at L (bldg); text ad on back for "Short-Cut Ox Tongues" on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-184. Boston/Cambridge Sta., MA, 1897, G+ Amer/N14 (trim R) Harvard College Library cc on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-185. Brockton, MA, 1898, F Amer/B14(1) (toned; tear L) Geo.Knight & Co.illus.ad (Knight Gang Eyletter); 2c Trans-Miss on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
AD-186. Malden, MA, 1910, F Amer/B14; Perry Pictures Co.illus.ad (Boston Library) on pix side of PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-187. Reading, MA, [1881], partial CDS/cork (dial hi: town partly off) Reading Nursery illus.ad (rose) on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $15 MIN.8
AD-188. (Springfield), MA, [1880], VG neg."3" in cork killer only (lite tone) Treadwell Mercantile Ag'y illus.logo & gen'l mgr's cc; 1c banknote on cvr w/matching letterhead enc.(faded message); 9.25x12" 4-pg."Treadwell's Reporting Journal"; & ad flyer. E $20
AD-189. Wellesley, MA, 1927, VG Univ.; Denton Bros.Butterflies in Denton Patent Mounts ad cc on cvr; letterhead enc.w/photo illus.header (owl butterfly). E $20 MIN.10
AD-190. Worcester, MA, 1886, F Wesson H(C); Mecorney & Son Shirts salesman's notice on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-191. Battle Creek, MI, ca.1930s, printed Permit #77 (lite tone) Miller's Battle Creek Health Food for Pets illus.ad (dog, fish, birds) on #10 cvr. E $14
AD-192. Centerville, MI, 1917, VG duplex (edge tear R) John Weed, Stamp Dealer cc on cvr w/enc.auction list. E $12 MIN.6
AD-193. Detroit, MI, ca.1888, G+ mute ovals (part ruff L; toned) Detroit Paper Novelty Co.illus.ad (folding paper berry basket) 1c Sc.212 on cvr. E $15
AD-194. Detroit, MI, 1892, G+ duplex (part ruff trim L, just in ad & cc; cr) Detroit Tobacco Co.cc; "Parrots Given Away!" header w/illus.parrot on cage; on cvr. E $16
AD-195. Detroit, MI, 1904, F Int'l (toned) Penberthy Injector Co.illus.ad (injector) 1c Sc.300 on cvr w/8.5x11" 4-pg.illus.ad enc. E $14
AD-196. Detroit, MI, 1906, F Int'l (lite tone; tiny tear R) Central Boiler Works photo illus.ad at L (factory); large illus.ad on back (boiler) on cvr to Canal Zone. E $20
AD-197. Detroit, MI, 1918, G+ Univ. (part heavy inked) Campbell & Mead Brooms & Whisks illus.ad (whisk) on cvr. E $14
AD-198. Detroit, MI, 1944, F Int'l (tiny tear T) Detroit Umpires Ass'n illus.adcc (umpire) on cvr. E $20
AD-199. Fremont, MI, 1935, VF meter; Gerber Products Co.logo cc (smiling baby); "Vegetables for Baby" illus.ad on back (blocks & can) on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-200. Grand Rapids, MI, 1896, VG Barry; Olney & Judson Grocer Co.cc; Ceresota logo at L & on back; 1c blue on local cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-201. Transfer Clerk/Grand Rapids, MI, 1935, partial duplex; Wealthy Street Baptist Temple illus.ad cc (temple) on cvr. E $15
AD-202. Grand Rapids, MI, 1941, VF Univ.; Schulze Bakers illus.ad at L & on front on birthday PPC "from" Butter-Nut Safety Scouts & "Uncle Nick". E $15 MIN.8
AD-203. Holland, MI, ca.1912, partial mute ovals (toned; few pen notes) Veterinary Specialty Co.illus.ads (equine operating table; horse sling; hopples; cat & dog table) 1c Wash.coil Sc.412 on 3-panel PPC. E $30
AD-204. Olivet, MI, 1905, VG duplex (trim L, just in cc) Olivert College Echo cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-205. (Port Huron), MI, 1890s, cork canx only; Michigan State Fish & Game Protective League cc; 1c blue on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-206. Reading, MI, 1911, G+ duplex; Reading Robe & Tanning Co.header, lined thru; "Come Back to Basswood Corners/1st Big Home Coming Festival at Reading" overall back ad w/5 photo illus.(Main St.; Mich.St.; 2 hotels; school) on cvr. E $20
AD-207. Sparta, MI, 1911, G+ duplex; A.A.Johnson & Co.illus.ad (Pingree-Made shoes) on ad PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-208. Topinabee, MI, 1898, G+ CDS/cork; "Fresh Breeze" (hotel?) photo illus.(people in rowboat on lake) on cvr. E $20
AD-209. Mankato, MN, 1883, F CDS/target (tear T; bit cr) O.P.Lieberg, Fashionable Barber & Hair Dresser cc; LONG overall text ad for town & county on back; 3c banknote on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
AD-210. Minneapolis, MN, 1898, G+ Barry (lite tone; tear T) McLeod & Smith/Upholstered Furniture fancy cc; illus.fainting couch on back on cvr. E $15
AD-211. Minneapolis, MN, 1920, VF Univ. (edge tear T; slight trim T) American Grain Separator photo illus.ad (separator) on #10 cvr. E $20
AD-212. Minneapolis, MN, 1932, G+ permit/meter; Physicians & Hospitals Supply Co.illus.ad (bldg front); text ad on back on #10 cvr. E $14
AD-213. Minneapolis, MN, 1950, G+ meter (bit lite tone) Physicians & Hospitals Supply Co.illus.ad (knight on horse); illus.bldg on back on #10 cvr. E $14
AD-214. Moorhead, MN, [1923], printed 1c Permit #7 (toned) Leo H.Wright Brokerage Co.illus.ad (bldg) w/"Reference" misspelled "Refernece"; potato prices text ad on back on 4x9" card. E $14
AD-215. Kansas City, MO, 1886, G duplex (lower R crnr clip; ruff slit R; toned) McCoy & Underwood Livestock Comm'n Merchants illus.ad (cow head) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-216. Kansas City, MO, [1890], G mute oval (bit cr) Guarantee Loan & Trust Co.cc; 1c blue on cvr w/enc."American Nat'l Bank" circular. E $12 MIN.6
AD-217. Kansas City, MO, [1890], G mute oval (bit cr; edge tear R) Ferd.K.Rule, Banker & Broker cc; 1c blue on cvr w/enc.circular. E $12 MIN.6
AD-218. Kansas City, MO, [1923], printed 1c Permit #431 (toned; tip crs) Quisenberry Feed Mfg./From Chick to Laying Hen ad at L; feed prices on back on 4x9" card. E $14
AD-219. Kansas City, MO, 1924, G+ permit/meter (nicks L; bit lite tone) Larabee's Best Flour illus.ad (globe) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-220. Kansas City/Centropolis Sta., MO, 1916, VG duplex (edge tear R) Witte Engine Works illus.ad (factory) on #10 cvr. E $14
AD-221. Kansas City/Gateway Sta., MO, 1921, G+ Univ.; Dayton Auto Parts Co.illus.ad (auto gears) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-222. Kansas City/Sta.A, MO, 1920, VF Univ. (bit lite tone; tiny tear L) Bemis Bro.Bag Co.illus.ad (cat in bag) on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-223. Saint Louis, MO, 1860s, G DCDS (ruff R) Everett House overall illus.back ad (hotel) on cvr. E $20
AD-224. Saint Louis, MO, 1893, VG duplex (nick L) St.Louis Mining & Milling Co.of Montana cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-225. Saint Louis, MO, 1894, F Int'l; Knights of Honor/Odd Fellows' Bldg.cc; 1c blue on cvr w/12-pg.promotional pamphlet w/illus.pixies; "It is a Hummer" header on blue flyer. E $24
AD-226. Saint Louis, MO, 1896, VG Barry (upper R tip nib; no flap) Fred Medart/Patterns & Models/Boats & Launches & Gymnasium Apparatus ad on cvr. E $14
AD-227. Saint Louis, MO, 1898, VF Barry (ruff R, in stamp; toned) Gast-Paul header; reduced facsimile of testimonial letter at L on cvr w/encs.: illus.letterhead (factory); 8.25x11.75" "The Banker-Lawyer" publication; att'y subscription form. E $20
AD-228. Saint Louis, MO, 1899, partial duplex; Standard Stamp Co.cc; text ads in other 3 crnrs & overall on back; on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-229. Saint Louis, MO, 1917, VF Int'l (lite tone) Banner Buggies illus.ad (banner) on #10 cvr w/matching letterhead enc. E $16
AD-230. Saint Louis, MO, [1928], printed Permit #490 (edge tear T) Chouteau Fur Co.illus.ad at L (bear); overall text ad on back on #10 cvr w/enc.12x18" price sheet (short tear at fold) w/large comic illus. E $20
AD-231. Saint Louis, MO, ca.1930s, printed precanx; Radio Sta.KFUO/Concordia Seminary cc; "Go ye into all the world" ad w/illus.globe on 1c PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-232. Saint Louis, MO, ca.1930s, printed precanx; Radio Sta.KFUO/Concordia Seminary cc; "Merry Christmas!" w/illus.bells & holly on 1c PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-233. Saint Louis, MO, [1939], printed precanx; Radio Sta.KFUO/Concordia Seminary cc; "15th Anniversary" below on 1c PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-234. Saint Louis, MO, 1943, F Int'l (toned; crs) Lewis-Howe Co.illus.ad (bldg); "Listen... to Horace Heidt & His Musical Knights..." RED ad below on cvr w/illus.Tums ad on back. E $14
AD-235. Springfield, MO, 1937, VG meter; Springfield Grocer Co.cc; full-color ad on flap (9 food products) on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-236. Whitehall, MT, 1908, partial duplex (nick T; lite tone) "The Montana" hotel cc; "Come to the Jefferson Valley for Good Homes & Cheap Land" ad header on cvr. E $20
AD-237. Clay Center, NE, 1916, VG Amer/B14 (lite tone; edge tear R) M.M.Johnson Co.illus.ad (incubator) on cvr. E $16
AD-238. Seward, NE, 1904, G+ duplex (tiny tear T) Paul Herpolsheimer Implement Co./High Grade Vehicles & Farm Implements cc w/illus.horse-drawn HAYRIDE on cvr. E $20
AD-239. Blairstown, NJ, 1895, G+ CDS/cork; Blair Presbyterial Academy cc; 2c Colum. on cvr w/long enc. E $15 MIN.8
AD-240. Bound Brook, NJ, 1900, G+ duplex; Star Incubator & Brooder Co.header w/illus.ad (tiny incubator in star) on cvr w/"Pull Either Wire" instruction at B (wire opener removed). E $15 MIN.8
AD-241. Egg Harbor City, NJ, 1907, partial duplex; Wm.Knie, Contractor & Builder cc; 5c Lincoln on cvr to Switzerland. E $12 MIN.6
AD-242. Hackensack, NJ, 1916, G+ Amer/A14 (lite tone; ruff R) Susquehanna Poultry Farm cc w/lite blue illus. on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-243. Little Silver, NJ, 1887, G CDS/target; J.T.Lovett Orchard & Garden illus.ad (fruit) on cvr. E $15
AD-244. Moorestown, NJ, [1881], partial CDS/cork; John S.Collins Small Fruit & Plant Grower illus.ad (fruit) on w/Pleasant Valley Nurseries illus.letterhead enc. E $20
AD-245. Moorestown, NJ, [1888], partial CDS/cork (toned; 3 tips nib; tip cr) Fairview Nurseries illus.ad (BIG peach) on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $16
AD-246. (Newark), NJ, 1870s, VG cork only; E.H.Reynolds Leather ad cc w/illus.eagle on 1c PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-247. Newark, NJ, 1893, G Int'l; Newark Camera Club meeting notice on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-248. Newark, NJ, 1903, F Int'l; Soney & Sage Publ.ad for "New Jersey Gen'l Insurance Laws"; 1c Sc.300 on 1c GPC to insurance co.in ENGLAND. E $15 MIN.8
AD-249. Paterson, NJ, ca.1936s, VF meter w/"Wright Aircraft Engines" pictorial slogan (ruff upper R tip) Wright Aeronautical Corp.cc on #10 air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-250. Sergeantsville, NJ, [1876], G+ CDS/grid; I.S.Cramer/Hunterdon Nurseries header on GPC Sc.UX3. E $12 MIN.6
AD-251. Sergeantsville, NJ, [1887], G+ CDS/grid (year partial; trim R, just in stamp) Dr.Isaac S.Cramer/Hunterdon Nurseries illus.ad (grapes) on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $20
AD-252. Sergeantsville, NJ, [1887], G+ CDS/grid (year partial; trim R, just in stamp) Hunterdon Nurseries/Dr.Isaac S.Cramer cc on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $14
AD-253. South River, NJ, 1914, G+ duplex; N.W.Clayton cc; illus.map w/town, RR's, river; on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-254. Binghamton, NY, 1886, partial CDS/cork (trim R) Lewis House cc on cvr. E $6
AD-255. (Brighton), NY, 1889, canxed Rochester VF duplex (ruff L) J.F.LeClare/Nurseryman ad w/illus.cottage & overall lined background on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-256. Brooklyn, NY, 1947, F Int'l; Nat'l Licorice Co.illus.ad cc (products) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-257. Buffalo, NY, 1870s, G+ CDS/target (trim R; toned) Buffalo Scale Co.illus.ad (large scale) on cvr. E $20
AD-258. Buffalo, NY, ca.1881, G CDS/target w/dateless dial; Osgoodby's Attys' & Bankers' Directory illus.ad cc (book) 1c banknote on cvr w/encs. E $15 MIN.8
AD-259. Buffalo, NY, [1881], G+ CDS/target (part ruff trim R) Peter Paul & Bro.Publishers ad cc w/illus.Webster's Dictionaries on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-260. Buffalo, NY, [1883], G+ CDS/circle of V's (lower R tip nib) Desbecker, Weill & Co.Clothiers cc on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $12 MIN.6
AD-261. Buffalo, NY, 1888, VF duplex (R tips clip; no flap) W.A.Case/Copper, Tin & Sheet Iron Works fancy ad cc; overall lite blue lined background on cvr w/illus.letterhead (oil pump) half-sheet enc. E $15 MIN.8
AD-262. Buffalo, NY, 1888, G+ duplex (lite tone) Traders' & Mfrs' Commercial Union/Osgoodby's Attys' & Bankers' Directory ad cc on cvr w/letterhead encs. E $12 MIN.6
AD-263. Buffalo, NY, 1889, G duplex (bit ruff trim R; edge tears R; lite tone) Life & Reserve Ass'n fancy ad cc on cvr w/enc. E $12 MIN.6
AD-264. Buffalo, NY, 1892, G+ Int'l (trim R) Josiah Ross illus.ad (wood-working machine) on cvr w/enc.illus.statement (diff.machine). E $20
AD-265. Buffalo, NY, 1912, G+ Int'l; King & Eisele Co./Jewelers illus.ad (bldg) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-266. Buffalo, NY, 1916, G Univ.; Strong Steel Foundry Co.illus.ad (bucket; 2 dogs in tug of war) on window cvr. E $14
AD-267. Hudson, NY, 1905, VF duplex; Hudson Fibre Co.cc w/small illus.factory & train on PSE. E $15 MIN.8
AD-268. LeRoy, NY, 1893, G+ duplex (bit trim T) Randall & Ward Lock Frame Stove Trucks illus.ad (frame w/rollers) at L & on flap on 2c Colum.PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-269. Lyons, NY, 1860s, F CDS/cork; E.Ware Sylvester Vines, Trees, Plants albino embossed ad cc w/illus.apple on PSE. E $15 MIN.8
AD-270. Mount Lebanon, NY, 1902, VG CDS/cork; Clarissa Jacobs, Genuine Shaker Cloaks cc (61-30) on cvr. E $20
AD-271. New Paltz, NY, 1918, G+ duplex (trim R; lite tone; nicks B) Hall's Farm Agy illus.ad (3-story house) on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-272. (New York), NY, [1875], VG cork lines killer only (bit ruff L; lite crs) 1c banknote on cvr w/C.C.Bristol & Co.4-pg.sewing machines ad flyer. E $16
AD-273. New York, NY, [1875], G+ CDS/cork (trim R) Harper & Bros.Publishers ad w/illus.bldg & overall lined background on cvr w/subscription ad enc. E $20
AD-274. (New York), NY, [1876], VG cork killer only (couple edge tears at folds) Martindale Law & Collection Ass'n oval logo ad cc; 1c banknote on 8.5x11" lined paper, folded for mailing; printed ad w/sample letterhead; list of 100's of atty's (in lite gold ink) on reverse. UNUSUAL. E $20
AD-275. (New York), NY, [1877], VG cork killer only; Equitable Mercantile Co.illus.logo ad cc (cogwheel w/all state abbreviations on cogs) 1c banknote on cvr w/matching letterhead enc. E $20
AD-276. New York, NY, [1878], G+ duplex (trim R; bit lite tone) Union Law Associates cc on cvr w/enc.directory of lawyers in east & south; testimonials; ad flyer. E $20
AD-277. New York, NY, 1878, VG duplex (crs; flap partly off) Mutual Life Ins.Co.header; 3c banknote on 2-panel folded premium notice. E $14
AD-278. New York, NY, 1880, G+ duplex (trim R; edge tears) H.B.Claflin & Co.albino embossed cc on lite brown cvr w/Law Dept.letterhead enc. E $12 MIN.6
