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Will I lose weight if I stop eating junk food and plank and run everyday?

To lose weight, I have stopped eating any junk food and I have been planking everyday for 1-3 minutes. I also have been running 3 miles on alternating days and reducing the amount of calories I'm eating. I'm short, so I'm only eating 900-1000 calories a day and I'm tracking everything on my phone....
7 answers · Diet & Fitness · 2 days ago

Why is Trump being pulled on strings by Jews?

Best Answer: Calm down, Goebbels. The Jews aren't controlling the American government.

12 answers · Politics · 4 days ago

Wouldn't it be funny if Lucifer was the sun and God was the moon?

Best Answer: Sun worship was the first religion. The sun was the god or the savior because it brought light, warmth and food. And every night the sun would battle with darkness but would always rise or resurrect. Off the top of my head I am thinking Horus and Seth may be one of the earliest stories of this epic battle.:
25 answers · Jokes & Riddles · 3 days ago

I love my race. I'm white. Do you love your race?

Best Answer: I am white and I also love my race.:
73 answers · Yahoo Answers · 19 hours ago