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California Tax Preparer Instant Issued Bond – $5,000
One Year Only $22*

It is required by the State of California to possess a California Tax Preparer Surety Bond for $5,000 before you can be licensed as a California Registered Tax Preparer. With us, you are guaranteed pre-approved for a one year $5,000 California Tax Preparer Bond for only $22 a year.

The State of California Franchise Tax Board mandates that you must register as a California Tax Preparer if you, for a fee, assists with or prepares state and/or federal income tax returns. Exempt preparers are California Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), attorneys who are members of the State Bar of California, Enrolled Agents, and certain other specified banking or trust officials.

*Bond is instant issue and will come with a Certificate that can be Displayed that your are insured and Bonded. A five dollar Issuance Fee and Five dollar certificate fee is assessed to all bonds under four years. certificate and issuance fee can not be waived in the event you don’t require a hard copy of the display certificate.