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iAutomate: Erlon Surety to Integrate With Surety2000 to Streamline Flow of Electronic Bid Bond Data

WESTBROOK, ME -- 04/28/09 -- The Insurance Automation Group, a Workgroup Company and Applied ConneXion® Integrating Vendor, announces that it has signed an agreement to integrate its surety workflow automation solution, iAutomate: Erlon Surety, with Surety2000.

Insurance firms and contractors subscribe to the Surety2000 system, which submits their bid bond directly to the owners/obligees electronically, free of clerical errors, paperless, and protected from fraud by utilizing a digital signature. Surety companies can track and monitor surety bonds and powers of attorney electronically, while surety agents can issue bonds instantly. With the new integration, firms that use iAutomate: Erlon Surety will be able to transmit surety bond data directly to Surety2000 without re-keying. This will save considerable time and money by expediting the process of submitting a bid bond electronically. Additionally, it is expected to help eliminate duplication and reduce errors.

"This integration falls within our initial workflow model wherein surety processing systems can move data from the surety agent to the owner/obligees," says Joe Sforzo, President, Surety2000. "Integrating with a state-of-the-art system like iAutomate: Erlon Surety is a great step toward recognizing Surety2000 as the national repository for surety bonds."

"Electronic submission of bid bonds is rapidly becoming the industry standard, and insurance firms need to streamline the steps involved with processing surety bonds," says Jeff Bucci, National Sales Manager, Insurance Automation Group. "With this new integration to Surety2000, firms that use iAutomate: Erlon Surety will be able to enter data once, and transmit it seamlessly."

About Surety 2000

Surety2000 is a web-based system designed as an e-commerce clearinghouse for the insurance industry. Through its two flagship products, Bond Management System 3.0 and CertFocus, the insurance professional now has a leading-edge tool to provide reliable, timely, and validated electronic certificates of insurance and surety documents to a certificate holder and owner/obligee. For more information, visit

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