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Instructions for Form Principal/Automobile Club: Provide the name and mailing address of the automobile club applying for the certificate of registration. The name of the automobile club must match the name on the application for certificate of registration. Bond: Provide the number used by the surety company to identify the bond. Surety: Provide the name of the surety company. The surety company must be authorized to do business as a surety company in Texas. Effective Date: Provide the date on which the bond will become effective. Execution: Persons who are authorized to sign on behalf of the principal automobile club and the surety company must sign and date the assignment. Delivery Instructions: The bond may be mailed to Registrations Unit, P.O. Box 13550, Austin, Texas 78711-3550 or delivered to the James Earl Rudder Office Building, 1019 Brazos, Austin, Texas 78701. Revised 02/2012 Form #2602 Rev. 02/2012 Submit to: SECRETARY OF STATE Registrations Unit P O Box 13550 Austin, TX 78711-3550 512-475-0775 512-475-2815 - Fax Filing Fee: None. AUTOMOBILE CLUB SURETY BONDThis space reserved for office use PRINCIPAL/ Automobile clubName: FORMTEXT       FORMTEXT       FORMTEXT       FORMTEXT    FORMTEXT      Mailing AddressCityStateZipBONDNumber: FORMTEXT       Amount :Twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000.00)SURETYName: FORMTEXT      We, PRINCIPAL AND SURETY identified above, our heirs, executors, successors and assigns, jointly and severally, are liable to the State of Texas, for the amount of the bond shown, in favor of the state and held for the benefit of the state or any party injured by PRINCIPALs failure to faithfully perform in selling or providing automobile club services. SURETY acknowledges that it is duly authorized and qualified to do business as a surety company in Texas. This agreement is subject to the following terms and conditions: The bond shall be maintained as long as PRINCIPAL has any liability or obligation in Texas. This bond shall serve as the security required by Section 722.004, Transportation Code, so that the secretary of state may issue a certificate of registration to PRINCIPAL. As a condition of SURETYs obligation, PRINCIPAL shall faithfully perform in selling or providing club services and in paying any fines or penalties levied against the automobile club for failure to comply with the provisions of the Automobile Club Services Act, Transportation Code Chapter 722, as that statute is presently worded, and as it may hereafter be amended to read; and all applicable rules and