AD-279. New York, NY, 1881, VG duplex (bit trim T) The Tribune illus.ad (bldg) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-280. New York, NY, 1883, partial duplex (part ruff trim R, just in stamp; lite tone) H.K. & F.B.Thurber/Wholesale Grocers ad cc in diamond; 3c banknote on 3c PSE w/encs.: collection notice to debtor's estate. E $15 MIN.8
AD-281. New York, NY, 1884, G+ duplex (tear T) Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance illus.ad (locomotive) on 3-panel folded exam report w/matching illus.inside. E $14
AD-282. New York, NY, 1886, G+ duplex (tear T; nick T; tip nib; no flap) Cook's Tours oval cc on cvr w/fancy letterhead enc. E $12 MIN.6
AD-283. New York, NY, 1887, G+ duplex; Stirn & Lyon Toys, Dolls, Games, Fireworks; Marbles, Rubber Balls, Base Balls, Harmonicas text ad on GPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-284. New York, NY, ca.1888, partial CDS/cork (lite tone) Murray Hill Hotel illus.ad (griffin) on cvr. E $14
AD-285. New York, NY, 1888, G+ duplex (trim R) Turf, Field & Farm purple illus.ad cc (small horse racing, camping & farm vignettes) on cvr w/matching green illus.letterhead enc. E $20
AD-286. New York, NY, 1889, G+ duplex (toned; trim L, barely in ad; cr) Pretiss Patent Vises illus.ad (vise) on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-287. New York, NY, 1889, G+ duplex (trim R; edge tears T & L) S.F.Myers Wholesale Jewelers illus.header (globes) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-288. New York, NY, 1890, VF Int'l/A-11(1) w/dateless dial (toned) Hubbell Legal Directory Co.cc; 1c blue on cvr w/16-pg.ad for directory (w/STRING "binding"), inc.sample pages; order form. E $20
AD-289. New York, NY, 1893, partial duplex (tiny tear T; stamp fault) Cottolene for Cooking/N.K.Fairbank & Co.illus.ad (cow head) on cvr. E $14
AD-290. New York, NY, 1893, VF Int'l; Vanderbilt & Hopkins Lumber Mfrs.ad cc; illus.shingles, "alligator" & "crocodile" logos on back; on 2c Colum.PSE. E $15 MIN.8
AD-291. New York, NY, 1894, G duplex & Int'l (bit trim T) "Wm.P.Brown, Antiquarian" fancy oval h/s cc; 1c Colum.commem on 1c Colum.PSE. E $14
AD-292. New York, NY, [1895], partial duplex; Ladies' Soc'y Sale of Needlework & Fancy Articles, for Relief of German Widows & Orphans ad on GPC Sc.UX11. E $15 MIN.8
AD-293. New York, NY, 1896, VF Barry (lite tone) J.W.Scott illus.ad (stamps, coins, globes) on cvr. E $20
AD-294. New York, NY, 1896, F Amer/D14(12); Balsam Lake Club return add.vertically at L on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-295. New York, NY, 1899, F Int'l (trim L) North American Mercantile Agy.illus.ad cc (globe) on cvr w/encs.: letterhead, certificate & return env., all w/matching illus. E $20
AD-296. New York, NY, 1900, G+ Int'l (trim R) Harper & Bros., Publ., illus.ad (bldg); overall orange lined background on cvr w/enc.letterhead (back part toned); return env.w/2c red affixed; "Info Blank" form. E $20
AD-297. New York, NY, 1903, VG Int'l (lite tone; bit trim L) Nat'l Lead Co.cc; overall back ad w/illus.lead pipe (part o/s by rec'd canx) 1c Sc.300 on cvr. E $15
AD-298. New York, NY, [1907], G mute oval; Burrelle illus.ad (large pencil) 1c Sc.300 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-299. (New York), NY, 1909, canxed Hudson Term.Sta.VF Int'l (trim R; bit lite tone) Hanlon & Goodman Brushes illus.logo ad (brush & boar) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-300. New York, NY, 1910, VF Int'l; Mabie, Todd & Co.illus.ad cc (swan, pen & nib) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-301. (New York), NY, 1914, canxed Hudson Term.Sta.VF Univ. (trim R) Mabie, Todd & Co.cc; overall lite blue illus.ad (swan holding fountain pen) on cvr. E $15
AD-302. New York, NY, [1931], F permit/meter (lite tone) Literary Digest World Atlas illus.ad (Lowell Thomas portrait) on cvr. E $14
AD-303. (New York), NY, 1933, canxed City Hall Anx.G+ Int'l; "1833/1933/The N.Y.Sun" illus.ad (printing press) on cvr w/enc.8.25x11" reprint of newspaper's 1st issue (9/2/1833). E $20
AD-304. New York, NY, 1940s, VF dateless PB meter (lite tone) Joe E.Brown/RKO Radio Pictures cc; actor's photo illus.ad inside, asking for addressee's birthday on PC to Australia, w/att'd reply card. E $20
AD-305. New York, NY, ca.1950s?, G+ meter w/dateless dial; "Saturday/Swissair Flight 941 Leaves New York at 18:30... 64 Seats..." illus.ad at L on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-306. New York/A, NY, 1870s, G+ duplex; St.Nicholas Hotel albino embossed ad cc in illus."belt"; 2c +1c banknotes on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-307. New York/B, NY, 1893, G+ duplex; Rockwood & Co./Cocoa & Chocolate Preparations cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-308. New York/B, NY, 1897, G+ duplex (trim L; upper L tip nib) Ostermoor & Co./Patent Elastic Felt illus.ad (anchor) on PSE w/illus.letterhead enc.(Expo medals) & return env. E $20
AD-309. New York/CR, NY, ca.1890, F mute double oval; Manhattan Commerical Ag'y illus.ad (dog's head) 1c blue on cvr; enc.ad pamphlet w/matching illus. E $15 MIN.8
AD-310. New York/D, NY, 1884, F duplex; Hotel Bradford illus.ad (hotel) on back of GPC: "$1 per day & upwards". E $14
AD-311. New York/E, NY, 1888, G duplex (lite tone) St.James Hotel cc on cvr w/illus.letterhead enc. E $16
AD-312. New York/E, NY, 1889, G+ duplex (toned; ruff R) Doris's Museum fancy ad cc on cvr w/elaborate illus.letterhead: bldg front, owner portrait & LONG text ad. E $30
AD-313. New York/F, NY, [1882], G duplex (trim L, barely in cc) Meyrowitz Bros./Opticians illus.ad cc (eye in star) on cvr w/matching letterhead enc. E $16
AD-314. New York/H, NY, 1895, partial duplex (trim R; tear R) Murray Hill Hotel fancy cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-315. New York/J, NY, 1897, partial duplex (tip cr) Stephens Coal illus.ad (red hourglass) on back of GPC. E $14
AD-316. New York/L, NY, 1896, G+ duplex; J.C.Watson Co.Elevator & Mills cc w/RED illus.grain elevator & boat on PSE. E $20
AD-317. New York/Madison Square, NY, 1897, G duplex (no flap; edge tears T) N.Y.Observer illus.ad (books); overall yellow lined background on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-318. New York/P, NY, 1895, G+ duplex (trim R; lite tone) Lieber Publ.Co.fancy ad cc on cvr w/illus.letterhead enc.(globe) & 3 more encs. E $15
AD-319. New York/S, NY, 1902, G+ duplex; Hurd & Co.Paper Mfrs.cc; logo on flap on cvr. E $6
AD-320. New York/Sta.E, NY, 1907, G+ Int'l (slight trim T; slit 3 sides) Hotel Imperial engraved illus.cc (crown) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-321. New York/Sta.H, NY, 1907, VG Int'l (trim R; upper R tip clip) Charles & Co.illus.ad (fruit basket) on window cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-322. New York/Sta.J, NY, 1921, VF Int'l; Popular Fur Shop illus.logo cc; 2c Pilgrim on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-323. New York/Sta.M, NY, ca.1912, G+ Univ.; Amer.Geographical Soc'y of New York cc; 1c Wash. on cvr. E $6
AD-324. New York/Sta.O, NY, 1902, G+ Int'l (trim R) Post Fountain Pen illus.ad (pen & 2 small demos) on cvr. E $14
AD-325. New York/Sta.X, NY, 1908, F Amer/B38; Good Mfg.Co.text ad at L & on pix side of PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-326. New York/V, NY, 1897, G duplex (trim R; toned) John F.Statton/Musical Merchandise ad header; "Naples Violin Strings" illus.ad at L (box & strings) 1c blue on cvr w/letterhead enc. & illus.letterhead invoice (guitar & mandolin). E $24 MIN.12
AD-327. (Ogdensburgh) NY, ca.1890, VG cork only (toned) 1c blue on wrapper w/3) Calabash Bitters Co.encs.: 2) 4-pg.ad flyers; 10-panel folded flyer w/illus.of premiums for sales agents (gold charms; parlor organs; gold watch; sewing machine; more). E $24 MIN.12
AD-328. Palmyra, NY, [1875], partial CDS/cork (edge tears) Palmyra Fruit Farm/Fruit Recorder & Cottage Gardener text ads on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $20
AD-329. Randolph, NY, 1902, G duplex (town mostly not struck) Elko Paint Co.illus.ad (elk head) on cvr. E $14
AD-330. Seneca Falls, NY, 1898, G+ duplex (lite tone) Climax Specialty Co.illus.ad (pipe joint) on cvr. E $14
AD-331. (Syracuse), NY, 1880s, cork killer only; Nelson H.Strong cc w/illus.Lamborn Road Machine & farmers; overall back ad w/illus.Everingham Cultivator; on 1c PSE. E $24 MIN.12
AD-332. Syracuse, NY, 1923, G+ Univ.; Onondaga Auto Supply cc; overall back ad w/illus.auto "cutaway" showing replacement parts "in stock"; on window crv. E $15 MIN.8
AD-333. Syracuse, NY, ca.1930s, G Univ. (lite tone) Take-About Sander illus.ad on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-334. Syracuse, NY, 1938, F meter (bit lite tone) Central N.Y.Power Corp.cc; overall illus.back ad: father spanking child, w/Reddy Kilowatt saying "That's not the place to make him smart, Dad!" & recommending "better sight lamp"; on window cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-335. Syracuse/Northrup Sta., NY, 1915, G+ Int'l (trim R) H.E.Hessler Co./Hardware/Stove Range & Furnace Repairs header ad w/illus.Hessler Rural Mail Box; text ad on back; on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-336. Troy, NY, 1923, F Univ.; "Home Made Delicious Ready-Jell" red ad on cvr. E $20
AD-337. Troy, NY, 1930, F Univ.; Ready-Jell pudding & gelatin illus.ads at L & on back on cvr. E $20
AD-338. Greensboro, NC, 1898, G+ duplex (ruff R, into stamp portrait; toned; AS IS) "Southern Tob(acco) Co." h/s return add. on PSE w/2 illus.letterhead encs.(tobacco products). E $12 MIN.6
AD-339. Ashland, OH, 1919, G+ duplex (bit ruff trim T; crs; lite tone) Eagle Brand Toy Balloons illus.ad (boy & girl w/balloon) 5c +1c on #10 cvr. E $15
AD-340. (Bedford), OH, [1897], VG cork only; Cleveland Poultry Exhibition Co.illus.ad (exhibit); "11th Annual Successful Show" RED ad by stamp; 1c blue on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-341. Cincinnati, OH, [1883], F mute oval (lite tone) Manufacturers', Importers' & Jobbers' Collection Co.cc; 1c banknote on cvr w/enc.ad circular & order form. E $12 MIN.6
AD-342. Cincinnati, OH, 1885, F duplex (tear T; lite tone) J.M.Mccollough's Sons Seed Merchants illus.ad cc on cvr w/matching letterhead enc. E $15 MIN.8
AD-343. Cincinnati, OH, 1888, G+ duplex; Dennison Manufacturing Co.header; text ad at B; overall text ad on back; on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-344. Cincinnati, OH, 1903, F Int'l (trim R) Wilber H.Murray/Vehicles, Harness & Saddles cc w/RED illus.horse head on cvr. E $14
AD-345. Cleveland, OH, 1917, F Int'l (trim R; lite tone) "Cray" Bros.cc; overall back ad w/illus.wagon wheel & spring on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $15 MIN.8
AD-346. Cleveland, OH, 1927, G+ duplex (part ruff slit T) Hollenden Hotel illus.ad; 10c map air on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-347. Cleveland, OH, 1934, G+ Int'l (toned) Brown Fence & Wire illus.ad (owner's portrait) on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-348. Columbus, OH, 1899, G+ Barry (ruff R, well into stamp to portrait) M.C.Lilley/Military & Soc'y Goods illus.ad (factory) on cvr w/encs: matching letterhead; preaddressed return GPC; bit faulty catalog list. E $20
AD-349. (Mallet Creek), OH, [1878], VG cork killer only (toned; add.faded) J.R.Holcomb & Co./Mfr.of Holcomb's Improved Acoustic Telephone illus.ad (red mouthpiece) 1c banknote on cvr w/enc.ad circular & separate sheet of testimonials. E $24 MIN.12
AD-350. Springfield, OH, 1893, G+ Int'l (tear L, in illus.; no flap; nicks B & R) Mast, Crowell & Kirkpatrick illus.ad (bldg) 1c Colum. on cvr. E $14
AD-351. Toledo, OH, 1888, G duplex (trim R; ink spot R edge; lite tone) Henry Philipps & Son Seeds, Agricultural Implements ad cc on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $14
AD-352. Toledo, OH, 1915, VF Int'l (toned; tiny tear B) C.Z.Kroh Mfg.Co./Motorboat Tops & Cushions illus.ad (boat w/top, sides open) on cvr w/matching illus.on letterhead enc.; plus illus.w/sides closed & LARGE (3.5x7") illus.boat at pier, at bottom. E $24 MIN.12
AD-353. Wooster, OH, 1870s, G CDS/cork (trim R) Teeple's Art Gallery illus.ad (bldg) on cvr. E $20
AD-354. Xenia, OH, 1921, VF Univ.; Eavey & Co.Grocers illus.ad (bldg) on oil window cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-355. Youngstown, OH, ca.1885, F CDS/cork (slight trim T; no flap) Youngstown Malleable Iron Co.illus.logo ad cc (tortoise) on cvr. E $15
AD-356. Zanesville, OH, 1891, partial duplex (part ruff trim R; lite tone) Perry Wiles & Sons Grocers illus.ad (bldg) on cvr. E $14
AD-357. Zanesville, OH, 1899, VG duplex (trim R; R edge part toned) Werner Shoe Co./Boots, Shoes illus.ad (flag) on cvr. E $15
AD-358. Tulsa, OK, 1945, VF Int'l; W.H.Peck & Co.(stamp dealer) h/s cc on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-359. Tulsa, OK, 1949, VG meter w/"Better by Air-Best by American" slogan; AA illus.logo on #10 air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-360. Cottage Grove, OR, 1929, VG Int'l (lite tone) McNess' Dealer illus.ad (door-to-door salesman & store) 2c Edison on cvr. E $15
AD-361. (Portland), OR, ca.1900, VG Amer/flag w/dial omitted; Pacific States Telephone cc w/illus.bell logo; "Expansion/It is the purpose of the Management to extend the use of the telephone to every town, no matter how small... to put a telephone within easy & immediate reach of every person whose income is sufficient to permit him to ride on street cars." boxed ad at T on 1c PSE. Interesting goal. E $20
AD-362. Allentown, PA, 1908, F Int'l (toned) "Anewalt Bros." (hat & fur store) cc; "American Make the Belle-Grade" illus.logo (eagle) 1c Sc.300 on cvr. E $14
AD-363. Allentown, PA, 1908, F Int'l; Ashley, Florist, boxec ad w/illus.daisies on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-364. (Altoona), PA, ca.1908, canxed N.Y. & Pitts/RPO G duplex; Wm.F.Gable Dept.Store illus.ad (bldg) on cvr. E $14
AD-365. Bloomsburg, PA, 1902?, partial Doremus (lite canx, mostly obscured) Mifflin & Steckler Groceries cc; 4 photo illus.(2 schools; courthouse; town hall); "Cent'l Celebration" text ad below stamp on cvr. E $30
AD-366. Butler, PA, 1901, G+ Hampden ty.B-8; S.B.Martincourt & Co./Buggies, Carts, Sleighs ad cc on cvr. E $15
AD-367. Erie, PA, 1899, VG+ Amer/B14 (part ruff trim L, just in illus.; lite tone) Constable Bros.Co.illus.ad (factory) on cvr. E $15
AD-368. Freeburgh, PA, [1879], G+ CDS/target (no flap; part lite tone) D.S.Boyer, Justice of the Peace, Conveyancer & Ins.oval h/s cc on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-369. Johnstown, PA, [1874], partial CDS/cork (bit ruff trim R) Jacoby & Rose/Sash, Doors, Frames illus.ad (machine) on cvr w/matching letterhead enc. E $20 MIN.10
AD-370. (Langhorne), PA, 1889, canxed Newtown VG CDS/cork (nick upper L) Henry Palmer/Langhorne Nursery illus.ad on cvr w/matching letterhead enc. E $15
AD-371. Lewisburg, PA, 1917, F Amer.; J.F.Reber cc; Alpha Cement illus.ad (torch) on gray background; overall illus.back ad (cows & trough) on cvr. E $20
AD-372. Mechanicsville, PA, 1889, G+ CDS/cork (upper R edge slit) Sam'l Wilson/Flower Seeds text ad on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $14
