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Why does everyone want to be president in 2020?

Juilan Castro, Beto O'Rourke, Kanye West and many other leftists want to be president. It's like saying a kid should be president.
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I got 12 years of Domestic Partnerchip with a woman, does she have any kind of legal Rights relative with my properties?

I mean my House, Cars and save account money, we never get married but she have prove that we are being together for more than 12 years in California. No kids but, we almost have sex once in a while and need that schit more than ever, i am a man.
25 answers · Law & Ethics · 1 day ago

How do I approach my 20 year-old daughter that I know she has had sex?

Best Answer: It's really not your business anymore. I would never have talked to my mother about my sex life, and we were close and got along fine.:
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Would Tom Cruise make a good Superman?

46 answers · Movies · 4 days ago

When is the best time to purchase airline tickets for July 5 to get the best deals for 6 peoples?

Should I purchase now or wait a month or two before travel?
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