regulations of the secretary of state adopted to carry out the provisions of said Act. Any party injured by PRINCIPALs failure to meet the conditions of the bond may bring an action based on the bond and recover against the bond. The aggregate liability of SURETY for all breaches of bond conditions and for payment of all fines and penalties may not exceed the amount of the bond. Regardless of the number of years the bond continues in force or the number of premiums paid or payable, the limit of SURETYs liability stated in the bond shall not be cumulative from year to year or period to period. The bond shall be continuous until cancelled by SURETY, and cancellation by SURETY shall be upon written notice to the secretary of state not later than the 60th day before the date of cancellation.It is agreed that the bond shall be in full force and effect as of the following date: FORMTEXT      Date: FORMTEXT      Signature of authorized person for PRINCIPAL FORMTEXT      Printed or typed name of authorized person for PRINCIPALDate: FORMTEXT      Sign #).;<=   & 6 P Q ` n s  " , - 6 7 F ʾwwlahH=5OJQJaJh vF5OJQJaJh%75OJQJaJhlh%75OJQJaJhjOJQJaJhlhH=OJQJaJhH=OJQJaJh"Wh%7CJOJQJ h@S5CJ h@S6 h@S5 h@SCJhPCJOJQJh@SCJOJQJhfpCJOJQJh"Wh@SCJOJQJ!<=  &  -  }rrf\ & Fxgd vF $xxa$gd%7 $x@&a$gdH= $xxa$gd%7\kd$$Ifl    `'`'0    4 lalyt: $$Ifa$gd:gd@S$a$gd@S F H O P X \ l m t   ! # * + B P a e f g m n o v ùͥͥ͗~qgq]q~]]h|OJQJaJhOJQJaJh+Nh%7OJQJaJh+Nh%75OJQJaJh%75OJQJaJh.h%75OJQJaJhPOJQJaJh vFOJQJaJhqOJQJaJhSOJQJaJh.h%7OJQJaJhEh%7OJQJaJh%7OJQJaJhEh%75OJQJaJ  g 7 (;MPa $$Ifa$gdZ $*$IfgdZ $Ifgdc $Ifgdc gd@Sgd%7xgdC & FxgdTQ & Fxgd%7 6 7 B Q o µµtgZgtL=h.h%7CJOJQJaJhMhC5OJQJaJhTQh:OJQJaJhTQh%7OJQJaJhTQh%75OJQJaJh/Th|5OJQJaJh Ch COJQJaJh Ch COJQJh Ch|OJQJaJh/Th|OJQJaJh|OJQJaJh|h%7OJQJaJh|h|OJQJaJh|5OJQJaJh/Th%75OJQJaJ#'LMNPɻ}m}`}M?hZh5@OJQJ$jhZh5@OJQJUhp5@CJOJQJhZhc=5@CJOJQJhZh5@CJOJQJhhZhc=5CJOJQJhZhB5CJOJQJhZhfp5CJOJQJhZh5CJOJQJhZh T5CJOJQJaJhh@SCJOJQJaJh:CJOJQJaJh%7CJOJQJaJP_m  uauJu=/hZh;CJOJQJhZhqOJQJaJ,jhZhqCJOJQJUmHnHu'jhZhqCJOJQJU!jhZhqCJOJQJUhZhqCJOJQJhZhH=;CJOJQJhZhq;CJOJQJ#h*^h6@CJ OJQJaJ hZh5@OJQJhZh5@CJOJQJhZh5@OJQJaJhZhH=5@OJQJaJamjbSSSS $*$IfgdZ$a$gdwkdL$$IfTF! `'i   t`'6    4apytZT$ $*$Ifa$gdZ $$Ifa$gdZ:b{{{{{ $*$IfgdZukd$$IfT4F `'` t`'    4apytZT(*,68:<PRT^`bdxz|zm]hZhq6;CJOJQJhZhOJQJaJ'jhZhCJOJQJU'jhZhCJOJQJU'jhZhCJOJQJU,jhZhCJOJQJUmHnHu'j+hZhCJOJQJUhZhCJOJQJ!jhZhCJOJQJUZKKKKK $*$IfgdZkd$$IfT4r4X (#`' $ 8 t`'4ap2ytZTZK $*$IfgdZkd$$IfT4r4X (#`' $ 8 t`'4ap2ytZT$&(246<NŸ|obRŸ>'jhZhCJOJQJUhZh;CJOJQJaJhZhCJOJQJhZhjCJOJQJ,jhZhCJOJQJUmHnHu'jhZhCJOJQJU!jhZhCJOJQJUhZhCJOJQJhZh;CJOJQJhZhCJ OJQJaJ hZhCJOJQJaJhZhq6CJOJQJ6N $*$IfgdZCkd$$IfT`'`' t`'4ap ytZT[LL $*$IfgdZkdZ$$IfTr `' t`'4ap2ytZT $*$IfgdZ[kd-$$IfT0`' t`'4apytZT 1[  gʽrcTE66hZh/x@OJQJaJhZhE@OJQJaJhZh@OJQJaJhZhC@OJQJaJhZh&@OJQJaJhZh=? @OJQJaJhZh"fG@OJQJaJhZh@OJQJaJhZhCJOJQJaJhZhOJQJaJhZhCJOJQJ,jhZhCJOJQJUmHnHu!jhZhCJOJQJU|8$$ <$*$Ifa$gdZCkd$$IfT`'`' t`'4ap ytZT $*$IfgdZskd$$IfTF `' t`'    4apytZT g,m$ $*$Ifa$gdZEkd$$IfT`'`' t`'4ap ytZT$ 0$*$Ifa$gdZ$ 0<$*$Ifa$gdZ$ <$*$Ifa$gdZ  &,;EK<(=choĵĵĵĦėĦĈyj[[hZh@OJQJaJhZh s@OJQJaJhZhm@OJQJaJhZh)D@OJQJaJhZhK@OJQJaJhZhTH@OJQJaJhZh|=@OJQJaJhZh}1@OJQJaJhZh=? @OJQJaJhZh&@OJQJaJhZh/x@OJQJaJPRfhjtvxz~ķČpaRA4hZhCJOJQJ!jhZhCJOJQJUhZh@CJOJQJhZhCJOJQJaJhZh}1CJOJQJaJhZh}1CJOJQJ,jhZhiCJOJQJUmHnHu'j hZhHCJOJQJUhZhiCJOJQJ!jhZhiCJOJQJUhZh}1OJQJaJhZh}1CJ OJQJaJ hZhCJ OJQJaJ Pxz|>[kd!$$IfT0`' t`'4apytZT $*$IfgdZ$ $*$Ifa$gdZCkdK $$IfT`'`' t`'4ap ytZT|~ $*$IfgdZCkd!$$IfT`'`' t`'4ap ytZT.02<>@BڴڧڴscڧO'j&hZhCJOJQJUhZh5CJOJQJaJ hZh@CJOJQJaJ'jF$hZhCJOJQJUhZhHi]@CJOJQJhZhCJOJQJhZh@CJOJQJ,jhZhCJOJQJUmHnHu!jhZhCJOJQJU'j!hZhCJOJQJUL== $*$IfgdZkdP"$$IfT\P `'rD t0`'4ap(ytZT@zkk $*$IfgdZkd#$$IfT0`' t0`'4apytZT@BD|mm $*$IfgdZkd$$$IfT0`' t0`'4apytZT|j$ $*$Ifa$gdZkd%$$IfT0`' t0`'4apytZT $*$IfgdZjkdT&$$IfT`'`' t0`'4ap ytZT\>\J\L\N\P\R\f\h\j\t\v\x\z\\\\\\\\\] ]]]]]ɼɺɫɼؼɼɫɼ~z~zpjpjfh~ h~0J!jh~0J!Uh7.jh7.U hF/h@CJOJQJaJ'jR)hZhCJOJQJUhZhHi]@CJOJQJUhZhCJOJQJhZh@CJOJQJ!jhZhCJOJQJU,jhZhCJOJQJUmHnHu!L\L== $*$IfgdZkd\'$$IfT\P `'rD t0`'4ap(ytZTature of authorized person for SURETY FORMTEXT      Printed or typed name of authorized person for SURETY   PAGE  PAGE 1 Form 2602 PAGE  2 Form 2602 L\N\P\x\zkk $*$IfgdZkd($$IfT0`' t0`'4apytZTx\z\|\\|mm $*$IfgdZkd)$$IfT0`' t0`'4apytZT\\\\\\\\\]]]|mkkkkfkkkkd$ 0<*$a$gd}1kd*$$IfT0`' t0`'4apytZT ]]]]]4]H]J]\]^]`]b]f]|]~]]]$ 0<*$a$gd}1 $ 0*$a$d &`#$gd:h]hgdc h]h &`#$gdc ] ],].]0]2]4]F]H]J]L]X]Z]\]^]`]b]d]f]|]~]]]µvieT hF/h@CJOJQJaJh7.h,7h~CJOJQJh{9h~0J!CJOJQJh~0J!CJOJQJh~@OJQJ h~CJ h~0J!jh~0J!Uh~hSIh~CJOJQJh~CJOJQJ!hrR0J!CJOJQJmHnHuhLh~0J!CJOJQJ%jhLh~0J!CJOJQJU7....()()))()0&P8$:pc BP/ =!8"8#$h%`h G....()()))()000P&P8$:p3&BP/ =!8"8#$% Dp}$$Ifl!vh#v`':V l0    5`'4alyt:DdjjZ  C 6ACopy of SMSEALbjw2HZ\IH]\LBnjw2HZ\IH]\LPNG  IHDRVVa'sRGBgAMA a cHRMz&u0`:pQ<PLTEٟ pHYs.#.#x?v9IDATh_#Wv\fj C,&1@f2U.@ ld+ƚ){{s9i Jab-1V9 ,rv @wгWe0\ bƼO>5[d% Nư\.rY@VqNU,QwYՕK°?bڰ9IJ7-VY;5, &dS%_"kyMy Rm6HL jZeiF%JHzpeȪ; +|F1 B d; A +O;b;sw/ԻrPMlR(`ۗ(7RA\pX)^Rg6?6I.ٶe#H{hNגX-$xmaG@o6<=,#ztB+깄b@!v)d1E_AgF K_䂝Y'm\cH͋b1rV9}Q`fIJ-FfP^.6X\hvh+.g6+ r,.^(G%V,^PYC*~;UvȗjRe3/\sX/EGU,GթvRԩLMsAuFn+:ۏZ,qF7*O@Wݼ3bD42M.qt=f %M[02btv.jUQs4M|v0@]q#5 =NŇ@Ί  spZ{^r vEySNa_.4vi^9> } EZA8. 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