AD-373. Mifflinburg, PA, 1889, G+ CDS/cork; "Sankey's Life of Leather" header & text ad; 4 text ads on flaps on pink cvr. E $20
AD-374. Mount Pocono, PA, [1900], partial duplex (lite tone) Pocono Mt.House illus.ad (resort) on cvr. E $20
AD-375. Norristown, PA, 1915, G Amer/A14 (lite tone) B.E.Block & Bros.Furniture illus.ad (bldg) on cvr. E $14
AD-376. North Warren, PA, 1902, G CDS/cork (lite tone; tiny tear L) Warren Refining Co.illus.ad (refinery in distance) on cvr. E $16
AD-377. Philadelphia, PA, [1841], G+ blue CDS w/ms "10" rate (crs) on SFL w/Farmers & Mechanics Bank header & printed message. E $15 MIN.8
AD-378. (Philadelphia), PA, [1869], VG cork killer only (toned; edge wear; some separation at folds) Ziegler & Smith/Drug, Paint & Glass Dealers ad cc; 2c Jackson grill (margin tear L) on folded letter: 4-pg.price sheets & cover letter. E $65
AD-379. Philadelphia, PA, 1870s, partial CDS/cork (bit ruff angle trim R; bit lite tone) Redfield & Sudler, Comm'n Merchants, 10 Vine Street illus.ad (fruit & VINES) on cvr. E $16
AD-380. Philadelphia, PA, 1870s, VG+ CDS/cork; Continental Hotel albino embossed illus.ad cc (fancy "1776" hat in oval wreath) on cvr. Ad shows well. E $15 MIN.8
AD-381. Philadelphia, PA, 1880s, G+ CDS/"7" target; J.H.Gemrig & Son/Surgical & Orthopaedical Instruments ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-382. Philadelphia, PA, 1880s, VG mute oval; Chas.H.Eldridge, Produce Comm'n Merchant cc; 1c banknote on cvr w/illus.ad/price sheet enc.(turkey, chickens, deer, store). E $15 MIN.8
AD-383. Philadelphia, PA, 1880s, VG mute oval (bit lite tone) Barker, Moore & Mein/Druggists overall text ad re.soap, almanacs, etc.; 1c banknote on cvr. E $15
AD-384. Philadelphia, PA, [1881], G CDS/"2" target (upper L tip nick) R.G.Chase & Co., Nurserymen illus.ad (pear) on PSE w/letterhead enc. E $15
AD-385. Philadelphia, PA, [1882], G+ CDS/"14" target; Wm.Sutherland Florist fancy header on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-386. Philadelphia, PA, 1884, G Wesson H(17) (trim R; lite tone) Baxter C.Swan/Parlor Suits, Church Furniture, Marble Top Tables illus.ad (recliner) on cvr; YELLOW enc.w/matching illus., plus church furniture (small) at upper L & same LARGE illus.on back. E $24 MIN.12
AD-387. Philadelphia, PA, 1885, G+ CDS/"18" in target (toned; upper L tip nicks) "Philadelphia Times" red header on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $12 MIN.6
AD-388. Philadelphia, PA, 1890s, partial mute oval (trim R) Amer.Baptist Pbulication Soc'y pale pink illus.ad (bldg); overall lined background; 1c blue on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-389. Philadelphia, PA, 1894, partial Int'l (toned; bit ruff L & R; tear R) Wm.F.Murphy's Sons/Blank Book Mfrs cc; overall back ad w/illus.fountain pen on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-390. Philadelphia, PA, 1894, F Int'l (lite crs) Phila.Bellevue Institute of Medicine & Surgery/Great Nerve Restorer text ad on back of GPC. E $14
AD-391. Philadelphia, PA, 1894, VG Int'l (trim R) Model Shirt Co./Fine Negligee & White Shirts ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-392. Philadelphia, PA, 1895, G+ Amer; Walter F.Ware Mizpah Specialties illus.ad on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
AD-393. Philadelphia, PA, 1896, G+ Amer (lite tone; cr, thru stamp) Barber & Perkins Wholesale Grocers ad cc on cvr w/enc.invoice. E $14
AD-394. Philadelphia, PA, 1897, F Barry (trim R; edge tears) W.H.Dobbins & Co./Paper Bags, Wrapping Paper... ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-395. (Philadelphia), PA, 1898, canxed Philadelphia & Germantown/RPO G+ PH-4-c flag machine; Enterprise Mfg.Co.illus.ad (cherry stoner) on cvr. E $16
AD-396. (Philadelphia), PA, 1898, canxed Philadelphia & Manayunk/RPO partial PH-2-c (canx mostly obscured on ad) Henry Wanklin's Steam Bakery embossed header & footer ad on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-397. Philadelphia, PA, 1902, VG Int'l (lite crs) Amer.Book & Bible House illus.ad (eagle, flags, books) 1c green on cvr. E $14
AD-398. Philadelphia, PA, 1904, F Int'l (lite crs) S.Belz Co.Electrotypers fancy ad cc on cvr. E $14
AD-399. Philadelphia, PA, 1915, F Int'l; "N.Wayer & Son Advertising Agents" large text ad w/overall brown lined background on cvr. E $14
AD-400. Philadelphia, PA, 1917, VF Int'l (toned; ruff R) "Geo.C.Clows Co." (hosiery co.) illus.ad (bldg) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-401. Philadelphia, PA, 1944, F Int'l; Wetherill & Bro./White Lead illus.ad (factory); overall text ad on back on cvr. E $14
AD-402. Philadelphia/F, PA, 1889, G+ Wesson H(PA) (bit ruff trim R to cc) Frankford Electric Light & Power cc on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $14
AD-403. Philadelphia/No.Phila.Sta., PA, 1933, VG permit/meter; Sears-Roebuck cc; NRA eagle logo on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-404. Philadelphia/Sta.K, PA, 1900, G Amer/B38; Jos.T.Pearson/Packing Box Manufactory illus.ad (factory) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-405. Philadelphia/Sta.O, PA, 1900, G+ Amer/B38; Saxonia Dress Goods Mills cc; 2c red on unsealed cvr to Germany & fwd twice. E $15 MIN.8
AD-406. Pittsburg, PA, 1900, G Int'l (tear R) Follansbee Bros./Scott's Extra Coated Amer.Roofing Tin ad header; albino embossed ad at L on cvr w/INTACT "Pull Either Wire" opener at B. E $15 MIN.8
AD-407. Pittsburgh, PA, 1916, VF Int'l; Fort Pitt Hotel illus.logo adc cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-408. Pittston, PA, 1871, G CDS/cork; Wyoming Valley Steam Bakery header & text ad on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $15 MIN.8
AD-409. Smethport, PA, 1918, G+ Colum. (slight trim T; tears T) Arthur Witt illus.ad (chickens) on cvr. E $14
AD-410. South Bethlehem, PA, 1909, G+ Colum. (toned) Robt.F.Bauder, Exhibition & Racing Homers cc on cvr. Unusual topic. E $14
AD-411. Tamaqua, PA, 1910, VG Int'l; Elmer J.Griffiths, Undertaker & Embalmer cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-412. (Turtle Creek), PA, 1900, canxed East Pittsburg VG duplex; Hotel Seger illus.ad on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $15 MIN.8
AD-413. Watsontown, PA, 1932, VG+ Univ. (pinholes) Hefty Milling Co./Watsontown Flour illus.ad (mill) on cvr. E $14
AD-414. Weissport, PA, 1900, G+ CDS/cork (bit ruff trim R into stamp) Snyder Hardware illus.cc (steer's head) on cvr. E $14
AD-415. Barrington, RI, 1932, G duplex; L.P.Bosworth Coal & Lumber illus.ad (ship & dock warehouse) on cvr. E $14
AD-416. Pawtucket, RI, 1897, G+ duplex (lite tone) Eastern Advertising fancy ad cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-417. Providence, RI, [1902], G+ Int'l (year not struck; edges part toned; tiny tear R) Belcher & Loomis Hardware illus.ad (hand pointing to mousetrap); illus.ad on flap (mounse head) on cvr. E $20
AD-418. Providence, RI, 1903, VF Int'l; The Textile-Finishing Machinery Co. overall illus.ad (roller) on PSE. E $14
AD-419. Providence, RI, 1905, F Int'l (lite tone) Waite Thresher's Goods Sell/Gold Rings, Brooches, Etc./Gold-Silver Thimbles illus.ad (merchandise case) on PSE. E $14
AD-420. Providence, RI, 1918, G+ Univ. (trim R) Narragansett Hotel illus.ad on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-421. Providence, RI, 1918, F Amer/A14; Proprietors of Swan Point Cemetery cc on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-422. Providence, RI, 1934, F Univ.; Popham Club illus.ad (bldg) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-423. Watch Hill, RI, 1870s, G+ CDS/segmented cork; Watch Hill House cc (71-02) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-424. Canton, SD, 1911, VG duplex (uneven lite tone) Wallace & Paulson/Hardware, Farm Implements cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-425. Huron, SD, 1936, VF Univ. (toned) Waibel Hardware Co.cc; full-color illus.ad (pheasants) on #10 cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-426. (Miller), SD, 1903, canxed Huron, SD, G duplex; Vanderbilt Hotel illus.ad (eagle on shield) on cvr. E $14
AD-427. Nashville, TN, 1903, VG Int'l (part ruff trim R; toned; lite soiled; sealed spindle) Gray & Dudley Hardware Co.illus.ad (bldg) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-428. Nashville, TN, 1939, F Univ.; Sanders Mfg.Co./Advertising Specialties cc w/illus.ad (small factory) below; illus.ad on back: target on map of southeastern U.S. & factories; on cvr. E $14
AD-429. Newbern, TN, 1907, G duplex (state not struck; lite tone) J.R.Cole & Co.Dry Goods cc; long list of town's features below (inc.Ice Factory & 2 Telephone Exchanges); 2c Sc.301 on cvr. E $14
AD-430. Postelle, TN, 1922, VG duplex (trim R, halfway in stamp; tears upper R; lite tone) Colorado Sales Co.illus.ad (RED "Serv-us Fruit Chewing Gum" package) on cvr w/matching letterhead enc. E $15 MIN.8
AD-431. Corsicana, TX, [1890], G+ CDS/cork w/dateless dial; H.G.Damon cc; 1c blue on cvr w/3 encs: ad for Texas Loan Agy stock; 2 flyers re."Irona: The Pittsburg of Texas". E $14
AD-432. Dallas, TX, 1908, VG Int'l (upper R edge ruff slit) Baron Bros.Millinery Co.illus.logo ad (crown) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-433. Dallas, TX, 1922, G+ Univ. (pinholes) Campbell House hotel ad cc w/illus.camel serving as name; illus.hotel on back; on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-434. Dallas/Jackson St.Sta., TX, 1918, VG Int'l (bit lite tone) Semi-Weekly Farm News illus.ad (horses, farmer, crops) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-435. Mineral Wells, TX, 1914, G+ Amer/B14 (pen line around year in canx) Crazy Well Water Co.cc; full-color overall illus.back ad (Pavilion) w/detailed caption on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
AD-436. Rutland, VT, 1893, partial duplex (bit ruff trim R, in back ad) Tuttle Co./Book Sellers text ad w/overall lined background; overall text ad on back; on cvr. E $20
AD-437. Rutland, VT, 1909, G+ Amer/B14(1) (trim L) E.D.Keyes & Co./Dutch Roasted Coffees illus.logo (windmill) on cvr w/illus.letterhead half-sheet enc (bldg). E $16
AD-438. Saint Johnsbury, VT, 1865, G+ CDS/target (dial bit hi; trim R) E.T.Fairbanks illus.ad (Justice & scales; platform scale) on cvr. E $15
AD-439. Fortress Monroe, VA, 1898, G CDS/cork (slight ruff trim T) Hotel Chamberlin illus.ad (hotel & boats) on cvr. E $16
AD-440. Luray, VA, [1874], G CDS/cork; Wm.C.Alther, Gen'l Mdse oval h/s cc on cvr w/enc. E $12 MIN.6
AD-441. Richmond, VA, 1913, VG+ Int'l (bit trim T; lite tone; ink spot by add.) Stephen Putney Shoe Co.illus.logo ad (shoe & ax) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-442. Richmond, VA, 1917, F Int'l (trim L, barely in back ad; lite tone) Colonial Piano Corp./Jesse French & Sons ad cc; overall back ad w/illus.factory & pianos on cvr. E $20
AD-443. Richmond, VA, 1919, VG Univ.; Southern Stove Works cc; Tip-Top Stoves illus.logo (stove on mountains) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-444. Aberdeen, WA, 1920, VG Univ. (lite crs) Aberdeen Lodge BPOE illus.ad (elk head) on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
AD-445. Ellensburg, WA, 1929, VG Int'l; Fitterer Bros./Furnishers cc; Rodeo illus.ad (cowboy on bucking horse) on cvr, 3 days after event. E $15
AD-446. Hoquiam, WA, 1901, G CDS (trim L, just in illus.) Hoquiam Hotel photo illus.ad cc on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-447. Portage, WA, 1941, VG+ 4-bar; KVI Radio illus.mic at L; on GPC w/message to listener on back. E $15 MIN.8
AD-448. Seattle, WA, 1893, F duplex (part ruff trim R; toned) Washington Territory Investment Co.cc on cvr w/illus.letterhead enc. E $14
AD-449. Seattle, WA, 1896, G duplex (lite tone) Pioneer Rent & Collection Co.cc w/large red star on cvr w/matching letterhead enc. E $14
AD-450. Spokane, WA, 1918, G+ DCDS as origin b/s (trim L; lite tone) Davenport Hotel illus.ad on reg'd cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-451. Beloit, WI, 1911, VF Amer/B14() (trim L; lite tone) Beloit Glove & Mitten Co.illus.ad (factory) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-452. Marblehead, WI, 1900, G+ duplex (year partial bit ruff R; lite tone) Nast Bros.Marblehead White Lime cc; overall illus.ad (train) (86-25) on cvr w/enc. E $20
AD-453. Milwaukee, WI, 1892, G duplex (no flap; tear T) Geo.I.Robinson Grocers cc; Greyhound Cigars illus.ad (dog) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-454. Milwaukee, WI, 1929, F Univ.; Drake Bros.Druggists illus.ad (bldg) 2c Civil Aeronautics on cvr. E $14
AD-455. Platteville, WI, [1921], G+ Amer/A14 (year not struck; tiny tear T) D.E.Edwards, D.C./Graduate P.S.C.cc w/illus.human SPINE on cvr w/matching letterhead enc. E $12 MIN.6
AD-456. Rice Lake, WI, 1930, G+ Int'l; Land O' Lakes Hotel photo illus.ad; 2c Fallen Timbers on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AD-457. South Wayne, WI, 1906, G+ duplex; S.S.Webster, Gen'l Blacksmith & Wagon-Maker cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-458. Sparta, WI, [1877], G+ CDS/cork (ruff R, partly into add.) C.W.Pott, Saddles/Harness text ad at L on cvr to Black River Falls sheriff, asking for help in seizing debtor's property. E $15 MIN.8
AD-459. Waukesha, WI, 1900, VF duplex (1.25" tear T, partly in ad; trim L) Fountain Spring House photo illus.ad cc on cvr. E $15 MIN.8

AD-460. "C" in circled diamond (reversed, or inverted?), Chicago/W.Pullman Sta., IL, 1909, G Doremus (uneven toned; crs) Carter White Lead Co."script" ad in message area (1c Frank.) on ad PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-461. "C" in circled diamond, Chicago/West Pullman Sta., IL, 1909, G Doremus (crnr crs; lite tone) Carter White Lead Co.printed "script" ad on ad PPC (USS Oregon). E $15 MIN.8
AD-462. "CS/SA" (inverted), Chicago, IL, [1928], VF Univ. "Air Mail" slogan w/dateless dial; Cunard, Anchor, Anchor-Donaldson Lines cc (1.5c Harding) proposed freight sailings schedule on 8.25x3.5" 2-panel ad card. E $24 MIN.12
AD-463. "CS/SA", Chicago, IL, 1920, F Univ. (trim R) Cunard, Anchor, Anchor-Donaldson Lines cc w/illus.Cunard Steam Ship Co.logo & banners (2c Wash.offset) on cvr w/matching letterhead enc. & "proposed sailings" ad pamphlet. E $30 MIN.15
AD-464. "EAC" (reversed), Boston, MA, 1912, G+ Amer/A14(3) struck fully at L; partial mute oval on stamp; Equitable Accident Ins.Co.type (1c Frank.) private use on PPC. E $30
AD-465. "F & W/CO", Hudson Term.Sta., NY, 1912, F Int'l (2 strikes overlapped; tear T) text ads at L; no co.ID, but this is known Funk & Wagnalls type (1c Wash.) proper use on unsealed cvr. E $14
AD-466. "GO'H", Chicago, IL, 1975, F machine; Gaw-O'Hara Envelope Co.cc (2c Wright, upright; 11c Olympics, inverted) on commer.#10 air cvr. E $14
AD-467. "I" in map (ty.I5) & "I"(ty.I.5); Milan, IL, 1960s, partial mute roller (trim L) State of Illinois use; 7x9c; 1x 10c; 4x 20c, all w/map perfin; 2x 5c Wash (1 on each side) w/plain "I" perf on mailing tag/cvr. SCARCE mixed type usage. E $24 MIN.12
AD-468. "I" in map outline (inverted), Hines, IL, 1952, F Int'l; VA Hospital return add.; 1c Prexie on 1c GPC. E $14
