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So in which business do the customers make decisions about goods and services costing up to a million dollars without considering the price?

Best Answer: American healthcare is fundamentally broken and needs a massive overhaul to meet the needs of the American people.:
4 answers · Politics · 2 days ago

Is 58K at age 28 the right amount saved at this point?

I don't have a wife or kids to drain my paycheck every month, so I have been able to put chunks away to save. I have paid off all of my student loans because I'm not one of the millennial deadbeats waiting for the bailout (I'm an honorable man, won't screw over anyone that hasn't done the same...
23 answers · Personal Finance · 2 days ago

Why was Alex Jones and other right wing conservatives banned from social media but not those who push investment scams or far left content?

Ok Facebook, I see various investment scams being advertised involving cryptocurrency or forex, but those advertisements are not banned Some left wing groups are not banned such as communists or black lives matter if they promote anarchy and civil disobedience
10 answers · Politics · 8 hours ago

Does Don Trump have, psoriasis?

Best Answer: Trump has rosacea and takes medication for it.:
5 answers · Politics · 3 days ago

Is it possible to take a online course on just your iPhone?

I’m taking biology 1 this summer for like 8 weeks or something like that. Since my school ends at May 28, I leave at June 3rd and my online classes start at June 5th. I’m not sure if my parents would let me bring my PC on the plane, is it fine to do it on phone? I never did a online class before, and I searched on...
10 answers · Other - Education · 23 hours ago