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Info Tech's Appia® Expedite to include Surety 2000 Electronic Bid Bonds.

Appia® Expedite™ is an electronic bidding system that includes modules for both transportation agencies and their bidding community. Expedite is the cornerstone of establishing a paperless bid letting system, allowing agencies to confidently prepare, distribute, receive and process secure, error-free electronic bid files.

Appia® Expedite features include:

Instant calculation and error checking of electronic proposal item schedules
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) commitment tracking
Customizable, comprehensive agency reporting tools
Bid export and import feature to third-party estimating software
Complete compatibility with Trns•port Expedite® module PES and LAS
Interactive and intuitive bid creation and verification tools
Appia® Expedite™ can also take full advantage of the Internet, supporting a variety of online features like:

Secure, encrypted bid submission
Instant bid bond verification
Digital signature creation and verification for online bid submission and withdrawal

For more information, please call Lisa Clemens at 1-800-660-3263.

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