AD-469. "ID/KP", Indianapolis, IN, 1913, G+ Int'l (trim R; lite tone) Supreme Lodge Knights of Pythias/Insurance Dept.illus.logo ad (2c Wash.) on cvr w/matching letterhead enc. E $24 MIN.12
AD-470. "JBT" (ty.J14), Jenkintown, PA, 1944, G+ Int'l (bit lite tone) Jenkintown Bank & Trust cc (1c Prexie) on 2c PSE. E $16
AD-471. "JN/L", Leipzig, Germany, 1931, G+ repeater; Nitzsche A.-G./Kinematographen und Filme cc (10pf +15pf) on cvr to Portugal. E $20
AD-472. "LGD" (reversed), Indianapolis, IN, 1913, F Int'l (lite tone) L.G.Dressler, hotel mgr.type (1c Wash.) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-473. "LGD" (reversed; inverted), Indianapolis, IN, 1913, G+ Int'l; L.G.Dressler, hotel mgr.type (1c Wash.) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-474. "LS/&/MS", Grand Central Sta., NY, 1914, G+ Univ. (part lite tone) Lake Shore & Mich.Cent.RR type (1c Wash.) on PPC; "proper" private use en route: "Here I am on the 20th Century..." E $15 MIN.8
AD-475. "M" in circle (ty.M8.7), Lansing, MI, 1918, F Univ.; 1c Wash. on 1c GPC: Michigan Auto Certificate for gas-powered Ford Coupelet. E $15 MIN.8
AD-476. "M" in circle (ty.M9; inverted), East Lansing, MI, 1932, VG Int'l; State of Michigan/Dept.of Public Safety/Police cc (2x 3c Lincoln) on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AD-477. "M & O" (ty.M303), St.Louis, MO, 1913, VG Int'l (lite tone) Mobile & Ohio RR type (1c Wash.) private use on PPC. E $8
AD-478. "M/G", Pasadena, CA, 1911, VG Int'l (lite tone; tip crs) Continental Tailoring type (1c Frank.) private use on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-479. "MW/CO" (ty.M275.3), Toledo, OH, 1914, F Int'l (lite tone spot; trim R; nick R; edge tears T & R) H.C.Hinkfoth engraved return add.on flap (2c Wash.) unidentified type on cvr. E $40
AD-480. "NL(C(O)" (ty.N106; slight shift to R edge), Chicago/Pilsen Sta., CO, 1912, G+ Time-Cmns; Nat'l Lead Co.text ad at L (1c Frank.) on ad PPC (Dutch Boy). E $24 MIN.12
AD-481. "NW/G", Bridgeport, NE, 1914, G duplex; Bell Telephone type (1c Wash.) private use on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AD-482. "PDM", Des Moines, IA, 1946, VF Univ.; Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Co.cc (1c Prexie) on 2c PSE. E $20
AD-483. "PM/Co" (ty.P140), Detroit, MI, 1915, VF Univ.(crs; lower R tip clip) Puritan Machine Co.order acknowledgement & ad on pix side (1c Wash., faulty when mailed: applied in 2 pieces, but perfin shows well) on PPC. RARE type. E $40
AD-484. "RA/M" (inverted; shifted: bit of "A" off edge), Chicago, IL, 1911, G+ Time-Cmns; R.A.M.illus.ad (addressing machine) on back (1c Frank.) on PC. E $24 MIN.12
AD-485. "SUN" (ty.S292; "S" bit shifted off to L), Chicago, IL, 1913, F Time-Cmns; Sun Life Ins.type (5c Wash.) private use on PPC to SYRIA. E $24 MIN.12
AD-486. "U(O/F)M" (ty.U56), Minneapolis, MN, 1963, VF machine; 5c Wash. on 4c GPC from Univ.of Minnesota Med.School to Australia. E $15 MIN.8
AD-487. "U/OF/M" (ty.U56), Minneapolis, MN, 1958, VF Univ.; Minnesota Cent'l Showboat/Univ.of Minnesota Theater itinerary in message area (2c Jeff.) on boat PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AD-488. "W" in flag, Los Angeles/Sta.C, CA, 1911, VF Int'l; Wabash RR type (1c Frank.) passenger use on train PPC. E $8
AD-489. "WC/S" (ty.W62), Philadelphia/Kensington Sta., PA, 1918, G+ Univ.w/inverted dial (ruff L) Wm.Cramp & Sons Ship & Engine Builiding Co.cc (2c Wash.) on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
AD-490. "WW/JR" (ty.W207), Chicago, IL, 1924, G+ Int'l; Wm.Wrigley Jr.Co.type (1c Frank.) "proper" tourist use on Wrigley Bldg PPC. E $15 MIN.8

AM-1. AAMC Army Emergency Flight AM4-E: Los Angeles/Arrcade Anx, CA, 1934 (Feb 19), VG duplex on cacheted air PSE. E $20
AM-2. AAMC CAM # 7E3: Chicago/Air Mail, IL, 1926 (Feb 15), G+ duplex; "First Air Mail Flight Feb 15 1926 Chicago to Detroit" G+ CDS (date in T arc obscured) at lower L; Detroit G+ large TCDS as b/s; 10c map air on cvr. E $20
AM-3. AAMC CAM #33W125: Miami, FL, 1969 (Sep 1), VG machine on air cvr to Honolulu. 1 of 24 known. E $40
AM-4. AAMC CAM #33W125f: Miami/Airport Mail Facility, FL, 1969 (Aug 31), VF machine on air cvr to Honolulu. "VERY FEW" known. E $80
AM-5. AAMC CAM-34S20: San Francisco, CA, 1933 (Feb 1), F Int'l on uncacheted #6 cvr. E $20
AM-6. AAMC FAM #F9-50: Miami, FL, 1930 (Jan 11), G+ duplex; 8c Sc.C4 +10c Lindbergh +2x 20c map on cvr to Uruguay. E $20
AM-7. AAMC Interrupted Flight #55.8: Brooklyn, NY, 1955 (Dec 15), F Int'l (crs; upper R tip ruff) "Damaged in Plane Crash/Hollywood, S.C.12/17/55" h/s on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
AM-8. AAMC Interrupted Flight #55.8: Seaford, NY, 1955 (Dec 16), G+ machine (burned R; crs; stamp gone; water toned) "Damaged in Plane Crash/Hollywood, S.C.12/17/55" h/s on 4x6.25" cvr. E $30 MIN.15
AM-9. AAMC Interrupted Flight #55.8: Seaford, NY, 1955 (Dec 16), G+ machine (burned upper R & lower R; crs; stamp gone; water toned) "Damaged in Plane Crash/Hollywood, S.C.12/17/55" h/s on 5x6" cvr. E $30 MIN.15
AM-10. AAMC Pioneer Flight #85: (Rock Island, IL, 1915 (Aug 15), partial duplex (town/state not struck; stamp gone; bit cr) "Illinois' First Aeroplane Mail/Rock Island Epo.Park, Aug.14, 1915/Carried By Patterson Aviators" h/s on Patterson Aviators REAL PHOTO PPC (3 views). E $60
AM-11. AAMC Trans-Oceanic Record Flights #1213/related: USS Swan, 1934 (Jul 27), G+ ty.3s(BC-BTT) w/"Ketchikan/Alaska" in bars as origin b/s (gum toned back) Ketchikan G+ duplex tying 8c Grant on address side; air cvr w/Pilot O.L.Beck autograph. E $150
AM-12. AAMC U.S.Governmental Flight #176d: Chicago, IL, 1925 (Jul 1), F duplex; "Overnight Air Mail/First Trip-July 1-1925/Connecting NewYork-Chicago" h/s; 8c Sc.1 +2c Wash. on cvr. E $40
AM-13. AAMC U.S.Souvenir Historical Flight #567b: Philadelphia/Middle City Sta., PA, 1926 (Dec 3), G+ Int'l; "Cobham 1st U.S.Overland Flight" h/s on PSE, remailed at Washington, DC, w/2c White Plains on back. E $40
AM-14. AAMC U.S.Souvenir Historical Flight #638: Cape May, NJ, 1930 (Oct 4), VF Univ.; "Heinen Air-Yacht" pictorial dirigible h/s on GPC w/Heinen portrait on back. E $30
AM-15. AAMC Zeppelin Flight #Z-222b: Chicago, IL, 1933 (Oct 26), F Century of Prog.slogan #55 (1" tear T, thru return add.) Graf Zeppelin Flight pictorial h/s; 50c Zeppelin Sc.C18 on cvr to Germany w/Friedrichshafen pictorial machine b/s. This item also listed in "Stamps on Cover" section. E $100 MIN.50
AM-16. AAMC Zeppelin Flight Z-76: Staten Island/Stapleton Sta., NY, [1929] (Aug 30), G+ duplex (lite tone) 50c +10c on PPC to Germany. E $24 MIN.12
AM-17. AAMC Zeppelin Post #Z-510: Lakehurst, NJ, 1932 (May 6), F Int'l; USS Akron Coast-to-Coast Trip cachets; 5c globe on cvr. E $20
AM-18. Ketchikan, AK, 1940, F Int'l; "Last trip of Alaska Clipper mail from Ketchikan" ms note on cvr. E $20
AM-19. Konstanz, Germany, 1938, F CDS w/Zeppelin Mail Exhibition slogan on unadd.PPC: burning Zeppelin crash in 1913. E $24 MIN.12
AM-20. Springfield, IL, 1934 (Feb 19), VG+ duplex; "1st Day Army Flies the Mail" typed at L; Army Emergency Flight UNLISTED town; on air cvr. E $30
AM-21. Trieste, Italy, 1934, G+ DCDS; "Esperimenti di Posta Per Razzo Espresso" pictorial double-circle h/s tying 5 lire triangle label w/illus.rocket; 15c +10c Medal of Valor on PC w/7.70 lire label tied to back by spotty strike of cachet. E $180
AM-22. Springfield/Amer.Air Mail Soc'y Conv.Sta., MA, 1937, VG 4-bar on cacheted GPC. E $8
AM-23. New York, NY, 1946, F duplex; 2x 5c on Pan Am test cvr to Trinidad & mailed back w/12c +8c. E $12 MIN.6
AM-24. Burlington, NC, 1952, VG Int'l tying "Air Mail/Eastern Air Lines" 88x20mm label w/pictorial plane & eagle on 3.75x4.5" cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AM-25. Wilkinsburg, PA, 1954, VG+ duplex tying "Northwest Orient Airlines/Air Mail" 20x64mm pictorial label; pair 2c Prexie coils on air PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AM-26. Cheyenne/Air Mail Field, WY, 1935, G+ duplex ty.AMF-5 & Air Mail Field/Chicago, IL, F DCDS ty.AMF-10a, both as transit b/s on air/spec.del.cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AM-27. APO 757, 1953, G+ 4-bar; "Northwest Airlines/Air Mail" 20x64mm label w/illus.plane, tied on 4.5x5.5" air cvr w/enc. E $15 MIN.8
AM-28. "Good for One Flight/Old Orchard Beach, ME": 3.75x2.5" ticket for flight on early air service pilot Harry M. Jones w/signature, 1933 (Sep 24), (edge wear; tone). E $12 MIN.6

AX-1. Albuquerque, NM, 1910, F Int'l (toned) "4/Residence as given not in/Carriers Delivery District." h/s (partly on stamp) on PPC to Los Angeles. E $15 MIN.8
AX-2. Glauchau, Germany, 1931, G DCDS (upper L tip soiled) "Address as given not in carrier district." h/s on cvr to National City, CA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-3. USPS, OH, 1971, G+ machine; "Address as given not in Culver City Postal Delivery District" h/s & "XXXX/Los Angeles, Calif." h/s address correction on GPC. E $15 MIN.8
AX-4. Alameda, CA, 1941 (Dec 23), F Univ. (bit ruff T; edge wear; crs) "Address Incomplete" h/s; ms "illegible" & "Carrier endorse"; "Not Know at HQ.Hawaiian Dept." h/s; "Unclaimed/Return to Writer" pointing hand h/s on 5x6" cvr, returned 4+ mos.after mailed. E $30
AX-5. Manitou, CO, 1912, G+ Amer/A14 (crnr crs) "Address incomplete." h/s on PPC to Sedalia, MO. E $8
AX-6. Encinitas, CA, 1951, G Int'l; "Address not good in San Diego, Calif.postal district" h/s; "Return to Writer" pointing hand machine at lower L on PSE. E $15 MIN.8
AX-7. Oakley, OH, 1910, VG Amer; "Address Supplied By Directory Section No.(2?)/Cincinnati O, P.O." h/s on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-8. Carlisle, PA, 1914, F Amer/B14; "Address Wanting." h/s (part spotty) inverted at T on PPC to Philadelphia, PA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-9. Omaha, NE, [1887], G+ duplex; "Advertised." h/s applied at Earling, IA, w/F CDS adjacent, 2 mos.after mailed; on cvr. E $20
AX-10. San Francisco, CA, 1918, G+ Int'l; MANY markings, inc. "Advertised/Unclaimed/Angel Island,--Cal" h/s on both sides; on cvr to AEF soldier; much forwarded & returned. E $20
AX-11. Celina, OH, 1917, G+ duplex (R edge tone) "Back the Boys" h/s on PPC to Ada, OH. E $12 MIN.6
AX-12. Stroudsburg, PA, 1917, G+ Amer/A14; "Back the Boys..." h/s on PSE to Weissport, PA. E $8
AX-13. Golden, CO, 1927, G+ Colum.; "Buffalo Bill's/Memorial Museum/Lookout Mountain/Colorado" private blue h/s on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AX-14. Trauger, PA, 1908, G+ Doane 3/5 "Called 8 A.M." h/s (stamp gone, affects "M.") on PPC to Greensburg, PA. E $12 MIN.6
AX-15. Attleboro, MA, 1909, VG Amer/B14 (toned; trim R) "Called off and not claimed."; "Unknown:"; "Not Called For."; & "Returned to Writer" pointing hand h/s; 2c Hudson-Fulton on cvr to local address. E $20
AX-16. Dallas, TX, 1910, VG+ Int'l; "Called off Station D" h/s on PPC to Columbus, OH. E $15 MIN.8
AX-17. Newport, RI, 1923, G+ Univ. (crs) "Called Out" boxed h/s on PPC to Chambersburg, PA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-18. Boston/East Boston, MA, 1905, G Amer/B38; "Called Out" h/s on PPC to Allentown, PA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-19. New Brunswick, NJ, 1913, F Colum.; "Called Out" h/s on cvr to Lebanon, PA; fwd to Thiel College, Greenville, PA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-20. Parish, NY, 1913, G+ duplex; "Called Out" h/s on PPC to Fulton, NY. E $15 MIN.8
AX-21. Chambersburg, PA, 1908, G+ Amer/B14; "Called Out" h/s on PPC to Waynesboro, PA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-22. Auburn, ME, 1909, G+ Amer/B14; tiny "Called Out" h/s, w/"Held for Postage" & "This is the Mail/Letter/Package for which you sent postage." h/s on PPC to Atlantic City, NJ; "Westminster Hotel" forwarding note lined thru. RARE combination of markings. E $20
AX-23. Frewsburg, NY, 1909, G duplex (upper R tip nick) "Called Out" & "Not in Directory" h/s on PPC to Jamestown, NY. E $15 MIN.8
AX-24. Palmyra, NY, 1907, partial duplex (ruff L) "Called Out" & "Not in Directory" h/s on PPC to Jamestown, NY. E $15 MIN.8
AX-25. Exposition, PA, 1907, F duplex; "Called Out." h/s on LEATHER PPC to Oil City, PA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-26. Harrisburg, PA, 1908, VF Int'l (trim R; lower R tip ruff) "Called Out." h/s on cvr to Steelton, PA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-27. Lebanon, PA, 1907, VG duplex; "Called Out." h/s on PPC to local address. E $15 MIN.8
AX-28. Pittsburg, PA, 1907, F Int'l (lite tone) "Called Out." & "Not For Belmar Sta./Pittsburg, Pa." h/s on PPC to Homewood, PA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-29. Binghamton, NY, 1900, VF Amer/B14(2) (toned) "Called Out."; "Unclaimed."; & "Returned to Writer." (struck 5 times) h/s on cvr to local address. E $14
AX-30. Portland, OR, 1914, G+ PPie slogan; "Called" h/s on cvr to Lewiston, ID. E $15 MIN.8
AX-31. Miami, FL, 1941, VG Int'l (toned) "Called" & "Directory Service Given/Searcher No.../Springfield, Missouri." h/s on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-32. Indianapolis, IN, 1921, VG Int'l; "Called" & "Not in Directory" h/s on PPC to Poughkeepsie, NY. E $12 MIN.6
AX-33. Asheville, NC, 1910, VF Amer/B14; "Called." & "Not in City Directory" circled h/s on PPC to Columbia, SC. E $15 MIN.8
AX-34. Washington, DC, 1956, G+ machine; "Canceled" h/s "negating" penalty clause at upper R; Under Sec'y of Commerce/Official Business cc; part faulty 3c Liberty applied on 4.75x7.5" cvr. RARE application. E $24
AX-35. Costa Mesa, CA, 1984, VG meter; "Carrier Endorse" h/s on #10 cvr to Orinda, CA, w/ms "Return/He is Not at this Address". E $15 MIN.8
AX-36. Los Angeles, CA, 1950, VG Univ. (upper R tip ruff) "Carrier Indorse." h/s on PPC to Portland, OR. E $15 MIN.8
AX-37. Greeley, CO, 1908, G Int'l; "Carrier No.3." h/s; blue pencil "Due 1c"; 1c Sc.300 +1c due stamp on 2.5x4" local cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AX-38. Olympia, WA, 1906, G Doremus (o/s) "Carrier's/1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4/Mark" h/s w/all #'s lined thru, applied at No.Yakima, WA, on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AX-39. Camden, MI, 1910, partial duplex; "Change of address caused by official orders." h/s on PPC to U.S.Forestry Service at Kalispell, MT; fwd to Anaconda; fwd to French Gulch. E $20
AX-40. St.Paul/Merriam Park Sta., MN, 1914, G duplex; "Change of address caused by official orders." h/s on cvr "c/o Forest Service" to "Sandpoint/Lakeview, ID" & fwd to "Sand Point". E $15 MIN.8
AX-41. Wellington, New Zealand, 1961, G+ slogan (1 stamp partly peeled) "Change of address due to Official Orders" h/s (T line weak) "Dear Doctor" Pentothal "script" ad at L on PPC to Army Dr.at San Francisco, fwd to Ft.Bliss, TX. E $15 MIN.8
AX-42. Hawaii Nat'l Park, HI, 1944, partial duplex; "Contents examined at Hawaii Nat'l Park/B:-/B J Abe" ms at L; "Fragile" h/s; 20c transport air +pair 2c Defense on air cvr to Honolulu. E $20
