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S2000 Certsonline

Surety 2000 is please to announce the release of it's newest product line, S2000 Certsonline.

Surety 2000 has been working with General Contractors for several years and determined that the industry needed a solution to the cumbersome, paper-intensive process of tracking and maintaining certificiates of insurance. The General Contractor must assure that every sub-contractor that is doing business for them has current and compliant insurance throughout the entire project phase. However, this process can be very difficult when the traditional method of receiving certificates of insurance is very paper intensive, requires manual compliance review and copies are received by various points:FAX……E-MAIL……U.S. MAIL making it more difficult to track when and if a certificate has been received and processed.

Surety 2000 has developed a solution called S2000 Certsonline that will streamline the entire process for even the busiest General Contractor or construction management firm.

The features of S2000 Certsonline are:

. Track Certificates by project or job site

· Easily notify business partners and brokers of specific insurance requirements per project or job via one secure, online location.

· Automatically compare submitted certificate for compliance and highlights discrepancies in RED

· Instantly and electronically send an accept or reject notice to brokers

· Instantly view AM Best Ratings and receive notification of downgrades

· Automatically send advance notification of certificate expirations

· Easily Create expiration reports

· Quickly and securely share information with various departments. i.e. Project management, accounting, and risk management.

· Quick notification of cancellation and reinstatement notices

· Can be integrated into your accounting or claims software

· Direct connectively with the insurance broker

· Eliminates errors


· No software or hardware to download

· Easy Implementation

The S2000 Certsonline progam is avaible to Owners at NO COST. This program is quick and easy to implement and requires no labor intensive work from your staff to begin.

Call Lisa Clemens at 1-800-660-3263 to set up a demo and see how this product can help lower your risk when using Sub-Contractors.

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