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Do you like Lady Gaga?

23 answers · Polls & Surveys · 3 hours ago

Why is lady gaga hot now?

Best Answer: She was always attractive it’s just more noticeable now as she doesn’t have such eccentric fashion/hair/makeup:
9 answers · Polls & Surveys · 4 days ago

Why do so many tennis players have tanned skin?

I am a big tennis fan - I’ve been following the tennis for nearly my entire life, and every year I attend the Australian Open. I’ve noticed that the majority of (white) tennis players seem to be very tanned, or they tan extremely easily. They have a beautiful, golden glow to their skin and they never seem to burn...
5 answers · Tennis · 11 hours ago

Do you agree british prime minister Theresa May is a good woman and help people?

Best Answer: She may be a good woman, but she's not a very effective politician.:
14 answers · Politics · 2 days ago