AX-43. Denver, CO, 1919, VG duplex (BIG pieces out at B, part repaired by brown paper tape on back) "Damaged by Canceling Machine,/Mailing Division, Denver, Colo." h/s w/"Canceling" lined thru & "Conveyor" written above on back of special del.cvr; "Received in bad condition at Denver, Colo." h/s on address side. GREAT use & modification. E $75
AX-44. Hinesville, GA, 1943, G Int'l (HEAVY soiled; stamp 50% gone) "Damaged By Fire/At Union Station, Savannah, Ga./Dec.18, 1943" h/s on PPC. This item also listed in "Railway Post Offices/Other Railroad Related" category. E $200 MIN.100
AX-45. Belfry, MT, 1968, partial 4-bar, as transit; no origin canx (part lite tone) "Damaged in Fire/Morgan Station/New York, N.Y.10001" h/s on 3x5.5" penalty address label, adhered on 3.25x5.5" PIECE of corrugated cardboard. E $20
AX-46. (Park Forest), IL, [1986], VG mute lines tying 15c D.Madison; 6c+1c dues tied by mute ovals; "Damaged in Handling in the Mails Due/To Inadequate Prepartation By the Send(er)" h/s (partly off edge); "Returned For Better Address"; "Received Unsealed a(t...)"; "Returned..." pointing hand & other markings on 4.75x6.25" FANTASY PC w/genuine markings: Park Forest Stamp Club/presents Pam Ober discussing "How Not to Mail a Letter". E $15 MIN.8
AX-47. Toledo, OH, 1966, VG duplex (3.25" tape repair reattaching upper R section; lite tone) "Damaged in Handling in the Postal Service" h/s on PPC. NICE effect. E $15 MIN.8
AX-48. Fort Smtih, AR, 1984, VG 4-bar (large tear w/tape repair at lower R; crs) "Damaged in Handling/In Postal Service" h/s on #10 cvr. E $8
AX-49. (Los Angeles, CA), ca.1976, no origin canx, on #10 window cvr; "Damaged in Handling/In the Postal Service" h/s on enc.cvr (water toned; crs), taped to long, 10-line printed apology note from Mailing Requirements & Services acting mgr. E $12 MIN.6
AX-50. Casa Grande, AZ, 1940, G Univ. (tears T) "Date (12-21-40)/Returned (1210 a)/Messenger No.(6)/Cause (Not at)" h/s w/ms info applied at Denver, CO, on back of air/special del.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AX-51. Clarion, IA, 1944, G+ duplex (slight ruff slit T) ms "Deceased" w/signature; "Return to Sender/Verified/1st Base Post Office" boxed pointing hand h/s on cvr to APO 514. E $24 MIN.12
AX-52. Littleton, NH, 1945 (Sep 19), G+ Int'l (tears T) ms "Deceased/6-11-45"; "Return to Sender/Verified..." blue-green boxed pointing hand (hand lite) on cvr to APO 149. E $24 MIN.12
AX-53. Salamanca & Chi/RPO, 1913, G CDS/cork (ruff slit T) "Delayed because of no response" h/s (part heavy inked); ms "No Box/House Closed. Gen Dly./Left notice" & "No Resp" w/dates/times; on PSE to Toledo. E $15 MIN.8
AX-54. Cleveland/Sta.E, OH, ca.1909, G+ duplex (crs) "Delayed because of no response" h/s w/ms "No Box", date/time/carrier #; on PPC to Toledo, OH. E $15 MIN.8
AX-55. (Ney, OH), 1910, partial duplex (town/state not struck; lite tone) "Delivery Attempted By Carrier No.(25/10)" h/s w/ms # on PPC to Defiance, OH. E $15 MIN.8
AX-56. St.P. & Spok, RPO/3rd Div, 1909, G+ duplex; "Delivery Attempted..." h/s w/separate date h/s on PPC to Pendleton, OR. E $12 MIN.6
AX-57. Goshen, IN, 1912, G+ Amer/B14(1); "Delivery Attempted/No Response (at) door./Date--- Hour---" h/s (part spotty) on PPC to local address. E $15 MIN.8
AX-58. Kewanee, IL, 1945, F Univ.; "Directory Service Given at Great Lakes, Ill." h/s on PPC to Naval Training Center. E $15
AX-59. Honor, MI, 1942, G+ 4-bar; "Directory Service Given at Great Lakes, Illinois" h/s on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AX-60. Omaha, NE, 1943, VG Univ.; "Directory Service Given NTS (Y)/Stillwater, Oklahoma" & "Transferred By Official Orders" h/s on PPC to woman at U.S.N.Training School. E $15 MIN.8
AX-61. New Orleands, LA, 1943, VG Univ.; "Directory Service Given/No Record, Marine Forces/Navy Number 128" h/s on PPC to Marine Barracks, Rec'g Ship, Goat Island, San Francisco. E $15 MIN.8
AX-62. Payette, ID, 1915 (Jan 1), G+ Amer/A14 (ruff L; crs L) "Do not use this envelope or wrapper again./Returned to Writer/Unclaimed From Boise, Idaho." pointing hand & "Not For Carrier No.11" h/s applied at Boise on cvr w/enc. E $14
AX-63. Natchitoches, LA, 1917, partial duplex; "Do your bit!..." h/s on cvr to Lafayette, LA. E $12 MIN.6
AX-64. (Perkins), OK, 1917, partial duplex (crs; bit lite tone) "Do your bit!..." h/s ("Bond" mostly off T edge) on PPC to Oklahoma City, OK. E $8
AX-65. East Bernstadt, KY, 1965, G+ machine; "Dog Patch/40729/Kentucky" private circled h/s as origin at L on PPC: Dog Patch free zoo & bargain barn. E $15 MIN.8
AX-66. Whitney Point, NY, 1912, partial duplex (lite tone) "Door Locked" ms on PPC to Cortland, NY. E $15 MIN.8
AX-67. Chicago, IL, 1925, G+ Univ.; "Due 1 Cent/N.S.M.D.No.5" h/s on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-68. Galesburg, IL, 1906, G+ Amer/B14; "Failed to answer Carriers alarm." h/s ("alarm" spotty; AS IS for that, but SCARCE wording) on PPC to Ogden, UT. E $20
AX-69. Kansas City, MO, 1935, G+ duplex (ruff R; tear B) "Fee Claimed/At Los Angeles, Calif/For Night, Saturday, Sunday/Or Holiday Delivery/Use Special Delivery" h/s (part lite) on air/special del.cvr. E $20
AX-70. Greensboro, NC, 1904, F duplex (tiny tear T) "Fee Collected." h/s; Hotel Guilford ad cc w/illus.logo on special del.cvr to Raleigh. Unusual wording. E $15 MIN.8
AX-71. Long Island City/Sunnyside Sta., NY, 1937, partial duplex; "Forwarded-Fee Not Claimed" h/s on cvr to New York City, fwd to Sta.X; Grand Cent.Anx; Sta.L; & Sta.X G+ CDS/Rec'd as b/s. E $24 MIN.12
AX-72. Warsaw, IN, 1910, F Amer/A14 (lite tone) "Forwarded/From Est Sumner, Me." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-73. Denver, CO, 1979, VG machine; "Free Matter For the Blind or Handicapped" h/s frank at upper R on commer.cvr. E $15
AX-74. Colorado Springs, CO, 1917, G+ Univ.(lite tone) "From the Top/Of the World/Corona, Colo./Elevation 11660 Ft." private circled h/s (o/s) as "origin" at L on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-75. Yakima, WA, 1943, VF Univ. (upper L edge slit) "Get Your Divisional Box Number On Your Mail Or It May Be Returned" h/s, w/ms "Transfered" below, both lined thru; on cvr to USS Mississippi & fwd. E $24 MIN.12
AX-76. Colorado Springs, CO, 1928, VG Univ.(T edge lite tone) "Glen Cove/Pikes/Peak/Auto Highway" private purple CDS (o/s) as "origin" at L on PPC: "Snowing so can't go to Peak". E $15 MIN.8
AX-77. Pinckney/Hell Rur.Sta., MI, 1967, F 4-bar; "Greetings From Hell, Mich." red h/s w/pictorial devil & separate "Hell, Mich." circled h/s w/devil's head (o/s) on commer.PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-78. Calgary, Canada, 1945, G+ machine; "Have Carrier Endorse" blue-green h/s on air cvr to San Francisco, CA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-79. Guerneville, CA, 1924?, partial duplex; "Have carrier endorse" magenta h/s on PPC to San Francisco, CA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-80. New York/Sta.P, NY, 1904, G+ Int'l (o/s) "Have Your Mail Addressed to Residence, Not to W.E. & M.Co." blue private h/s applied at Westinghouse Elec.Co., Pittsburgh, PA, on message GPC w/att'd reply GPC. E $16
AX-81. New Orleans, LA, 1910, F Int'l; "Have your Mail addressed to your Home Address" private h/s on PPC to Supt.Thaper (?) Bros., St.Louis, MO. E $15
AX-82. Cincinnati, OH, 1911, VF Int'l (lower R tip clip) "Have Your Mail Delivered to Your Home." h/s applied at "The Gem" hotel on PPC to local address. E $12 MIN.6
AX-83. Washington, DC, 1920, F Int'l (lite tone) "Held For Postage/Due (1) Clerk No (155)" h/s w/ms #'s; "This is the mail..." h/s on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-84. New York/Sta.E, NY, 1911, VG Int'l; "If you wish your mail delivered by carrier, have it addressed to Street and Number." h/s on PPC to Frostburg, MD. E $14
AX-85. Signal Mountain, TN, 1920s, partial duplex; "If you wish your mail delivered by carrier, have it addressed to Street and Number." h/s on PPC to Marcelline, MO. E $14
AX-86. Gibson City, IL, 1963, G+ machine; "Inconnu (Unknown)" bilingual h/s on cvr to Kewanee, IL. SCARCE domestic use. E $16
AX-87. Williamsburg, KS, 1910, G 4-bar (toned; crnr cr) "Indorse." boxed h/s w/4 ms carrier #'s; "No such number on street named." h/s on PPC to Manitou, CO; fwd to Pueblo. E $15 MIN.8
AX-88. Oschatz, Germany, 1907, G+ DCDS; "Inquiry Div./Try..." h/s w/nothing written on line; blue pencil "Ask 2910 St.Paul" above add. on PPC to Baltimore, MD. E $16
AX-89. Lakewood, NJ, 1907 (Jan 1), VG Int'l; "Inquiry Div./Try..." h/s w/nothing written on line; ms "Unknown" & blue pencil address correction on PPC to Baltimore, MD. E $16
AX-90. Des Moines, IA, 1952, G+ Univ.(lite foxed) "Insufficient Address" h/s; 2c Prexy on PPC w/name-only address. E $12 MIN.6
AX-91. San Francisco, CA, 1939, F GGI Expo slogan #4 (part lite tone) "Insufficient Postage For Air Mail Over Foreign Route" blus h/s (bit smear) Hotel Francis cc; 6c eagle air on cvr to England. E $20
AX-92. Bradford, PA, 1942, VF Int'l (lite tone; bit ruff trim R; edge wear; cr) "It Is Regretted This Item Could Not Be Delivered As the Addressee Has Been Reported Killed in Action" h/s; ms "KILLED IN ACTION" w/signature & Mar 3, 1943, date; BOLD red ms "K" above; "Returned to Writer" pointing hand h/s on FRONT ONLY, w/"To Avoid Delay in Delivery, Advise Your Correspondents of Your Complete Military Address Show-ing Unit." h/s, presumably applied before addressee's fate determined. Bizarre combo. E $40
AX-93. Fort Yukon, AK, 1956, partial duplex; "Land of the Midnight Sun/Mailed from Ft.Yukon.../Within the Arctic Circle" double circle h/s at L on commer.air cvr. E $14
AX-94. Saint Paul, MN, 1895, G+ Int'l (pinholes) "Letter Returned to P.O./Tacoma, Wash., By Carrier./If the address... is correct, or there is any other reason why the carrier should have delivered it..." h/s (bit lite); "Have Your Letters Directed to Street & Number..." h/s on PSE to Tacoma, w/partial large blue-green pointing hand. E $24
AX-95. Niagara Falls, NY, 1910, G+ Amer/B14; "Listed" h/s ("L" partial); "Not 468 Spaulding"; "Not 3"; & "Not 12" ms notes on PPC to Elmira, NY. E $15
AX-96. Chicago, IL, 1941, VG duplex (tear T, in dial; flap tip off) "M.R.Lyens/Messenger No.1/Fee Claimed" & "Special Delivery/Fee Paid 10 Cents" on special del.cvr to Galesburg, IL. E $30
AX-97. St.Kilda South, Australia, 1971, G CDS (o/s) "Mail delayed in delivery due to West Coast dock strike." h/s; "U.S.Postage/San Pedro, California/charge to collect 9 cents" h/s w/ms "6" correcting amount; pair 3c dues Sc.J91 tied by Red Lodge, MT, G 4-bar on cvr. NICE combo. E $30
AX-98. Dietrich, IL, 1909, G 4-bar (o/s; toned; crs) "Mail not delivered by carrier" h/s on PPC to Marion, IL. E $20
AX-99. Boston, MA, 1980, G+ machine; "Mal Encaminada/Missent Costa Rica" boxed h/s on air cvr to Chile. E $12 MIN.6
AX-100. Greeley, CO, 1927, G Univ.(tip cr) "Missent & Forwarded from Mayville" h/s; perfectly legible "Mayville, Wisconsin" address on PPC; 1st sent to Maysville, MO, where partial CDS (no state) & "Maryville, Nodaway Co., Mo." address "correction" applied; to that town, where h/s lined thru & "Wisconsin" written below; then to Mayville, MI, where partial CDS & aux.applied. 3 wrong stops. E $20
AX-101. Syracuse, NY, 1906, G Int'l; "Missent and Forwarded from No Andover Sta." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-102. Boston/Back Bay Anx, MA, 1935, G Int'l (ruff L; bit lite tone) "Missent to Aberdeen, Wash." h/s on cvr. E $8
AX-103. MInier, IL, 1910, partial duplex; "Missent to and Forwarded From Bloomington, Ills." h/s on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-104. Army-Air Force Postal Service, 1951, G+ Univ.; "Missent to Atterbury Air Force Base" h/s on air cvr to Camp Atterbury, IN. E $12 MIN.6
AX-105. Carle Place, NY, 1957, VF Univ.(flap partly off) "Missent to Babylon, N.Y." h/s on cvr. E $8
AX-106. Duluth, MN, 1914, VG Int'l (lite tone; 1.75" tear) "Missent to Balaton, Minn." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-107. Rensselaer, IN, 1860s, partial CDS/cork (bit lite tone) "Missent to Boston Mass." h/s on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AX-108. Pinehurst, NC, 1941, G+ Int'l; "Missent to Cairo, Ga." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-109. New Orleans, LA, 1913, VF Int'l (toned; tear T; tip cr) "Missent to Chicago, Ill./Main P.O.No.4" h/s on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-110. (Indistinct town), India, 1929, G DCDS (edge tear T) "Missent to Clarinda, Iowa" h/s on cvr. E $8
AX-111. Chicago, IL, 1910, G+ Time-Cmns; "Missent to Decatur, Iowa." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-112. St.Louis, MO, 1907, VG Int'l (lite tone) "Missent to DeSoto, Mo." h/.s on PPC. E $8
AX-113. New York, NY, 1937, VF Univ./1st Day of Issue; "Missent to El Paso, Tex." h/s on 3c NW Terr.FDC. E $8
AX-114. APO 761, 1918, G duplex (T arc off edge) "Missent to Florissant, Mo." h/s on free-franked cvr. E $8
AX-115. Grand Rapids, MI, 1945, VG Univ.; "Missent to Fort Jackson, S.C." h/s on cvr. E $8
AX-116. Wilkes-Barre, PA, 1945, VG+ Univ.; "Missent to Galena, Ill." h/s on PPC. E $16
AX-117. (Indistinct RPO origin), 1908, partial duplex; "Missent to Grandview, Ia." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-118. Jamaica, NY, 1988, G+ machine; "Missent to Ireland" boxed h/s; 33c air on PPC to Switzerland. E $15 MIN.8
AX-119. Hixson, TN, 1944, G duplex (bit trim T) "Missent to Leetonia, Ohio" h/s on cvr. E $8
AX-120. Waukon, SD, 1914, G+ duplex (o/s) "Missent to Lennox, S.D." h/s on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-121. Vitoria, Spain, 1977, G+ DCDS; "Missent to Manila" boxed h/s on embroidered PPC to Australia. E $12 MIN.6
AX-122. North Bay, CA, 1990, VF machine; "Missent to Manila" h/s on air cvr to Australia. E $12 MIN.6
AX-123. Tacoma, WA, 1993, F machine; "Missent to Manila" h/s on air cvr to Australia. E $12 MIN.6
AX-124. Yakima, WA, 1995, G+ machine; "Missent to Manila" h/s; $1 Olympics plate single on air cvr to Australia. E $12 MIN.6
AX-125. San Francisco, CA, 1990, G+ machine; "Missent to Manila" h/s; 36c Sikorsky on PPC to Australia. E $12 MIN.6
AX-126. Cherryvale, KS, 1944, VG Int'l; "Missent to Marshall, Wis" h/s on cvr w/encs. E $8
AX-127. Grand Rapids, MI, 1909, F Int'l; "Missent to Martin, Mich." h/s on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-128. USS Kenneth D.Bailey, 1955, G+ 4-bar; "Missent to MCB, Camp Lejeune, N.C." h/s on cvr. E $8
AX-129. Salem, OR, 1908, VG Amer/B14 (bit lite tone) "Missent to Medford Ore" h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-130. Carlisle, SC, 1929, G+ 4-bar; "Missent to Merrick, N.Y." h/s on cvr. E $8
AX-131. Boston/So.Postal Sta., MA, 1911, F Amer/B38 (crs) "Missent to Millis, Mass." h/s on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-132. Quinn, SD, 1909, G+ 4-bar (part ruff R) "Missent to Modesto, Cal." h/s on PSE w/enc. E $12 MIN.6
AX-133. Honolulu, HI, 1947, F Int'l (trim L) "Missent to Mt.Morris, Ill" h/s on air cvr. E $8
AX-134. Talbot, IN, 1908, VG+ CDS/target (lite tone) "Missent to Oak Park, Ill." h/s on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-135. Dallas, TX, 1954, F Int'l; "Missent to Oaklawn, Ill" h/s on cvr. E $8
AX-136. Fort Scott, KS, 1915, G+ Amer/B14; "Missent to Pasadena, Cal." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-137. Memphis & N.O./RPO, 1908, partial duplex (lite tone) "Missent to Pleasant Hill, Mo." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-138. Grand Rapids, MI, 1909, VF Int'l; "Missent to Portsmouth/Navy Yard Station" h/s on PPC to USN Hospital, Norfolk, VA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-139. Boston Circuit/RPO, 1905, G+ BO-10-c (part ruff slit T) "Missent to Reading, Mass." h/s on cvr w/enc. E $8
AX-140. San Jacinto, CA, 1913, G+ duplex (tone specks) "Missent to Riverside, Calif." h/s on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AX-141. APO 234, 1946, G+ Univ.; "Missent to Sparks, Nevada" h/s on air cvr. E $8
AX-142. Ocean Grove, NJ, 1937, VG Int'l; "Missent to Springfield, Illinois" h/s on PPC to St.Petersburg, FL. E $12 MIN.6
AX-143. Baltimore, MD, 1909, G+ Int'l (lite tone) "Missent to Station J./Baltimore, Md." h/s on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-144. Fort Atkinson, WI, 1910, VG Doremus; "Missent to Stoughton, Wis." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-145. Hastings, MI, 1911, G+ duplex; "Missent to Union City, Mich" h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-146. Cincinnati, OH, 1911, VF Int'l (toned) "Missent to Vernon, Ind." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-147. Stauffer, PA, 1908, partial duplex (crs; tear L) "Missent to Waltersburg, Pa." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-148. Noble, IA, 1908, G Doane 2/2; "Missent to Wauseon, Ohio." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-149. Wading River, NY, 1932, G 4-bar ty.E (bit uneven trim T; no flap) "Missent to Westbury, N.Y." h/s on cvr. E $8
AX-150. Marinette, WI, 1923, G+ Univ.(part lite tone; T edge scuff) "Missent to..." w/separate "Avoca, Wis." h/s on PPC. E $8
AX-151. Kent, WA, 1969, VG slogan machine (bit cr) "Missent to..." & "Pauloff Harbor, Alaska" h/s at B on commer.#10 air cvr w/Pauloff Harbor & St.Paul Harbor 4-bars as transit & fwd b/s; w/TINY 8x46mm 4-LINE address h/s applied to fwd to "Bureau of Commercial Fisheries" 46 days after mailed. E $20
AX-152. Old Monroe, MO, 1911, partial 4-bar (town mostly off T; bit lite tone) "Missent" & "Capitan, N.M." h/s on PPC to Sunnyside, NM. E $20
AX-153. New Haven, CT, 1913, VG Int'l (lite tone) "Missent, and forwarded from Southbridge, Mass." h/s on PSE. E $8
AX-154. Rocheport, MO, 1907, VG duplex (lite tone) "Missent." & "Browns Station, Mo." separate h/s on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-155. Toledo, OH, 1943, G+ duplex (edge tears; edge wear; bit ruff T) "Missing in Action./Capt.A.C./364 Bomb Sq." & "Return to Sender/Verified/1st Base Post Office" h/s on air cvr. E $24
AX-156. San Francisco/Rincon Anx, CA, 1944, G+ duplex (crs; edge wear) "Missing in Action/339th Bomb Aquadron" & "Return to Sender/Verified/1st Base Post Office" h/s on #10 cvr. E $24
AX-157. United Nations, NY, 1959, F Univ./1st Day of Issue; "Moved-Over 2 Years Ago" & "Returned to Sender..." pointing hand h/s; 4c Gen'l Ass'y on cacheted FDC to Pres., Kenyon Instrument Co., Long Isld, NY. E $20
AX-158. Tanger, Morocco, 1955, G DCDS tying 35c Spain; "Name of Ship or Unit should be shown" h/s on PPC to FPO, San Francisco. E $15 MIN.8
AX-159. Hermosa Beach, CA, 1922, G DCDS as origin b/s (ruff L; 2c stamp gone; AS IS for that; 10c intact) "No Ans.To Bell 13" h/s w/ms "7/19 PM" on reg'd cvr to Oakland, CA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-160. (Indistinct origin), 1914, partial duplex; "No answer to bell 2-14-14 1 PM" ms on PPC to San Jose, CA. E $20
AX-161. Hebron, OH, 1909, G+ 4-bar (dial hi; lite tone) "No Box" ms on PPC to Stockton, CA. E $12 MIN.6
AX-162. San Francisco, CA, 1910, F Int'l (lite tone) "No Box/No ans to Bell" dated pencil note on PPC to Fruitvale, CA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-163. Palm Desert, CA, 1970, VG machine (part ruff slit T) "No Mail Receptacle" h/s on cvr to local address. E $15 MIN.8
AX-164. Gary, IN, 1992, F machine; "No Mail Receptacle" & separate "Returned to Sender" pointing hand h/s on cvr to Chesterton, IN. E $15 MIN.8
AX-165. Oakland, CA, 1945, VF Univ.; "No record at Chico Army Flying School"; "Army Directory service given at Chico Army Flying School"; & "Returned to Writer..." pointing hand h/s on cvr w/enc. E $15 MIN.8
AX-166. Colorado Springs, CO, 1957, VG Univ.; "No Record on R.2" h/s on PPC to Warren, OH. E $12 MIN.6
AX-167. Cleveland, OH, 1908, G+ Int'l; "No reponse 45" h/s w/ms date on PPC to local address. E $12 MIN.6
AX-168. Denver, CO, 1905, F Int'l (o/s) "No reponse 78" h/s w/ms date/"PM" on PPC to Cleveland, OH. E $12 MIN.6
AX-169. Aurora, OR, 1910, VG duplex; "No reponse" ms on PPC to Portland, OR. E $12 MIN.6
AX-170. Cromwell, CT, 1911, G duplex; "No response (1) trip V.K.2808" h/s on PPC to Chicago. E $12 MIN.6
AX-171. North Liberty, IA, ca.1910, G 4-bar (tip cr) "No Response (1st) Trip 2528" h/s w/ms # on PPC to Chicago. E $12 MIN.6
AX-172. Chicago/Canal Sta., IL, 1912, G+ Time-Cmns (stamp scuffed; tip cr) "No Response (1st) Trip. K1329." h/s w/ms # on PPC to Chicago. E $12 MIN.6
AX-173. Saint Augustine, FL, 1908, VF Amer/B14; "No Response (3rd) Trip M" h/s w/ms #, time & date; separate "1314" h/s on PPC to Chicago. E $20
AX-174. Sedro-Woolley, WA, 1911, G+ duplex (message part smear) "No response 9/8" ms on PPC to Seattle, WA. E $12 MIN.6
AX-175. Pelham, NH, 1900, G+ CDS/target (upper R tip nick; lower R crnr ruff slit) "No response to Carrier." h/w w/ms "PM" & date on cvr w/enc.to Lowell, MA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-176. Carson, WA, 1909, VG Doane 3/4; "No Response to the Bell." lite h/s w/ms date on PPC to Portland, OR. E $20
AX-177. (Indistinct town), Mexico, 1907, partial DCDS (R tip nib) "No Response" blue h/s on PPC to Amelia, NE. E $12 MIN.6
AX-178. Chi & Millard Ave/Ill/2, 1910, VF duplex (file hole in stamp; crs) "No Response" h/s on GPC to local address. E $12 MIN.6
AX-179. Pasadena, CA, 1909, F Int'l; "No Response" h/s (x2) on PPC to Seattle, WA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-180. Colorado City, CO, 1910, VG Int'l; "No Response" h/s w/ms date/"AM" on PPC to Bellevue, PA. E $12 MIN.6
AX-181. Waldorf, CO, 1910, G+ 4-bar; "No Response" h/s x2 w/ms dates on PPC to Chicago. E $12 MIN.6
AX-182. Jersey City, NJ, 1906, G+ Int'l; "no Response" ms w/date & 2 times on PPC to Holyoke, MA. E $12 MIN.6
AX-183. Topeka, KS, 1914, G+ Int'l; "No response" ms w/dates; "Gave Notice" red pencil ms w/initials & date on PPC to Sacramento, CA. E $12 MIN.6
AX-184. Albert Lea, MN, 1908, G+ Doremus (most of stamp gone) "No Response-H.25th Dist." h/s on PPC to Sacramento, CA. E $12 MIN.6
AX-185. Los Angeles, CA, 1908, G+ Int'l; "No Response-K12" h/s on PPC to Denver, CO. E $12 MIN.6
AX-186. Milwaukee, WI, 1912, G+ Int'l (lite tone) "No Response./(A) M." h/s w/ms "A" on PPC to Wauwatosa, WI. E $12 MIN.6
AX-187. Golders Green, Great Britain, 1940, VG machine; "No Service/Ret(urn to Sender?)" boxed h/s (B line mostly not struck); censor tape L on cvr to Luxembourg. E $15 MIN.8
AX-188. Golders Green, Great Britain, 1939 (Sep 1), F machine (L edge toned; tear R) "No Service/Return to Sender" boxed h/s ("DER" mostly not struck) on cvr to Germany. Date of GERMAN INVASION of POLAND. E $75
AX-189. Chicago, IL, 1953, VF Univ.; "No Such Office in Alaska" on #10 cvr to Post Office or Settlement, Herald Island. E $20
AX-190. Minneapolis, MN, 1887, G duplex (edge tears; lite tone) "No Such Office in State Named/date/Returned" double-boxed h/s (bit spotty) w/penciled "X" when remailed; on cvr to "Redwood Falls, DT" & corrected to "Minn". E $20
AX-191. Plainfield, IL, 1912, G+ duplex (edge tear T; tip cr) "No such P.O.in State Named." h/s applied (& lined thru) TWICE; "Address Changed & Completed By N.S.31.D.Chi., Ill.P.O." h/s on PPC add.to Beaconsfield, IL; returned & state changed to MO & remailed; state corrected to IA. RARE double application. E $30
AX-192. Yokohama, Japan, ca.1940, partial DCDS (no flap; lite crs) "No Such Post Office in State Named." h/s; Kumamotoya Hotel illus.ad cc on cvr to "New Mexico, CA". E $15 MIN.8
AX-193. Skowhegan, ME, 1986, G meter (part ruff slit T) "No Such Street Within Delivery Limits Dallas, TX" h/s; "Return to Sender" w/pointing hand machine at lower L on #10 cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AX-194. Oakland, CA, 1945, VG Univ. (o/s) "Not at Stockton Ord.Depot" & "Searcher Seven" h/s; "Returned to Writer Unclaimed" pointing hand machine at lower L on cvr w/enc. E $15 MIN.8
AX-195. Marion, IN, 1909, F Amer/B14; "Not Carrier/1, 2... 12./R.F.D.1, 2...8." h/s w/some #s lined thru on PPC to Streator, IL. E $14
AX-196. Colorado Springs, CO, 1908, VF Int'l; "Not for Carrier No. (1)" h/s w/ms # on PPC to El Reno, OK. E $12 MIN.6
AX-197. Pendleton, OR, 1909, partial Doremus; "Not for Carrier No.1" h/s on PPC to Baker City, OR. E $12 MIN.6
AX-198. Buffalo, NY, 1908, G Int'l (notch L; stamp part peeled) "Not for Carrier No.4." blue-green h/s on PPC to Shawnee, OK. E $12 MIN.6
AX-199. Hollenberg, KS, 1911, G+ 4-bar; "Not for Carrier No.8" h/s (part o/s) on PPC to Enid, OK. E $12 MIN.6
AX-200. Stroud, OK, 1912, G duplex (lite tone) "Not for City Five" h/s on PPC to El Reno, OK. E $15 MIN.8
AX-201. Cedar Rapids, IA, 1909, VG+ Time-Cmns (lower R tip nib) "Not for City One" h/s on PPC to El Reno, OK. E $15 MIN.8
AX-202. Kingfisher, OK, 1910, G+ duplex (lite tone) "Not for City Two" h/s on PPC to El Reno, OK. E $15 MIN.8
AX-203. Moscow, Russia, 1974, G DCDS; "Not For Pleasant Hills Branch 15236" h/s; 3 large commems +1 small 1k on PPC to Pittsburgh, PA. E $14
AX-204. (Indistinct town), PA, 1915, partial duplex; "Not for R.F.D.No.1" h/s on PPC to Kewanee, IL. E $12 MIN.6
AX-205. Daytona Beach, FL, 1952, VF Univ.; "Not For Tennessee Coal & Iron Div'n/U.S.Steel Co." private h/s on PPC to Fairfield, AL. E $12 MIN.6
AX-206. Pawtucket, RI, 1918, G DCDS as origin b/s; "Not found." h/s on reg'd cvr to soldier at Camp Dix, NJ, & returned. E $15 MIN.8
AX-207. Brooklyn, NY, 1942, G+ duplex (ruff slit upper L; edge tear T) "Not in Air Mail" h/s & "T/N.Y./Centimes/30/D" opera glass h/s; 4x 10c special del. on air mail/spec.del.cvr w/blue & red border to Brazil; ms "Air Mail" below address lined thru. SCARCE combo. E $30
AX-208. Chicago, IL, 1954, VG Univ. (upper L crnr ruff slit; lite tone) "Not In Air Mail/Insufficient Postage/Chicago 7, Illinois" h/s; Palmer House cc; 3c Prexie on cvr w/air mail border. E $15 MIN.8
AX-209. New York/Grand Central Sta., NY, 1961, VG duplex; "Not in Air Mail/Short Paid"; 7c air +4c +4x 1c on cvr w/red & blue border, to Kenya; "Via Air Mail" lined thru. E $15 MIN.8
AX-210. Boston, MA, 1918, F Int'l; "Not in Btry.D, 13th Regt." h/s on PPC to Camp Jackson, SC. E $15 MIN.8
AX-211. Phoenix, AZ, 1919, G Univ. (o/s; sealed spindle) "Not in Carriers Delivery District/No. 9" h/s on cvr to Los Angeles, then fwd to Taft, CA; then "Unclaimed" & returned. E $15 MIN.8
AX-212. Denver, CO, 1914, F Int'l; "Not in Carriers Delivery District/No.11" h/s on PPC to Los Angeles. E $15 MIN.8
AX-213. San Francisco, CA, 1946, G meter (bit trim T) "Not in Phone Directory"; "Reviewd/Off.Sec."; & "Returned to Sender/Unclaimed From Washington, D.C." pointing hand h/s on cvr. E $30
AX-214. Lakewood, NJ, 1936, G machine (bit trim T) "Not in Special Delivery Mail/Post Office New York U.S.A." h/s; 13c spec.del. +3c Connecticut on 2c PSE to Germany. E $24 MIN.12
AX-215. Ord, NE, 1922, VG duplex; "Not in U.S.Army." h/s on cvr to Officers Traning School, Washington, DC. E $20
AX-216. West Medford, MA, 1904, G+ duplex (lite crs) "Not In, H.H.H." h/s w/carrier's initials on GPC to local address. E $20
AX-217. APO 709, 1918, partial duplex (short tear in dial; lite tone) "Not Known. A.T./Cadet Company/116 Engineers" (struck twice; 1 lined thru); "Not known at 116th Engineers"; & "Not Known/Office of Chief/Engineer, AEF" h/s on free-franked soldier-to-soldier cvr. E $24
AX-218. Blackwell, OK, 1909, G+ duplex (lite tone) "Not No.3" h/s on PPC to Lawton, OK. E $12 MIN.6
AX-219. Springfield, IL, ca.1908, partial Time-Cmns (crs) "Not On Route/1 2... 20" h/s w/#s in 4x5 block (most #s lined thru) on PPC to Poughkeepsie, NY. E $14
AX-220. (Indistinct town), IA, 1911, partial duplex (tip cr) "Not on route/City 1, 2... 6/Rural 1, 2...6" h/s w/3 #'s lined thru on PPC to Nevada, MO. E $8
AX-221. Bombay, India, 1940, G DCDS (tears T) "Not Opened by Censor" boxed h/s on PSE to U.S. E $14
AX-222. Melbourne, Australia, 1941, VG slogan machine (bit lite tone) "Not Opened By Censor" diamond h/s, curiously applied on PPC to U.S.; S.S.Mariposa return add. E $20
AX-223. Corvallis, OR, 1910, VG Amer/H14 (bit lite tone) "Not R.6." purple h/s on PPC to Freeport, IL. E $12 MIN.6
AX-224. Blackfoot, ID, 1961, VG machine; "Not Served By Carrier" h/s (bit obscured on address) DeKay Fuel & Feed cc on commer.PSE to local add. E $15 MIN.8
AX-225. Hilversum, Netherlands, 1899, G+ DCDS; "Not to be found/545" red boxed h/s at L; "Pas trouve./Not found." boxed h/s on back on cvr to England & returned. E $15 MIN.8
AX-226. New York/Hudson Term.Sta., NY, 1917, G+ Univ.; "Note For Censor/This correspondence relates to the conduct of matters permissable under gen'l License issued by the British Board of Trade, 1914." h/s (o/s by canx) censor tape L; 5c Wash. on cvr to Sweden w/Wm.Wallace White cc. E $75
AX-227. Bloomsbury, NJ, 1907, partial CDS; "Notify your correspondent of error in address." h/s on PPC to Phillipsburg, NJ. E $20
AX-228. Portland & S.F.S.D./RPO, 1943, G duplex; "Notify Your Correspondent Your Correct Military Address, Showing Company Number" h/s struck 7 TIMES on soldier in Signal Corps, Athens, GA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-229. Cincinnati, OH, 1933, VF Int'l; "NRA Member/U.S./We Do Our Part" blue pictorial h/s; L.C.Cherry Co./Soaps cc on cvr. E $14
AX-230. Fort Worth, TX, 1933, VG Univ.; "NRA Member/U.S./We Do Our Part" circled blue pictorial h/s; Herman's Supply House cc on cvr. E $14
AX-231. Oakland, CA, 1934, VF Univ. (ruff upper L, in cc; tear T) "NRA Member/U.S./We Do Our Part" purple boxed pictorial h/s; McKesson-Langley-Michaels Co.logo cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AX-232. Oakhill, NY, 1910, partial duplex ("KHI" off edge) "Offered For Delivery" h/s on PPC to Schenectady, NY. E $15 MIN.8
AX-233. Hobart, OK, 1910, VG+ Amer/B14 (tip cr) ms "OK" in stamp box on PPC w/o stamp. E $15
AX-234. Long Beach, CA, 1953, F Univ.; blue pencil ms "OK" & arrow pointing to ALBINO impression of 3c stamp on window PSE w/"Returned for Postage" h/s lined thru. E $14
AX-235. Lincoln, NE, 1909, G+ Int'l; "ONT of Limits." BOLD h/s w/"Out" MISSPELLED; "Not in Directory" circled h/s; on PPC to local address. E $40
AX-236. McPherson, KS, 1907, VG duplex (ruff slit R; bit ruff slit T) ms "open By mistake G.A. Larson/Route 4" & "not R 4"; McPherson Cty Treasurer illus.ad (courthouse) on cvr to diff.person w/same name; ms "RR No 3" correction in diff.writing. E $15 MIN.8
AX-237. Ravenna, OH, 1889, VG CDS/cork (lite tone) ms "Opened by Mistake"; "Watertown (NY) Spring Wagon Co." dated straight-line h/s below; on PSE to Davis Sewing Machine Co. E $20
AX-238. Mount Carroll, IL, 1944, F Int'l (bit ruff L) "Out of Business." h/s & ms; "Returned to Writer/Unclaimed..." pointing hand h/s on cvr to St.Peter, MN. E $12 MIN.6
AX-239. Louisville/Sta.C, KY, 1909, VF duplex; "Out of Carrier Limits" h/s on PPC to Palo Alto, CA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-240. San Jose, CA, 1919, partial Univ. (o/s) "Out of Carrier's Limit." h/s on PPC to Portland & fwd to Milwaukie, OR. E $15 MIN.8
AX-241. Bakersfield, CA, 1922, G+ Int'l; "Out of Carrier/Delivery Limits" h/s, lined thru; on PPC to local address. E $15 MIN.8
AX-242. Butte, MT, 1909, G+ Int'l; "Out of Carriers Limit, S.E." tiny h/s on PPC to Portland, OR. E $15 MIN.8
AX-243. Seattle/Ballard Sta., WA, 1919, partial Univ. (town mostly not struck; ruff L; bit lite tone) "Out of delivery limits." & "Returned to Writer/Unclaimed From Seattle..." pointing hand h/s w/date on cuff on cvr to local address. E $15 MIN.8
AX-244. New Orleans, LA, 1909, G+ Int'l; "Out of Free Delivery Limits/Carrier No. (16)" h/s (part heavy inked) w/ms # on PPC to local add. E $15 MIN.8
AX-245. Portland, OR, 1931, VG Univ. (ruff slit T) "Out of Limits/JSM-166-D" h/s on cvr to local address. E $15 MIN.8
AX-246. Fresno, CA, 1927, G+ Univ.; "Outside City Delivery Limits." h/s (lite); "Return to Writer Unclaimed" pointing hand Univ.machine at lower L on window cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AX-247. San Francisco, CA, 1919, G+ Univ. (lite tone) "Outside Delivery/Station J" h/s ("Y" off edge) on PPC to San Francisco. E $15 MIN.8
AX-248. Grand Rapids, MI, 1949, G+ Univ. (o/s) "Outside of City Carrier Delivery Limits" h/s on PPC to No.Sacramento, fwd to West Sacramento. E $15 MIN.8
AX-249. Cleveland, OH, 1920, G+ Univ. (dial hi: town partly off T) "Outside of Delivery Limits" & "Please Notify Sender of Correct Address." h/s on PPC to "Mayfield, Gates Mills line Stop 14, OH". E $15 MIN.8
AX-250. Sannomiya, Kobe, Japan, 1906, G DCDS (stamp about 1/2 peeled; tone spots) "Outside/W.J.H.Dist.No.23" h/s on PPC to Oakland, CA, & fwd to Fruitvale. E $24
AX-251. Stonehouse, Great Britain, 1943, G DCDS (bit ruff T & B; crs) 2 diff. "Passed Free/U.S.Customs/Los Angeles, Cal." circled h/s, Agts.3 & 7; Homeland Missionary Soc'y header & ad on 6.5x9.5" cvr. E $20
AX-252. Chattanooga, TN, 1917, F Int'l (lite tone) "Please have box erected or slot cut in door." h/s (x2; 1 spotty) on cvr to Portsmouth, VA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-253. Little Rock, AR, ca.1915, G+ Colum.(year partial) "Please have box erected or slot cut in door." h/s struck 4 times on cvr to Pine Bluff, AR. E $20
AX-254. Merced, CA, 1914, G+ Amer/B14; "Please have box erected or slot cut in door." lite h/s on PPC to Modesto, CA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-255. Allegheny, PA, 1910, VF Int'l; "Please Have Your Personal Mail Sent to Your Home." h/s on PPC to employee at Boggs & Buhl, Pittsburgh. E $12 MIN.6
AX-256. (St.Malo, France), [1919], (no origin canx) "Please Have Your Ward No.On Your Mail" h/s on PPC to Gen'l Hospital #28, Ft.Sheridan, IL. E $20
AX-257. Bombay, India, 1940, G+ DCDS; censor tape L; "Please request sender in future to write full name & address on the envelope together with the language used." h/s on back on air cvr to Baltimore, MD, w/Victoria, Hong Kong, G+ DCDS as transit b/s. E $20
AX-258. Huron, SD, 1915, F Amer/B14 (lite tone) "Please return this envelope to the Postoffice." & "Due 2 Cents." h/s; pair 1c dues tied at lower L on 2c PSE to Mankato, MN. E $20
AX-259. Cleve & Cin/RPO, 1909, G+ duplex (o/s) "Post Office, Cincinnati, Ohio./This is the piece of mail... Elias R.Monfort, P.M." h/s on PPC w/Cincy VG duplex as transit. SCARCE usage, mailed on train w/o stamp & "held" in transit. E $24
AX-260. (New York, NY, ca.1930, (no origin canx) "Postage Attached/To Cover/Mailable Matter" bank's undated h/s tying 8c Grant w/"NCB" (ty.N43, inverted); Nat'l City Bank of New York cc; postage required on internally transmitted cvr to American Trust Co., San Francisco. E $20 MIN.10
AX-261. Bombay, India, 1940s, partial DCDS; "Postage Due (10) Cents/AMF, Chicago, Ill." h/s w/ms #; pair 3a Sc.174; high due amount on air PPC w/10c due stamp tied by mute ovals. E $15 MIN.8
AX-262. Ephrata, WA, 1959, F Int'l; "Postage Due (3) Cents/Forwarding postage guaranteed by addressee." boxed h/s; 3c due tied by mute oval at Red Lodge, MT; on cvr. E $20
AX-263. Archaia Olympia, Greece, 1981, G+ DCDS; "Postage Due (46)/NYB & FMC 07097 Tour 11" h/s w/ms rate on PPC to Denver, CO. E $12 MIN.6
AX-264. Minneapolis, MN, 1958 (Jul 3), VF DCDS; "Postage Due (8) Cents" h/s w/ms note above: "1st cover w/no postage under new postage due penalty" refers to 5c penalty; 8x 1c dues tied by mute ovals; Evangelical Lutheran Church return add. on cvr. E $30
AX-265. Estes Park, CO, 1929, G+ duplex, struck fully at L (edge wear) "Postage Due... Cents" h/s tying 1c Frank. on 4.25x6.25" 9-panel pictorial folder (Rocky Mtn.Nat'l Park). E $15 MIN.8
AX-266. Linkoping, Sweden, 1937, VG repeater (tear T) "Postage Due...2 Cents/Chicago, Ill.For.Sec.4" h/s; 2c due w/straight-line dater h/s at L; 10o +5o on cvr to Chicago. E $14
AX-267. Hollywood, FL, 1960, VG machine; "Postage Due...Cents" h/s; 3c Liberty on PPC to Chile. E $12 MIN.6
AX-268. Summit, NJ, 1985, G machine; ms "Postage OK" & clerk's initials at upper R on #10 window cvr w/enc. E $12 MIN.6
AX-269. Saint Petersburg, FL, 1988, G machine "Postage Verified" & "This mail was delayed due to incorrect Zip Code." h/s on cvr; stamp fell off in transit. E $12 MIN.6
AX-270. Terre Haute, IN, 1928, G+ Univ.(lower R tip nib) "Postman No.1" h/s on PPC to Wellsville, NY. E $20
AX-271. Caney, KS, 1912, VF duplex; "Present Address Unknown." h/s on PPC to Stock Yard Sta., Ft.Worth, TX. E $20
AX-272. Kansas City/Rosedale Sta., KS, 1940, G duplex (part covered by 2c due stamp; cr) "Probably good in Kansas City, Mo." h/s on penalty PC notifying publisher of bad address in KC, KS; recommends tryin KC, MO. E $20
AX-273. Chattanooga, TN, 1931, F Univ. (uneven toned) "Received at Chattanooga, Tenn.under cover from the Post Office at (Limestone, Tenn)" h/s on GPC. E $14
AX-274. Bandung, Indonesia, 2005, G+ DCDS; "Received at GMF/No Back Stamp" h/s on back on reg'd cvr to Kennewick, WA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-275. Madrid, Spain, 1961, VF octagon (tears T & R) "Received Damaged in Dhahran Mail Center" h/s on #10 air cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AX-276. India (indistinct town), 1945, partial DCDS (L tips nick) "Received Damaged" h/s on front & back on cvr to MIT, Cambridge, MA. E $14
AX-277. (Indistinct origin), 1949, partial Univ.(lite tone) "Received For Trial/From Independence, Mo." 2-line h/s on PPC to Independence. E $15 MIN.8
AX-278. Sedona, AZ, 1949, G 4-bar; "Received For Trial/From Independence, Mo." 2-line h/s w/"Fairmont Sta., Kansas City, Mo." h/s address correction on PPC to Independence. E $20
AX-279. Madera, CA, 1949, F Int'l (bit lite tone) "Received For Trial/From/Independence, Mo." 3-line h/s on PPC to Independence. E $20
AX-280. Taft, CA, 1949, VG Univ.; "Received For Trial/From/Independence, Mo." 3-line h/s on PPC to Independence. E $20
AX-281. Eldon, MO, 1949, G+ Univ.; "Received For/Trial/From K.C., Kans." h/s (parts of 2 strikes; "RE" partly off T edge) on PPC to Independence. E $20
AX-282. New York, NY, 1960s, partial permit (burned R end; overall water toned; part soiled) "Received in bad condition at..." h/s; Field & Stream cc on #10 cvr w/encs. E $15 MIN.8
AX-283. Japan (unknown town), ca.1950s, (no origin canx; lite tone; bit uneven slit T) "Received in bad condition at.../Denver, Colo." h/s; 5y +20y Japan on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AX-284. Oakland, CA, 1936, G+ meter; "Received Open At/Piedmont Station" bit heavy inked on #10 cvr to local add. E $15 MIN.8
AX-285. San Francisco, CA, 1927 (Feb 1), F duplex (bit o/s) "Received Without Contents at Charleston, S.C." h/s struck twice; "Missent" h/s; 10c map air on cvr to Lynchburg, VA. 1st day of 10c air rate. E $15 MIN.8
AX-286. East Moriches, NY, 1933, G+ Int'l (lite tone) "Received without contents at" & "Point Breeze Station." separate h/s on cacheted cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AX-287. Spokane, WA, 1909, F Int'l; "Received/C.U.P.O." DCDS h/s applied at Columbia University on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AX-288. St.Louis, MO, 1904, G Int'l (o/s) "Received/date/Forwarded By the/Actors' Society/New York City." private h/s (o/s) on PPC to actress in N.Y.City, fwd to Atlanta, GA, theatre. E $20
AX-289. Anchorage, AK, 1942, G+ Int'l (part on stamp) "Released By Authority Of/The District Postal Censor" blue-green h/s on #10 PSE to Riverside, CA. E $20
AX-290. Managua, Nicaragua, 1941 (Dec 16), VG+ box h/s (ruff L) "Released By P.O.Inspector/Engaged On Censorship." oddly worded h/s on air cvr to U.S. E $24
AX-291. Indianapolis, IN, 1907, G Int'l (lite tone) "Respectfully returned to writer/from Indianapolis, Ind./date/No such Post Office in State named." h/s on PPC. E $20
AX-292. Miami, FL, 1964, G+ machine; "Retour" h/s tying "Non admis/Nepripustne" label; 4c +8c Masaryk commems on 7c air PSE w/enc.stamp dealer's price list, to Czechoslovakia; PROHIBITED Champion of Liberty stamps, returned to sender. E $40
AX-293. Lyndhurst, NJ, 1943, G+ Int'l (upper L bit trim) "Return Mail/Reported Missing"; "323rd Aq./91st/Bomb Gp."; & "Return to Sender/Verified/1st Base Post Office" h/s on cvr to APO 634, returned 4 mos.after mailed. E $30
AX-294. Pittsburgh, PA, 1943, VF DCDS as origin b/s; "Return Receipt Requested/Showing Address Where Delivered." & Returned to Writer... Moved, Left no address..." pointing hand h/s on reg'd cvr. E $20
AX-295. Norton Hill, NY, 1943, G 4-bar (part ruff trim R) "Return to Sender,/No Service Available" h/s; censor tape at L; 15c +10c Prexies +6c transport air on cvr to Switzerland & returned, 6+ weeks after mailed. E $24 MIN.12
AX-296. Red Lodge, MT, 1981, G+ machine; "Return to Sender/B Stamp May Not Be Used For International Mail" printed on 21x69mm yellow adhesive label; 18c "B" stamp on #10 cvr to Canada. E $20
AX-297. Stratford, IA, 1937, G+ duplex; "Return to sender/Delivery forbidden by/judicial sentence./De Inspecteur van Coillie (la?) Hillegom" & "Returned to Writer..." pointing hand h/s; 5c Navy on cvr to Holland & returned, 8 weeks after mailed. E $60 MIN.30
AX-298. Red Lodge, MT, 1964, G+ duplex; "Return to Sender/Quota Oversubscribed/Royal Canadian Mint" machine(?) at lower L on #10 air PSE to Canada. E $15 MIN.8
AX-299. New Canaan, CT, 1940, VG Int'l (lite tone) "Return to Sender/Service Suspended" h/s; "Retour a l'Envoyeur/Relations Postales/Interrompues" h/s; 5c Prexie on cvr to France & returned, 9+ mos.after mailed. E $24 MIN.12
AX-300. Red Lodge, MT, 1941 (Nov 24), partial duplex (trim R) "Return to Sender/Service Suspended" w/pointing hand in slogan box; VF 0Int'l machine type RMS-35 at lower L (Jul 24, 1942); censor tape L; 50c +10c transport airs on cvr to Norway, returned 8 mos.after mailed. E $40
AX-301. Phoenix, AZ, 1971 (Feb 24), F machine; "Return to Sender/Service Temporarily Suspended" printed on paper slip, taped over address (tape tone) & tied by bank's h/s (misdated 1970) on air cvr to England. E $16
AX-302. Philadelphia, PA, 1978, G+ machine (o/s) "Return to Sender/Temporary Embargo/To This Country." h/s on cvr to Canada. E $15 MIN.8
AX-303. Poughkeepsie, NY, 1944, F Univ.(edge tears T) "Return to Sender/Verified/1st Base Post Office" h/s; ms "missing" on air cvr to soldier, APO 634. E $15 MIN.8
AX-304. Fairbanks, AK, 1919, VG Amer/A14 (ruff R, into penalty clause; staple holes in cc; toned) "Return to Writer" & "Unclaimed" w/pointing hand h/s on U.S.Marshal penalty cvr to Chitina, AK, & returned. E $20
AX-305. (Kalama?), WA, 1912, partial CDS (lite tone; cr) "Returned by Carrier No.1" h/s on PPC to Chehalis, WA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-306. Boston/Fenway Sta., MA, 1907, G+ Amer/B14; "Returned by Carrier No.3." h/s on PPC to Hoquiam, WA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-307. Kansas City, MO, 1956, F Univ.(part lite tone; edge tears T) "Returned By State Department/Foreign Postage Rate Required/Postal Belletin Jan.29, 1953/Obliterate This Endorsement When Remailing" & "Returned to Writer" pointing hand h/s; 2x 3c Liberty on cvr to Attache Beirut, %State Dept., Washington, DC. E $40
AX-308. Huntsville, AL, 1987, G+ meter; "Returned for (17) Additional postage. When remailing, cross out this notice or paste stamps over it." h/s (couple words missing) on #10 cvr to Netherlands. 17c meter added & remailed, but not X'd out. E $15
AX-309. Sacramento, CA, 1944, VG Univ. (edge tears T; edge wear; bit lite tone) "Returned for (6) ct., postage./Collection from military addressees delays delivery." h/s on air cvr w/enc.to USS Gen'l Black. E $30
AX-310. Chicago, IL, 1953, F 4-bar; "Returned for 25c Add'l Postage/Chicago, Ill.P.O.Forgn.Sec.1" h/s; 2x 25c UPU airs on cvr to Australia. E $15 MIN.8
AX-311. Chicago, IL, 1968, F machine; "Returned for 7c add'l postage/Surface Mail To This Country:/13c 1st Oz., 8c Ea.Add'l Oz./Foreign Section 1-Chicago, Ill.60607" h/s on cvr to Australia; 7c applied & remailed. E $15 MIN.8
AX-312. Cleveland, OH, 1970, G+ machine; "Returned For Add'l Postage/Postage Due (1c)/Total Postage Required (25c)..." h/s on cvr to Australia. E $12 MIN.6
AX-313. Houston, TX, 1985, VG machine; "Returned For Additional Postage 15c Surface or 22c Air Mail" h/s on #10 cvr to Netherlands, orig.mailed w/22c meter; 2nd 22c meter added. E $15
AX-314. Rutherford, NJ, 1942, F Int'l; "Returned For Additional Postage" h/s at B, then "Unable to Trace." h/s at upper L & "Return to Sender/Unknown" h/s on back; censor tape R on cvr to England & returned. E $20
AX-315. New York, NY, 1987, G+ machine; "Returned For Additional Postage/Foreign Mail Must Be Prepaid." h/s on #10 cvr to Netherlands, orig.mailed w/22c meter; 66c meter added & remailed. E $16
AX-316. Milwaukee, WI, 1953, G+ DCDS; "Returned For Better Address-/Show Country of Destination in Engli(sh)" h/s (partly off B); 2x 15c green Liberty air on cvr to "U.S.A. Zone," apparently not remailed. E $15 MIN.8
AX-317. Indianapolis, IN, 1966, G DCDS & machine (lower L tip toned) "Returned For Better Address/Show Destination Country in English" h/s (inverted) below stamps; on cvr w/ms "West Germany" applied & remailed. E $20
AX-318. San Jose, CA, 1984, partial CDS; "Returned for Carrier Endorsement" & "Return to Sender..." pointing hand h/s on GPC to San Jose. E $15 MIN.8
AX-319. Houston, TX, 1907, VG+ Int'l (lite tone) "Returned For Insufficient Time." h/s on PPC to San Antonio, TX. E $20
AX-320. Omaha/Harney Sta., NE, 1922, F Univ.(2 strikes overlap) "Returned for Postage/From Harney Sta.Omaha, Nebr." h/s; 1st Nat'l Bank of Omaha on 2c PSE to Germany; 5c Wash.applied (overpaying) & remailed. E $15 MIN.8
AX-321. Buffalo, NY, 1934, VF Univ.; "Returned From Cleveland, Ohio/date/No Such Office in State Named" h/s on cvr to "Williamsville, MA". E $12 MIN.6
AX-322. Panama City, FL, 1945, VG Int'l (tiny tear R) "Returned to Addressee For Correct Return Address" h/s; return add.at upper L X'ed thru, then rewritten IDENTICALLY at lower L w/sender's sarcastic "How's that" note adjacent; on free-franked cvr. WEIRD marking, observed as such by sender. E $40
AX-323. Moravia, PA, 1909, VG 4-bar; "Returned to P.M.by carrier No.(22)/Reason (not at home)" h/s w/ms info (top line part obscured by design) on PPC to Ann Arbor, MI. E $15 MIN.8
AX-324. Walpole, NH, 1911, G+ duplex; "Returned to Postoffice by Carrier/No... No place to leave mail." h/s on PPC to Batavia, NY. E $29
AX-325. Kansas City, MO, 1942, F duplex (tear T; toned tape repair) "Returned to Sender By Censor" printed in green on 1.25x2" adhesive label, covering Honolulu add.; censor tape L; 10c transport air +pair 10c map air +pair 5c French on air cvr to Brazil w/censor tape L. E $30
AX-326. Santa Monica, CA, 1942, F Univ. (tear T; cr; flap fault) "Returned to Sender By Censor" printed in green on 1.25x2" adhesive label, covering Honolulu add.; censor tape L; 20c transport air on cvr w/enc.printed slip: "This communication is returned to sender because it mentions Defense Matters..." specifying "bottom pg 3, pg 4". E $30
AX-327. Saint Louis, MO, 1944, G+ duplex; "Returned to Sender By Censor" printed in green on 1.25x2" adhesive label, w/add'l white tape covering India add.; censor tape L; on cvr. Sender's note on back: returned due to GPC enclosed. E $30
AX-328. Billings, MT, 1943, VF Univ.(cr) "Returned To Sender By Censor" printed in green on 32x51mm label, w/brown paper tape on address; censor tape L; 5c Prexie on cvr to Scotland. E $30
AX-329. New York/Morgan Anx, NY, 1944, VG Int'l as b/s; "Returned to Sender For Corrective Attention... See notice 'Mail For American Prisoners of War Held By German Gov't'... This article bears... postage stamps intended to promote our war effort... objectionable to the German Gov't..." printed on 88x63mm label adhered to Prisoner of War Post air cvr to Stalag 7A. Uncanceled pair of 3c "Win the War" applied as postage. E $100
AX-330. Urbana, IL, 1945, VF Int'l; "Returned to Sender/By Direction of the War Department./Undeliverable as Addressed." h/s (bit heavy inked); censor tape L on 3c PSE w/enc.to Amer.Prisoner of War #1556, Oflag.64, Germany. E $30
AX-331. Wichita, KS, 1997, VG machine (HUGE part gone, all of lower R, removes most of address) "Returned to Sender/Damaged in Handling in the Postal Service" pointing hand h/s on cvr in plastic "body bag". E $12 MIN.6
AX-332. Marysville, CA, 1993, F machine; "Returned to Sender/No Mail Receptacle" integrated pointing hand h/s on cvr to Nevada City, CA, & remailed to Grass Valley. E $15 MIN.8
AX-333. Lansing, MI, 1988, F machine; "Returned to Sender/Not Served By/Walled Lake, MI 48088" pointing hand h/s ("Returned to" spotty; o/w about VF) on PC. E $24 MIN.12
AX-334. Indianapolis, IN, 2000, partial machine; "Returned to Sender/Refused" boxed pointing hand h/s on PC (stamp show notice). E $12 MIN.6
AX-335. Dubuque, IA, 1942 (Jan 12), VG+ Univ. (bit trim R; tear R) "Returned to Sender/Service Suspended." magenta h/s; censor tape & h/s at L on cvr to "Postmaster, MALDIVE ISLANDS, MALAYSIA." Appears collector-prepared, but still RARE destination. E $40
AX-336. Payette, ID, 1915, G+ Amer/A14 (ruff R; crs R; lite tone) "Returned to Sender/Unclaimed." pointing hand h/s on cvr w/enc.to local address, w/"Opened by mistake/Mrs F B Gardener" ms note at L. E $14
AX-337. San Francisco, CA, 1946, VG Int'l; "Returned to Writer./Outside carrier limits/From Shreveport, La." integrated pointing hand h/s on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
AX-338. Granville, OH, 1901, VG CDS/cork (toned; tip nick; edge tear) "Returned to Writer./Unclaimed from Portsmouth, VA./P.O." pointing hand h/s w/date on cuff on PSE w/"Carrier No.1"; "...2"; "...3"; "...4"; "...7"; & "...9" h/s on back, all applied at Portsmouth. E $15 MIN.8
AX-339. Tampa, FL, 1912, G+ Amer/A14 (lite tone) "Returned to Writer./Unclaimed, From Tampa, Fla./Do not remail in this envelope..." pointing hand h/s (part heavy inked) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AX-340. Hartford, CT, 1944, VG Univ.; "Returned to Writer/APO Not Served Through Postmaster, New York, N.Y./NYPE Army Post Office" blue-green pointing hand h/s on free-franked election war ballot cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AX-341. East Hartford, CT, 1945, G+ Univ. (part soiled; ruff slit R) "Returned to Writer/For Better Address/Fleet Records Division/Fleet Post Office/San Francisco 7, Calif." pointing hand h/s, pointing to "Not Returnable." h/s on cvr to USS Euryale. NICE contradictory markings. E $30
AX-342. San Francisco/Sta.D, CA, 1901, G+ Int'l (lite tone) "Returned to Writer/From Pittsburgh, Pa./For Better Directions."; "No such Office in State named."; & "Do not use this envelope for remailing." h/s on PSE. E $20
AX-343. Kansas City, MO, 1968, G+ machine, inverted at lower L; mute lines as canx on stamp; "Returned to Writer/Moved..." pointing hand h/s on PPC to Sterling, IL; "Rock Falls, Ill.61071" h/s applied as fwd instruction, then returned. E $20
AX-344. St.Paul/Commercial Sta., MN, 1926, VF Univ.; "Returned to Writer/No Such Post Office In/State Named No.23/date/Omaha, Nebr.D.P.P." h/s on window cvr (no contents to show address). E $15 MIN.8
AX-345. Belleville, MI, 1945, VF Int'l; "Returned to Writer/Reason Checked..." pointing hand h/s; ms "Hospitalized" at R; "No Record/Hosp.Directory..." h/s on cvr to APO 153. E $15 MIN.8
AX-346. Billings, MO, 1945, F Int'l; "Returned to Writer/Returning to U.S. Left No Forwarding Address" boxed pointing hand h/s on PPC to APO 513. E $15 MIN.8
AX-347. Tampa, FL, 1912, G+ Amer/A14 (lite tone) "Returned to Writer/Unclaimed/From Baltimore, MD/Clerk No.9" pointing hand h/s & "Do Not Use This Envelope or Wrapper again" h/s on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AX-348. Buffalo, NY, 1957, F Univ.(trim R) "Returned to Writer/Unclaimed/From Baltimore, MD/Gen.Del.Sec.9" pointing hand h/s & "Advise your correspondents..." h/s on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
AX-349. Bailey Island, ME, 1907, G+ Doane 2/4; "Returned/Addressee not in./Please have box put up or slot cut in door." h/s; ms "8/21 all day"; on PPC to Worcester, MA. E $15 MIN.8
AX-350. Anderson, IN, 1898, F duplex; "Saint Louis, Mo/Received/Arrived Late" integrated h/s, applied on morning after mailed; on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-351. Santa Ana, CA, 1945, G+ Int'l; "Search Made But Not Located In APO 513" h/s w/ms initials on free-franked cvr. E $15 MIN.8
AX-352. New York/Kings Bridge Sta., NY, 1928, partial duplex; "Sent to Quarantine" & "Not On Board" h/s on air cvr to S.S.California, San Francisco & fwd to New York, NY. E $30
AX-353. USPS/Airport Mail Facility, NM, 1974, G+ machine; "Service Suspended/Return to Sender" h/s on unopened aerogramme to France, w/no apparent message. E $15 MIN.8
AX-354. Fort Barrancas, FL, 1941 (ca.Dec 17), G Univ. (bit ruff T; lite tone) "Service Suspended/Return to Sender."; "Not in Air Mail" (struck twice); & "Postage Due (24) Cents" h/s (lined thru); censor tape L; 3c +2x 1.5c Prexies w/"Via Air Mail" h/s on 5x5" cvr to Denmark & returned 4+ mos.after mailed; surface scuff by add., probably where due stamps applied & removed, since not needed; enc.Xmas card message dated Dec 16: "I do not know how long the world will be upset..." E $75 MIN.38
AX-355. Ventura, CA, 1955, VG DCDS; "Short Paid, Not in Spec Del" h/s; 5x 3c Prexie coils (inc.line pair) on cvr w/ms "Special delivery/If not in leave under door!" instruction. E $20
AX-356. Toronto, Canada, 1954, F machine; "Shortpaid for Air Conveyence./Port insuffisant pour avion." h/s; 10c on cvr w/air mail border to Scotland. E $15 MIN.8
AX-357. Costa Mesa, CA, 1986, VG meters; "Station Endorse" h/s struck 4 times on #10 cvr w/enc.to Concord, CA. E $20
AX-358. Englewood, CO, 1970, G machine; "Summit of Mt.Evans/World's Highest Highway/Altitude 14,260/Colorado" private circled h/s at L (o/s) on Mt.Evans PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-359. Manitou, CO, 1918, VG Amer/A14; "Summit of Pike's Peak" G+ private cogwheel DCDS at L as "origin" on Pike's Peak PPC w/2nd strike on pix side. E $15 MIN.8
AX-360. Colorado Springs, CO, 1927 (May 27), G+ Univ.; "Summit of Pike's Peak" private cogwheel DCDS (May 26) as origin at L; "Colorado Springs Rotary Club/Summit of Pike's Peak/May 26/Highest Rotary Club Meeting Ever Held in the World" w/logo printed in message area on PPC signed by attendee. E $15 MIN.8
AX-361. Cascade, CO, 1922, VG 4-bar; "Summit of Pikes Peak" F+ private magenta DCDS as "origin" at L on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-362. Cascade, CO, 1922, F 4-bar; "Summit of Pikes Peak" G+ magenta DCDS as origin at L on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AX-363. Manitou, CO, 1902, G+ Doremus; "Summit of/date/Pike's Peak" G+ magenta private straight-line h/s struck as "origin" at L on priv.mailing card. E $15 MIN.8
AX-364. Manitou, CO, 1928, F Int'l; "Summit of/date/Pike's Peak" VF purple private CDS (bit o/s by weak 2nd strike) struck as "origin" at L on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
AX-365. Silver Plume, CO, 1912, F 4-bar (dial bit hi) "Sunrise Peak Aerial Ry./Altitude 14032 Feet" VG blue private circled h/s (upper R part obscured by design) as "origin" at L on PPC. E $20
AX-366. Newcastle-on-Tyne, Great Britain, 1951, G+ machine; "Surcharged Owing to Insufficient Postage/Please Advise Sender" boxed h/s on back; Miranda Cake Co.ad cc; 2.5p on cvr to Holland w/15c due stamp tied. E $15 MIN.8
AX-367. Washington, DC, 1951, G+ duplex (upper L crnr ruff slit) "This article originally mailed in country indicated by postage" h/s on back; Amer.Legation, Saignon, return add.; 3pi +10x 20c Indochina on cvr. E $20
AX-368. Washington, DC, 1954, VF DCDS (cr) "This article originally mailed in country indicated by postage" h/s; 50f +20f Jordan on #10 air cvr. E $20
AX-369. Washington, DC, 1956, F DCDS; "This article originally mailed in country indicated by postage" h/s; ms "Pouch" above add.; pair 40f Jordan on cvr. E $20
AX-370. New York, NY, 1942, VG Int'l (tiny tear T) "This cover was open when it reached the censor." printed on enc.3.75x3.75" slip (dated 2 days before canx, but likely belongs; censor # matches tape at L) on cvr. E $20
AX-371. Camp Wolters, TX, 1943, G+ Int'l (toned) "This is a temporary station./Do not write sender at this address." h/s applied at origin point on free-franked PPC. E $30
AX-372. Pittsburgh, PA, 1912, G+ Int'l (o/s; tip crs) "This is the mail for which postage was requested, Pittsburgh, Pa." h/s struck twice on PPC. E $14
AX-373. Terre Haute, IN, 1907, G+ Barry; "This is the Mail/Letter/Package for which you sent postage." h/s on 2-panel PPC (St.Mary's of the Woods) mailed w/1c Sc.300; 2nd stamp applied when pay't rec'd from addressee. E $15 MIN.8
AX-374. San Jose, CA, 1943, G Univ. (ruff slit T) "This Mail Was Delayed Because the Sender Failed to Write Your APO Number on It. Speed Up Delivery By Request-ing Correspondents to Use Your APO No. (SFPE-APO)" h/s on cvr w/enc. E $15 MIN.8
AX-375. Boston/H, MA, 1923, F Univ.; "This Postcard Was Posted Insufficiently Prepaid. Please Advise Your Correspondent That the Rate of Postage on Postcards to Country of Address is 2 Cents Each./(Post office, Boston, Mass.U.S.A.)" h/s; 1c Wash. on PPC to England, w/circled "T/10" due h/s. RARE marking. E $80 MIN.40
AX-376. Arrow, CO, 1912, G+ 4-bar (lite tone; tip crs) "Top of the World/Corona,-Colo./Elevation 11660 Ft." private as origin at L on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AX-377. Arrow, CO, 1912, G+ 4-bar; "Top of the World/Corona,-Colo./Elevation 11660 Ft." private magenta h/s struck at L as "origin" (05-15) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
AX-378. Denver/Terminal, CO, 1914, partial duplex; "Top of the World/Corona/Altitude 11660 Feet" private blue circled h/s as "origin" by stamp (dial bit hi; bit o/s; tip crs) on PPC. E $20
AX-379. New York, NY, 1884, G+ duplex (edge tears T) "Travelling Agent/Will Call." h/s; N.Y.Freeman's Journal cc on cvr to Providence, RI. E $30
AX-380. Troy, NY, 1910, F Int'l (stamp gone) "Try all carriers" h/s on PPC to Hartford, CT. E $12 MIN.6
AX-381. Santa Monica, CA, 1935, G+ Univ. (bit lite tone) "U.S.Savings Bonds on sale at Post Offices." h/s on QSL PC to Tobias, NE. E $15 MIN.8
AX-382. Kensington, MD, 1935, G Int'l (state mostly not struck) "U.S.Savings Bonds on sale at Post Offices." h/s on cvr to Silver Spring, MD. E $15
AX-383. San Francisco, CA, 1938, F Int'l (toned; crs; edge tears T) "Unable to Identify As An/Enlisted Man in the Navy" & "Returned to Sender/Unclaimed From Washington, D.C." pointing hand h/s on #10 penalty window cvr. E $30
AX-384. Red Hill, Great Britain, 1914 (Aug 4), G+ DCDS; "Undeliverable/L.P.S." h/s on cvr to Germany, not sent due to outbreak of WW1. E $24 MIN.12
AX-385. Denver, CO, 1930, VF Univ.; "Unknown at address. W-244" h/s on cvr w/Denver VG w/"Return to Writer/Unclaimed" pointing hand slogan at lower L. E $12 MIN.6
AX-386. New York/P, NY, 1905, G duplex (bit trim T; edge tear L) "Unknown By Letter Carrier" & "Insufficiently Addressed" h/s; 5c Lincoln Sc.304 on 5c Lincoln PSE to Perth, Australia. E $20
AX-387. Kansas City/Armourdale Sta., KY, 1913, G+ duplex (lower R tip nib) "UNMAILABLE" h/s on glitter PPC. E $20
AX-388. Colorado Springs, CO, 1908, VG Int'l (o/s by 2nd strike, 2 days later) "Unmailable" h/s, apparently "negated" w/ms "Not" at L on GLITTER PPC to Concordia, KS, w/ms "Not 3" & "Unk/13" applied there. UNUSUAL combo. E $24 MIN.12
AX-389. (Indistinct town), NY, 1911, partial duplex; "UNMAILABLE" purple h/s on PPC. E $20
AX-390. Saint Paul, MN, 1945, F Univ.; "USMC Reports Undeliverable/Return to Sender" pointing hand h/s; "Treated/HQ USMC, Wash., DC" F+ DCDS on cvr w/address obliterated when returned. E $20
AX-391. Milwaukee, WI, 1945, F Univ.; "USMC Reports Undeliverable/Return to Sender.(2)" pointing hand h/s; "Treated/HQ.USMC, Wash., DC" G+ CDS on cvr w/address obliterated when returned. E $15 MIN.8
AX-392. Greenock, Great Britain, 1909, F DCDS (o/s; tear R) "Vacant" ms on PPC to Lakeview, WA; fwd to Tacoma. E $15 MIN.8
AX-393. Saint Louis, MO, 1919, F Univ.; "Victory Liberty Loan/V/Let's Finish the Job" & pictorial wreath magenta h/s; Southern Wheel Co.cc on cvr to Savannah, GA. E $30
AX-394. Miles C. & Seat E.D./RPO, 1943, VG duplex (part ruff T) "War Dept, A.G.O./Deceased" boxed h/s; "Returned to Sender" pointing hand h/s; Northern Pacific logo cc on #10 cvr w/"Postage-Free" typed cc. E $24 MIN.12
AX-395. (Origin canx obliterated), [1943], "War Dept, A.G.O./Missing in Action" boxed h/s on back; "Returned to Sender" pointing hand h/s at upper R on 4x4.5" V-Mail cvr w/enc.; piece to R of window torn away to reveal address for return. E $20
AX-396. Denver, CO, 1935, VG Univ.; "X R 11/No Box/J.G.P." double-circled h/s on PPC to Tulsa, OK. E $15 MIN.8

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